6 Sure Reasons You Are Not Making Sales in Affiliate Program

Before you continue reading, I'd like to let you know this is going to be yet another Long post from me, so you'll need exercise Patience to read it from start, then reap the rewards when you finish it :)

Most of us know that Affiliate Programs or being an Affiliate is having ultimate Goal to making Sales and getting the commission for it, which means MORE Sales, MORE Commissions.

While I had shared My Success Story earning with Konga Affiliate Program, the story seems to be different for some Affiliates who are still trying so hard to reach Threshold where they would be Paid their commissions.

Truth is, to make sales, you definitely need to work both Hard and Smart at the same time, once this is in place, Sales and every other thing you wanted will start rolling in.

This was not easy for me at first, as I made few mistakes which were Reasons I wasn't making Sales when I started, hence my progress was Slow, but on the Long run, I made Corrections.

Reasons Why I made No Sales along with the Mistakes Some others are Making is what I'll be discussing and sharing with us, these mistakes are the Reasons you're not Making Sales as an Affiliate, there are many reasons but these are the Major Ones...


I made this mistake couple of times, and still notice many others make the mistake too.
As an Affiliate, you need know that IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL, that is the job of the SALES PAGE which Your Affiliate links will lead the reader to. You rather need to help people with facts, Why they should Buy etc...
Most Affiliates make a big mistake of seeing New product(s), because it looks nice and Appealing to the eyes, instead of looking for ways to help their Readers or Buyers see reasons why this product will solve their problems, they just go ahead and Only describe the Product, everyone will say it's just a Review, brief Review is NOT enough at times.
People will read your review but it'll end there, they won't buy, and even if they Do Buy, you won't make as many Sales as a Post Review that gives readers Facts and Practical reasons Why they should buy a particular Product/Service or what makes Makes the product interesting for you to show it to them.


As the saying goes, Jack of all Trade, Master of NONE! It's same way with many people who do it wrong in Affiliate marketing, they join as many Programs as possible.Fine, it's cool to cultivate multiple streams of Income as you Work Online, but soon you'll find out you have too much to Handle.
Until I find a better One, Konga Affiliate and Jumia Affiliate Program, Amazon and Ebay with few other Web Hosting Programs like Arvixe are the best I can Recommend in my Locality for now.

I advice that Before joining a program, be watchful, depending on your energy, smartly pick two or three Affiliate programs you want to work with and stick with it.
Overloading yourself can really be a Bad idea.


Placing Banners is very Easy, they're ready-made for you to choose and Use on your Various Blogs or websites.
Banner works but This is Nothing Compared to Writing Reviews. 30 Sentences in a Review is Not much, I said 30,, you can Add more, you won't need talk too much.
Simple but Powerful Reviews that Describes the Product/Service will Convert and Bring you more sales than A Mighty Banner.
Best Reviews seen on the Web so far are the Ones that:
- Describe,
- Compare similar products,
- Tell facts and are open enough to tell PROS & CONS of the Products/service
- and of course are Very well SEO Optimised.


Some products/services are important to try out before Selling them. It will really be such an Ugly situation telling readers to Buy the Smartphone you reviewed saying it can Last 10 Hours On Enabled High Speed Internet but your readers found it stays Only 6 Hours after they bought it.
I am sure that's the Essence of the Hands-On reviews Tech-bloggers/Affiliates are doing these days, to Test and prove the functions of devices, and other products and services too.

Even if you can't lay your Hands on to Fully Test a Device Or Software, make sure you research and confirm your Information before publishing it to your readers.
The More you Give Honest Reviews, the More You'll get Higher Trust Flow from Readers and Buyers, Sales too will grow.
You've Heard about the Quote that says "GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES Eh?" That's exactly what applies here.
You don't have to Lie because you want to make Sales. Convincing with a honest opinion is way better.


Last year, when I was still new to Affiliate Programs, I would pick my Aff-Link, Paste the link as Anchor Text in the post and Leave, I didn't even check if the Link works, in the End, No Sales. 
Careful when using your Aff-links,
-Make sure you open a New Tab, paste the link to Test whether it really opens the Correct Landing page of what you want to Sell.
- Smartly use your Aff-links where necessary in your Posts,
- they should be NO-FOLLOW Attribute links, 
- they should Not be too much on your Posts (Stuffing too much Links has Penalty from Google which can Harm you)

* CLOAK YOUR AFF-LINKS, Shorten & Customise your Aff-Links, some URLs are very Long because of (Campaigns) Perimeters in the URL.
You can use LINK SHORTNERS like GOO.GL OR BIT.LY for that.
It'll definitely Help your Readers visit and Buy easily, without Breaking a Thing.
Remember to always to test again and see if your shortened URL redirects to the right sales page.


I used to ignore this Part until I got to learn how experts are using it to Leverage Sales, it's Important you watch where your Sales are coming from, when you're Logged in to your Affiliate dashboard, check your Sales to see the pages that Led that highest numbers of Sales, now visit the post page or review, Study the pattern you used to write it and try it again with the Other posts/reviews you write soon.

If you're Yet to Find a Writing Pattern,
A COOL pattern that yields good results is Adding the BUY BUTTON immediately below the first paragraph (where The product is briefly described in 3 or 4 sentences), without wasting their time this will help Readers to quickly & easily follow the Link to buy the product if they've already seen the review before.

It's not been long I started taking Affiliate Programs serious, but so far, it had been a cool experience earning with it. I am still learning as you and as long as We can Focus, on Increasing Our Productivity in Affiliate Marketing, the Profits will Increase too, perhaps you may end up putting your AdSense money aside, yeah You heard me right, Affiliate Earnings can make you Put AdSense aside.
There're people already making 6-Figures from Affiliate Programs alone, hope the tips in this Post will Help, let's Make More Sales and Join the Millionaires!
Cheers to your Online Success!


First Software Update Comes to Infinix Hot X507

Infinix Mobility Developers Team have rolled out their First Software Update on the Infinix Hot X507's Operating System (Android 4.4-Kitkat).
This is the first OS update we are getting since the smartphone arrived the market last December 2014.
The Software update Alert came up yesterday evening around 5:29pm, I immediately took the screenshot, seems I'm among the first who got the alert on my way back from CarlCare where I went to pick up my smartphone.
This Update Fixed some issues like:
  • Modify LCD Striped issue
  • Add delete account option in Email
  • Application name shown in Backup and restore App in Arabic
  • etc

Infinix Hot X507

The Modify LCD Striped issue will Fix the white Or blur Lines that shows on the screen. Those who complain their Screen blinks while watching videos or something, the Update may also fix that too.

How To do the Infinix Hot X507 Software Update:
Swipe Down >> Go to Settings >> All >> ABOUT PHONE >> SYSTEM UPDATES
You can Alternatively find the System Updates icon in the phone's Menu where all your Apps are arranged.
The Update takes only 89MB.
If your Infinix Hot is rooted, you may need to Unroot the Device before performing the Update, you can Unroot using SuperUser App found at Google PlayStore.
Unrooting is not necessary but will reduce risk of Bricking your Android while performing any Software Update.
We hope this update fix any issues we are facing on the phone, we also expect a Complete OS Upgrade to Lollipop 5.0 in the Next update on the phone.


TECNO BOOM J7 Review | Full Specs & Price of The Music Phone - #‎ItsBoomTime

The Hashtags are all over Social Media already,  #‎ItsBoomTime #‎TheBoomSong‬ ‪#‎TecnoMobile‬ ‪#‎ExperienceMore‬ #‎TheBoomParty
They are all talking about the Music phone! TECNO BOOM J7, the Brand New Smartphone from Tecno Mobile.


Last week we introduced the device here with a Quick Unboxing Video they made, we also told you it's a smartphone with AMAZING AMPLIFIER FOR AUDIOPHILES.
Today we'll talk about the Full Specifications, everything you need know about What makes the TECNO Boom J7 Standout to be The Music phone.


Before we continue with the Specs, I'd Strongly advice that if You Love Music as much as I do, don't worry reading this Long Story of review, just go Ahead and Get the Tecno Boom J7, it fulfills everything you always wanted in Enjoying Quality Sound with a mobile device.

See Below for More Specification Details of the Tecno Boom J7...

Screen Size -
5.0 inches

Screen Resolution - 720 x 1280 HD IPS
 Dimensions - 143mm × 71.9mm × 8.93mm

Back Camera - 8.0,
Front camera -  2.0MP,  (With Auto Focus for both Cameras)
  (External Memory Card Support - 32GB Maximum)


1.3GHz Quad Core processor
Cortex-A7 CPU, MediaTek - MT6582 chipset,
Mali-400MP2 GPU

OS (Operating      System) :         
 Android 4.4 (KitKat)
 Dual SIM, (Normal Sim and Micro Sim card)
CONNECTION:   - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct
  - WIFI hotspot,
  - Bluetooth - 4.0
  Capacity - 2020mAh Li-ion Battery
 COLORS - Grey, Black, White, Pink & Green

- SNS integration
– MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
– MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player
– Document viewer
– FM radio
– Image viewer and editor
– Voice memo/dial/command
– Predictive text input
– Preloaded apps –  Gmail, Gtalk, Google Now, Youtube, Flash Share, Facebook, Palmchat

PRICE: Price of The TECNO BOOM J7 is Sold for 28,000Naira.

Tecno Boom J7 is an Amazing Smartphone Phone for Music, We notice some lapses like the Front Cam, 2MP ( I must say... people are tired of anything 2MP in a Camera) or another draw back in the RAM - 1GB, nowadays people want more space like 2GB, although the 1GB in this Tecno Boom J7 has been coupled with a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, (so it would be Fast) Apart from these few Lapses & Draw Back...

The Music Phone, Tecno Boom J7 has been remarkably built with Amazing Audiophile Amplifier Speakers and Cool Music player Equaliser to produce that Boom Sound that you've always wanted, I'll say it again, if you love Music, then you'll Love the TECNO BOOM J7.
Enjoy! Coz #‎ItsBoomTime

  • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
  • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
  • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
  • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
  • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
  • - See more at:

  • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
  • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
  • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
  • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
  • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
  • - See more at:

  • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
  • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
  • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
  • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
  • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
  • - See more at:


    Where To Fix Your TECNO, Infinix & iTel Smartphones For Free!

    If you have issues with your Smartphone especially those using TECNO, INFINIX i.e Infinix Zero, Infinix Hot X507, and the likes of TECNO Models, ranging from Phantom, R7, H7, Tecno Pad etc, you can actually fix them for Free, depending on the Extent of Damage.
    This is to fulfill the Warranty the manufacturers have placed on their Devices.
    I recently had some problems on one of my small Smartphones, Infinix Hot X507 and got it Fixed within 7 Days after Sending the Device for Repair, and it was Done For Free!
    So if you're looking for where to Fix Your faulty device, all you need do is sending it to CarlCare Service Center.

    Carlcare Service Limited, established in Hong Kong on November 26th in 2009, aims to provide professional service support to mobile phones and other electronic consumer products.
    With the concept "Yes! We care…",

    Carlcare provides clients with timely, reliable, professional and satisfying service. With years of efforts, it has become a leading service brand for consumer electronics in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    They charge for repair but The Deal is Carlcare is serving Brands like TECNO, ITEL, & INFINIX, so once your Warranty is still valid on any of these Devices, they can Fix it for free. Yeah, You Heard me right, For Free!


    CarlCare operates in major states of the Country. And they have their Android App pre-installed in your Smartphone, unfortunately Not everybody even notices the App on their Menu.
    Their Major Service location where they pick up your Smartphone and Fix it is at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria - No.77, Opebi Road,Ikeja,Lagos State,Nigeria.
    Or Call them to
    Lay Your Complaints before going there.: +234 8002275227

    They also have Branch Offices at:
    • Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria 
    • Kano, NigeriaOnitsha, Nigeria
    • Ibadan, Nigeria
    • Port Harcourt, Nigeria
    • Kaduna, Nigeria
    • Benin, Nigeria
    • Abuja, Nigeria

    Take a Look at the WARRANTY Leaflet in your Phone's pack or read them Here.
    Although the terms and conditions for the Warranty they Put there is so sadly Impossible, but as long as your Device is under this Warranty, (12+1 Months), they'll fix Your Device For Free, especially when the Screen isn't Broken.
    Charges Apply especially for broken screens, Sorry about that.

    They Could Charge as Much as 4,850Naira to Fix a Broken Screen (For Infinix/Tecno/iTel Smartphones), as at the time of this Post.

    If your device is Faulty, you are adviced to go with your BUYER RECEIPT and THE PHONE'S PACK.
    Those 2 items Guarantees your Free Repair.
    Without the items, Fixing Broken Screen (Front Screen) For Infinix Zero costs about 8,000Naira.

    Like I said earlier I had gone there myself to Fix my Smartphone (Infinix Hot X507) without paying a Dime,
    If they tell you anything different, I stand to be Corrected!
    I am only certain that I went there and confirmed all the Information I have passed here. You can always Contact them and Ask Questions by Calling the number I have given above.

    Hope this Info was helpful to you, please Hit the Share buttons down there, Thank You :)


    New List Of Cheapest MTN Blackberry Plans To Use Now (with Their USSD/Shortcodes)

    For those of us using Blackberry smartphones with MTN, here is a new List Of the Cheapest MTN Blackberry Plans To Use Now with their various Bundle/Data Caps and their USSD / Shortcodes for activating.
    Enjoy NON-STOP chatting on BBM with new BBM Data Plans from MTN, starting from as low as N25 daily.

    MTN Blackberry Plans

    The Plans are Arranged in the following pattern below:
    Inclusive Data Bundle  >>  Validity Cost >>  Keyword to  21600

    BBM Daily Plan
    5MB >> 1 day >> NGN 25 >> BBMD

    BBM Weekly Plan
    25MB >> 7days >> NGN100  >> BBMW

    BBM Monthly Data Plan
    100MB >> 30days >> NGN350 >> BBMM

    ALSO READ: Is MTN sucking Your Credit too much? Here're The Best MTN Tariff Plans To Use Now

    The Next Set Of Plans below are the BlackBerry Absolute, BlackBerry Complete and BlackBerry 10 Bundles.
    The plan Bundles are part of a bouquet of innovative Value Added Service, they are not as cheap as the ones above but come with higher bundles in their Blackberry plan to suit more of your needs.

    The Plans are Arranged in the following pattern below:
    NEW PRICE >> VALIDITY SMS Activation   >> To 21600 >> USSD Activation

    N1, 500 - Monthly >> BIS >> *216*2*3#

    N550 - Weekly >> BBWEEK >> *216*2*2#

    N100 - Daily >> BBDAY >> *216*2*1#

    N1000 - Monthly >> BBC >> *216*1*3#

    N500 - Weekly >> BBCWEEK >> *216*1*2#

    N100 - Daily >> BBCDAY >> *216*1*1#

    N4000 - Quarterly >> BBQ

    This Next Set Of Plans below Belongs to the Blackberry 10 Family, the price of the BB10 plans starts from the cheapest ones which consists of the Daily plans, to the Weekly, upto to the Monthly plans.
    The plans work for the Blackberry Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5, Q10 and other models running Blackberry 10 OS.

    Data Plans For Blackberry Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5, Q10 and Subscription Codes - See more at:
    The Plans are Arranged in the following pattern below:
    BB10 PLANS
    Service Validity > Inclusive Data > Price >> SMS Activation To 21600 >> USSD Activation

    BB10 MAXI Monthly 1.5GB N3,000 Text BBMAXIM *216*5*3#
    Weekly 350MB N1,100 Text BBMAXIW *216*5*2#
    Daily 50MB N200 Text BBMAXID *216*5*1#

    BB10 MIDI Monthly 500MB N1,500 BBMIDIM *216*4*3#
    Weekly 125MB N550 BBMIDIW *216*4*2#
    Daily 15MB N100 BBMIDID *216*4*1#

    BB10 MINI Monthly 260MB N1,000 BBLITEM *216*3*3#
    Weekly 70MB N350 BBLITEW *216*3*2#
    Daily 10MB N70 BBLITED  *216*3*1#

    You can Subscribe ONLY ONE BB Plan at a time (Per SIM)
    If you Exhaust your BB data Cap or your Plan expires, you can Subscribe again.
    For Checking Expiry Date or Validity of your BlackBerry® Service, Text STATUS to 21600.

    The list above was generated from the Official info we got from MTN NG themselves, we have brought them to you to choose and assure that this is the best-affordable BB Plans for you anyday.
    If you experience any difficulty with any of them, simply drop a comment below for us to resolve for you.


    You Can Now Run Your Android Apps On Your Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS

    Google back in September introduced the first set of Android apps for Chrome OS via its App Runtime for Chrome (popularly known as ARC) in Beta.
    The First Android Apps which supported their Chrome OS included: Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words,
    and Vine
    Now, the company is taking the ARC that is still in beta to the next level as it can allow Android apps to run (to some extent) on desktops.
    The Chrome extension named ARC Welder is now available via Chrome Web store, and it can run (or test) any Android app within the Chrome browser.

    Android Apps on Desktop

    The search engine giant stresses that the new Chrome extension release is primarily focused on developers to test their apps on Chrome OS. It's worth mentioning that the while move might be targeted for developers to test the apps for Chrome OS; though it allows most Android apps to run on desktops such as Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Chromebooks.

    Android Police also points out, "It runs Android software at a speed that's close to native inside of a sandboxed Dalvik virtual window."

    Considering that ARC is still in beta, Google is referring to this release as a Developer Preview.

    Google details how to get started steps for developers to test or run Android apps on Chrome OS via the ARC Welder Chrome extension, which unfortunately requires the apk (Android application package) file of an app. Users can find the signed-apks for most of their favourite apps on third-party hosting sites like Apkmirror. To test or run an Android app, one will have to attach the apk file to ARC Welder and launch the app.

    The company also details how developers can upload their apps to Chrome's Web Store.

    "In ARC Welder, click Download ZIP. Upload your ZIP file to the Chrome Web Store. And See the Publishing Your App for more details.
    If you'd Like to know how to Run Your Android Apps on your Desktop, you can check out this post on Lifehacker as they have published a Step by Step tutorial on it.

    There are few limitations as Google Play Services are not completely supported, which means that the apps relying on it might not run well.
    "Since ARC is in beta, it doesn't support all of Google Play Services yet," Google said.
    The company however has given some available APIs to fix.

    At the moment, some are kind of pondering whether there's any need to have their Android Apps on their Deskop, many others feel this is yet another great Innovation for more Possibilities.


    DOWNLOAD MORTAL KOMBAT X For Android Version: 1.1 - Full APK and OBB / Torrent

    The wait is Over! We announced in April, Last Month about the Mortal Kombat X Coming to Android.
    It's been a little over a week since Mortal Kombat X was released for nex-gen consoles, PC (and a few weeks ago launched the iOS version, Now Mortal Kombat X has fought its way into the Google PlayStore!
    The Game is finally Available and You can Download it Now
    Free for Android Phones, Tablets and other Mobile device sizes!

    Mortal Kombat X apk

    - Experience the same vigorous and fantastic fights as in the iOS version of MORTAL KOMBAT X! Now Available at the Apple Store.
    - Take the power of the new generation of games for your mobile and tablet with this revolutionary fighting game and collectible card.
    - Choose Powerful New and Existing Fighter like Sub-Zero, Reptile, Kitana, etc, Unlock More Characters as you Play.
    - Assemble a team of the best warriors of Mortal Kombat and test its power in the biggest tournament of - Earth fight.
    - Create your own team of Mortal Kombat warriors and fight to gain experience, new special moves and powerful artifacts. 
    - Perform X-Ray Combos, Fatalities and Brutalities, etc

    Android OS Support the Game Requires:
    - Android OS 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich)
    - Android OS 4.2 (Jellybean)
    - Android OS 4.4 (Kitkat)
    and Android OS 5 (Lollipop)

    Download the Full Files/Cache Of MORTAL KOMBAT X For Android below: 

      Size - 1.5 GB

    • MORTAL KOMBAT X >> Download Torrent
      Size - 0Mb


    A. Download the files in the link Above (apk + data)
    B. Paste the APK to memory or SD your Android
    C. Paste the date the folder Android / Obb /
    D. Disconnect your computer from mobile
    E. Open your phone's memory explorer,
    F. Look for the APK and install
    Or Read this Post on Complete Guide To Install HD Android Games with Apk, cache, Obb files



    TECNO BOOM J7 - Unboxing Video with Quick Review

    This is the First Look with an Entertaining Impression of TECNO BOOM J7 which will soon be released into the market. The Quick Official Unboxing Video Reviews the major Features of the Tecno Boom J7.
    TECNO BOOM J7 - Unboxing

    As the name sounds, "BOOM" you can sure tell this cool device is all about Entertainment, Quality Sound effect when you play Music with it. The Speaker Features an amazing Amplifier for Audiophiles so if you're a Music Lover, then you have to Get Ready For the Tecno Boom J7 because it's been built especially for you.

    Later, in our upcoming posts, We'll be Reviewing the full Specs and Price of Tecno Boom J7, meanwhile, here's an Official Unboxing Video of the Smartphone by TECNO Mobile.


    How Google Told Me To Be Responsive or Die On April 21st - Mobilegeddon

    Couple of days ago, you'd notice a change in the design of this website, picking a Quality Template wasn't easy but Thank Heavens, I made it after lots of tweaking.
    Most fulfilling part was Feedback I got from friends like you reading this, my new Design came out successful... right?.
    I had intentions of changing my blog's Design this Year, honestly it's "Pretty Hard Work to make Your Blog or website Design Stand out", so I was Lazy about it Until I got A very Shocking Mail From Google Webmaster Tools on the 18th of March.

    Google Webmaster Sent me the Below...

    1.The straight Big Reason Why I got this mail was Because my Template wasn't Responsive as at that time 18th March, 2015.

    2. Google had Already Announced a warning in their Official Webmaster Central Blog, they said and I quote
    "Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results."

    Internet Experts came up with a name for 21st April, they now call this day - "MOBILEGEDDON", the day so many Websites will be washed-off from SERP (Google's search Engine Result Page).

    So that email means if I do not Comply by April 21st, I'll be De-ranked from their Search Engine, my major Source of Traffic.

    I can't imagine such Tragedy happening to me, I haven't had issues with Google before, Not with their PENGUIN or PANDA Algorithm Updates and changes, I wasn't going to let this "MOBILEGEDDON" be my first big problem with Google.
    It took few weeks but I fixed it by Making this Blog Mobile and PC Responsive.
    After doing the design Improvements, I quickly Ran to do the MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST
    and Shazam! I passed! Issue Resolved!

    Mobile friendly Test

    What Can You Learn & Do from the Above Experience?

    If you own a Website, or blog, please check your Mail if you have a Similar one as mine from Google Webmaster Tools, and Better Still, go to MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST and run a Test on your Blog or Website.
    I had checked and helped a few friends & clients fixed theirs, We are still fixing....
    Google is going to Take this very Serious, by April 21st, many Websites that are not Responsive will GO DOWN, and the Responsive One who Passed the Test will MOVE UP to First Positions on SERP.
    For Example: MR. A Website and MR. B's Website talks about the same thing, it won't be a matter of whether MR. A's Content is better than MR. B, if MR. B's website is Mobile responsive, Google will place Him higher than MR. A.
    Since I made design changes on my Blog's User Interface to be responsive, truth is Traffic some how Improved, so it's a Good thing, and I'll conclude by asking
    Did You Use the Mobile Friendly Test? Did You Pass it? Are You already Doing something About Avoiding Mobilegeddon.

    Hit the SHARE BUTTONS below, this might Save Someone's Life :)


    Latest Tips For Domain Name Registration

    It seems like every person on the planet is starting their own website these days, Since it is very cheap and simple to operate a website, it is not surprising that so many people are doing it in an effort to make money, write blogs or to set up a message board regarding something they are passionate about. Whatever the case may be, if you want your site to stand out from all the other competition in your particular niche, the first thing you will need to do is devote some time to coming up with a good name for your site. Of course, this is much easier said than done.

    Ideally, you want the name of your site to be very simple. It should be short, easy to spell and easy to remember. It should not closely resemble the name of any other site. You do not want people confusing a different site for yours. After you think of a good domain name, you will need to register it. Here are some tips for domain name registration.


    Begin by doing business with the best domain name registrar you can find. There are many of them out there, so do some research and see which one people are giving the best reviews to. The most popular extensions are .org, .net and .com.

    If at all possible, you should try to get a .com extension. However, there is a chance the domain name you want has already been selected with the .com extension. If this is the case, you can either think of a new domain name or try to register the original domain with the .org or .net extension. If a business is located outside of the United States, many businesses opt to have an extension that is associated with the country where the business is located. For example, Canada's extension is .ca and .au is for Australia.

    ALSO READ: How to Set Up a Custom Domain for your Blog with Domain Registrars like

    Protect your Name

    When most people think about protecting their business name, they think of getting it trademarked. While this is a good idea in theory, the reality is that getting a website domain trademarked will cost more money than the average person will be able to afford. For the most part, only the large companies spend the money that it takes to trademark their domain name. A much cheaper alternative would be to buy your domain name in every extension available.