Find or Post Ads For Free all over Nigeria with JiJi

Internet has given us a lot of advantages. Firstly, this is the cheapest and fastest mode of communication. Second, it's a huge catalog of all existing information from the whole world. And thirdly, it is the best way to purchase goods.

Now, to buy a phone or clothes you do not need necessarily have to go out of your own room. We just need to go to the site, select the desired item and order it. It is fast and convenient.
But there's only one problem - the Price. The fact is that on official Online stores, price is always much higher than the selling price which other sellers might be using. This is why the perfect place is JiJi.ng, where ads are placed from all over Nigeria.

JiJi.ng - the special website for advertisement. It has placed at least a hundred thousand (100,000) proposals with all sorts of goods. At the same time every 5 minutes the directories gets updated with new applications.


You & Anyone can publish their offers on Jiji for completely Free.
You just need to Create an Account >> add a photo of the item >> set the price tag, write description and wait for a customer.
You do not need to pay anything and spend money on advertising. Just wait for the call. Simple isn't it?

It has a very convenient and easy management. On the site You'll find the entire country of Nigeria, divided into the cities. You can view the items in your town and in others. And then arrange delivery.
To find a product you need to enter the name in the search box and click. Or you can go to a special directory under the card.
Here are Categories of what you can find: - mobile phones, vehicles, electronics, pets etc. And the most important thing is that you can even find a Job!


Quick Procedure for Buyer: The buyer communicates directly with the seller. To do this, you can call or write a message.
And most importantly - new listings are added by real people with a photo. You do not need to be afraid of fraud, because fraud is excluded. And it is possible to file a complaint.
Buying from a real person - is a huge plus as Goods cost very less in the official store at Jiji, and you can always bargain.

For example, if you need to buy trucks. You go in the special section "Vehicles", or if you'd like a Car, it's all already there, just select "Cars". Immediately all the alleged car brands will be displayed before you.
Choose the appropriate one for you and your favorite model and price. It's very simple, and most importantly without cheating.
Or you can search via Google for Mobile phones on Jiji or anything else that you want.
JiJi.ng is a simple and reliable way to buy and sell anything.


You'll Get Android Lollipop 5.0 Upgrade For Infinix smartphones in July/August

Vividly, we recall the first software updates that came to Infinix Hot X507 few months ago, there were two separate updates but these updates came to fix small bugs in the smartphone.

Even Before and after that update, People have been requesting. Many users have been asking "When will Infinix really send out upgrades to their smartphone Operating Systems?

Most people are getting fed up with Android Kitkat, 4.4, we all want something new and Sweeter, right?

This request have been answered, according to a post by one of their Staffs at Infinix Mobility Forum
You'll Get the New Android Lollipop 5.0 Upgrade For Infinix smartphones in July /August.

A test version of this Lollipop upgrade will be rolled out in July, then you'll get a Final version of the Lollipop update in August. Cool stuff huh?

The Next Question You may ask...

Which Infinix Smartphones will Get the Android Lollipop 5.0 Operating system upgrade or update?

For now, we have verified Infinix Zero 2 (X509)  that just launched will Get the upgrade, along with Infinix Hot NOTE and HOT NOTE PRO models.

Those using the Infinix Hot X507, we are yet to confirm if it will get the Lollipop upgrade.
I know that smartphone (Hot X507) also deserves this upgrade, for crying out loud it's one of the Best Selling smartphones this Year, we'll definitely let you know once we are sure about an upgrade for the Infinix, let's stick around.

Will the Infinix Lollipop Upgrade be done via OTA? or Manually?

We haven't confirmed this yet, but we expect an OTA (Over The Air) upgrade, via the OTA app named SYSTEM UPDATES, found in your Menu.
But if the Upgrade will be done Manually (the hard way), Not everyone would find it easy, which ever option they'll use, no worries, we'll show you how to do it... till then.


Don't Stress! Save Time & Energy by Implementing DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program

With the way most of these Affiliate Programs work in E-commerce websites, where you have to always put the Right Product link to the right Review post, it can be hardwork generating its dynamic (affiliate) Links, just to make sure you HOPEFULLY get the commission.

Every time, you have to Login to your Dashboard and Generate the affiliate links, and honestly I tell ya, it's not easy when you have to keep generating links for every Single Product, many Affiliates like you and me find all of that pretty hectic right?

RECOMMENDED : My Success Story - Earning With Konga Affiliate Program

Well, Konga's Affiliate Program is Pretty aware and understands the situation, that's why they brought a solution. I am talking about the DIRECTLINK URL Feature.

What is DIRECTLINK URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program?

This post by Mr. Mavtrevor explained it.

The DirectLink URLs is a way of using the product URL as your affiliate link throughout your website.

You don’t need to generate any dynamic links, just choose any product you want to promote from Konga's website, copy the URL and link to it on your site. It’s that simple; in a case where you still want to promote the Infinix Zero 2, all you need is to link to the URL http://www.konga.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=infinix+zero+2& directly on your site  - "without your Aff-ID on the URL".

Sounds Cool uh? To be able to use this Feature, you'll have to Request for it. Let's see how.

How to Request & Implement the DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program

1. Login to your Aff-Dashboard.

2. Home >> Promotion  >> Campaigns >> In the Quick menu you'll see DirectLink URLs Click it
Or you can go directly from here

 DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program

3. Click Add URL, when the Pop up comes on, input your webites Address which you want to be using to Promote Konga products, leave other fields blank.

4. Wait for few hours or days, you'll be get a Mail once your URL is Approved.

Not sure if many of us are using this feature that's why I had to Share, or are you using it already?
With it, you Don't have to Stress anymore while making Sales, especially for those who promote alot of Products on their websites or blogs, Save Time & Energy by Implementing this DirectLink URL Feature.
Cheers to your Success!

Get the INNJOO FIRE Full Review - Specs and Price

The Innjoo Fire is yet Another good one that had been launched by the Innjoo Company that launched around May 21st 2015 in Nigeria.
The INNJOO FIRE is a simple quality model that posses quality and functionality that suits your needs without you having to spend too much to own it. The 5-inch Innjoo Fire comes with 2GB RAM, 5MP Primary Camera and Quad-core processor. The Battery Life looks reliable as it is sealed with a 2500 mAh Li-Po battery.



Now Let's talk about -


If we recall the Innjoo One HD Review we made sometime ago in February this year, one of the selling points of that smartphone was the design, so once More, the Innjoo guys seem to have Done well with the INNJOO FIRE's body. It comes in some sweet colourful polycarbonate shells known as classic black, elegant white, luxury gold, or natural bamboo yellow.


Camera is always a very important Factor we look out for when Buying a Smartphone right?  The Innjoo Fire came with a 5MP Camera both at the Front & Rear ( Front & Back). So if you never liked the 5MP at the Back, you probably should be happy with front camera because it possess same Quality as the back (For Selfie sake - LOL )
The Display in Innjoo Fire comes with 5-inch IPS display, supporting wide viewing angles for a decent viewing experience. 
The display offers 540 x 960 pixels resolution with multi-touch to up to 5 touch points.

More Detailed Specifications of The Innjoo Fire

Screen Size -
5.0-inch IPS Display, 
Screen Resolution - 540 x 960 IPS (220ppi)
Body Size - 142.5 x 72.7 x 8.9mm
Weight - 162.8g


Back Camera - 5.0MP,
Front camera - 5.0MP,  (With LED Flash + Auto Focus for both Cameras)
MEMORY:      RAM- 2GB and 16GB ROM
  (External Memory Card Support -up to 32GB)


 1.3GHz quad-core Processor (Mediatek)
 GPU - Mali-400MP

OS (Operating      System) :         
 Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Dual SIM
CONNECTION:   - WiFi - 802.11b/g wireless internet
  - HOTSPOT Functionality
  - Bluetooth - 4.0

 Capacity - 2500mAh Polymer Battery, Rechargeable

classic black, elegant white, luxury gold, or natural bamboo yellow.


The Innjoo Fire is Available Nationwide  >>

The Price ranges from 17,700 - 21,700, depending on the Seller


Huawei Y3 Now Available on Konga! See Specs & Price

Talk about the best Budget smartphone, it's definitely the HAUWEI Y3. The Brand New Hauwei Y3 smartphone we review here is a great device with very affordable price and we are glad to bring it very early to you and also announce that the Huawei Y3 Smartphone is now available on Konga for N12,900 only.

From Konga | BUY NOW


The Huawei Y3 has a clean and sleek outlook and a structure that fits the hands perfectly without any discomfort while handling.

Quick Specs of the Huawei Y3

It has an IPS display of 4 inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

Its 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera are perfect for capturing interesting and fun moments with family and friends. Its front camera is enhanced with the beauty shot feature that allows you take flawless selfies every time.

It comes with a high-capacity 1730 mAh battery.
With the Y3, a power source to charge your device is the least of your problems as and super power-saving mode for ultra-long endurance.

For its price, we must say the Huawei Y3 is very fast which gives you the power to multitask, be more efficient and productive. It comes with the Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS on a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor.

It also comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. Some of the other features are the 3G Network Support, Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB v2.0, GPS, FM Radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA, Accelerometer, HTML browser and SNS integration.

Giving you the option of choosing from a range of colours, the Y3 comes in white, black, blue or red.

The Huawei Y3 is available on Konga with free shipping. Whatever your android need, the Huawei Y3 has you covered and with just N12,900. You also get 1GB worth of Etisalat data for just N1000.


SEO as a Tool to Your Website Success

Websites’ success or failure depends upon the attention they receive, and the attention they receive also depends on how people, in this case their owners, promote their websites.

Before the launch of a website or after months of unsuccessful toil, there will be a question posed in one of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo or Bing. The question may differ but you or the website owner will essentially ask,
“How to improve success/traffic flow/use of my website”.

There will be millions of results returned and every one of them will describe the use of SEO tools and techniques.
Some of them will have ‘SEO’ in the title and others will preface the article title with “how to” or “… ways to” but they all cover the same ground and will mention SEO at some point, probably more than once.

MUST READ: How Google Told Me To Be Responsive or Die On April 21st - Mobilegeddon
Top Ways To Make Your Blog Hugely Popular

Search engines are the filing system of the internet and the reference information affects how easy it is to find your work, in the vast data pool that is the World Wide Web. Badly referenced work will stay stuck on page 275 of the search or the equivalent of ‘fallen behind the filing cabinet’ and no one will be able to see it. Website success depends on the people who see it and the ease of its access and use. Very few people have the patience or perseverance to look at every return on a search, especially if the information they require was on the first page.


Why are SEO techniques such important tools for Website success?

SEO is the basis in which users find a website. The growth of the internet means there is little or no chance of finding a specific website without the use of a search engine. These days few people go to the library to look for books on basket weaving or plastering, they would prefer to look on the internet instead.

Keyword Kings

Keywords are the primary basis of SEO; the success of the website depends on having those keywords appropriately included in the content.
If a website tries to be too superior in their language use, they will lose valuable viewers. Using ‘basket weaving’ as a generic search term if a website chooses to use elitist language, such as ‘hamper lacing’ or ‘carrier knitting’, they are excluding the potential audience that isn’t familiar with the terminology. They also run the risk of alienating visitors that do arrive at their website.
Doing the research and choosing the right keywords for maximum valuable return is crucial to website success.

Long and short of it

The web is huge and very few websites can claim to be 100% original in their focus unless they have a specifically narrow audience. SEO tools, such as a keyword planner, help to identify long and short-tail keywords using autocomplete algorithms.
Using relevant long-tail keywords for the content on the website is a way to reduce the competition above you on the search list.

Race to the top

The sites with the best and most relevant references win the race to the top of the search results. Discounting the sponsored ads that appear at the very top of a search return, the website at the top of the list has used SEO tools to ensure that they have the best references for the search. If a website owner/creator has better information or a better product they need to use SEO to ‘prove it’ to the search engines

Clean House, inside and out

The information sent out by the website, such as a site map, keywords, and URL are not the only elements of search engine optimisation that are vital to the website success. The website needs to be as engaging to its visitors as it is to the web-crawler robots that put it at the top of the search results page.
On-page SEO is as critical to the success of a website as the off-page SEO sourced by search engines. Creating a welcoming and user-friendly website is the way to keep users using it. The so-called sticky part of the ‘web’ site.

The content of the website needs to be kept fresh, relevant and original.  While the inclusion of enough keywords is important to the web-crawler-bots, over usage of keywords and repetition makes for poor content and reader engagement.
Accessibility is the next important thing for ensuring the website keeps its users close. Ease of movement between articles and information ensure longer visits. Internal linking between articles allows for expanding on a topic in several directions without losing focus. External links should be appropriate and add value to the specific topic.

Sharing is caring, 

Website that allows its visitors and users to share pertinent topics, articles and pages with a variety of apps, social media sites and media links, cares a lot about its user base and how to make it grow. If each new visitor shares a good experience of the website with just one other person, that site has exponential user growth

Website success is very dependent on SEO tools to gain recognition. Launching a website, service or blog, with a huge advertising budget is all very well, but unless optimisation techniques are already in place, the advertising will cost a lot of money with fewer returns than the solid use of SEO.

Optimising the search engine return for a website is ever-changing and, as algorithms and standards change, will need updating for older content. However, it creates a steadily increasing stream of traffic to the website.
Ad campaigns are short-lived and create an immediate up-surge in traffic to a website, but without SEO employment toward the content, there is no guarantee of keeping any of these new visitors once they have arrived. Without optimising web flow to the site, once the ad campaign finishes, there’s nothing left to direct visitors in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t the only tool out there to improve the success of a website but it’s a big one. Experienced website builders and bloggers use some techniques without thinking about them while others need to consider carefully how they implement them.
It doesn’t matter how well other methods of online traffic flow manipulation are used, success for a website relies on SEO tools to acquire and then KEEP its visitors.
Why is SEO so important? 
Because it’s the only method that works before, during and after all other methods have been utilized and exhausted.

Eve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


The Infinix Zero 2 X509 Review - Specifications & Price

At last! The Infinix Zero 2 X509 also known as the The Next Hero has been launched on and released to the market after so much anticipation and waiting.
For weeks it was tagged a name and hashtag #THENEXTHERO that was all over Social Media.

The newly launched  INFINIX ZERO 2 is indeed a Successor to the Infinix Zero and may tend to go viral like the INFINIX HOT X507 that attracted so much Sales.

Infinix Zero 2 is built with Kevlar Body, which makes it Tough as metal for handling severe falls.
The device is pretty slim too with acute edges similar to the Infinix Zero, the screen has a Super AMOLED display and definitely very Light-weight at hand.

In this Review, I'll take us Closer to the new Device so we can all see what it is really made of.

Key Specifications Of Infinix Zero 2

  • 5 Inches display size
  • Processor: Octa Core 2.0GHZ
    Graphics Processor: Mali 450-MP4
    Processor Name: MTK 6592
  • 13MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front cam
  • Dual Sim functionality (2G & 3G)
  • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • Storage: RAM - 2GB
    ROM - 16GB and 32GB (Memory card support)
  • 2300 mAh battery
  • 3.5G For Super fast browsing.
  • WiFi and Hotspot enabled!

Here's Why You Have to Get The New Infinix Zero 2 (X509) smartphone

The Infinix Zero 2 came with quality cameras which boasts to be among the Next Generation Cameras. 13MP at the Rear and 5MP in the Front, it ensures crystal clear pictures. The Camera also comes with smart gesture, which means, you can tell it to snap a photo when you simply wave your hand.

Infinix Zero 2 X509 has a Body dimension of 145 x 71.2 x 6.7 mm
The body is fully armed by KEVLAR which makes it tough to withstand unexpected rough Falls, the design is similar to the former Infinix Zero, but still proves to be Unique as it stands out as it proves to be very Light with weight of only 118g.

The display size is 5-inch and offers 720 x 1280 pixels HD resolution (294 ppi). The new smartphone features a quality Screen that is AMOLED Powered, with crystal colourful display and protection guaranteed by its Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for anti-scratch.

Infinix Zero 2 runs Android 4.4 Kitkat, although many people expected something sweeter like the Android 5 Lollipop on the new smartphone, the Infinix Mobility Team understands and may add this anytime when they provide a Software Update over the Air as they normally do.
Great news is the new User Interface version 2.0 that came along with the Infinix Zero 2, this gave it a more pretty brilliant look.

The speed is powered by 2GHz for ultra-fast performance via its MTK 6592 chipset,
The Infinix Zero2 processor has a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) with Mali 450-MP4, coupled with 2GB RAM this means the device will be very fast at multi-tasking and smoothly run Powerful HD Videos, Games and Apps.

Playing Music on the Infinix Zero 2, whether directly from the phone's speaker or via headphones, quality sound is assured, the Music player comes with Equalizer for adjusting sound to your taste. As we said before the screen is already AMOLED Powered hence Watching quality videos that have high quality is another certain feature, With this device, you'll see things just they we way they exactly are.

Infinix Zero 2 helps you to Instantly send and receive mails on the go. Chat, Share photos, Videos and engage in Social Media, with just few clicks, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever way you want, Infinix Zero 2 will connect you instantly.

COLORS: Red and Black

PRICE: The new Infinix Zero 2 comes in two versions the one with 16GB and one with 32 GB ROM

The 16GB ROM is sold at ₦32,900 - BUY NOW | From Konga

The 32GB ROM at  ₦35,900 Buy below -
ORDER FROM KONGA >>http://bit.ly/infinixzero2 


Delivery Takes just 3 days  if you're in Lagos, and maximum of 3 - 7 Days if you're outside Lagos

While the new Infinix Zero 2 promises to be another Amazing Product for us, We at EDITWEAKS will definitely have  more experience to share here with you once we get our Hands On the new smart device.

  • 5 Inches display size
  • Quad Core Processor ( for your understanding, that's 4-in-1 engine :p )
  • 5MP Camera, 2MP Front cam
  • Dual Sim functionality
  • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • RAM - 1GB & ROM - 16GB (expandable upto 32GB via Memory card slot)
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • 3G For Super fast browsing.
  • WiFi and Hotspot enabled!
  • - See more at: http://www.editweaks.com/2014/11/infinix-hot-x507-specs-price-in-nigeria.html#sthash.M8FsogDu.dpuf


    Leading Online Food Delivery Platform "HelloFood" Strives To Scare Hunger

    In efforts towards tackling hunger & starvation in the country during The World Hunger Day which was acknowledged on Thursday 30th May, the leading Online Food Delivery platform, HELLOFOOD put up a Dinner for Nigerian bloggers and Media Practitioners to raise awareness of the terrible hunger issue in the country strive to Scare Hunger.

    The event took place at Jevinik restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos. It brought together, Newspaper correspondents, Online Media practitioners and Radio personalities. The vast majority of attendees were all individuals who had affiliations with the media. We were there too as one of the Bloggers that collaborated with HelloFood for the event.

    We had Mr. Oluwaseyi Adepoju, Hellofood’s Head of Business Development who anchored the event.
    And Guest Speakers: Mrs Ogochukwu Mainasara of NAFDAC and Mannie Dynamic from Cool FM 

    The topic at the event was, as an individual, company and business. “How can we all do our part to scare hunger away from Nigeria?”

    Image Credit: Hellofood - #Scarehunger
    While the event was going on, we were also Tweeting and posting it Social Media with the hashtag #Scarehunger , soon enough the hashtag was Trending on Twitter. See one of my Tweets from the Event  below.

    The hall was opened for suggestion and discussions on how hunger can be eradicated in Nigeria, and quite a lot was talked about and planned towards the hunger situation as well.

    More photo from the Event below:

    In-set: From the Left - Mr. Mannie, Mrs Ogochukwu Mainasara & Mr. Oluwaseyi Adepoju

    Guest interacting

    At the end of the interactive session, the partaker’s were treated to a mouth-watering dinner at the VIP section of the restaurant.

    Myself at the far end (in blue shirt) with few other bloggers/attendees
    More attendees during the dinner

    Hellofood recognises that more than 800 million people in the world are currently suffering from hunger and poverty. Also, Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence of hunger. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest prevalence of hunger. One person in four is undernourished, according to the World Food Program. Hunger affects everyone, from individuals to businesses in the food industry.
    The questions remains, as a What part can you play personally, to scare hunger away from Nigeria.
    This is worth the reasons Hellofood App had already been listed among the Best & useful Apps for every Nigerian sometime ago.

    Meanwhile, Ordering your Meal with Hellofood remains Easy as 1-2-3
    Visit the Hellofood website or use the Mobile App
    • Find restaurants that deliver to you by entering your current location
    • Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like
    • Pay by Cash on Delivery and enjoy your delicious meal


    7 Sure Reasons You Are Not Making Sales in Affiliate Program

    Before you continue reading, I'd like to let you know this is going to be yet another Long post from me, so you'll need exercise Patience to read it from start, then reap the rewards when you finish it :)

    Most of us know that Affiliate Programs or being an Affiliate is having ultimate Goal to making Sales and getting the commission for it, which means MORE Sales, MORE Commissions.

    While I had shared My Success Story earning with Konga Affiliate Program, the story seems to be different for some Affiliates who are still trying so hard to reach Threshold where they would be Paid their commissions.

    Truth is, to make sales, you definitely need to work both Hard and Smart at the same time, once this is in place, Sales and every other thing you wanted will start rolling in.

    This was not easy for me at first, as I made few mistakes which were Reasons I wasn't making Sales when I started, hence my progress was Slow, but on the Long run, I made Corrections.

    Reasons Why I made No Sales along with the Mistakes Some others are Making is what I'll be discussing and sharing with us, these mistakes are the Reasons you're not Making Sales as an Affiliate, there are many reasons but these are the Major Ones...


    I made this mistake couple of times, and still notice many others make the mistake too.
    As an Affiliate, you need know that IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL, that is the job of the SALES PAGE which Your Affiliate links will lead the reader to. You rather need to help people with facts, Why they should Buy etc...

    Most Affiliates make a big mistake of seeing New product(s), because it looks nice and Appealing to the eyes, instead of looking for ways to help their Readers or Buyers see reasons why this product will solve their problems, they just go ahead and Only describe the Product, everyone will say it's just a Review, brief Review is NOT enough at times.

    Sometimes people will read your review but it'll end there, they won't buy, and even if they Do Buy, you won't make as many Sales as a Post Review that gives readers Facts, Helpful and Practical reasons Why they should buy a particular Product/Service or what makes Makes the product interesting for you to show it to them.


    As the saying goes, Jack of all Trade, Master of NONE! It's same way with many people who do it wrong in Affiliate marketing, they join as many Programs as possible.Fine, it's cool to cultivate multiple streams of Income as you Work Online, but soon you'll find out you have too much to Handle.
    Until I find a better One, Konga Affiliate and Jumia Affiliate Program, Amazon and Ebay with few other Web Hosting Programs like Arvixe are the best I can Recommend in my Locality for now.

    I advice that Before joining a program, be watchful, depending on your energy, smartly pick two or three Affiliate programs you want to work with and stick with it.
    Overloading yourself can really be a Bad idea.


    When we go to the Cinemas, what we see and buy most are Pop-corn and Drinks, and that's because we'll be chewing and drinking while watching the movie. Those products sell since they are relevant to the Audience coming there.

    Every blog, or type of business should have a niche or carve one, you won't sell T-Shirts to people that came to buy Blender. 
    Likewise, You can't be Selling Music Tracks on a tech blog that discuss phones and computers.
    Fine, there're some "Marketers" who would claim they can sell Sand to a man in the Desert, but how much Quantity will you really Sell? Will you profit as much from that type of sale?

    Your Focus should be building a category and type of Audience and give them what they need that is related to both your Category and Audience.


    Placing Banners is very Easy, they're ready-made for you to choose and Use on your Various Blogs or websites.
    Banner works but This is Nothing Compared to Writing Reviews. 30 Sentences in a Review is Not much, I said 30,, you can Add more, you won't need talk too much.

    Simple but Powerful Reviews that Describes the Product/Service will Convert and Bring you more sales than A Mighty Banner.

    Best Reviews seen on the Web so far are the Ones that:
    - Describe,
    - Compare similar products,
    - Tell facts and are open enough to tell PROS & CONS of the Products/service
    - and of course are Very well SEO Optimised.


    Some products/services are important to try out before Selling them. It will really be such an Ugly situation telling readers to Buy the Smartphone you reviewed saying it can Last 10 Hours On Enabled High Speed Internet but your readers found it stays Only 6 Hours after they bought it.
    I am sure that's the Essence of the Hands-On reviews Tech-bloggers/Affiliates are doing these days, to Test and prove the functions of devices, and other products and services too.

    Even if you can't lay your Hands on to Fully Test a Device Or Software, make sure you research and confirm your Information before publishing it to your readers.
    The More you Give Honest Reviews, the More You'll get Higher Trust Flow from Readers and Buyers, Sales too will grow.

    You've Heard about the Quote that says "GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES Eh?" That's exactly what applies here.
    You don't have to Lie because you want to make Sales. Convincing with a honest opinion is way better.


    Last year, when I was still new to Affiliate Programs, I would pick my Aff-Link, Paste the link as Anchor Text in the post and Leave, I didn't even check if the Link works, in the End, No Sales. 
    Careful when using your Aff-links,
    -Make sure you open a New Tab, paste the link to Test whether it really opens the Correct Landing page of what you want to Sell.
    - Smartly use your Aff-links where necessary in your Posts,
    - they should be NO-FOLLOW Attribute links, 
    - they should Not be too much on your Posts (Stuffing too much Links has Penalty from Google which can Harm you)

    *TIP* - CLOAK YOUR AFF-LINKS - Shorten or Customise them
    Some URLs are very Long because of (Campaigns) Perimeters in the URL.
    You can use LINK SHORTNERS like GOO.GL OR BIT.LY for that. Bit.ly had helped me many times in customising while I still keep my links short.
    That way, you can remember and even give out the link to anybody to use.

    It'll definitely Help your Readers to visit and Buy easily, without Breaking a Thing.
    Remember to always to test again and see if your shortened URL redirects to the right sales page.


    I used to ignore this Part until I got to learn how experts are using it to Leverage Sales, it's Important you watch where your Sales are coming from, when you're Logged in to your Affiliate dashboard, check your Sales to see the pages that Led that highest numbers of Sales, now visit the post page or review, Study the pattern you used to write it and try it again with the Other posts/reviews you write soon.

    If you're Yet to Find a Writing Pattern that sells, I'll give an example that yields good results:

    Adding the BUY BUTTON immediately below the first paragraph (where The product is briefly described in 3 or 4 sentences), without wasting time this will help Readers to quickly & easily follow the Link to buy the product.

    Many of them may have already seen the review before. 

    Round Up

    It's not been long I started taking Affiliate Programs serious, but so far, it had been a cool experience earning with it. I am still learning as you and as long as We can Focus on Increasing Our Productivity in Affiliate Marketing, the Profits will Increase too, perhaps you may end up putting your AdSense money aside, yeah You heard me right, Affiliate Earnings can make you Put AdSense aside.
    There're people already making 6-Figures from Affiliate Programs alone, hope the tips I stated will Help, let's Make More Sales and Join the Millionaires!
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    Infinix HOT NOTE PRO - Specs and Price

    Infinix Hot Note which you can Buy at Konga or Jumia is still doing great and selling fast in the market with its Cool Specs that seems to be very reliable, but the Infinix Mobility Team came with a nice Surprise, the Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, a Big Brother to the Infinix HOT NOTE.

     AVAILABLE HERE >> From Jumia | BUY HERE
    From Konga | BUY NOW

    Infinix HOT NOTE PRO

    Honestly, the new Smartphone came as a surprise, the full Specs looks similar to Infinix HOT NOTE which you can view here, so now we are pretty certain about this Brief Specs Review of the newest Infinix HOT NOTE PRO below.

    Quick Review of Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, the Specs and Price

    Merely looking at the New Infinix Hote Note PRO, you'll clearly see it's a perfect Upgrade to the existing Hote Note.



    BATTERY  - 4000 mAH Battery

    DISPLAY - 5.5" Inches Screen


    OPERATING SYSTEM - 4.4.2 Kitkat, upgradable to 5.0 Lollipop

    PRICE - 28,000 Naira


    For those of us that may want to compare the former and the later,  it's basically same quality with the PRO having a bit of edge over the previous Hote Note, the major difference is the Upgrade in its Improved Camera, OS and Memory.

    1. CAMERA:
    Infinix Hot Note has 8MP camera, but the new Hote Note PRO came with same but Improved 8MP back camera, both of the smart phablets has the Same 2 MP Front Camera

    2. MEMORY:
    Infinix Hot Note was 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
    HOTE NOTE PRO is coming with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

    3. THE OS upgrade info:
    The Operating System of Infinix Hot NOTE PRO is upgradable to Android 5 Lollipop which will be available as soon as the update is rolled out for all users. This doesn't mean the previous Hot Note & other Models won't be upgradable too, we can only say the value of this upgrade may seem to be placed on the models differently.

    Apart from these few differences Or Comparisons, every other feature seems the same, i.e -
    The Processor speed, Battery, the Size - 5.5" HD Display, Thickness, weight etc are same.
    OCTA-CORE (1.4GHz)

    That's the wrap up about the New Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, it's already scheduled for sales from 4th June, 2015 during the Jumia Mobile Week.

    The smartphone is better and looks Promising with its upgraded Specs, a 2GB RAM , 32GB ROM and Kitkat OS, upgradable to Lollipop, it's really worth the Price.

    Interested in Buying the HOT NOTE PRO? >>