EXCLUSIVE - Infinix Mobility Almost Set to Launch A Powerful Smartphone After HOT 2 | See Launch Date & Leaked Photo

If you've been getting any rumors, we had confirmed that Infinix Mobile is coming with the Next New device after the Infinix Hot 2 that was launched 2 months ago.

We were opportuned to have an exclusive round-table with the Infinix Officials few days back where we spent some little time with the upcoming device and also Tested to see what it's made of.

What's the Next device after Infinix Hot 2?

Is it gonna be Zero Note? Zero Hot? Hot 2 Note?
What ever you're guessing about it, you might be right... or Totally Wrong. 

For now... this is what we can only show you, the Pack! :) LOL

And a screenshot...

During our Testing Session we took a picture using the device and it produced this quality photo below,

With a photo like that, we would say "expect a very good Camera."

Sharing more Leaked photos of the device is something we would have loved to do, but Sorry, we aren't obliged to do that for now, the Meal (Device launch) is not ready yet, but will be very soon and would surely be served Hot!

What else to Expect or see:
- Expect an impressive Front design on the device
- An optimised and improved front and Back Camera
- a different size
- new useful Apps
- latest Android OS, Speed at multitasking and of course a very reliable battery.

As a matter of Fact, after we compared it with the latest Flagships from Samsung, HTC and others, the device scores pretty high on AnTuTu Benchmark.

When Will The Next Infinix Device Launch?

We are not sure about Date at the moment but expect it anytime from now till November.

That's all we can say for now, however we advice you stick around so you'll be the first to know once we reveal the Full Specs, Review and all other details in due time.


How To Upgrade Nexus to Android Marshmallow 6.0, Manually | Download Links Available

After the Update was launched, last week we published a list of devices that will get the new Android 6.0, some would be via OTA, and others will have to be done manually, precisely via Flashing it into the device.

Google have released some Download Links for the Android 6.0 OS for manual installation for some NEXUS devices. These includes:

Nexus 5
Nexus 6
Nexus 7 (2013)
Nexus Player
Nexus 9

You can upgrade or Install Marshmallow 6.0 manually on any of those Nexus devices listed up there.

Photo credits: Android Authority

Download links for Nexus Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS

 Go to Google Developers and download the Marshmallow binary files for your Nexus version or model.

How to Pick the right Android OS or Marshmallow for your Nexus.

1. On the page, Locate your device type, it could be Nexus Player, Nexus 9 (LTE), Nexus 6 etc

2. After finding your device model, in the section where you see "Version" scroll down to see if you find 6.0 there, that's the Marshmallow. Click the "Link" on the page to Download.

Flashing Android Marshmallow 6.0, into your Nexus device

There are instructions on the Page for you to follow, this will help you select the right binary image files for your Nexus and flash them into the device.

For More Detailed explanation on How to manually install it on a Nexus device (using Windows and Linux operating system), check out this full tutorial on Android Authority.
The tutorial there was for Lollipop upgrade, but it also works at installing Marshmallow in all Nexus devices.


GOKIVE! REVIEW - A Smooth Web App For Finding & Adding Your Needs, Blogs & Business

Most of us have smartphones and Tablets, we know there's Google but not everyone makes the best out of it. People are always on the Go! People move out every day, and they look for things to get instantly at their locations.

What if I told you that there's now a platform that solves this, where you can instantly find your needs based in your location, fast and easy? From Basic and daily things like where to eat, drink, and buy groceries, or services like hair saloon, Football viewing center, cyber cafe's... and unlimited more.

GoKive! Is a free web based app that allows users REGISTER/FIND goods, products, places and offices. Since the web app is location based, businesses would not necessarily need a website for people to find them, they just have to join and get verified, even without verification, people who come around (Business owners) use the platform to find you, if you offer what they are searching for.

GoKive review
GoKive! It's basically about things you search for every day, in your location, and provision for consumers and business (or anybody that has a product or service to render), and it's at its simplest and seamless form.

USING THE PLATFORM to Find Your Needs takes Less than 60 Seconds

Follow the steps, quickly...

TURN ON YOUR INTERNET AND LOCATION, the website will prompt you to switch On your Location/GPS if you haven't, this will help provide the best results near you.

A - Search Box: In this box you enter whatsoever you're looking for. It also accepts multiple keywords, it can contain a list and return an efficient result of what you searched.


“I'm looking for a barbing saloon and where to get hamburgers for lunch”

“Rice, beans, okra, egg and eba”

Simply enter what you're looking for Or business names (if you know it), Answers will be given to you based on your current GPS location.

More Examples:

“Where can I find Bread in Azikiwe Road” - This will search for Azikiwe road near you if there is any, or you extend your search range in Option B

“Mr. Biggs in Factory Road”

“DWILLS Computers”

B – Distance Range: With this option you can set the search range to extend if the default is inefficient for you (in Kilometres)

C – GPS Button: This is the button that grabs your GPS position from the GPS chip in your device on clicking it. Without it getting your position, you won't be able to do your search. Please remember, you must be in an open area so as to provide an efficient result of your position.

D - GoKive it! Hit this button to do your search! :)

GoKive will fetch whatever business or Service you're looking for as long as it exist within that environment.


First, ensure your GPS is switched On, now Visit the Add Business Page.

Now, before you register a business on GoKive, make sure you're at the business location/building. GoKive’s add business page contains elements that tracks your location at that particular time and assumes it’s the office or business you're about to register.
This helps people find your business or product location appropriately.

Who can Add their Stuffs and Business and Services?
It could be your Blog, Saloon, Restaurant, no matter how small or huge it is, GoKive! Is built for EVERYONE and it’s free!

And if you’re running a small/local business or roadside business and you don’t have a business name, don’t worry, we’ll generate a business name you’d be using on GoKive! A name similar to something like this:

“Shop NG-4A3AE”

This name, you can put/paste it in front of your business so as users to recognize you when they see you on GoKive! to meet your location.

A form will load up like the one below *without the red markers in our screenshot*

1. Business Name: Here, you fill in the name of your business. If you don’t have a business name, leave it. GoKive will generate a business name for you.

2. Business Description: This is where you describe (talk about) your business. Your description attracts clients when written correctly.

3. Business Category: This could be a Public Organization, School, Company, Business Centre, Small Business, Religious Organization, Hotel etc. A drop down will be provided to choose from.

4. Business Sub-Category: This option is provided for you to pick an additional category to describe your business, in case it wasn’t described properly in (4.)  e.g Category: Restaurant Sub-category: fast food

5. Business goods/products/services: The list of your business’ goods/products/services, separated by commas

6. Business address: The Address of your business

7. GPS location: This feature is essential. It helps customers locate your business location easily. Make sure your location service (Gps) is enabled. Do it from the Business location and it’s better done on mobile and/or open area for best result.

9. Show on Maps: You can toggle this feature ON and OFF to show or hide maps. The map will pinpoint to where you are at the exact moment, this is to ensure your GPS is getting where you are accurately

10. When done. Click Join Gokive!

That’s all. Simple, Fast and Free

Few More Useful Things you could do with GoKive!

  • Get more clients and customers
  • More sales
  • Register your site for traffic
  • Register business and places around you. No matter how small
  • Know the location of business around you
  • Track a business etc.
Head to GoKive! And Start adding Business or finding them for your needs now, and don't forget to tell us what you think of GoKive in the comment box below.


3000mAh Battery For Infinix Hot 2 - A More Reliable Battery Juice Is On the Way

It's been almost 2 months since the release of Infinix HOT 2 , the very first Android One smartphone to arrrive in Nigeria, or Africa at large.

By default, the device comes with a 2200mAh Battery, not much of a Battery Juice to be candid, did people want more battery juice? Or the Infinix Team just decided on this, however it's really Good idea by the Infinix Team as they announced a 3000mAh Battery for Infinix Hot 2 would be coming.

Infinix Hot 2 Battery 3000mah
Infinix Hot 2 - 3000mAh

Will the Battery come and be sold Separately? Or Will they relaunch a New Model of the Hot 2 with the 3000mAh Battery inside it, we will update you with right answers as soon as we confirm that.

Right now, the 2200mAh battery capacity on the Infinix Hot 2 so far is not really felt by users as the Android Lollipop OS does great at Optimizing the Battery Life.

By the way, the Infinix Hot Note and Hot Note Pro with a huge 4,000mAh Battery remains the strongest in the flagship so far.


TRUEMESSENGER - The End of Unwanted/Spam SMS from MTN, GLO & Others on your Phone

That awkward moment you're expecting a credit Alert, finally the message arrives only for you to realise its an SMS from Isaiah65v8.

Since the extravagant growth of phone usage and Bulk SMS advertising, people had been looking for How to Block or Stop those Unwanted/Spam SMS that enters their phones every day, it was way too much to an unbearable extent that some friends even called Customer Care, they recommended to Send a Command, i.e reply STOP to the number to quit them from sending the messages, all that never worked, the unwanted SMS keeps coming.

There's no way to put all the useless SMS in control until TRUEMESSENGER was launched around last month, although it wasn't Available in Nigeria at first, but it is Now.

With the TRUEMESSENGER (Install here) on your Android phone, you can simply MARK sms Senders who are Spam.


Upon installation, Go to your Messenger Settings and Set TrueMessenger as your Default SMS App, you can also set it to Notify you when you get a Spam SMS or Put Spam Sender on Mute so you'll never feel disturbed to check your phone only to find an annoying SMS asking you to Text Mumu to 55501.

TrueMessenger puts all that to an End!

See some Screenshots of TrueMessenger working on my Android phone.

I am Definitely gonna mark this one as Spam

See them! See Isaiah65v8?
... Spam, Spam!! Spam!!!


Now See My Inbox, Spam column has been totally separated, very neat huh?

And just like the TRUE CALLER App, with your Internet connection Enabled, TrueMessenger will reveal the Name of a person who Texted you for the time on that Device, just in case the number doesn't already exist in your contacts.


List Of Smartphones That Will Get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update

The latest Android OS, Marshmallow 6.0 has been launched yesterday at the Google I/O 15 in San Francisco, 29th September 2015.
Here are some of the smartphones that will get the update via OTA (Over the Air) as culled from AndroidPit.  This is a first List so Start feeling Lucky if you fall under any of the categories below.

Android M -  Google

Google Nexus Android Marshmallow update

As we may know, Nexus is a priority as it's one of Google's big project on smartphones and gadgets.
Google has revealed that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will delivered OTA to the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, and Nexus Player on the week.
This will begin from October 5, 2015.

Samsung Android Marshmallow update

Samsung has not yet commented on its update schedule, but that hasn't stopped some websites from claiming they have an 'official' list of Samsung devices due to be updated to Android Marshmallow by the end of the year. YouMobile recently added the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ to its list, and while we don't put much stock in the information, most of the devices listed are pretty safe bets.

Check out the list below:

Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy S6 Duos
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 4 Duos
Galaxy Note Edge
Galaxy Alpha
Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung flagships released this year will almost certainly get Android Marshmallow, either before the end of the year or in early 2016. We've reached out for more details on the Android Marshmallow update for Samsung Galaxy devices and will fill you in on anything we hear.

HTC Android Marshmallow update

HTC has already announced that the HTC One models M9 and M9+ will get the Android Marshmallow update. It isn't clear yet when other devices, such as the HTC One (M8), will get it too. Stay tuned for more on the HTC Android Marshmallow update schedule.

LG Android Marshmallow update

Although there is no official word on the LG Android Marshmallow update, the LG G4 and the LG G3 will certainly receive Android Marshmallow. We've sent LG a request for comment regarding its update plans. We will give you details when we get a response.

Sony Android Marshmallow update

On a side note, a Greek website uncovered a comment on LG's Greek Facebook page stating there are no plans for Android 5.1 for the G3, which possibly indicates that the device will jump straight to Android Marshmallow instead.

Motorola Android Marshmallow update

Motorola's smartphones usually get updates quickly, so the Moto X (Pure Edition), Moto X Play and Moto X (2014) should be some of the first smartphones getting the Motorola Android Marshmallow update. But models such as the Moto G (2015), Moto G (2014) and the new Moto E are also likely to get it relatively quickly.

Huawei Android Marshmallow update

Huawei might see Android Marshmallow as something sinister – that's because it must first roll out Android Lollipop to its latest smartphones. 
Only after that can we consider the Huawei Android Marshmallow update as something to look forward to. Huawei has said that the P8 will be the first device to get the Android M update, but has not given us a date for when this will occur.

In the African market, people do hope that soon their smartphone manufacturers , like TECNO, INFINIX, INNJOO and others would be preparing this OS update for its users especially new models as Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) as it's been said that the device's OS is handled by Google themselves.
Also, the new Tecno Phantom 5 which claims to be Premium, a device at that level is not expected to be left be behind at times of updates.

Which phone do you have?
When do you think you'll get the Android Marshmallow update?


Instagram To Start Showing Ads in few coming weeks

This was the post made by the Instagram Official account right inside the App, we saw the post just 5mins after it was posted and took a screenshot of it as seen in this post.

We are yet to understand how the Instagram Ads tool will be used, or whether it will be open to all of us who use Instagram for us to also advertise, we definitely hope so.

Right now We are only certain that according to the caption of the post, ads will be shown based on your (Instagram users) Interest and you can hide the ad if it's not displaying the type you want to see.

We also noticed at the time the "announcement" was made by Instagram, the post was carrying the "sponsored" tag on the top right of the photo, it was a post yet we could not find the photo on their Timeline.
This is already giving us a glimpse of how the ads will run and we'll surely know more about it very soon.



Shout out to
fredmwaurak Of bbs Infinixmobility Forum for this tut. 
For those of you who were having bootloop problems, the issue has been resolved. You can now download the ROM with guarantee of success!!!

After very many, many hours trying to perfect this ROM and clean out all bugs, I am proud to present to you MIUI 7 [5.9.17 – latest] for the Infinix X507. This particular one, has not been easy but I finally made it.

FOR MORE SCREENSHOTS: visit This imgur - MIUI 7 For Infinix Hot Screenshots

MIUI is still on Android KitKat OS so this is for those of you yet to upgrade to the lollipop firmware or you just love MIUI so much, like I do, enough to want to go back to KitKat for it.

I will present you with download link for the ROM. The download is a RAR file which in it, contains the ROM in zip form, the recovery you will be using, [PhilZ Recovery] [You can flash the recovery using either MTK Mobile Uncle Tools or SP Flash Tool, whichever you prefer] and a folder containing Next Launcher and the theme I am using just in case any of you want to use my exact theme. Both my Next Launcher and theme are Premium already paid for apps so you need not worry about ads and the likes.

I repeat, the ROM is bug free but if you encounter any bug, please let me know and I will work at fixing it ASAP.

1. Both SIM Cards working and both have 3G

2. Camera in perfect condition.

3. Battery life optimum.

4. No lags whatsoever.

5. Fully deodexed.

6. RAM usage low.

7. Playstore working [plus it comes with MIUI’s App Store]

8. SIM Toolkit working for both SIMs

How To Install

- Download the ROM from the following link MIUI_v7_5.9.17_Infinix_X507

1. Make a backup of your contacts to a vCard and have it somewhere external like your sdcard or pc.

You will import the vCard after you are done. You can use this app Contacts VCF.

2. Copy the downloaded files to your sdcard

3. Flash the recovery provided with the file. [You might get errors if you try to flash it with CWM or TWRP]

4. Boot into your recovery

5. Go to Backup and Restore and hit Backup to /sdcard

6. Go back and into Wipe and Format Options, scroll down to Clean to Install a New ROM and select that

7. When it’s done, select Install Zip and then choose zip and you can flash the zip you placed in your sdcard.

8. After it’s done and tells you script was successful, go back and go into Wipe and Format Options again but this time, select Wipe Cache

After that's done, select Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache

9. Reboot your Infinix HOT.

CONGRATULATIONS: You are now running the latest MIUI on your INFINIX HOT!


Before using MIUI, here are a couple of things you should know about it.

1. Before installing any apps, first of all go to Settings > Additional settings >Privacy > Device administration > Unknown sources and select allow.

2. MIUI already comes pre-rooted so no need to worry about rooting it. When you install an app that requires root access, find the app called Security, open it and you will find Permissions, go in it and there will be three options
a. Autostart –This is where you will select apps you want to autostart with the device, likethe launcher and the theme etc

b. Permissions– You can see what apps have what permissions and revoke them if necessary.

c. Root access– This is where you will come to grant your apps root access. If you open anapp that requires root access, just come here and grant it

NOTE: This is a ported ROM hence is unofficial. If you ever get a notification for an update, DON'T USE THE OTA update. It will get you Redmi Note 3G’s ROM [which is the base ROM of this port] and that will brick your phone if you do.

Again, if you encounter any problems or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


INFINIX LOLLIPOP UPGRADE For Hot Note and Others - The Complete Guide

Hi there! Today we'll show you how to Upgrade your Infinix HOT NOTE and NOTE PRO from KitKat to Android Lollipop 5.1 OS.

We'll also talk about How you can perform the upgrades on your other various Infinix Models, like INFINIX HOT X507 and INFINIX ZERO 2, more on that later in this post.
However, we should know that each of these Lollipop roms are uniquely different for each model.

We already announced the Updates since August that Infinix Lollipop upgrades had been rolled out and already been on use but Beta versions were having few bugs which have been fixed in the recent ROM updates that we want to give you here now.

Let's Begin:




i.) Your PC (running Windows 7 or 8)

ii.) A working USB cable

iii.) Infinix Hot Note X551 Lollipop ROM File >> Download Infinix Hot Note X551 Lollipop Here.
OR Lollipop ROM file >> For Infinix Hot Note Pro (2GB+32GB version)

Extract the file to a folder on your computer after downloading.

iv.) VCOM Drivers, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE

v.) SP Flashtool >> DOWNLOAD THAT HERE

Install the softwares - ( iv.) and ( v.) above
Once you have all those 5 tools ready, you can proceed.

Hollup! just hollup, before we Continue...

* Enable USB Debugging mode by going to settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging **Upgrade/Flashing will Wipe your phone memory.
Please Ensure you Back Up your device, especially Media files (Videos, Music) or whatever's important, like your Contacts, you use this App to Backup your Contact , back them up by moving the Files to your PC or memory card and remove the Memory SD card if you use one in your Infinix Hot Note.


1. Be Sure your phone (Hot Note) is Still On and very well charged.  Also Unroot if it's rooted, you can easily unroot with King Root App.

2. Go to where you Extracted your SP Flash Tool v5.1352.01, inside it, you'll find the file name flash_tool.exe , right click and Run it as Administrator.
For the first time, it will bring a Window saying - The Scatter file cannot found, please make sure the file is exist before download.
Just ignore that by clicking OK.

3. Click SCATTER LOADING, this opens your folder. Navigate into the folder where you had extracted the Lollipop ROM file for Infinix Hot Note X551.
According to my screenshot, I saved my Rom in my Desktop.
Select the scatter file with name - MT6592_Android_scatter.txt

Wait till it completely loads up on the flash programs.

4. On the SP Flashtool, where you see Download only, click and change it to FIRMWARE UPGRADE

Use our Screenshot below for reference:

SPFlashtool for Infinix Lollipop

5. Click DOWNLOAD icon,  Now Power OFF your Device (Hot Note) and plug the USB cable to the PC and your phone
Seconds later, some readings will display on the SP flash tool.

6. Give it some time, Do NOT interrupt the process (well, unless you want to brick your device)

7. When the Process is Complete and successful, You'll get a Green Check Mark saying Download OK in the Flashtool on your PC, now you can unplug your phone.

Power ON the device, Keep calm as this will take a while since it's the first time.

When it's finally On, Follow the Instructions on the Welcome message and we're done!

Congrats! Your Infinix Hot Note now runs Android Lollipop 5.1

Lollipop upgrade for INFINIX HOT X507 and INFINIX ZERO 2 X509

This Detailed guide also works for upgrading INFINIX HOT X507 and INFINIX ZERO 2.
All you Need to do is get the "Correct" Lollipop ROM for your Model, then come back here and follow this Complete guide On how to Apply the upgrade.

More updates will be rolled out via OTA as you use the Lollipop OS fix bugs or improve user experience.


As a  matter of Fact, this Procedure is Quite Easy after all, and very similar to the One we used to Fix a Samsung Galaxy A3.

Thumbs up to members of the Infinix BBS forum and one of our good friends, Samuel of TechsNG for their initial efforts in discussing this upgrade and fixing other issues on Infinix smartphones, you also can visit those guys if you have any issues with your Infinix device.

Meanwhile, pls Drop your Comments Or Questions below, we'll be willing to help with Answers anyway we can.


For The Konga Mobile App Users! Konga launches Great Discounts in the Happy Appy Sales

Something big is about to happen in the “Appmosphere”. It’s something you do not want to miss. Get ready for the Konga Happy Appy Sales.
Yes, we are rolling out discounts of up to 60% on Fashion and General Merchandise in the Happy Appy Sales from 25th to 27th of September 2015. If you have been looking to change your wardrobe, revamp your home, get the latest gadgets and more, take advantage of the Happy Appy Sales.

How can you be part of all the excitement? All you have to do is download the Konga Mobile App if you haven’t and update your existing version to the latest one if you haven’t because this sales is available to only users with the latest version of the Konga Mobile App. With the latest version, you’ll enjoy is faster processing, ease of use, less data consumption, weekly pushes of unbelievable deals exclusive to app users, real time notifications of Konga offers, 1st access to deals, N2,000 cash back when the user has shopped over N20,000 products via the App.

The mobile App is a convenient way to shop. Products on the app are arranged according to categories which makes for easy surfing of desired products. It also has a search bar to help locate your desired product even faster.

Customers who shop with the mobile app experience the same excellent quality and service delivery as the desktop website. Download the Konga Mobile App from Google Play Store for Android; Blackberry World for BlackBerry OS 10; and the App Store for iOS to be part of the Happy Appy Sale.

Read more on the Happy appy sale here!