WhatsApp is Ending support for Blackberry, Nokia, Android and iOS devices

As at now, there are one billion people using WhatsApp, performing about 100 million calls a day, some will be among users of the devices about to be removed out of their service as it's been announced on their blog, "We will soon be ending support for certain devices. At the end of 2016", Whatsapp will no longer support the following platforms:

  • BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
  • Windows Phone 7.1
  • iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

According to the WhatsApp team, it was a tough decision they had to take cause things are changing really fast and they said "we're putting an even greater emphasis on security features and more ways to stay in touch with the people that you care about.

These platforms listed above don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future. If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android running OS 2.3+, a Windows Phone 8+, or an iPhone running iOS 7+ before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp.
Once you have one of these devices, simply install WhatsApp and verify your phone number on the new device to continue using WhatsApp. Keep in mind that WhatsApp can only be activated with one phone number on one device at a time."

There is currently no option to transfer your chat history between platforms. However, we provide the option to send your chat history attached to an email.
People using those devices about to be cancelled had started getting the notification about this already.


Meet the latest Infinix Wearable: The Infinix X-Band

Over the years we had conducted a handful of reviews on Infinix smartphones, right now just as expected by many users, the company had decided to start producing and dishing out its own Wearable tech gadgets, two of which we will be showing you, the Infinix X-band and Infinix DNC headphones.
Both of these tiny but powerful gadgets are quite sleek and you'll likely agree as you scroll down.

The X-Band by Infinix is its first wearable tech from the company and has an array of cool functions as you can wear the Infinix X-band on your wrist to use as smartwatch or detach and convert it to a portable bluetooth earpiece.

X-band for Wrist (smartwatch)
X-band used  as bluetooth headphone
We also confirmed the new Xband is IP55 verified, which means it's dust and water resistant. As much as you wear the X-band into any hot or rainy day, you can can receive phone calls, notifications or even use it as a fitness tracker.

Another Great news is Infinix made the gadget open for all devices, as long as you own an Android device, simply head to Playstore and Download the X-band App here.


MODELInfinix Xband (XBO1)
Talk time 7 Hrs
Standby time 150 Hrs
Weight 26.7g
Display/Touch Ultra thin screen with smart touch – 0.96” POLED
Technology Wireless syncing
Body/Features Vibrations, reminders, timer,water resistance,

Water resistant

Battery life 100mAh
Water resistance IP 55
Processor STM32F401CEY6TR  84MHZ
Sensor G-sensor/Hall Sensor
ROM 512KB + 8MB External Flash
Steps Yes
Distance Yes
Calories Yes
Vibrating Yes
Reminders Yes
Anti-Lost alert Yes
Find my phone Yes
Goals Yes
Timer Yes

If you're looking for where to buy The Infinix X-Band you can look out for it at JUMIA AND ORDER for it.

Check out Latest Infinix DNC headphones - Infinix Wearables

The new DNC headphone from Infinix is yet another awesome wearable that was newly launched with the Infinix X-band. The point here that makes this special is the Dual noise cancellation (DNC) when making or answering calls. The DNC headphones can power for more than 10-hrs on a full charge and guarantees an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95% with Hi-Fi sound.

What came about the Infinix DNC headphones

Some time in November 2015 when Zero 3 was launched, at the event we were told the company had ceased adding headphones (Handsfree) in their flagships at that time. This was noticed since the release of Infinix Note 2, they felt the headphones were rushed hence had poor quality, according to their CEO the plan now is to separately take their time in making quality Infinix headphones which results to the production of the Infinix DNC headphones.


Model Infinix DNC Headphones (XEO2)
Call Microphone 6*2.2±0.2mm
Speaker Ø13.6*2pcs
Plug Standard 3.5mm jack
Anc Microphone S/N Ratio >60dB
Battery 105mAh battery
Playback time with DNC 2.5 Hours Noise Cancellation Playback
Certifications RoHS certification
Features Dual Noise cancellation,
Standby time 10 Hours

If you're looking for where to buy The Infinix DNC headphones you can look out for it at JUMIA AND ORDER for it.


A Complete Easy Guide to Change Default Apps on Android

There will be times when you would mistakenly pick the wrong App to use as default App, for performing certain actions like playing videos, music, camera, viewing photos or opening some other kinds of documents like PDFs, this also happen often when we want to open a new type of file on our Android  devices, if you choose that wrong app or you would like to change the default app you use to open a file or document on your Android then this post contains a comprehensive complete guide that will show you how to do it.


With this App alone, you've solved the problem. This small third party app makes changing of default app very easy. It does a great job of displaying and changing defaults for the vast majority of common file types. The app is available on Playstore, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

FIRST TIME ACTIVITIES with Files and other Intents

When you get a new file or App that performs a certain action, you have options to launch the app that will handle it.  JUST ONCE and ALWAYS.

JUST ONCE - Will always request if you would like to use that app (or various apps listed) that will handle that action or open the file.

ALWAYS - Will make whatever app you choose as default (permanent) app that will always handle the request or open the file.


Changing Individual Default Apps

Assuming you have an App that opens a particular file, or takes a particular action or intent, take for example, this URL - this is an Instagram link that will launch Instagram app and use the app view the photo/video. But you can change this, you can force your Android to use your browser to handle the request instead of Instagram app. All you have to do is reset the App's default as seen below:

1. Go to Settings
2. Scroll to "Apps"
3. Then choose the “All Apps” tab near the top to view all list of apps.
4. Scroll down and find the App your Android is using as Default to handle the request, in this case, we have Instagram handling Instagram links.
If it's set as Default, Choose "CLEAR DEFAULTS"
If not set as default, you'll see "No defaults set" from this option you can create Supported and related links you will like the App to handle.

That's all.

Resetting All Default Apps

If the above steps seems not to still help give you option to re-choose a default app to handle a request on your Android, then this one last option should reset everything for you.
1. Go to Settings
2. From the list of apps, tap the Options icon (3 dotted menu) in the top right-hand corner of the screen
3. Tap on "Reset App preferences"
4. A Warning will show up, just go on and tap "Reset Apps"

The aim of this explanation so far is to help you choose the right apps, it doesn't matter if you had initially picked the Wrong ones to handle your requests or open your links and files. You'll surely have a smooth and intuitive experience performing several tasks when you are using the right default apps on your Android.


VIRUS ALERT! Over 850k devices affected by A New Godless Android malware

This malware seem to have already gone viral and out of control, targeting over 850,000 Android devices that had been affected.
There had been confirmation by TREND MICRO (a Security firm) that the new malware is known as "Godless" (ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX) that especially targets Android devices having a set of rooting exploits in its pocket, it uses multiple methods to exploit and can attack virtually devices running Android Lollipop or lower versions.

How the Godless Android Malware attacks:

It was found out that the malware utilizes the open source android-rooting-tools framework, which contains exploits for well-known vulnerabilities such as PingPongRoot and Towelroot.
Once it finds its way onto a device and roots it, the malware installs a backdoor for remote access that can be used to download unwanted apps and advertisements, as well as apps that can spy on users.

Its Distribution

The malware is distributed via infected apps, even those on PlayStore are not innocent of it. As it aslo exists on utility apps like your Flashlight, Wi-Fi apps and exists in some popular games. One app was unleashed to have the malware, the malicious app is known as  “Summer Flashlight” that contains the malicious Godless code.

Interestingly, Trend Micro also unveiled that there are clean apps on the Play Store that contain the same developer's certificate through which the malware can be distributed. Once any upgrade is made, the user may be attacked by the malware without knowing it.

As much as clean Apps may be affected on Playstore, it is advised that users should always have antivirus apps installed and also practice safe browsing and installation of popular games and apps by using only trusted stores on Amazon and Google Play. They're advised to also carefully look out for app reviews.

Battle of the Titans: Paper Books vs eBooks

There are a lot of ways to spend your free time - from relaxing and procrastinating to going in for extreme sports. And everything seems pretty normal for different people. Let's take, for instance, reading. It can be called an intellectual hobby. Or not?

The pros of reading

It was already said a lot about all benefits of reading. It leads, first of all, to mental stimulation. You don’t just find out new things, but also develop your thinking and analytical skills.
People who read books have richer vocabulary, but what is even more important you have wider outlook. Together with some facts you find the ability to analyze those facts and find your own point of view.
Reading strengthens your memory. It also improves focus and concentration.
Reading can also reduce stress and leads to tranquility. On the other hand, it is the best way to escape from all your problems to another one, maybe, even to find solutions to all the problems.
The more books you read the better your writing skills become. You become able to freely express your thoughts in a written form and do it without mistakes. It slowly influences your communicational skills and let you become better and interesting talker.
Needless to say that reading boosts your imagination and creativity, filling your mind with new expressive colorful images and great ideas

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What people read

If the question about why people read doesn’t have an answer (or doesn’t need an answer) finding out what people read may be pretty interesting.
The wide variety of genres, writers and directions in literature let everyone find something interesting. Even cheap literature, which seems to be completely worthless, may have its own benefits. Maybe, it is a start that will cause great interest to literature in general.
But actually when asking about what people read you will mostly hear not about genres, writers or something like that, but about paper books and eBooks. During the last decade, these old school and technologically advanced sources of reading have faced a lot of comparisons and severe battles. The reason is simple and a bit weird, we’d say: people are trying to decide what is better and what is going to remain in the future. But is there a point in this?


The first books appeared thousands of years ago. They were one of the main sources of information and entertainment. But a lot has changed, and nowadays a lot of people claim that paper books are necessary.
Of course, you may think of ecology and trees wasted for paper. But is that really the biggest problem for ecology? Instead of this, think about the feelings that holding a paper book gives you. It is the only way to realize how much work was done and how many people work on it. You feel every page under your fingers, you can put a marker or make an accurate note to save a place you like. It will never switch off just because you’ve forgotten to charge a battery. Every paper book seems to live its own life and style. And if you like reading, you also wanted to have a huge library with a lot of shelves with different books standing there.



Actually, you can put markers and notes here, too, but it is not that convenient. Nevertheless, eBooks have a lot of strong points. For example, a small gadget comfortable to hold and with minimal weight can become storage for thousands of books, magazines and whatever else you can read. You can download and open documents of a dozen of formats. It is really convenient to carry with you all the time and thanks to e-ink technology is safe for your sight. What is more, it is way much cheaper. There are a lot of free eBooks, and prices for those you need to buy are lower than for paper books. It also doesn’t require any additional storage space.

Both eBooks and classic paper books have their own pros and cons, which every time balance the scales in this opposition. In the end, it is not important where you read a text from. It is important that you do read. And if you cannot decide what is better personally for you, you can find both paper and eBooks in Hobbies – Art – Sport category on
Maybe you are going to order both an eBook and some paper books. Feel the difference yourself, or just enrich your collection. It will be great anyway.
This content was brought to you by Jiji Books.


Kids, Web and Parental Controls - This is The Secure Combo!

Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, there have been many cases of cyber crimes, illicit sites Exposure ", unnecessary socializing, internet addiction and many others. And all this is because our lives are exposed to the web 80% of the time and considering that the most avid users of the Internet are young people, they are the easiest target. Among all users, children are also vulnerable to such content and activities harmful, because it is easier to exploit their confidence

Parental Controls – Preventive Measure!

Once you know the phenomenon and the psyche of web predators, it becomes a little easy to secure kids. One nice idea to prevent kids from every single web related issues is to install parental controls on their devices. We all know that kids love the idea of going mobile hence they prefer to use their mobile devices for accessing the internet rather than sitting in front of those old-fashioned desktop computers or even the laptops. They prefer smartphones, tablets and other handy devices for their use. This preference makes it easy for parents to keep a keen eye on what activities they perform online, who they connect with and nonetheless what are they up to. In addition to helping parents with monitoring, there are apps that let them take appropriate controls.
With any good parental control app such as FamilyTime, you can:


Monitor their Kids’ Web Behavior

Parents can now stay updated about their kids’ web use and the patterns of their web behavior. With the app they can:
· Track Browsing history: Keep an eye on which sites they visit for and stay updated with their entire Web behavior.
· Monitor Favorites and Bookmarks: View the complete list of their bookmarks and favorites.


Monitor their Kids’ Call Logs

Using the app, they can easily monitor their kids’:
· Contacts: Keep an eye on all of the contacts along with details.
· Calls History: Monitor the calls-history along with the date and time stamps.

Monitor their Kids’ Locations

With FamilyTime, parents can:
· Track Location: Stay in the know of your kids’ changing locations even on the go.
· Trace Location history: Keep a check on their whereabouts with the date and time stamps and see where they have been all day long.

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Monitor their Kids’ App Preferences

The app enables parents to know their kids’ app preferences and provides them with features to:
· Check Installed Apps: View the list of apps installed on your kids’ device with the additional details such as app version, date of installation etc.
· Monitor App Usage Frequency: Keep track of the time they spend on each app using the app frequency checker of FamilyTime.

Have Parental Controls:

Monitoring is one part, FamilyTime allows parents to take control and manage their kids’ device through:
· Watchlist Contacts: Watchlist any suspicious contact and receive alerts if contact is made by either party.
· Blacklist Apps: Restrict the access to apps you don’t want your kids to use.
· Schedule auto-screen-locks: Put auto screen locks on your kids’ devices any time for any given time interval say meal time, study hours or at night.
· Lock Phone: Lock their phones to stop usage at inappropriate hours.
· Geo-Fence: Create a virtual fence around important places such as Home, school, clubs, etc. to receive check-in and check-out alerts.
All these features together help parents secure their kids not just in the cyber world but in the real scenario too as you never know what wrong they may face in their lives because of one inappropriate activity online.

Monitor Digitally:

The days of spying or snooping on kids are gone. Today, if you want to save your kids, better pick smart options such as installing parental controls and keep track of all activities they perform.


Facebook Makes Username changes Unlimited

Social Media giant, Facebook had recently made some updates to Profile usernames. It was initially limited, you were allowed to change your username just twice after creating your Facebook Profile, but now you can change your Facebook username many times as possible.
This is similarly done and had  always been an available feature at Twitter and Instagram where users can freely change their usernames as many times as they like.

Facebook had also integrated the @username on Facebook pages. If you had always desired to change your username, you now have an unlimited opportunity to do so on Facebook.


This is Why Siri May Get Better than Google Now (Voice search actions)

At the WWDC 2016 event, big announcements were made about some sweet updates coming to iOS 10. After watching the Apple announcement of Sirikit, how it's been made open for developers to tweak it as they please, if you go through the video as an Android user, you may ask yourself same questions as I did, why we don't have this feature on Android?

Of course we have it, but it's not open. Google introduced Google Now voice actions API two years ago but this is limited to system voice actions like set alarm, remind me etc (check out the full list here =>

According to a Reddit user for Android threads, in this same time they announced custom voice actions where devs can implement custom action ( ).

API wasn't open and devs weren't able to make a request to participate in the program. Today, two years later, API is still not open and if Google doesn't open it quickly, they may be in a situation where Siri will be more useful than Google now .
People, not just developers want to be able to tell it a specific action to take, without necessarily say "OK Google"


A new God Of War Has Come! Norse Mythology - Watch the Trailer

This is exactly a time for YouTube's Live E3 Gaming event where lots of new great stuffs are being rolled out for everyone in the Gaming entertainment industry. Rumors were leaked and now Sony had finally made the announcement Official, a new God of War game is coming.

It's been about a year since we saw the last God of War 3 on PlayStation 4, people had been anticipating what could be Kratos' fate in the game since had been around, fighting, killing, and resurrecting in the previous sequels over since 2005.

However, there will be a little difference in the new game, God of War 4, themed: Norse Mythology. Kratos had grown old, the game also will feature his own son where the journey sees Kratos head to the frosty north to take on the great Norse Gods.

Watch the trailer below. God of War 4 | Norse Mythology

The game is available only on PlayStation 4 at the moment and may be open for sales in coming months this year.