Kxting English Version 2.10- A Great Music Player for your Symbian^3 Phones

Posted by Edi Dominic Ifediri On Saturday 7 comments

           I simply love Symbian phones, for so many reasons especially for its User interface, applications, and other stuffs, right now I'm having more fun using my Symbian OS 9.3 phone ever since I added some cool applications to it. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys music to the core, though we all have Music Players that comes pre-installed in our phones, the fact remains, you can't be satisfied with it due the common few features in it, like:
  • Music Library
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Track lists
  • Genres and so On.
 But in this post, I would be sharing one of the Best Music Player application you can ever have on your Symbian OS mobile, Kxting EN version 2.10 (by SymPviet), a smart Music Player. It comes with much more features unlike the common ones I mentioned above.

MORE REVIEW About KXting English Version 2.10 Music Player
- News
- Photos
- Online Music Search, Play it online and Download while Listening
- Top Songs listings
- Great sound quality
- Customized music radio
- Finger-friendly interface
- Supports and Displays  Lyrics and audio books
- Sliding photos of Singer's album
- Currently Supports Screen dimensions of 240x320 and 320x240
- File Size : 2.1Mb

Click here To DOWNLOAD the app 

It's originally written in Chinese but this has been translated to English by SymPviet.
NOTE: It requires internet connection for complete use and fun.
Kxting Music Player for Symbian

Kxting Music Player for Symbian

No doubt, Kxting Music player gives Symbian version 3 Phones an edge over  the Music players in other phones, as a matter of fact, I'm beginning to use and enjoy it more than my default Music player, more over I'm sure you and your pals would be telling the same story after you install,  so try it out, and enjoy good Mobile Music in a whole new 21st Century way!


  1. Nice tips....thanks for the info

    1. you are much welcome sir @Desmond

  2. Yeah its cool..
    I kinda love my ttpod more..

    1. LOL @Derek, yes, i think TTPod is another good Music Player application.

  3. Can we change servername somewhere in settings. I couldn't search for Indian songs..Please help me

    1. KXting is commonly used for finding popular Western world songs, If you can't find indian songs with the app, then perhaps it isn't available on their Servers.
      You can use some other browser to download the Song, and go back to your KXting to search for the Lyrics.