20 Secondary School Hairstyles In Nigeria

In terms of haircuts, secondary school was a little ghetto. Failure to adopt the requested hairstyle will cause problems. No attachments either because they’ll say you’re being pompous. Thank goodness such times are behind us. Which of these hairstyles do you recall?

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20 Secondary school hairstyles In Nigeria

1. All Back.

2. Zig-zag or Alicia Keys.

3. Koroba.

4. Shuku.

5. Center-Parting.

6. Police Cap.

7. One Nation or C and O.

8. Patewo and Base.

9. Evelyn King.

10. Kojusoko, koyinsale or front and back.

11. Who is in the garden or Orisha Bunmi.

12. Concord.

13. June 12.

14. Two-step.

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15. Pineapple.

16. Periwinkle.

17. Shuku elewo or shuku ologede.

19. Ipako elede or all front.

19. Feathers.

20. Bob Marley

Which among this list of 20 secondary school hairstyles in Nigeria caught your eye the most? Which one do you see yourself doing today?

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