Default Configuration Settings for all Mobile Networks in Nigeria

:) Hi Dear Readers in Nigeria and all over the world. I was busy trying to get some *new* things done offline but thank heavens I'm back. This time I'm giving us something like an ORIENTATION to configuring your Phone browsers by yourselves. Take it or Leave it we all need this Post.
MAJOR REASONS are your operator may not be quick to respond OR may not be able to Automatically Provide you with Settings on your fone via SMS especially if its a New model or not a Popular Phone Brand (e.g Nokia) in Nigeria. You don't have to Worry anymore coz You can set it up Manually and easily, just Locate the web browser settings and enter the below Settings where applicable *depending on the Network operator you use from those I listed below*
Let's Go!

Account Name: Airtel Wap
Homepage: http://
Username: Internet
Password: Internet
Access Point or APN: or
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080

Account Name: MTN
Homepage: http://
Username: web
Password: web
Access Point or APN:
IP or Proxy Address: Port: 8080

Account Name: ETISALAT
Homepage: http:// OR http://
Username: wap
Password: wap
Access Point or APN: etisalat
IP or Proxy Address: Port: 8080

Account Name: GLO
Username: wap
Password: wap
Access Point or APN: glosecure
IP or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080
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Airtel UnLimited Browsing Package+

Airtel Nigeria has always been giving us Real tough time in cases of FBT. This is because they have one of the Strongest Built Firewalls in my country. Making it uneasy for hackers to byPass via Proxies or whatever method they can use to get in and browse for free. So I came up with this, its been around for a while, few people are already using it and is also been advertised on radio for some time now (but NOT all of us especially most internet users listen to Radio right? :)

  1. Migrate to Airtel big family by dialing *447#, if you are already on the plan don't bother migrating
  2. After migration,just make sure you make atleast one minute call to any network between the hours of {8am to 11am} then you are qualified for the 4mb that will be given between the hours of midnight calls.
  3. Here is the main trick "you can exceed the 4mb given." meaning You can Download anything you want, yet your credit will still be intact (Between 12.30AM - 4.30AM)

laptop_computer_flipped_open_0515-0909-2 This is an Opportunity for you, P.C owners (laptop/desktop) to Flex. All you have to do is insert your Airtel SIM into your Modem, connect, and start Browsing Free and Fast!!!
Remember, anytime outside 4:30am, you will be charged for browsing hence your credit in your account balance will be deducted.