Create Fake Conversations On Your Facebook Wall

I was browsing a friend's facebook profile this morning and was amazed when I saw the popular Mark Zuckerberg commented on his blank post, I had a brief look around and found the App via which he did, so I did my own little tests on the Apps' website to see how it worked.
Whether you are gonna do it for fun, to trick some one or what ever reasons you have to do it, after reading this post, it's a sure thing that you wanna try it out.
With this site and App on facebook, you can create fake conversations on your wall with comments implemented by you, and It's easy stuff once you understand the quick steps to take.

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your facebook account with the website (make sure you are already logged In to make things easier)
  3. Create Fake Convo
  4. Input the Name Of  the Commenter , and what makes this more interesting is that you can add commenter from your facebook friends' list, or the fake commenter's images from your own Directory, via URL, their Image Library or through the Google Image Search tool they included right there.
  5. Add the commenter's post.
  6. Add to Stream (A preview of what you are creating is also displayed at the top centre)
You can go on adding other new Names of  commenters, their images and comments, they will be posted underneath the first commenter's post as a reply.
Here's a Sample of the one I created below :)


So why not go try create one for yourself, remember this site will not be held responsible if it's been used for prohibited purposes.
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Etisalat and Glo Stunting FBT for January 2012

Hmmm... First I would like to welcome us to the new year 2012.
Yes, This is what some of us have been running around looking for last year, well I guess I have brought it right in front of you all, strictly for my country people in Naija, except for MTN and Airtel that has been proving stubborn for over 2 months now. My package still remains all networks FBT for your Opera Mini HUI.
Download here> mtn-casts-operamini-4-2-b.jar
or Download here> opera5-2-rebirth-fast-by.jar


I kick off with ETISALAT:Though Etisalat tweaks do fluctuates at times but this particular one has been consistent for me. The HTTP server comes with a Slash trick
IP or Proxy Address - - 8080

HOST - s60 (Symbian) first Create a new Access Point and fill in the Below where Prompted,
For s40 users, you just have to download the .prov file of the above settings above
just that you have to go through the little stress of  Renaming the file format from .ico to .prov
I hope we know how it works? ;)

The next network to flex with is GLO

Proxy Address -
PORT: 80
Access Point Name - GloSecure
In the Opera Input -
if you are using Opera
6.5 or 6.1 in the FILTER space, put *(   and  you are good to go.
This are the working tricks I have now, perhaps i will try cracking others or someday the other networks will come back to their senses that they are the ones loosing by making their firewalls. So flex with the above tricks, thank me later and don;t forget to Use the below
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