How to Check your Internet Speed via Ping Test

Ping simply is the primary TCP/IP  (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) command used to troubleshoot connectivity, reachability, and name resolution, hence we can also say, it displays help.
Pings do have its own Syntax and this syntax contain Parameters, each with its meaning and function, that's the brief programming definition of it but that's not what I will be pointing out in this post, let's get down to the useful part of it.
P.C users who browse the internet sometimes experience changes in the speed at which pages/data are loading, with this little Tip for Windows P.C, you can ping your network connectivity, hence check its status to see how well or fast your network is receiving data from the internet.

How To Run a Ping  Test On Windows
  1. First, Click the Windows Start icon at your bottom-left, it brings out your Menu, scroll to where you find the RUN, right below the Search icon of the Menu, found it right?
Now, click the Run icon, it then pops out a comand telling you: 
Type the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource, and Windows will open it for you
Just as I had in my P.C when I wanted to run my own ping test in the screen shot below:

    2. Type in:     ping -t
              OR     ping -t (you may try it with a different working web address you know, but these are the major ones I use to run my own ping test)

    3. Click OK
    Immediately you do this, a pop up comes up displaying the Syntax
    Reply from bytes=32 time=189 TTL=45
     if this continously showing up without a Request timed Out syntax, then it implies your network is stable, and you are recieving efficient data from the internet, as we have in the screenshot below:

    Note: The IP that displays vary depending the web address used to ping it.
               And you can also Ping connection Statistics while displaying the ping test by pressing the CTRL+BREAK button on your keyboard.


    Instant Google PageRank Checker

    With this Tool, You can know and get your website's PageRank, simply Add your site url click in CHECK PR button, the codes are generated for you , choose the style you want, cut and paste the code in your pages !


    Airtel Bundle Tweak- Get Free Airtel Data Bundle Now

    airtel3.jpgHi fellas, I suppose this is the reigning topic discussed and shared in many web forums as at the period of my posting it.
    Yes, it is very true and easy and fast,

    I won't wanna keep you waiting to get it, that's why this post will be very clear and brief.
    Just Text "weekytrial" using SMALL Letters without space to 141 and Gbaam! You are given 25MB of Data bundle to browse for one week as the text replies, but hey, you can always Text and receive it again after exursting the first one you used, in fact, this one is infinite.
    If you are having problems with Configuring your phone for Airtel, then see this POST.
    And go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts.
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    How to Download Files from RAPIDSHARE, MEGAUPLOAD, 4shared etc using Opera Mini

    Hi Great Fans of editweaks, sorry if I had kept you waiting to get  my new posts.
    Well, I'm back, and stronger I guess, #LOL
    I noticed most people find it difficult when trying to download from sites like Rapishare, hotfile, megaupload etc with their mobile phone using Opera mini browser.
    This is because these sites use some sort of JavaScript that animates the pages and/or times visitors downloading from them and our Opera mini browsers do not support such scripts, hence such sites, or any other sites visited using opera mini are Static.
    But, this will change after you read this post ;)  Here is an extremely easy way to download through such sites in an opera without javascript.
    Note that this tweak applies to Opera mini versions 4.x, 5.1, 5.2, 6., 6.5 etc that has download managers without scripts  from sites I mentioned above.

    In this tutorial i will use opera 4.2 as example and screenshot also for the benefit of newbies.
    1. Launch your Opera
    2. In the Address Bar, Type: Javascript:alert(c=0)


    3.  Press Go to


    4. Bookmark the page that popped up
    5. Go to Hotfile, 4Shared, or any File Hosting site that use Javascript time-limit for download
    Assuming you used Hotfile and had gotten to file you wanna download

    Click on the Regular Download.


    7. After the Time Limit
    Shows 58 sec,25 sec,13 sec etc.. Just count the time in your mind.

    8. Wait for 1 Minute or the given time limit dispalyed.


    9. Open the Javascript Bookmark we created earlier


    10.Javascript Alert will popup with OK.  just click it and proceed.


    It will take you to a page with captcha, just enter the code shown in the image, scroll down and click download file.
    from there they will show you the real page of downloading with "click here to download"


    12. Just click  Save and proceed with your download


    The download begins and That's all. We are done.Just a reminder, this works specifically for Opera mini version 4.x,
    once you succeed getting to step 11, you can still Copy the download URL in the address bar and Paste for direct download to any faster browser or downloader you have.
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    Customising E-mail and Vanity URL for Facebook Groups

    I had created a Doc about this for a Group I administrate just last month, this Group was actually created for my high school and the members whom most of them were my friends found the Doc very useful, so I decided to share it here on my blog for those of us that are members of one or more Groups on facebook, if you own or will create a Group soon, then you will find this useful too. I have been through decades of sites trying to learn this stuff but believe me, none will make it easier for you understand than the way I have done here. Just take the brief easy tips below and we are done. :)

    First, we are gonna be setting up the E-mail adddress, then the Vanity URL
    1.  Group's E-mail Address
    Now let's assume you are on PC, you have created the group and added some friends to it, go to your top right corner where the Group Setting is located, click EDIT group, on that page, you will find Set up group email, There!!! YOU found it right? that's where you create the group E-mail address, Privacy, Administrators and so on.
    You and your members can use this e-mail address to update status or share your photos directly into your Group Wall. This is going to be a very useful to those who may not be active or available on facebook. all they have to do is send it to the group E-mail Address via your E-MAIL  which you used to sign up on up on facebook.
    • E.g: I used Ymail to sign up. If I want to send any thing to my Group Wall. I login to my Ymail and send my status or attached photo to "" and it displays right there on the Group Wall without me logging into facebook. Nice isn't it?
    •   NOTE that it is strictly for members only, i.e you must be a member before you Send anything to a Group's wall.
    2.  Group's VANITY URL (web) Address:
    This is where most of us get stuck, but sincerely we are gonna work it out before the blink of an eye, as I mentioned earlier. Use the steps i will give below.
    Now, Here's the fact. THERE ARE NO OTHER STEPS!!! :)
    YES!  Let me explain,
    If you have created your Group's E-mail address, then you automatically created the vanity URL too!
    for example if the E-mail Address of a Goup is:
    then the Vanity URL will be
      You are mainly going to be using it to invite people to JOIN the Group, it was much longer than that but its been shortened by the address you customised the group e-mail address with.
    That's it, simple as a ABC. Drop comments if you have questions,
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