How to Type On PC without Keyboard

         A Computer system without a keyboard, as many people think, is as useless as a cooker with no gas, seeing a computer system with no keyboard gives an instant feeling that you cannot do anything with it.
About a week ago from the day I created this blog post, I was with my colleagues in a cafe, one of them got stranded because I had removed the keyboard from the system he was going to use and plugged into another PC for something else.
   Looking  at this situation, it’s hopeless, he can’t do anything, but, after a few searches, I rendered a tremedy to find this good feature which people may not know exist on their computers, so if  for some reason you don’t have an available keyboard to use, following this easy Steps with the screenshot below will give you hints on how you should go on typing on a Computer, even at the absence of a keyboard:
  1. Go to your Windows Start button
  2. Click on All Programs
  3.  You will see a list of all Programs in your Computer, right on above, you will find Accessibility, now  click it.
  4. Next, you see the last list from which you find the On Screen Keyboard, click it. 

 The On-Screen keyboard Opens for you to use

Extra Tip: Perhaps a key is faulty or missing on your keyboard, you may find and type it using this virtual keyboard too.

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