How to Find/Convert a website URL/Address To I.P Address


I recall way back in year 2010, when I was still a Newbie, I learnt different methods of creating my own tweaks for browsing free on my mobile phone, the method of converting a web URL/address to an I.P address was not left out, especially for us who could only browse on mobile using modded browsers and applications, all for free.
So I thought this post would be helpful to some of us one way or the other.
A good question we should ask ourselves is this...
What is an I.P address?
 I.P Address meaning Internet Protocol address is a set of 4 numbers (, it identifies a computer(s) connected to a particular server.
There are basically  two types of I.P versions, which is the I.P v4 and I.Pv6

Why Convert a URL/web address to an I.P address

There are so many reasons why we should convert a web address to an I.P, especially if the URL is a proxy address, you might be needing to convert it just to make something work on your mobile, PC or any other device.

How to Convert a Website Address/URL to an I.P Address

  • Simply go HERE 
  • Enter the URL of the website, and Click Get I.P 
  • The next page you get willdisplay the I.P address of the web address/ URL you entered.
For example the screenshot below is showing the I.P address of ,  which is a proxy website.

 You can also convert an I.P address to a web address here


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  1. Nice blog really helpful for those who are in need to find the ip address of website name .....I usually find the ip address of website name using sites like here they render domain to ip search using which you can find the ip address of website address....


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