Restore Lost Files in Avast Antivirus Security Software


      If you have Avast, one of the worlds most popular Anti-virus Software running on your computer system, then you certainly must have come across a critical issue whereby this software starts to frequently detect viruses in your Files, and automatically moves them to the Antivirus Chest. The bad news about this is whether these files truly contains viruses or not, this software doesn't wanna know anymore. Making one feel frustrated.

     I had been through an exact situation using the new Avast version 7, i am not sure of why it happened, maybe it's because I updated the Virus Definitions or something, but I tell you, I felt quite bad, because I was loosing files that were relevant to me, I was confused at first, yet the fact remained that except I perform some operations in the Avast Security Software, there's was no way I was going to get these Files back.
Now, if you find yourself in the same situation like me, you should do what I did to get them Restored back to my PC.

Here's What I did:
  • Launch the Avast Security Software, you can also find it by Clicking your Windows Start button >> All Programs, you'll see a list of all Programs installed on your PC, take a closer look at the list, you'll find it. The software opens displaying Summary with Updates...
  • Right underneath it, you find Virus Chest, click it

Here you'll find a list of all the files you lost that the Avast software had moved to Chest, simply select the file, right-click your mouse, you see an Option telling you to Restore it back to your System, click it, then your lost file(s) will be successfully recovered back to where it was before.


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    1. I’ve been looking for ways to find out where those files that suddenly disappeared went. A common problem with anti-virus software is that they keep detecting false positives (they think that a file has a virus when it doesn’t). This results in non-malicious files getting deleted, and on occasion, these files pertain to very important data. This has been a big help. I’ve been using avast for a very long time now not knowing the settings could help restore my files. This article helped me a lot, and I am certain that it could help a lot of people too.

      Ruby Badcoe

    2. Thanks for your grateful comment @Ruby, I'm glad the article post helped you.

    3. yes, it is very helpful, but I can not open the folder which is restored in this way. what should I do?

    4. I have followed the same way as you described. most of my files were in my external hard drive, but whenever I'm restoring them back and trying to open I got message that the files can't be open. same issue as above....

    5. I think antivirus must install for any internet connected machine. I have a Android Tablet and I'm using paid anti virus which i think give good performance than other.

      Internet Explorer Deleting Tips


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