How To Number Pages On Microsoft Office Word 2007

    So you have some document you want to type, have already started typing then you got stuck when you had to Number the pages Uh? Yes, I once had this same experience, but as they say, "Learning is finding out what you already know",  I am not an Ms Office Word Typo-freak but I do believe finding things out for and by ourselves is always possible.

I had once written something on Ms Word, yet again I had come with this simple method for those of us who may have been finding it difficult to Number their typed Pages On Microsoft Office Word 2007. Just follow the quick easy steps stated below:

1. From your Top Menu Bar , click Insert

2.  Navigate your cursor to Page Number, you will find this at the Middle-left side of the Top Menu Bar

3. Now Click on the page number, a drop-down menu with a List of different styles to use to number your Pages with Previews will show up, Select the style you want and we are done.

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Kxting English Version 2.10- A Great Music Player for your Symbian^3 Phones

           I simply love Symbian phones, for so many reasons especially for its User interface, applications, and other stuffs, right now I'm having more fun using my Symbian OS 9.3 phone ever since I added some cool applications to it. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys music to the core, though we all have Music Players that comes pre-installed in our phones, the fact remains, you can't be satisfied with it due the common few features in it, like:
  • Music Library
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Track lists
  • Genres and so On.
 But in this post, I would be sharing one of the Best Music Player application you can ever have on your Symbian OS mobile, Kxting EN version 2.10 (by SymPviet), a smart Music Player. It comes with much more features unlike the common ones I mentioned above.

MORE REVIEW About KXting English Version 2.10 Music Player
- News
- Photos
- Online Music Search, Play it online and Download while Listening
- Top Songs listings
- Great sound quality
- Customized music radio
- Finger-friendly interface
- Supports and Displays  Lyrics and audio books
- Sliding photos of Singer's album
- Currently Supports Screen dimensions of 240x320 and 320x240
- File Size : 2.1Mb

Click here To DOWNLOAD the app 

It's originally written in Chinese but this has been translated to English by SymPviet.
NOTE: It requires internet connection for complete use and fun.
Kxting Music Player for Symbian

Kxting Music Player for Symbian

No doubt, Kxting Music player gives Symbian version 3 Phones an edge over  the Music players in other phones, as a matter of fact, I'm beginning to use and enjoy it more than my default Music player, more over I'm sure you and your pals would be telling the same story after you install,  so try it out, and enjoy good Mobile Music in a whole new 21st Century way!


Find and Restore Hidden/Deleted Blogs on Blogger

Deletion of Blogs is a normal thing anyone on Blogger can do for several reasons, just last week I was in a forum where  a member was bitterly complaining that he couldn't find his blog, whether that blog got Deleted or not, he didn't understand anymore, his main point was the blog was still opening when he entered the web address in his browser yet he could not find the Blog anymore on his Dashboard, and he wanted it back.

The truth is if you had lost or Deleted your Blog, with Blogger platform, getting it back is dead easy, I came up with a few tips through which you can do it yourself.

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard

2. You see a list of all the Blogs you have created, Scroll down to where you'll find "Show All" see it right?
click it, you'll get a drop down list displaying All blogs you've created.

3. Now you must have seen all your Deleted or lost blogs, Click Undelete this blog

Your blog will be automatically restored for you with a new page telling you "Your blog was successfully restored."
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How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

         For one reason or the other, we don't want any other person to see all the Files (images, Videos, readable texts files, Docs, Softwares etc) in our mobile phones. For this same reasons, you might want to view files which was Hidden by Default (the phone's manufacturer) or a third party (some body that had handled the phone earlier).

Surely, there are many ways of doing this, though, I haven't done researches to find out a better way of Hiding  files on your Symbian OS phone, this one seems to be the easiest for anybody to use, and has proven to be best if you won't be using an App Locker which is an entirely different way of also keeping your stuffs Personal, the little "prob" about it is that it requires your password every now and then before you can open and use the Locked/hidden Applications.

Here, I would give us a Cool tip on how you can hide Your Files on your Symbian OS mobile phone, without stress, and even at the absence of an App Locker,

You only need the X-plore Appication to do this, Download Here >> x-plore_s60_3rd_1_53.sisx

Follow the simple Procedures with  Screen shots below:
1. Launch the X-plore app
2. Locate the file you wish to hide
3. Press Menu > Press File
4. Scroll down to Attributes
5. After Opening the Attributes, You get options showing you Mark the file as Hidden, Read-only, or   System

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

6. Simply  Mark- Hidden

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS
Select Change, the File will Automatically be Hidden

  In the other way round, you can view the File once again including every other hidden files and Folders in your phone by following these procedures, below
i.  Launch the X-plore, Press Menu
ii. Scroll down to Tools >> Configuration

How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS

iii. You'll find Option asking you to Show Hidden Files, as in the screen shot below.
How To Hide/View Hidden Files and Folders on Symbian OS
Simply MARK it, then Press BACK. All hidden files in your C: and E: drive will be shown in a BLURRED view.
Unless you use same procedures in 1- 4, then Unmark the file as Hidden and click Change. Now, the file or Folder will be fully visible.

X-plore Application is a very vast tool for carrying out various operations in Symbian OS mobile phones. Take note that we ought to be careful when exploring our files with the App. It's capable of dismantling the phone.
Hope we find this simple Tip helpful, because it would help you keep your Files and folders very private and Personal.
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Google Drive - Finally Here with 5GB Free Storage for Users

Google, the number One rated website company in the world at this time has finally launched its much anticipated Package, Google Drive, a sort of  Cloud storage platform.
The service is still very new, and there's been much topics and write ups about it roaming across the web right now. Similar to other popular free File hosting and sharing websites like SkyDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive offers you 5GB worth of storage, Free!!!.

Now that's quite huge when compared to the others you may have been using.

The question right now is this, Is the New Google Drive any better than other pre-existing file storage services?

Well, I don't have the answer to that yet, yet, there;re high chances Google Drive would do just great.
Apart from the fact that you are flexible to use it under your same Google Account, lets take brief Review of the complete Service Google Drive offers:

Store and Share Your Data

Google Drive gives its users a complete free 5 GB Storage. So you can upload documents, files, images, videos of large sizes without having a second thought. In addition, Google Drive lets you share these files according to how you would want others to have them across the web.

Supports Many File Extensions

With Google Drive, you can view more than 30 various file extensions or types, Such as JPEG Images, PDF, Mp4 video and audio files. Editing (docx files) is also possible from your Drive even without you downloading them first.

Smart File Tagging

You can Tag the files you upload, so you can easily search and find them using the Tagged-keywords, it's quite a cool way of organizing & managing your files on Google Drive, I like this feature coz I do like my things arranged.

Image with Text Recognition

This particular feature is so cool, You can find texts within image files on your Drive, Yes!
Let's take for example, a Scanned picture containing texts in it, Google Drive helps you to find such photos. Perhaps you can't remember the name you saved it with, it's still possible to find it by the words scanned along with the pictures, cool stuff Eh?

Google Integration

As most of us know, Google keeps its new products under its own roof for easy integration and flexibility for it's users, well, just as you have Google mail and Google Plus, Google Drive has been added to these products so you can still own and control it with one Google Account from your Drive.
Meaning, you wouldn't have to attach huge files to a mail you are sending, simply Upload them to your Drive and put the link to the files in the mail your recipient to get it.

Google Docs

Similar to the integration for Gmail and Google Plus I had stated above, Google Drive let's you handle and work with your Presentations, Word documents, Spread sheets etc.

Mobile Apps

Mobile isn't left out in this, the Operating Systems ready to run Google Drive application right now are Windows OS and Mac OS,  the App is now on Android so you can access your Drive directly from your phones. For iOS, it is still under construction, but In time, we believe more and more app will be ready for various OS on mobile.

Getting Started with Your Google Drive 

It's easy, Grab your Drive now by going here, though you would be needing a Google Account, you can Create one for your self  Here 
Click the Go to Google Drive button, they will put you on easy guidelines through which you will get your Drive set up, you would be Installing the small application on your PC, it's about 723kB, with which you would be Synchronizing and Uploading Files to your Google Drive.
Since this is a fresh service, your Drive may not be ready at that instant, hence you may have to wait for them to prepare your 5Gb Space.
Ensure you drop your email with them so they can notify you when it's ready.

In Conclusion:
   I believe this would be a nice alternative to some internet experts or persons handling files on the internet everyday, besides this, let's hope they'll sustain and improve the features in this Service they had come up with.
 Perhaps if you feel Google Drive is a great idea you would start using from now on or You are still fine with other Services you're presently using, You can drop a Comment to let us know what you think...