How To Number Pages On Microsoft Office Word 2007

    So you have some document you want to type, have already started typing then you got stuck when you had to Number the pages Uh? Yes, I once had this same experience, but as they say, Learning is finding out what you already know”,  I am not an Ms Office Word Typo-freak but I do believe finding things out for and by ourselves is always possible.
I had once written something on Ms Word, yet again I had come with this simple method for those of us who may have been finding it difficult to Number their typed Pages On Microsoft Office Word 2007. Just follow the quick easy steps stated below:

1. From your Top Menu Bar , click Insert

2.  Navigate your cursor to Page Number, you will find this at the Middle-left side of the Top Menu Bar

3. Now Click on the page number, a drop-down menu with a List of different styles to use to number your Pages with Previews will show up, Select the style you want and we are done.

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