Connection Settings on Firefox: Fix and Improve your Proxy

Mozilla Firefox, the number one browser with an estimated 120 million users around the globe has so many features some of us a yet to uncover.
One of the most frequently asked is how you use your Mozilla Firefox to connect to the internet. Being aware as we surf the web, our privacy, security and of course freedom also matters.
  • Are you being blocked by websites for whatever reasons?
  • Perhaps, you want some Privacy
  • Or you simply want to go Anonymous by hiding your I.P (identity)

Now, this post should put you through how you can bypass such blocked sites and answer the rest of those questions up there, as well as show you how to fix your Proxy settings so your Firefox browser can Connect you to the internet.
Proxy Servers,
in brief, is an application or computer system which acts as a go-between clients(devices) seeking requests from other servers.

Actually, I did this little homework using Firefox 3.6.28, pretty old version isn’t  it? LOL, but it’s all same procedure and functions, so let’s do it.

> Go to Tools >> Click Options…
> click Advanced and Go to the Network settings.
click Settings

How to Set your Firefox Connection
From here, you find your Connection Settings, so you can configure how Firefox connects.
How to Set your Firefox Connection
1. No Proxy, using this option will put your Firefox internet connection on Default, meaning, it will use any remote server or access point to connect.
2. Auto-Detect Proxy Settings. This option is good for those who don’t know how to play around with proxies, select this, then your Firefox will retrieve available proxies, hence solve connection settings for you.
3. Use System Proxy, as you may know, a computer may serve as proxy (host) connecting two or more computers, that’s what this option gives you when you choose it.
4. Manual Setting Proxy Settings, is where the tweaking takes place, choosing this option gives a full control over the way your Firefox will connect to certain or all websites visited.
This Option lets you use HTTP proxy(HyperText Transfer Protocol)
,SSL proxy, Gopher and other various Proxies and Ports.
How to Set your Firefox Connection
To Surf the web anonymously with Proxy on Firefox
The most used is HTTP Proxy, in the box, simply type in the URL or I.P of the Proxy address through which you want to browse the web with Mozilla, move down, click OK and you are good to go.
You can find a handful of Proxy Addresses to use at: (recommended)

I’m sure those sites should have a list of strong HTTP proxies to make your Firefox work for you.
 If you experience issues with your firefox, don’t fail to let us know about it, we would gladly help, meanwhile, you can say thanks by sharing this using our Share buttons below.

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