Filter & Delete Mail Floods with One Click

Lately, I subscribed to Facebook E-mail Updates forgetting I would be receiving excess E-mail updates about my Facebook accounts, these mail was getting unbearable as it came in daily, consuming high bandwidth of space given to me for all my data use and storage.
Same issues are experienced when we subscribe to get from other sites, sometimes this can be so annoying especially when your Inbox is flooded with unwanted mails that gets mixed up with the innocent ones, thus, making your Inbox look disorganised.
The problem now, is to Delete all these Unwanted flood mails without hurting the innocent little mails that got entangled with unwanted mails in my Inbox.
I actually used Hotmail.
Marking them one by one to delete later, was going to be too difficult, because I would spend the whole day marking thousands of mail sent by a sender.
Sweep, and Move tools wasn’t a good option either, I needed some mails to remain in the Box without Deleting.
After few experiments, I came up with an idea that would us delete Unwanted flood mails with one click.
Let’s Do it!
  • Sign In to your Mail box
  • In the Search box field, type in the part of the Name of the sender (minimum of 2 to 3 words e.g & hit Search.
  • This will filter out all the Mails sent to you by the contact.
  • Now go to your mail-box tool bar, and click All, to mark all the mail results hover your mouse to the DELETE link and click it. see? The mails are deleted all at Once.

This same tip is applicable to other mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and many others we use everyday, it’s your mail box, you should have control over it. Hope this helped you to keep it tidy.

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