Tag Cloud - A Useful widget? or A Mess To your Blog


Tag clouds, also known as Labels is a very innovative way of unveiling the popular posts in your blog. According to Niche Website Strategy,  a tag cloud is a set of keyword terms  that are displayed as links to help your visitors find content more easily on a blog or website. More so,  I have seen many sites using a tag cloud and I noticed one thing in common with them, this widget  contained big, small, synonyms and other kind of words stuffed all over the area..
As at the time I made this post, I even used this widget, just for the benefits, though there are side-effects about it which is what I am pointing out in this post.

Tag Cloud, The Good thing About it 
* It helps your website/blog SEO, generally, this is because your selected keywords linking to various pages in your blog are found in the tag cloud.
* Encourages your readers navigate or follow through to other parts of your post/pages
* Helps Google and other search Engines like Yahoo, Bing among the others to understand what keywords are the most important and popular in your blog, so they can index your pages on SERP, thereby increasing your PageRank.

Tag Cloud, The Ugly thing about it
Sincerely speaking, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, tag clouds can make your blog look messy coz of its big and small letters scattered over the place.
* it has unattractive look, I think it should be the ugliest widget any blog can have
* A mere gaze at it can strain a reader's eyes, especially when there are too much keyword stuffing, what I call "Tag Over-clouding"

Here's a little Suggestion  if you consider using a Tag Cloud
  1. Since you have tags posted at the bottom of each blog post then do not use a tag cloud.
  2. you have categories already implemented on your blog or webpages, still I suggest, do not use a tag cloud.
  3. But if you don't have tags at the bottom of each article or no category listing any where on your blog then use a tag cloud.
      In conclusion, there are alternatives to this, if you want your Readers to reach the best content on your blog, use the Popular Posts widget, renaming a popular post  widget to something more persuading  for is very much accepted, so far you want your visitors know what's on ground they shouldn't miss as they explore your pages.
The Question now is, do you use a Tag Cloud widget? Why? or if Don't use it, Why are you not? The Comment box is open for everyone to share their views on this.


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  1. nice blog checkout mine on

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  2. Nice post;;
    but im nt removing my related post widget.
    It looks sexy on my blog

  3. nice post, but you should consider more the seo benefits of this tag cloud, especially those on wordpress platform where there are several plugins specially made for the tag cloud. I think the advantages are more than the disadvantages if well structured as you have rightly stated.

  4. yes @otiga. Tag clouds do well with wordpress platforms. Still it's confirmed that Many ways of improving a blog's SEO are available on blogger.
    Thanks for your comment on this

  5. Just wanted to share my thoughts on your website, you've done a great job with your tips website, hope to come across more interesting ones cheers.


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