How To Mention/ Tag People On Facebook Mobile Status or Comments

Mention/ Tag Friends or people On Facebook Mobile Status in 2018 (an easy manual method Updated) -
Just like Twitter, Facebook introduced mentioning or tagging people in posts around 2010, you could actually Mention people, Groups, Pages and Events, simply by Typing the @ sign and adding name of who or what you're tagging next to it.

Benefits Or Purpose of Facebook Mentioning

  • To attract the Person's attention
  • When there's need to describe several cases/location where the person was present
  • To Praise that person, (good examples are during birthdays)
  • To praise and expose Pages/groups etc, imagine how cool it would feel when some great persons on facebook mention your Business Page to their friends on Facebook.
The slight glitch about this great "Facebook Mentions" tool was that it only worked for Computer users who use the Web version of the Social network,  leaving Mobile users behind.
With the rapid growth of mobile users who have over populated  PC users, the need to do more on Facebook from our cell phones can no longer be ignored. Mentioning On Facebook is now made Possible, and easy too.
Few related sites have shared How you can go about it, but believe me, this should be the Easiest and Comprehensive you can learn to do by yourself.
I did my test run using the most used Mobile browser, Opera Mini 4  and it worked just fine.

How To Mention, Tag Friends on Facebook Mobile Using Browsers like Opera mini (The Best Manual method)

1. Get the Profile ID of who you want to mention, this could be a person, page, group etc. 
(i) If the person doesn't have a Username: Simply go to the person's profile, open the URL bar and copy the ID number
 e.g   www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=0000987654321

(ii) If the person has a Username: go to graph.facebook.com/*the Username* 
This would provide you with the User ID and other unique details, whether it's a Page, group or whatever.
Like my ID can be found here graph.facebook.com/ifediri
So all you need do is copy the ID in the first line, and proceed to the second step.

2.  Get the Person's Full Name, copy out the name of the person you want to mention exactly the way it is written in their profile (include space where necessary). 
Now use the format below, type without space
@[Profile ID:Name of the Person]

For example:  @[0000987654321:Edi The Tweakster]

N.B: careful when doing this, omitting something when spelling can cause error, hence mentioning may not work.
Below are few screenshots of how I mentioned myself in my own status

 Before Updating the status

Result After updating

You can have some fun trying it out yourself, if it worked for you, don't forget to say thanks by Sharing with friends.


Top 10 Android Smartphones with the Strongest & Best Battery Life Above 3000mAh - Page2

2. ThL 5000 - 5000mAh

As the Model name sounds, "ThL 5000" which comes with a 5000mAh battery is Another cool MediaTek device with a long lasting Battery. Its benchmark competes the high-end Android devices like the Samsung S3, LG-G2 amongst others,  yet it really fulfills the needs of its users with its 5000mAh Battery.

Other Quick Specs:
Battery Capacity - 5000mAH
Display: 5 Inches,
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Octa-core
Camera: 13MP (rear) & 5MP (front camera)
OS - Android OS, v4.4.2 (Kitkat)  ====> READ MORE OR BUY IT NOW

Ways On How Web Hosting Affects SEO

       Businesses who knew better than to simply put up a website, have it planned by skilled web designers, and put as much interesting and valuable content as possible know that SEO is essential in reaching out to as many potential online customers as possible. While SEO are done in different forms, one factor that can affect a website’s searchability in search engines is their web host

   Finding a good and reliable web host can increase one’s exposure in Google and other search engines. Their influence on the website’s SEO can be direct or indirect and it is important for website owners to know these factors in order to be aware if their web host is still doing them good by improving their SEO or otherwise.

Here are the ways that a web host can improve the website’s SEO:
Having a dedicated IP Address For a website to be search engine optimized, it has to have at least one dedicated IP address. Having this will let the search engines know that the website is noteworthy and it is serious about handling huge traffic and answering to the public’s inquiries. Although getting dedicated IP addresses are more expensive than availing of shared web hosting services, the former can certainly provide better advantages when it comes to SEO.

Having continuous hosting uptime A website may be successful in driving traffic but if internet users are always clicking on the website that is always down, Google and other search engines will deem that website as unreliable and will be given the lower spots in their search results.

● Having better server speed Search engines also recognizes a reliable website worthy of a good spot in their search results through the number of seconds that takes the web pages to load. Also, websites having pages that takes a lot of time to load will only drive away visitors which will decrease traffic and eventually, be deemed by search engines as unpopular. A reliable web host can increase the loading time of a website significantly.

Being served by a reputable web provider - If a business wants to make the most out of their web host, they should choose one that has a good reputation since this will increase their searchability in search engines. Google and other search engines do not just look at the website alone in ranking them. They also check out who they are affiliated with and one of these is the website’s provider.

● Having a provider that has the same location as the target audience – One way of getting a website higher click-through rate and good SEO is by getting a provider that has the same physical location as the target audience.


Deciding to get a reliable and reputable web host for your website and email addresses is a good move not just to have an efficient website that will be able to accommodate huge traffic to the website but also, to have a good ranking in search engines’ results. Availing the services of the leading web hosts in the market can be more expensive but the return should be more profits on the part of the website’s owner, brought by having a good SEO.

HTML5 Past, Present and Future [Infographics]

HTML 5 aims to improve upon its predecessors by enhancing the language and support while still being compatible and understandable by current media devices and web browsers. The infographic explains the compatibility with the various, existing web browsers.

Chrome and Safari possess a higher compatibility rating than that of Opera and Internet Explorer – which both have a fairly low rating based on the analysis and research data. Research also indicates that HTML5’s trajectory will continue to grow to incredible heights in the very near future.

Research indicates that by 2016, HTML5 usage with mobile browsers will surge to 2.1 billion. And by this year alone, the use of HTML5 development has increased to 78%.


Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway

Guest Post by Alfred Winston of Dot Com Infoway
Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is a premier IT company found in India which provides offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe.


Hide Your Recent Activities From Facebook Timeline

If you're a Facebook Power User, the active type who's always Liking and Commenting on Statuses, photos, Walls, Notes, and Links and so many other stuffs. Every of these activities you perform are being Recorded on your Profile.
Seriously, you and I wouldn't be having problems with that, if not for the fact that there are facebook stalkers, they get to track your every single move on facebook, this is very easy for them to know immediately they open your Profile, sounds quite annoying especially if they begin to know too much about you from your activities.
Maybe you've already noticed, then start Deleting the recent stuffs one by one, that can get boring, or even discourage you from engaging in anymore activities.

Facebook lets us have Control over these things, so you can have full control of your Profile, get some Privacy, and handle what people see about you,

here's How you can Hide your Recent Activities on Facebook.

1. Open your Facebook Profile

2. You see a bunch of Recent activities you performed, depends on the Activity performed, i.e Comment or Like activity.
3. Move your mouse to the right side where you find a pointer as in the screenshot below, Click it.

You get options to Hide that particular action, click Hide all recent activity from Profile

We are DONE!
Now you are free to perform countless activities on facebook without it being recorded on your facebook profile for anyone else to see.


Etisalat Android Smartphone, Still Don't Have your Own?

Well-well, I believe Etisalat,one of the top leading Mobile Operating network in my country Nigeria with its awesome 3G service had this particular phone roaming around ending of last year, not everyone one knew about this, though some that did get the gist, didn't give it much attention, so the whole thing must have slipped out of mind by now, that's what I will be sharing in this post, I will give us just a reminder of what you might be missing out from the exclusive package Etisalat had bundled for you and me, in its Android Smartphone.
According to their Website, they say it's the Four Great Reasons to go Gaga.

The ETISALAT Gaga Andriod smartphone


  • The Smartphone runs under Andriod OS 2.2, a very cool operating system that can stand out amongst the others.
  •  It comes quite big and handy with a 2.8 inch full capacity touch screen
  •  A Camera with 3.2 Megapixels, for clear photo-snaps and video shoots, anywhere, anytime
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth functionality, should I even mention this?  All phones have bluetooth but not GPS Tracker, this phone has full GPS funcionalities with Satellite and Google maps so you can't get lost anywhere in the world ;)
  • And most fun part of the smartphone, if you're the type that wants to surf the web at Ultra Speed, this phone is for you, it's been powered with high 3G functions.
  • Wi-FI enabled and Wi-Fi Hotspot available too, so you can share and provide connection with other devices.
  • fast internet downloading with a speed of about 7.2 Mbps, plus network accelerometer, just to see how well your internet speed is doing.
  • More so, the features that makes phones Smarter, the Gaga Android comes with Documents viewer for Word, Pdf files, and an Adobe flash player.
  • You also send, receive and read your mails on the Go, apart from all these, downloading and running various games & Apps is also done in the android smartphone.
Having said much, I still want to conclude with the Best Part of the Package, like I said earlier Etisalat had bundled the whole thing for us, so they put some juicy freebies along with the Smartphone, as you buy it, you get:
  1. 20k/sec to all networks at NO access fees
  2. 4 months free data and 
  3. You get the whole Exclusive package for  N18,999 Only!
If you want the Best Android and want to enjoy it to the fullest at a very affordable price, don't hesitate to take this chance, the Offer is still Up for Grabs.
Got questions or few words to add? The comment box is Open, or  else, you can at least hit the Share buttons below to help your friends that love Android get the information.


All about Prov files & How to Create Prov Files Offline on Nokia using s40provg8

Your mobile network may sometimes be unable to provide you with settings for your phones via SMS, even if they do, their settings only contain Access Points and Username through which you can can browse with the network.
 If you use a Nokia s40 phone, doing a personal configuration, and adding Proxy Address/I.P address may not also do the trick especially if you would need that configuration Setting to power the applications that connect to the internet, like Opera mini, UC browser and all others, so the way out of getting your Nokia configuration settings is to Provide yourself with one by making a prov file.

You may ask, What is a Prov file?

Here's a quick description of what a prov file is.
Prov. files in this post is an Access Point containing Proxy Address/I.P in its configuration setting, it was specifically built for Nokia s40 phones, the file extension always end with .prov.

How Does Prov Files Work?

To keep it very brief, all you need do after creating a provisioning file (.prov), is to send them to your Nokia via bluetooth, you receive Configuration settings as if it came from your network, save, and activate it.

There are so many sites that now provide you with this technology, such sites are called Prov site creators, so you can go ahead and create one yourself:
* Xmlprov.com   (Recommended)
* prov.ahmsta.com (which provides settings basically for Networks in my country)

The major problem is any of these sites may not be available when you need  them most, xmlprov.com is a good example, the site is always "under construction" *LOL*
This is my purpose of writing this post as I will introduce us to s40provg8, an Application that will help us create prov files offline in our Nokia Series 40 mobile phones, without the use of internet connection or websites.
It works for both Nokia s40 and s60 (symbian) phones, if you don't know how to extract the Zip contents so you can Install the app, s40 users are advised to see this post .
When you Launch the App, it prompts you with queries to fill in for the prov file (configuration Settings) to be made. All you do is fill them:
Example: Name: any name of your choice as this will be name of prov you are making
others include port:
As soon as you are done, it will ask Allow application s40provg8 to read user data? Press Yes

Your prov is successfully created and Saved into the root folder of  your E:// drive (only  when Memory card is inserted,else it goes to your C:// drive which is the  phone's memory directory)

Did you find this Post helpful? You may show some care by hitting the Share buttons below to also help your friends know about it. Thank you.


Tracking your Blog Traffic with Google Analytics

It's no news, Google Analytics is the Best Free Platform for detailed Statistics on what is going on in your blog, we are used to the Stats tool for checking traffic in our Blogger Dashboard, still, using Google Analytics is the best report that will give you an Exact and true traffic health of any website, millions of Webmasters have taken advantage making use of this tool, likewise Bloggers like me and you are now joining them.

Google analytics answers so many questions like:

*How many people are visiting,

*What exactly are they viewing on your blog

* How Much Pageviews and Bounce Rates your blog pages or website is getting.

*How much Unique visitors are coming in

*How much time are your visitors spending on your blog/website

*Where are your Visitors from?

*what keywords (queries) were they searching for that led them to your blog

All these and many more are what Google Analytics provides you, they do give you the current infos right on the second.

Are you on Blogger Platform, Do you want to know how to own and use this Analysis tool? Would you like to Track your blog traffic to know exactly how well it is REALLY doing?

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account

Once you're Signed, on the first page add your properties 'website details' (Name and URL) then you will get will a menu that contains your Google Analytics Web Property ID shown as UA-xxxxxxxx-xx 

2. Now Copy your web ID Property code.

3. Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Click Settings >> OTHER >> on the Blog you want to track

4. Scroll Down to where you find Google Analytics Web Property ID, see it? Now Paste your property ID there and hit Save settings.

Now you're all set.

It should take a minimum of 24 hours to see changes in your Google Analytics dashboard as long as you are getting traffic, it will all be displayed for you to Track right there.