Android Meets Digital Photography

When most think about the role Android apps play in photography, they think Instagram, or any other form of cell phone photography. But in fact the new Nikon Coolpix S800c breaks this former mold. An actual point and shoot camera, the new Nikon Coolpix will run off of Android apps that will really push the envelope of what point-and-shoot cameras are capable of. The ability for a WiFi connection with the camera make it easy to share and use mobile photography apps, like the aforementioned Instagram.



If you look on the back, you’ll see a complete touch screen, further making this new camera look more like a cell phone, though it will not replace any smartphone or tablet. In fact, boasting a 16 megapixel sensor, it is something that cell phones will have a time competing with. What the camera and Android system does enable is quicker sharing apps from the Google Play store, as well as access to other third party editing software. In fact, Nikon is also releasing a new photo sharing site in response to this new technology.

What will this make the rest of the digital photography look like?
This will be great for the social photographer, but will this translate at all to the professional market? There are already memory cards that have Wifi capabilities, which among other solutions, can send the photo directly to a camera, but that isn’t quite the same. Also, with the amount of editing required for most professional photos isn’t supported by the mobile apps... at least not yet. But with the development of these third party apps it could be a possibility. Then it will come down to photographer preference, which is most likely in a formal workplace, so they might not be able to cut into the pro market for polished images.

However, utilizing these apps for the Android market could be a good move for users. Sometimes hardware is only compatible with a non-effective software offered by the camera maker. That will not longer be the case for the Coolpix S800c. Having access to this market of compatible apps will take out the need for such software, possibly saving the camera companies some development costs.

So it seems that this move is going to have a successful impact on the market. It is going to shake things up to the benefit of consumers, and it is a refreshing change of pace. I am excited to see what opportunities this opens up.

Jordan is a tech enthusiast and media blogger. He helps write for Digital Satellite Dish TV, and he is currently working on his Masters in Film and Video.


EdiTweaks Online HTML Parser

This should count as our second, after we released our very first Google PageRank Checker, few months back, which helped us  instantly check our PageRanks at one click.
Now, our second tool, a totally Free Online HTML Parser Tool is used to convert HTML, XHTML, or any JavaScript codes to ASCII codes.
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The 10 Best Facebook Features of All Time Which You Should Not Ignore

Facebook is an amazing tool that all business owners need to utilise. Find out a few of the many reasons why and what this can mean for your business. Reach the millions that pass through the social network every day.

SMO (Social Media Optimisation) is the thing to be in the know about these days and without it, your business could be missing out on reaching missions of people worldwide. Depending on what your business, service, or product is depends on exactly what tools you will be able to make the most use of, but even the smallest business needs online visibility if you are serious about being a success in ways that only the 21st century knows how. Technology has advanced massively and with it has come the Social Networking sites that attract missions of users each and every day. These people could be your next customers and it's time to find out how you can utilise Facebook to help you.

The great thing about Facebook is that it likes relevance and this goes for target audiences as well.
Facebook Ads are there to advertise your 'page' or business to users. Facebook will only show the ads to those users who fall into the categories you select and, based on your business type, will specifically target the audiences who are going to find your service relevant and have the potential to become your customers. The progress made here can be followed via your Facebook Ads Campaigns.

The main focus should be on your page itself so it's time to explore what that means in detail. There are a number of reasons why a business should be on Facebook; these are just a few of them.

  • Engage your fans (or customers) with relevant content and even special offers. Keeping your fans in the loop and giving them something worth reading about, which is related to your business or product, will ensure they don't forget you're in a hurry.

  • Relevant content is really important because otherwise you can guarantee you will lose fans as quickly as you gain them.

  • Approaching this in the right way will remind your customers that you are there

The Activity Log on your page is like the standard users timeline and records every interaction you have had on Facebook. This is great for monitoring purposes to see how you are engaging with fans and if they are interested in what you have to say or offer. Get this right and you might have people sharing your content which means you will reach even more people that you thought!

You can even link your Facebook page to Twitter which means you can cross-promote and kill two birds with one stone. This is great for any social media marketing strategy and allows you to reach a much wider audience without having to do anything more than you would have. When you post an update on to Facebook, having this feature enabled means that the post will also be published on Twitter.
Although it is not a common thing for business owners and Facebook users to do, you can even specify terms for comments on your posts and page. You can block certain conversation although users don't really like this, but it can be a handy tool!

The new timeline is great for businesses because it encourages fresh content. The changes mean that business pages are now similar to user profile pages and encourage fresh, unique content. This may seem a bit of a pain initially, but this fresh content will ensure a steady stream of traffic to your page and can potentially increase custom. Try to post daily, it doesn't have to be much, maybe a question or start a discussion to provoke users into commenting on your posts. The attention you get, the more visibility you will have.

Facebook Insights now allows you to get real-time data as well, pretty much. You can now view how your post is getting on within 10 minutes of posting it. This means that you can always change your mind if the desired effect is not immediate.

Using Facebook is the way to reach millions who may be interested in your service that you wouldn’t have met before.


Top Ways To Make Your Blog Hugely Popular

  Every serious blogger have dreams to make his or her blog hugely popular. With countless of blogs being added on a daily basis, the competition among the bloggers seems to have become fierce. Everyone whether they are part time bloggers or professional bloggers often dream big about their blogs. All of these bloggers aspire to increase their readers’ base. In such a cut throat competition, it’s really difficult to achieve this, however, with some competent ways you can certainly aim to reach at this stage. The below is the list of some top ways to make your blog huge popular.

Have passion for blogging

This can only work when you talk about things which you like and have authority over the subject. For instance, if you like any particular sport and you write about movies, you cannot expect to make your blog posts popular. In fact, these posts would be too boring for any reader coming to your blog. Hence you should always abide this rule of writing a blog for things which you like and know. You need to select a blog niche which can be interesting to you, could be something which is your hobby or passion. Once you decide such subject then only you can start blogging with passion.

Write for two audiences

Whenever you write anything for your blog, you have always two audiences- one is your readers and second one is bloggers. Both these audiences are important for any blog. The other bloggers of your niche area could be attracted towards your blog post if they find something interesting and unique. This will build up your authority over your niche area in the blogosphere. This will give you the opportunity to link your blog by other bloggers.

For readers, you need to think of posts which are unique and subject specific which no one has covered in their blog as yet. In order to publish quality blog posts, you can carry out a comprehensive research before posting anything over your blog. Also, while writing blogs posts think of making it difficult to duplicate which can provoke other bloggers to link with you.

Linking to other bloggers

Links are the best way to get traffic from other blogs. By linking to other bloggers, you send across message which demands to check your blog post over other blogs. You can have an instant back link in the form of trackback. Lastly, linking to different popular and authority blogs helps you in establishing yourself in your niche area. These efforts are easily recognized by major search engines thus making your blog more visible and popular among the readers.

Consistency in your posts

When readers come at your blog they should find new posts there or else they will stop coming. You are supposed to make your blog lively and bubbling place by posting regular and consistent blog posts. If you cannot post several posts in a day, try for just one post in a day. The irregularity in your postings could lead to blog failure. Consistent posts would keep on bringing the repeat visitors. This will make your blog popular among your readers and bloggers of your niche area.

Become an integral part of blogging community

More you interact with experienced and professional bloggers in your community the more amount of exposure you will give to your blog. You are supposed to connect with existing popular blogs in your niche area. Find out the reasons behind the popularity of their blogs and try these things at your blog.

Final word

Making your blog hugely popular requires consistent efforts from your end. If you are serious enough to make it popular, the above ways could help you in achieving this goal. All you need is organized and consistent blogging efforts.


Increase Your Earnings - Display Adsense & AdDynamo Ads on RSS Feeds

After successfully building, attracting a worthful amount of traffic and Signing Up for an Advertising program for your blog or website, earning becomes the next agenda. No body wants to do all those Hard work with NO PENNY to gain from it.
Google Adsense and its alternative, Ad:Dynamo are on top charts as long as PPC earning programs are concerned for bloggers and website owners in and around my country, I use one of them, and I bet you do also.

The one major challenge we all have as web publishers, is Increasing Our Earnings, placing the Ad codes on your blog pages isn't just enough to fetch the cash.

I believe you are burning your Blog Feeds via FeedBurner, otherwise go sign up and start burning one now,  so you would be using this tip which we can use to Increase earnings through RSS Feed, especially if you are on Addynamo like me.

Here's How:

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard

  • Hit Settings >> Site Feed 


  • Now, Login to your Google adsense or Addynamo Dashboard, GENERATE your Ad code, Copy the Codes

  • Paste the Java Script ad codes inside Post Feed Footer Box

  • Now Save. Check your Feed URL, Addynamo or Adsense ads should start displaying immediately.
If you know the importance of RSS Feeds for your blog readers, and have grown a good number of RSS feed Listeners, this should be of great value to you.
Do keep in touch, I may be discussing how you can develop plenty of RSS Feed subscribers in one of my future posts, besides this, even if you don't have much subscribers, I still suggest you use this tip, because Mobile Browsers such as Opera Mini, amongst others can display this ads via RSS especially for your Mobile visitors.

Hope you found this post helpful, Please take a second, show some care and share with people who need it too.



How You Can Make Money with Pinterest

There are tons of other ways for you to earn money online. The most known is by freelancing or working as a blogger; however, not everyone has heard about making money with pinterest. Well, first of all, Pinterest is best for affiliate marketers. The network will serve mostly female audiences who are very much in to shopping. They make money by posting or “pinning” items that would seem interesting to these women and those posts will be affiliated to another link. This is why there are a lot of items or pins on objects from

It is actually 10 out of 10 that the Amazon link will be an affiliated one. But before you could start earning money with Pinterest, there are some things that you have to do.
  • Cloak the links- if you are planning to Pinterest by posting affiliate links, you have to cloak it. There are services for this such as Skimlinks, this scans the network for affiliate links then automatically change those links to their affiliate ID. It is best to custom your link with a short URL. It is not advisable to known services like or Tiny URL. Skimlinks will most probably have them in their database already. But the best cloaking service is said to be LinkTrackr. Not only will LinkTrackr let you monitor the clicks and the conversions. You’ll be able to custom a short URL that will be outside the Skimlinkss database.

  • Host images on your server- you have to host all the images you pin on your server. Pinterest links all the images back to the source. If you’re getting them straight from the Amazon, the person who clicks on the link will immediately be directed to the website. And of course, since you won’t be able to link an image with your ID, it will be best to send the user directly to where the host image and the post links are.

  • Spamming- there are bots to monitor spamming, especially in the process of creating accounts and posting pins. Pinterest will get better at monitoring and detecting spam pins. Take your time in posting pins of stuff that you are interested in. link those pins with LinkTrackr and continue on building it up. And most probably, you’ll have gotten your own Pinterest page with tons of items with an affiliate link and you’ll make more money of it.

Don’t forget that this isn’t all about making money. You have to be responsible while doing this because if you don’t, you obviously won’t be making enough money. You have to be patient with this type of work, not everyone click on the links on website, so that may be the challenging part for you.

Be creative and work your way in improving to get more audience,because the more you build audience, the better you increase the money you earn from Pinterest.


10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Microsoft's Surface Tablet

    The new Surface tablet from Microsoft is what everyone is talking about. The look itself is pretty impressive, but there is so much more to come from Microsoft’s first attempt in the tablet market.
The new tablet from Microsoft is due to be released in the autumn and everyone is talking about it. This is a first for Microsoft as the Surface Tablet will be their first attempt in this specific market. It is a breath of fresh air already as the look is not in keeping with the other tablets out there and to top it off, it can also be used for productive tasks! There have been plenty of hints as to what can be expected from the new device and a lot of things to be excited about...

First off, users have a choice; the new tablet will be available in two models.
  • The first will be NVIDIA based for the ultimate graphic experience and will run Windows RT allowing users to use Microsoft Software such as Word.
  • The second is Intel based and will run the New Windows 8 Pro for a completely up-to-date experience.

  • The screen itself is 10.6 inches and 16:9 widescreen. The display is bigger that Atom based net-books and beats the current tablet market by far with full HD. It is going to be a really useful device and opens itself up to a much wider market. The screen is really sophisticated with the ability to automatically change brightness in consideration of your surroundings. This model is 13.5mm thick and weighs 903g. The Windows RT version is 9.3mm thick and weighs 676g.

  • The idea behind the Intel tablet is to allow you to do everything you need and everything that your laptop would allow you to do. There are plenty of new apps that come with Windows 8 as well to make it even better.

  • When buying your new Surface tablet you can also choose from one of five touch covers for the ultimate typing experience. The keyboards are really sophisticated as we know touch keyboards.

  • Both versions of Surface come with a camera at the front and on the back. They are reffered to by Microsoft as ‘life cam’ giving the user the ability to video chat, skype or take photos as they please.

  • They don’t support 3G connections so there are no calling options but for the best usage plan; many SIM only deals are available for different mobiles. Check them out at the SIM Only web site.

  • The casing is VaporMg which gives the tablet a really sleek look as well as a nice feel! Of course, it is also designed to protect what’s on the inside! It comes ready with a stand so you can stand your tablet up when on the move instead of putting it down on surfaces that might scratch your precious new device!
  • There are a number of different storage models to suit user preference. You can also use a Micro SD card if you find that you need extra room after all. Choose from 32GB, 64GB or a massive 128GB.
  • Your touch cover is sophisticated and fully functional as a keyboard and a track pad. The 3mm pressure sensitive cover is revolutionary and comfortable!
    The Live Tiles
    which are new to Windows 8 and Surface are a really awesome feature. You can move them around as you please. They are in a formation that is kind of similar to the iPad, but have a lot to offer.
The new Microsoft Surface tablet is eagerly awaited and the reasons why speak for themselves! There is so much to love about the tablet already and so many more features that will be a surprise for sure. All you can do now is start saving up ready for its release in the near future!

DonnaDonna is a freelance writer based in North Wales. A keen reader, and inspired by the authors of fiction, Donna is an up and coming author. When not writing professionally about how to compare naked DSL deals, you’ll usually find Donna spending time with her partner and niece, if not reading or writing her book.


Why Windows Phones Are Playing Catch up To iPhone and Android

Windows is lagging behind in the market, but with the awaited launch of Windows Phone 8, there is still hope. Although announcements have not been made, there doesn’t seem to be anything to give Windows the edge on its counterparts; but is there?

Apple and iPhones are firing ahead with the latest technology and the impressive number of apps and features available to users. Android is fighting back and is due to release the latest OS in the next few months. What is Microsoft doing? 

There is the new Windows Phone 8 of course; this is in keeping with the times, but doesn't seem to offer much more than you can already get from an iPhone or on Android. The phone will be released later this year and there is still speculation as to whether there will actually be anything unique to Windows coming with it. The 'catch up' rumour is bought about because it seems that the new device is simply catching up with its counterparts as opposed to bringing something fresh and new to the market.


What can you expect from the Windows Phone 8? 

There will be support available for phones running dual-core processors and HD screens, but not much else has come to light as yet.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will be moving forward, regardless of the negative rumours that are around. Moving forward is better than staying still after all. They are bringing competition to the table with Live Tiles - the Windows alternative to the Apple grid formation on iPad’s and the recently released Mountain Lion OS. It has taken them a while, but they are updating features in this sense and Windows users will be released to see the more modern or up-to-date features.

The downside to the new Windows 8 OS is that is won't be compatible to older devices so if you want it, you will have to buy the latest device as well. There will be an update for Windows 7 devices, but this will only give the user the ability to customise the Start screen.
It is important to note that although this is how the new Windows 8 OS is being portrayed; the actual facts have not been announced so Windows could secretly be laughing at the negative speculation and have something really cool up their sleeves! Hopefully, there will be a few features that can give Apple and Android a run for their money.

Windows phone is closing the gap between its OS and the leading players. This is going less noted because they are moving slowly, but steadily. The platform may be a bit behind the times, but they are certainly making the effort to catch up and stay in with the game. The amount of catch up they are doing is great, but there is still a long way to go. If they keep it up, they could be a threat to the dominant iPhone and Android market.
Windows is quickly catching up with Blackberry and is set to overtake them if they continue the way they are going. This would bring the Windows phone into 3rd place as far as the mobile market is concerned and a very powerful place to be. Catching up with the latest technology is imperative for Windows to get the attention of the required audiences out there so they are on the right road.
The Windows 8 Phone should, but just about the right amount of progression that they need to push them ahead of Blackberry and all they can do is wait to see. If Windows 8 has those key features that will make it a tad unique and offer something a bit different from the features of the iPhone and Android then they really could see the difference quickly.

It is a waiting game now and all users can do is be patient to see what Windows has that can make their OS better than the rest.



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Customising Firefox with Your Country Flags this Olympic 2012

I believe over a million people have their eyes focused on the London 2012 Olympic Games going on for the past one week as at the time of this post. Including you and I, this same people are among those who browse the internet everyday, using Mozilla Firefox, one of the most used web browser in the world..
This post should show you how to Customise Your Firefox with Your Country Flags this Olympics 2012, Mozilla Corporation had provided us with this patriotic look to help express web surfers this Olympics 2012.

 How To:

1. Launch Your Firefox
2. Open the Mozilla Homepage, or in the URL Bar, type the address below

Wait for the page to load as in the preview below

From Here, you find Customize Firefox with your nation's flag, see it huh?

Now click it, this should take you to where you find varieties of country flags for you to customise your Firefox with. Users from my country Nigeria and that of my favourite country Great Britain can find the Flags in Page 5, Americans can get that on page 6.

 It's our country people out there, struggling to bring home Gold medals to us, and we the fans supporting them, I thought, why not share how we can customise our Firefox browser in way to keep us in the spirit of the Olympic Season.

I currently have this add-on installed on my Firefox, and I'm loving it, you too should give it a try. Hope you'll like the new look of your Firefox, Enjoy!