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This should count as our second, after we released our very first Google PageRank Checker, few months back, which helped us  instantly check our PageRanks at one click.
Now, our second tool, a totally Free Online HTML Parser Tool is used to convert HTML, XHTML, or any JavaScript codes to ASCII codes.
Using this gadget won't change a thing in your codes, rather it would only help replace them with ASCII encoded characters so they can be compatible for your blogspot.

  • You can use Converted codes to display Adsense Ads and other Ad Networks on your Blogspot blogs..
  • Use it for displaying Designs in blog post body
Simply Copy and Paste the Codes in the Box Below and Hit Convert.                                                                                                                              

HTML PARSER - ONLINE Tool by EdiTweaks
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Author: Edi Dominic Ifediri

Best described as a geek with a mixture of skills in drawing comics, Content-Writing, Computing and Mobile technology, this was due to his passion for Arts and Sciences since the age of 14 that he kicked off with the mobile web. He is the Founder/Chief-Editor at EdiTweaks which had almost been noticed as one of Nigeria's Best Tech blogs
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