Increase Your Earnings – Display Adsense & AdDynamo Ads on RSS Feeds

After successfully building, attracting a worthful amount of traffic and Signing Up for an Advertising program for your blog or website, earning becomes the next agenda. No body wants to do all those Hard work with NO PENNY to gain from it.
Google Adsense and its alternative, Ad:Dynamo are on top charts as long as PPC earning programs are concerned for bloggers and website owners in and around my country, I use one of them, and I bet you do also.

The one major challenge we all have as web publishers, is Increasing Our Earnings, placing the Ad codes on your blog pages isn’t just enough to fetch the cash.

I believe you are burning your Blog Feeds via FeedBurner, otherwise go sign up and start burning one now,  so you would be using this tip which we can use to Increase earnings through RSS Feed, especially if you are on Addynamo like me.

Here’s How:

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Hit Settings >> Site Feed 


  • Now, Login to your Google adsense or Addynamo Dashboard, GENERATE your Ad code, Copy the Codes

  • Paste the Java Script ad codes inside Post Feed Footer Box

  • Now Save. Check your Feed URL, Addynamo or Adsense ads should start displaying immediately.

If you know the importance of RSS Feeds for your blog readers, and have grown a good number of RSS feed Listeners, this should be of great value to you.
Do keep in touch, I may be discussing how you can develop plenty of RSS Feed subscribers in one of my future posts, besides this, even if you don’t have much subscribers, I still suggest you use this tip, because Mobile Browsers such as Opera Mini, amongst others can display this ads via RSS especially for your Mobile visitors.

Hope you found this post helpful, Please take a second, show some care and share with people who need it too.


  1. i just registered with ad dynamo on my site but i shows just 1ad from them all the time. why?

  2. It does so because that's the Ad campaign available for the traffic you get into the website, Ads displayed by addynamo varies by traffic, if you have plenty traffic, you should be seeing lots of different rich ads rolling up.

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