MTN and Etisalat Data Packages for As Cheap as 5 Naira for Mobile users in Nigeria

Purchasing Data Plans in Nigeria at affordable prices are beginning to be a thing of competition among our Service Providers, especially the within Mobile Network service Providers, consisting of MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo, as we must have  noticed majorly, it's been Etisalat catching up with MTN as long as mobile Data Services are concerned.

Gone are those days we pay for Data at prices which we fear might not serve as expected, I think etisalat was first to come up with this cool idea, customers are paying and enjoying it, so MTN is now offering same Service, now you and I can buy Data Bundle for as low as #5 with our MTN and Etisalat SIMs.

How To Buy Data Plan For 5 Naira with your MTN and Etisalat SIMS

  • For Etisalat
You will need at least 50 naira in your Account Balance, now Dial *496*1#,
5 naira is deducted and you're given 1 MB Data bundle to use for 24 hours (1 Day) moreover you get to make Calls for as low as 20k per Second.

  • For MTN
It's very much easier, you only need to have 5 naira and up wards, to get it, Text 350 to 131 then You're given your 1 MB immediately to use up in 24 hours.

This is cool stuff for those of us who don't do much internet browsing on our phones, it's cool for those of us who use Chat social Networks such as 2go, Ebuddy and a few others apps that don't burn up much data to work.

NOTE:  You can't buy the data bundle twice a day, till 24 hours of your first purchase
Though, there're issues at times where you may not still be able to buy after 24 hours, if your Stuff gets exhausted before or after 24 hours, Simply Text RESET to 131 and try subscribing again.


The Lion arrives - Mountain Lion Update Adds Facebook Integration Feature

Perhaps your Mac is upgraded to Mountain Lion, but are you sure that you're not missing anything? If yes, then you must be aware of 10.8.2 that Apple rolled out, alongside iOS 6. If you’re not aware of it, check the Software Updates in the Apple Menu and download the latest update. 

Mac Mountain Lion iOS

Earlier this year, Apple made promises like Facebook Integration to Mountain Lion,but when Mountain Lion was launched only Twitter Integration was live. Later, Apple announced that Facebook Integration will be added in an update. And now, that update has been rolled out. Mac OS X Mountain Lion – the world’s advanced desktop OS gets even better with the new version 10.8.2, the second update to Mountain Lion since its launch in late July.

The new update adds Facebook Integration just like the iOS update - iOS 6.The new version 10.8.2 adds several Facebook-related options and incorporates Facebook sharing into Apple-made apps and many system components. Similar to the Twitter Integration in Mountain Lion, now you can sign in to Facebook. With this new update, while sharing links and photos, you can add Facebook as an option.You don’t need to launch specific apps to post status and updates as you can setup a notification center that allows you to post and share status. The notification center also lets you see your Facebook notifications.

It's not just this, apps like Safari, Contacts and Preview will now have the Facebook option. And you can view your Facebook friends’ photo albums and contact information in Contacts. Apple also allows third-party developers to create various apps that exploit this feature.In addition to Facebook integration, there are many other new features included in the update like:
  • Late 2010 MacBook Air models receivePower Nap support.
  • You can add passes to Passbook from Mail and Safari on your Mac, but that requires iOS 6.
  • You can sort notes based on the date of creation,last edited and title with new sort options.
  • You can add SinaWeibo (Chinese Micro blogging Website) profile photos to Contacts.
  • The iMessages you received can be viewed in Messages on your Mac (it requires iOS 6, too).
  • New, shared reminder lists are available.
  • You have a new French definition dictionary included in the Dictionary app.
  • Dictation supports many additional languages like Cantonese, Canadian French, Canadian English, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish and Korean.
  • You can receive FaceTime video calls on your Mac that are sent to your phone number.
  • Apart from these new features, the update also includes a host of bug fixes and general OS fixes that can improve the stability, security, and compatibility of your Mac.The new update addresses certain issues that Mac users face:
  • Enable Autodiscover (Checkbox remains checked always),
  • Active Directory (preventing accounts from locking out),
  • Keychain (sometimes may not be accessible),
  • NIS (auto-login is enabled),
  • Video issues (with VGA projectors),
  • Xsan (automatic start), etc.
In simple words, the new update has something for everybody. Like for gamers, with the Game Center, they can share their scores on Facebook and Twitter. The Game Center will let you play against your Facebook friends and challenge them to beat your scores. You can like any game from the Game Center with the Facebook Like option. You will have your Facebook friends included in the list of Game Center friend recommendations automatically, and so on.
Regardless of what the new update has, Facebook Integration is the big thing in the new version OS X 10.8.2 that is noteworthy. The Facebook Integration feature available in the new update is exactly what you and I need.

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3 Types of Tragedies A BlackBerry Monitoring Application Can Help You Prevent

A BlackBerry Monitoring Application, for all the hype and features it has, it's just a tool. And just like any other tool, it's only useful for what you use it for. It might have the most developed technology in the world, but it would be all for naught if it didn't serve a useful purpose.

Fortunately, a BlackBerry Monitoring Application does have a purpose, and I would say it's a very useful one: preventing tragedies. That is the main reason why I think it's becoming so popular. I think people of different backgrounds would benefit from it if they knew that they would be able to get the information that would allow you to prevent the following:

1. Car accidents due to alcohol and drinking.

If you have a teenage boy, this is a real danger. Unfortunately, 65% of teenage boys drink. The problem is that they often drive after drinking. Yes, they know they shouldn't do it, but when someone is drunk, his judgement is impaired and they make bad decisions. The program can let you know if your child or any of his friends drink, or if alcohol will be served at the reunions that your child attends. Remember, if your boy (or girl, because unfortunately girls are now drinking as much as boys nowadays) drinks, he's certainly going to keep it a secret.

2. Teen pregnancy.

I'm not talking about your opinion on life, which is yours and I respect. I'm only talking about the fact that girls get pregnant while in their teens, which is not a desirable thing by anyone's standards. You may ignore that your daughter is dating, or if she's having sex. Even if you are one of those liberal parents who allows your daughter to date and have sex, you would like the reassurance that her boyfriend is a good boy and that she's protecting herself. Obviously, most parents are not that liberal and they can prevent a teen pregnancy with this software.

3. Employee fraud.

If you have a company, you have to protect it too. Employees who are dishonest can literally destroy it if they commit fraud. Some of them sell your information to your competitors. Others lower your prices (and thus your profits) for their clients, just caring about getting a commission but not about whether the deal is good for the company or not. And yet there are others who blatantly steal from the company, either money or supplies.

Having a monitoring software program gives you all the information that goes through a BlackBerry, allowing you to know everything that people keep a secret from you. In turn, you'll know who's safe and who's not and who is on your side and who's not.

Brian Coulter is an expert on mobile phone technology and its applications. He likes to explain the latest in mobile phone technology to his readers in simple terms, without all the technical jargon. He is also the author of Blackberry Monitoring Program.


How Technology Can Help Save You Money

Most people avoid using technology because of its initial costs. After all, technology can't exactly run without requiring purchases or upgrades in terms of hardware, software, and services like Internet access. However, what these people also frequently fail to realize is that the total initial cost of making your business technology-proof will be more than easily offset by its continuous and long-term benefits.

Email newsletters versus direct mail marketing

Sure, there are still advantages that you can undeniably enjoy with direct mail marketing, but are those advantages truly worth the expenses you incur for it at the same time? Why not cut back on your marketing expenses by taking an Internet-based approach to marketing? Instead of delivering your marketing newsletters by snail mail, why not send them via email instead? Email is not just for free but you also get greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the content that goes with your marketing newsletter. You would no longer have to consider the costs you'd incur when you opt for full-color images and text or the number of pages you end up consuming. Everything will still cost you nothing with email marketing.

Reduce costs for contests and giveaways.

When holding giveaways and contests for your customers, you do not only spend money on the prizes. You also have to spend extra on marketing. After all, there's no point giving away prizes when no one knows about your contest in the first place. However, you can limit your marketing expenses by holding your contest and giveaway online instead. You can start promoting it on social networking sites, blogs, and micro-blogging sites like Twitter. You should also promote it through forums and by coming up with online press releases. And the greatest thing about all these is that they are completely free for you to take advantage of.

Enjoy higher profits by selling your products or services online.

When you rely on retailers and distributors to sell your products and services, it can't be helped that you would end up with smaller profits. After all, you may have to pay them a percentage of your earnings in exchange of their services. Other times, you have to pay commission when agents help you sell your merchandise. You can skip all these, however, by directly selling your products and services through your website. More importantly, web-based stores also come with lower operating costs compared to managing a brick-and-mortar store. Websites can run 24/7 and every stage of the selling and marketing process may even be completely automated!

Say goodbye to phone expenses.

If you do frequent business with individuals living outside your state, then you can use VoIP to lower your phone expenses. With VoIP you can enjoy unlimited international calls for free!

Update your business technology today!

Don't allow your business to remain behind its competition a day longer. Update your company's technology right this moment. You can start by contacting Cell Phone Expertand find out what you can do to improve people's mobile access to your company's website. By making it easier for people to access your products and services online, expect your sales to grow by leaps and bounds as well.

Dropbox's New Security Features expected to bring down Hacks and Threats?

Dropbox is a free file hosting service that allows you to have a unique folder on your computer which will be synchronized so that you can access that folder from anywhere. You can easily access data stored in your Dropbox folder from other computers, through a website and using other mobile phone applications like iPhones and iPads. Eventually, Dropbox became a great success as it provided users with an easy way to store, access and share files. It enables you to store your photos, videos, files and documents, all in one place and also share a link to it

Recently, about a month back, Dropbox came under scrutiny following a password security breach that resulted in spam messages being sent to Dropbox customer’s email addresses. Later, the company confirmed the hacking incident, blaming it on a Dropbox employee who had carelessly used security password at a third party site which got hacked. The company stated that the stolen password and username were misused to inappropriately access the employee’s account containing few customers’ email addresses.  But, they did not disclose any details about how many customer accounts were hacked.

Dropbox reported that they would be adding enhanced security features like

  • A two-factor authentication process.
  • An automated mechanism that helps you to spot suspicious activities.
  • A page from where you can analyze active logins to your account.

Just within a month after the company announced their plans to strengthen security, they have silently made the two-factor authentication feature available to their registered Forum users. They haven’t launched it officially though. They are proceeding with caution and have enabled the beta version only to few selected users. They call the move an “experimental build” and stated that the security fix will be open to all in a short while.

Now, you would be wondering if you could make use of the two-factor authentication feature. Then, you are in for a good news as by following the below instructions, you can enable it for your Dropbox account. The authentication step is almost similar to Google Authentication app for Gmail available on Android phones.

dropbox security

STEP 1: Visit this - Dropbox link and login. It will redirect you to a security tab from where you can activate the two-step authentication

STEP 2: There, you will see a “change link” option. Click on it and you will be asked to re-enter the password.  In the next step, you will be provided with the option to send your 6 digit security code to your phone via text message or any mobile application such as Google Authenticator

STEP 3: Also, you will receive a unique 16 digit back up code to help you access Dropbox account in emergency situations, incase if you are not able to generate code or you lose your phone. You have to keep the backup code safe.

STEP 4: Now, you have to install the newest version of Dropbox for your device (computer/iPhone/iPad). Applications are available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

STEP 5: After installation, you have to unlink your device from your Dropbox account’s security tab. The next time you try to login to your Dropbox account, you will be prompted to enter the 6 digit code.

The Dropbox team is working hard to provide users with additional security. So the Dropbox users can relax without the fear of your Dropbox account being hacked.