Avoid Possible Penguin Hit with These 8 Blogging Tips

If you have been keeping an eye out on the latest search engine news, you would know that Google has rolled out the third update of the Penguin algorithm early this October. Matt Cutts, Google's head of web spam, tweeted that the change affected 0.3% of English language searches.

If you have a blog that you would want to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs), then this piece of news doesn't sound too comforting at all. But instead of keeping your head down, there are some things that you can do to avoid being penalised by the search engine giant.

#1 Create quality content

This has been stressed over time and again. If you write articles that are original and created with quality in mind, then you do not run the risk of getting into problems with any of Google's updates.

If you consistently provide this type of content to your readers, then you are increasing the chances of having that information shared through various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In addition to that, content these days is not just limited to words. These can also include elements such as infographics, images, and video.

#2 Be careful of keyword usage

One of the key black hat search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that the Penguin update addresses is keyword stuffing. So, if you are writing a post for your blog, you have to be careful with the way you integrate keywords into your content.

Although your goal is to rank high in SERPs, it is never a good idea to stuff your content with keywords just to get there. The only thing that you need to do is write as naturally as possible, and let the content you created work its magic.

#3 Diversify anchor texts

If you want to link to your own pages or those from different websites, then you should also pay attention to the words you use as your anchor text. It is imperative that you do not use the same words repeatedly.

In addition to that, it is also important that you refrain from using the same URL time and again.

#4 Try guest blog posting

Writing content for someone else's blog is an effective link building technique. If you are interested in increasing your online presence, then this is one avenue to make that happen.

However, it is always important to remember to submit good quality articles to these blogs. The content that you pass should be relevant and filled with useful information. 

#5 Avoid paid links

It is understandable that you would want your blog to be known on the internet. However, participating in this kind of scheme will do more harm than good. The reason for this is that Google frowns upon this kind of method.

This is also in clear violation of the webmaster guidelines set out by Google. So if you do not want your blog to suffer, it is best to veer away from this.

#6 Steer clear of link farms

This is another strategy that you need to avoid if you do not want to get hit by Penguin. Although link building is an essential technique to get your blog ranked higher in SERPs, participating in something that takes it to such extremes is unhealthy for your SEO efforts.

#7 Adhere to search engine ranking factors

These are a combination of signals that search engines look at when evaluating a website for ranking. If you want to succeed in your campaign to get listed in the first page of search results, then you need to know and apply these factors.

These include creating a site that web crawlers can easily index, using the right keywords in HTML tags, and of course, creating high-quality write-ups.

Apart from helping you avoid the wrath of the Penguin update, it also plays a major role in achieving good ranking results if implemented correctly.

#8 Adopt the right link building strategies

These refer to both inbound and outbound linking. It is important that these occur naturally within your content.

But you also have to be careful about implementing the proper strategy because these are factors that the Penguin update takes into consideration. So, it is necessary that you vary the text you are linking to internally and use only high-quality domains for your external links.


Google will continue to improve and roll out changes in their algorithms to give users more quality results. Although it might give you cause for concern, especially if you want to rank highly in SERPs, adhering to good practices will help you avoid getting penalised.


The Latest Blogging Tips for Bloggers 2020

So, what are the latest blogging tips for existing and new bloggers? This question is quite important and we will give you some of the best answers here, regardless whether you are just starting or you just want to find what are the latest or new blogging strategies that work right now.

With millions of websites and blogs present on the internet, having a successful blog could seem like a complicated task. You may think that your blog idea is special and different from others, but the truth is, there are many other blog owners that are thinking exactly the same thing. It is good that you have an interesting blogging strategy but this blogging has been narrowed down to those who update their content regularly. However, the ultimate goal has to be reached where multiple eyes target your blog. This can be done by the support of an online marketing agency expert who excels in these aspects.

Research the market:

This may seem obvious, but it is important to research on your position on the market, your competitor’s strategies and what kind of users you are targeting etc. You can do this by reading existing blogs that have reached high standards in a short span of time. Note down all aspects that they have included and focussed on, and make use of them in your blog.

Be informative:

There are many aspects that a blog may concentrate on, such as finance, beauty, sports, designing etc. To choose one among them you need to know about the user’s interests and target these. Always focus on a topic that will be relevant to your blog and informative to the users.

Keep updating your blog:

The frequency at which you keep updating your blog will be noticed by the crawlers of the search engines. This makes them index your blog regularly and keep it updated with the latest data. If this practice is kept up consistently then you can achieve valued results immediately.
Persuade Journalism:

According to the penguin dictionary this means ‘a profession that writes or manages editing for periodicals or newspapers’. As this is at free reach for society, one can grab the best factual information and use it for their blog; this improves the business of persuasion. The latest news keeps you advanced and ahead of the game in the blogosphere.

Proof Reading:

This is a strategy through which you can save yourself from making embarrassing explanations, because what all you write and publish on the net should be well checked before it gets disclosed as the data can be read by anyone and gets archived. Read through the information or data thoroughly, vigilant proof reading should prevent any embarrassing slip-ups.


It is a strategy that will increase the distribution and readership if you include the content of your blog to RSS feed. The Rich Site Summary (RSS) belongs to the web feed formats family which is capable of publishing frequently updated work. This includes the summarised text including the Meta data such as authorship and date of publishing.

Build Backlinks

I had talked about some of the best ways to build backlinks here, you should reach out to the community and make contributions while recommending a useful link about that contribution from your blog.
For example, if you see a forum or a  website where people are discussing where to buy a particular brand of smartwatch, if you have written about that watch and where to buy it, you can recommend your link to them.
You should be careful when doing this so your actions won't be regarded as spam.

Promote the blog:

One essential task to be done is to promote your blog through different aspects, such as social networking sites, link building, online commercials etc. as that will target a huge group of customers. Initially you may have to invest some amount for online advertising and if you lack the funds take a short-term loan such as bad debt loan which do not require credit check.

Top 5 Free Docks For Windows 7

Windows 7 is indeed one of the best Operating system of Microsoft and the features are fantastic. But our lust for decoration and design never gets fulfilled so in this article we going to discuss on Top 5 free docks for Windows 7 which can customize the system. Docks are the software which has the capacity to give better visualization to the system. In next part of the article we will discuss on the docks for Windows 7.

windows 7 Dock

RocketDock for Windows 7: This is one of the best apps which can give to your operating system a new look. The different things with which this app deals with are new icons, hover effect, shortcuts, backgrounds, 3D effects and many more. The settings are very easy and it is very user friendly. This app comes with many skins and icons which can give great look to your system. Very less RAM is taken by this app also.

StarDock ObjectDock: This application is the best alternative of the above mentioned app. It has almost same features as RocketDock but the functionalities are more. This app deals with changing of themes, icons, menu, hovering, gadgets etc. This app is great for better navigations, glittering effects and also new shortcuts. 

CircleDock: This app is a new option for the users. This is a very normal dock which has circle effect and also a rotating effect with advanced hovering. As far as the functionalities are concerned, this app is same as the other two previously mentioned docks. You will be given options to choose among the images, background color, glitter, icons, animations etc. 

Dell Dock: This dock is also same as the above docks but many users choose this dock also. Different features of this dock are icons, hovering, animation effect etc. In association with StarDock Company this application is powered by Dell

xWindows Dock: This dock is one of the top 5 free docks for Windows 7. This is one of the most unique docks available in market. It is designed for Windows 7 with plug-ins support. Some of the best features of this dock are animation, bouncing, mouse touch effect, 3D look, shortcuts and so on. The visualization is great after using this dock

Some of the basic requirements for running these docks are:

· Windows operating system of any version

· Minimum 10 MB free size required

· Minimum 512 MB RAM required

· Minimum 1.2 GHz processor

Choose any of these top 5 free docks for Windows 7 and enjoy your computer’s new look. 


Never Run Out Of Posts - Five Working Ways that Keep you Writing More

As a Blogger, I had been in several cases whereby after Publishing few Posts, I run out of ideas, I get stranded. I believe you've experienced the same, at least once.
Cases When you begin to Ask yourself, "What tha Heck should be the Next thing I Should Write About?!" Quite annoying right?
There's a solution to this question, I'll be Sharing in this post, How To Keep your Blogging Fire Burning, so you don't Run out of ideas for Writing Posts, after all, we're Bloggers, we are not expected to run short of words, the niche doesn't matter, the moment you think "There's Nothing else To Write About" TRUST ME, your Blog is be dead and gone.
Why should we run out of posts when We are expected to be writing and Publishing Daily.
With the tips below, you can keep your Writing-Fire burning, and Write as Many Posts as Possible.


1. READING - "if you don't Read, you can't Write"

People often wonder how great writers and Poet such as William Shakespare is so Globally Popular, well, let's face it, he was always reading, there's no Magic in being a Great blogger if you can't read alot.

Majorly, there're TWO Places you can Read from, BLOGS AND WEBSITES
There're so many blogs out there for you, including the upcoming ones, You may Visit them, get some inspiration, digest their words and get to know what next to write about, I've got cool blogs such as...
Interactive Websites are way to go if you want to read and get insights, I don't know what your niche is, but I think huge sites that discuss vast topics and almost anything can be just good.
So we have blogs or  websites to get ideas from, I'm not being greedy but I do read from both sides :p

2. KEYWORD RESEARCH - "just like humans need Oxygen, the Internet needs Keywords to Live"

From the beginning of this post, I had been passing some information to you, what have I been using to do this?   -  "KEYWORDS"
People walk up to Google and type in what they are looking for, they are in search of too many stuffs , and they search a billion time, over and over again, everyday, now you can't be Short of  Posts if you get busy, writing posts that contain solutions to those keywords.
Google Adwords is there for you, go there, and use it to find what people are searching for, in your niche.

3. AVOIDING DISTRACTIONS - "take your eyes off your goal, the rest you see are distractions"

Avoid Distractions, this is definitely not the first time you're hearing this, I believe there should be time for EVERYTHING, so if you really wanna keep yourself in the mood,
I recently discovered somewhere to keep our fire burning, National Novel Writing, i think that site has all it takes to keep you writing, still to blog and write some quality contents, you will have to Avoid distractions which come from:
  • The environment - people are different but blogging in a stuffy noisy area had not helped to blog well, not once.
  • Social Media - Yes, we all like to chat, be it on Facebook, mobile phones or wherever, I always found I wasted a whole day with no fresh idea on what to put on my blog coz I was browsing Facebook, you have your own weakness, fight it.
  • You -  Hell Yeah, i mean you, YOU too can be your own distraction, you can't be consistent if you give yourself excuses because of some OFFLINE activities you do. You should make yourself Schedules, so you don't soak yourself into doing one thing the whole day. Blogging is not a do Or Die affair, don't take it too seriously, but if you really wanna go far, you would be needing traces of Self responsibility and firmness in you.

4. AVOIDING PROCRASTINATION - "the thief of time"

One of the mot common and Strongest weakness that can tie you as a Blogger, is Procastination, often, we Bloggers get this "Wonderful idea" on a great post to write, next minute, it's all blown off and forgotten due to procrastination, if you are surfing the web and you get such a SPARK, the best you can do is open your Notepad and write it there, doesn't matter if it's a Phrase.
This Quote should speak how harmful procrastination can be
"He baked under the Sun, and Cooled under the Moon, He lived a Life of Going-To-Do, yet, he ended up with Nothing Done" 

5. THE REMINDER - "you are not the Only One"

Let's take the Almighty Google for instance, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were not the only people trying to build a Search Engine, neither was Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook the first guy who wanted to make a great Social Network. Looking around the World today, we see people producing the same thing, all at the same time, although the best seem to be ahead of the rest, but bearing in mind that you are not the only with that "UNIQUE IDEA"of a blog post should keep you writing more. Google SERP also honours the websites that are first to publish an article that is rich. You'll always see such sites on Page 1 when you search using their keywords.
It's a World Record in the Blogosphere, over a million bloggers in the planet are writing and publishing, every second, at this present moment. If you keep this facts in mind, You too can always be the first to do something New and tangible.

CONCLUSION - "practice makes perfect!"

I think I had made mention of things we can handle very easily, though reading from top to down isn't still enough, it all goes down to taking the Actions, start from some where, set daily targets of 500 words or more, once you take few tips out the above, using your own routine you can definitely Read more, write more and improve your Blogging skills as well.
Whether you know it, or not, You have an Audience, who read, learn and are expecting more and better posts from you. You shouldn't disappoint them.
I take a break here till my next post.
Hope this post sent something across, Happy Blogging.


iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire HD vs. Nexus 7: Why it is called Battle of the Tablets

iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 have to fight it out with their best abilities to remain in the competition as the battle among the tablets have already begun. At present, the potential clients who are looking forward to invest on a new tablet have these three newest options at their disposal.

So they need to fight it out really hard to retain their position in the market. Therefore the developers of these three major brands namely Apple, Google and Amazon have started fight it out really hard amongst themselves to capture the market and establish their dominance.

Regaining status quo:

The major competitors of Apple’s tablet that is Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD have been able to win the first round of the battle by introducing their tablet at a much competitive price which has all the advanced features that are present in Apple’s tablet. Therefore, by applying this strategy they have been able to create a successful list of fan followings. This has lead the entrepreneurs of Apple to invent means whereby it will be possible for them to launch a product that is available at a competitive price and the answer was iPad mini which is smaller in size than the usual Apple tablets but have most of the features of iPad and iPad 2.

Battle over apps:

As these three major computing brands continue to battle it out amongst themselves for capturing the market of tablets, one important facet over which war is being waged is the applications compatible with this product. At present Google has given a tough challenge to its competitors in this genre as it has the largest variety of applications to offer to the potential clients. Although a variety of applications available with Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 as well but it is nothing in comparison to the ones compatible with Apple. So Apple is definitely in a win-win position is this respect.

Market research:

All the Apple products are developed after intensive market research to respond to the needs of the consumers. In this respect as well Apple has won the battle as they have been able to correspond to the demands of the market. The consumers are in need of easily manageable computing device which they will be able to carry easily along with themselves to serve their need. Thereby the developers of Apple’s iPad have decided to further reduce the size of the product to about 7 inch, whereby they can easily carry it along with them.

High definition screen:

While the iPad mini is not yet released and we are only contemplating about its various features; Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7 is making the most of its late arrival. But in between the two options available to the potential clients at present there exists a tough competition. One facet based on which Kindle Fire HD has an upper hand over the Google’s tablet is the picture quality. Amazon’s tablet has a far superior picture quality in comparison to the Google’s version of the same device. Moreover the storage capacity of the Kindle Fire HD is far better in comparison to the Nexus 7. These are two factors that have given Amazon’s tablet an edge over the other tablets especially owing to the fact that Kindle Fire HD costs less than the Nexus 7.

Thus a fully fledged battle has been declared and the main contestants are doing their very best to create a niche for themselves by introducing new and advanced features and offering them at a much lower price.


Five Things You Must Use On Your New Blog

Blogging is uncontrollably going rival nowadays, everybody wants to own a great blog, Blogs are serving as alternative to Static websites for people, various businesses and companies, even Companies with static websites still feel a need to own a Blog, this is because these blogs are the surest means of keeping their customers updated.

Having good stuffs to offer on your blog should be your number one priority, once you have those contents, then you can consider the next things to follow it up. These 5 features are what I am sharing with us in this post, since they are very relevant and will help make your blog neat, navigable, professional, and also keep your visitors coming back for more.

  5 Things You must Use For Your New Blog


First impression matters, the look you give to your blog will determine if your first time visitors should go ahead reading it, so you have to present them a good-looking template, not just a cool layout but one that matches your category, or "niche".
Honestly, I won't bother straining my eyes to read a blog with an incredibly messed up "design".

What To do: If you are on Blogger, You may try out the free templates at Premium Blogger Templates
or if you use WordPress, you may browse this Post which discussed 100 excellent free Wordpress themes to choose from.
Overall, make sure you are picking the right look for your blog.


According to Darren Rowse of ProBlogger dot net, bloggers have to engage in Social Media and Network, this doesn't only help get you some traffic but also aid their blogs in building good profiles for them in these communities. Such social media consists of :
What To do: All you need do is join the above Social Networks, be active on them, grab their badges with their Share buttons and install them on your blogs so you and your visitors can easily connect and share your stuff with their friends in the Social networks.
As we can see, I have them right below every of my blog posts. :)


The sole purpose of this is to keep your readers informed about your Updates.
RSS: should give them updates and summary of your posts.
NewsLetters/Email Updates: Your Readers are people and businesses who check their mails everyday,  the Email-subscriptions should send them your updates straight into their inbox.
Only some bloggers see much reason to having this, well, right now, as you have a new blog, there's nothing more than keeping your Audience, first your content has to be very useful, and then you will need the Email and RSS Subscription option so they can be getting more updates of what's new on your blog right in their mailbox through Feed Burners and Newsletters you send them.

What To do: Go to Feed Burner and make your self an account for your blog where you will be burning all your updates via mails and RSS (Rich Site Summary) for your audience.
Since Feedburner would be shutting down anytime in December, you may go for alternatives such as 
- myFeedInbox
They also do well as Feedburner.


This is a very important feature you need to include on your blog, your first time visitors will need it to know what types of topics you discuss on your blog, and the frequent visitors who come back will use this to Navigate to other parts of your blog posts. In addition it also has good SEO benefits, search engines will be needing it to understand and index your pages faster.
TAGS are similar to categories but tags carry plenty of keywords containing your topics, hence your Categories are created from the MAJOR keywords which your blog is based upon.
Don't get it twisted in case you are on Blogger, TAGS are what is used to represent your Categories, so  make sure you select the main keywords, and arrange them accordingly. You may have a look at my side bar to the right, hope you saw my Categories.


The final but not the least
We frequently see a Blog's latest post title right on top of the others before going ahead to "Read More" about it...
Well, don't be too sure, especially if it's a very huge Blog with thousands of posts, like , if you don't want to mislead your Readers, the Best thing to do is have a RECENT POST feature on the blog.
They want to know what's New, and the only way you can show them is using this Recent Post feature.  

What To do: To have this on your blog, Wordpress users can simply search and install the Plugin but on Blogger, goto your Layout > Add Gadget >> More gadgets >> Scroll Down  till you find the Recent Post Gadget and Choose it.

See? I also have it on my side bar.

Though, there're so many others features your blog can have, but this are the most important FIVES i would recommend  for a New Blog. If you have some Questions or more to add to the list, you may drop us your Comments.
Meanwhile if you found this post helpful, Sharing with others isn't a Bad idea ;)


The PadFone 2 - Another Great Android Evolution

Well, Android is doing real good stuff on their devices now, if you may have gotten the latest story, Chairman of ASUS, a Multinational Computer hardware and electronic company, Mr. Jonney Shih had lately brought the ASUS PadFone 2 to the Spotlight for the world.
After seeing the Video, reviewing this 2-in-1 device, it had the mobile phone which works hand-in-hand with its larger tablet. I felt rather amazed, just like Iphones, these Android devices are getting slimmer.
There had been several thumbs up, the latest Evolution of the Android Smartphone is absolutely awesome with the Look and Feel it gives at first sight.


Though I'm yet to lay my hungry hands-on, I had been catching a few videos and photoshots of it across the web. I gathered some Specifications so we all can get to know what it has to offer before considering buying the product.

Here's it is...


  • OS - The Padfone 2 is totally based on Android OS feature
  • BODY - it weighs 136g, measuring about 9mm
  • THE SCREEN - sizes 4.7 Inches with a 1280 x 720 HD Super IPS+ display/ Now you wouldn't have to worry about the scratches as it comes with Corning® Fit Glass which is scratch-resistant.
  • THE BATTERY - A  Li-Ion 2,140mAh Standard battery, lasting about 16 hours talktime and 13 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing, (and hey, the browser supports HTML5).
  • PROCESSOR - powering the device is a 1.5GHz QuadCore Processor having 2GB RAM, capable of storage size worth 64GB.
  • CAMERA POWER - 32MP, and 13 mega-pixel which ensures Photo capturing and Video shooting at HD performance.
As I mentioned earlier. it comes with the PadFone 2 and it's fully featured Tablet of 10.1 inches screen, which is called the PadFone 2 Station, when both of the weight is combined, it had been realised that it forms one of the lightest weight tablets in the market. More so, you may also use the PadFone 2 Station has power to charge up the PadFone 2 Mobile up o three times. Isn't that magnificent?
 The specifications about this new device can still go down this page but I don't wanna stress you up with reading too much, the Video below should speak a whole lot more for itself...

If you've got Something to say about this great new device, the comment box is open for all


Review - Appraising The New iPhone 5

The sleek new iPhone 5 that is a lot thinner and lighter than its predecessor the iPhone 4. This touchscreen based smartphone was developed by the makers of the iPad, Apple Inc. Released about a month ago this sixth generation device has stormed the markets across the world. The screen is larger than the previous model at 4 inches and the dock connector is smaller with eight pins. It is powered by the Apple A 6 processor

Appraising The iPhone 5

The iOS 6 operating system that powers the iPhone 5 is the latest version. The screen is certainly bigger and the internal components match the exteriors. This phone has a new Maps application that should prove to be handy for people who are on the go constantly. The user interface of the operating system can be operated by multi-touch actions. There are a series of buttons assigned various task as are the sliding mechanism and the switches

The patented gestures like pinch, swipe, tap and something called reverse pinch all have functions of their own. When you wish to undo a command a simple shake of the device will accomplish that. You can have access to the app store and surf and download several applications from iTunes Store. The phones Internet can be share over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and through the USB. Though most of the features will work in specific areas to start with, Apple promises to extend the same to other areas over a period of time.

This smartphone can serve as your companion that plays music, movies, streams videos, programs on TV, Ebooks, and radio podcasts as well. It has the intelligence to sort the collection you acquire by genre, songs, albums, artists, composers and playlists. Options allow you to easily locate what you want as they are arranged alphabetically. The playlists however, will remain in the order they get downloaded from ITunes.

It is empowered by a virtual assistant that you can speak to and expect to receive answers. Voice commands from you will be responded in a like manner. To access Siri as the virtual assistant is called you just need to press the button and hold it down. Even texting can be converted to a speech format with the aid of the voice assistant. There is also a special feature called iMessage which is an IMS or instant messaging system that lets you chat with your friends who also posses Apple devices running on iOS 5 or 6. Apart from text messages you can also send and receive images which makes it all the more exciting. There is a keyboard that appears on the display and can be used for texting apart from the voice commands that it follows. The built-in spell checker comes in handy when you are in a hurry.

The built-in Maps feature works on turn-by-turn spoken directions. Some major cities can be viewed in 3D. The Passbook app is really very handy and you can retrieve boarding passes, coupons, tickets, and loyalty cards. It is intelligent enough to alert you when you are near a store, the coupon for which is in the app.

A range of storage capacities at 16, 32, and 64 Gigabytes similar to that of the previous version is available in this one too. It has a similar camera with 8 MP and a low-light performance feature that lets you capture great pictures even in poor lighting conditions. On the whole the Apple iPhone 5 has had rave reviews till now.

This is a guest post by Amber Gomez of xfinityonline, a site that offers savings and current information on comcast xfinity, as well as services.


How To Track and Claim your Website with Google Web Tracking Code

If you own a website, and you have been running it well enough to get you traffic coming from various parts of the world, it's very important you set up a tracking means for this website, as it will help you monitor your website traffic health in terms of SEO, audience and others, and also serve as another way of Claiming you are actually the owner of the website.

 To do this, simply rush down to Google Analytics.
  • Sign In, and create Analytics ID by going to Admin >> New Account >> Add a Site, and fill in required details, once your through move to your blog, website.
  • Go to Template >> Edit HTML
 Find the </head> Copy and Paste the below web property code snippet just above the </head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript">   var _gaq = _gaq || [];   _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXX-Y']);   _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']);   (function() {     var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;     ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';     var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);   })(); </script>
Make sure you Replace the UA-XXXX-Y marked in red with your own web analytics ID by copying the web property from your Google analytics Admin Dashboard as in the screenshot below,


Also be sure your property code corresponds with the website URL you want to track, after replacing with your own, save your template.

Generally this should work perfectly for every website, not just on Blogger, where you only need to input your Web property ID.

If you had noticed, i recently did an overall change in this site's design, I was formally tracking it with those codes, but then I lost track after i made design changes, so i had to do the work over again, but this time, it was faster and a lot easier for me, just incase inputing your Web property doesn't work on your Blogger Settings, this should definitely be an instant solution.