Top 5 Free Docks For Windows 7

Windows 7 is indeed one of the best Operating system of Microsoft and the features are fantastic. But our lust for decoration and design never gets fulfilled so in this article we going to discuss on Top 5 free docks for Windows 7 which can customize the system. Docks are the software which has the capacity to give better visualization to the system. In next part of the article we will discuss on the docks for Windows 7.

windows 7 Dock

RocketDock for Windows 7: This is one of the best apps which can give to your operating system a new look. The different things with which this app deals with are new icons, hover effect, shortcuts, backgrounds, 3D effects and many more. The settings are very easy and it is very user friendly. This app comes with many skins and icons which can give great look to your system. Very less RAM is taken by this app also.

StarDock ObjectDock: This application is the best alternative of the above mentioned app. It has almost same features as RocketDock but the functionalities are more. This app deals with changing of themes, icons, menu, hovering, gadgets etc. This app is great for better navigations, glittering effects and also new shortcuts. 

CircleDock: This app is a new option for the users. This is a very normal dock which has circle effect and also a rotating effect with advanced hovering. As far as the functionalities are concerned, this app is same as the other two previously mentioned docks. You will be given options to choose among the images, background color, glitter, icons, animations etc. 

Dell Dock: This dock is also same as the above docks but many users choose this dock also. Different features of this dock are icons, hovering, animation effect etc. In association with StarDock Company this application is powered by Dell

xWindows Dock: This dock is one of the top 5 free docks for Windows 7. This is one of the most unique docks available in market. It is designed for Windows 7 with plug-ins support. Some of the best features of this dock are animation, bouncing, mouse touch effect, 3D look, shortcuts and so on. The visualization is great after using this dock

Some of the basic requirements for running these docks are:

· Windows operating system of any version

· Minimum 10 MB free size required

· Minimum 512 MB RAM required

· Minimum 1.2 GHz processor

Choose any of these top 5 free docks for Windows 7 and enjoy your computer’s new look. 

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