Cross Your Fingers! The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Is Coming Soon

It’s been two months since the official market release of the iPhone 5, and we still have not seen a jailbroken iPhone 5. So far, the iPhone 5 has taken the longest time to jailbreak since it took developers almost two months to jailbreak an iPhone 4S last year. But iPhone aficionados don’t need to worry.
Apparently, iPhone hackers like Planetbeing and MuscleNerd have affirmed that the jailbreak is underway but is not making an appearance anytime soon.
 Planetbeing tweeted, “We are still missing critical pieces so it’s not releasable right now.” 

JailBreak Iphone5

The Big Challenge

For most jailbreakers, breaking into an iPhone’s steadfast security isn’t really about the money. If anything, the only motivation they have for doing such a complicated task is the challenge of defying Apple’s standards. Back in September, a lot of hackers thought the iPhone 5 was definitely challenging to break. For one thing, it is believed that the iPhone 5 and the A6 chip are much more guarded than the old iPhone versions thanks to another master hacker who Apple hired to increase the A6 chip’s security. 

Comex (also known as Nicholas Allegra) was one of the key members of the iPhone hacking community before he became one of Apple’s own. It is believed that Comex was one of the people who helped harden the A6 chip against hacking attempts by attacking as many vectors as possible. Aside from the hard-to-crack A6 chip, hackers, apparently, are also having a hard time with the iPhone 5’s new Lightning port. 

One of the major processes in hacking an iPhone is finding and accessing the Apple smartphone’s core by connecting to its 30-pin connector’s serial pins. Now that the connector has been changed, iPhone hackers are challenged to find a way to break into the iPhone by reverse engineering the new port.  

Almost There

But it looks like the hackers are past these major obstacles now. Planetbeing made it known to all his Twitter followers that the foundation of the jailbreak tool had been created and they were starting to build upwards from there. He also said that for now, the hacking team is trying to find some missing pieces for the program, which means it might not be very long before the iPhone 5 jailbreak is out. Planetbeing also shared a photo through his Twitter account that looks a lot like a jailbroken iPhone 5. 

Meanwhile, Jailbreaks for the old iPhone versions like the iPhone 3GS and 4 that are updated to the iOS 6.0.1 are now available through an untethered version. The iPhone 3GS will need a Boot ROM to work completely. The same untethered jailbreak is also available for owners of the third and fourth generation iPod Touch that are updated to iOS 6.0.1. For the iPhone 4S, however, Planetbeing says it’s possible that the jailbreak will come around the same time as the iPhone 5 jailbreak. 

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for an iPhone 5 jailbreak. Until then, be aware of the multitude of jailbreak scams out there that say they can jailbreak your iPhone 5 for a fee. 


3 Latest Gadgets And 3 Smart Ways To Buy Them

There are lots of inventions and creations in the field of technology. Every day thousands of gadgets are invented to make efficiency in work and are affordable. The world is getting globalised in the field of technology and gadgets. These gadgets are specially made to work for the people instead of manpower.

In this generation they are essential devices for each and every individual and they are worth if you buy those gadgets. Some important gadgets include Laptops, Cameras, Smartphones, Smart Television and many more. Some gadgets are expensive and some are affordable to buy. There are lots of gadgets which are useful in its own way but some gadgets are the one which changes your lifestyle and make you feel special. Below are some of the cool gadgets which are essential and used in daily life.

HP IQ804 & IQ816 Touch smart PC’s: 

This is a new invention in the field of technology as the PC’s with touch screens are arrived. This is an innovation from Hewlett Packard, the world’s largest manufacturer of PC’s and electronic devices. This creation of touch smart is the sleek desktop and TV with 25.5 inches HD touch screen. It’s an all in one PC with lots of features and different specifications. Some features of this Smart PC are;
  • It is inbuilt with Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • It has 4 GB of RAM which is of DDR2 and the storage capacity of 500 GB.
  • It is enabled with DVD Writer, Bluetooth, Ethernet and an option of Weather Forecast.

Sony CyberShot TX55: 

This is the latest innovation from the Sony Corp. The Sony CyberShot TX55 which is the world’s slimmest and thinnest digital camera which has launched in September 2012. It is 12.2mm in thickness and 3.3 inch screen with a wide range of zooming and a unique and special performance. It has optical zooming of 10X with a sharp lens. It has the option of photo editing where you can use and apply your ideas to make the picture beautiful. Some special features of this camera are;
  • It has 42.9 MP with 3D panorama picture quality.
  • It displays the 3D images with high resolution of 16.2 MP.
  • The memory card slot of micro SD and M2 / SDHC and some PC software’s offered by Sony.


Nokia N9:

This device is the new invention from Nokia which is especially known as the globally dominant manufacturer of mobile phones. This device N9 has the unique design with AMOLED display of 3.9 inches. It is a Touch screen device whole body of this phone is made up of polycarbonate material without any buttons. It is enabled with the amazing 8 MP Carl Zeiss camera with Auto focus and zooming. It has lots of applications and can navigate the maps. Some features of this device are;
  • The operating system of N9 is from MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan with ARM 1 GHz processor of Cortex A8.
  • The memory storage in this device consists of 16 and 64 GB disk space.
  • It is available in three colours Black, Magenta and Cyan.
You can find or buy these gadgets in different ways but all you need to do is don’t waste your money in any fake deals. You can buy these gadgets in these smart following ways;
  • You can buy through Online shops
  • Visiting the nearest flagship store
  • You can also buy from Estore


Android 4.1 Vs Windows Phone 8 Vs iOS 6

The three players of the mobile operating system platform made some hot releases this year, Google upgraded to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean around July, Apple came out with its iOS 6 versions in September, and Microsoft brought to us the Window Phone 8 in October. Apple announced the iOS 6 without a device; Google packed the Jelly Bean with its Nexus 7 while Microsoft came with its new platform with its own Surface tablet that runs on the Windows RT.


The three platforms are all finally out, and most users have been having a feel of the experience. Android is even upgrading the Jelly Bean to 4.2.

What communizes the three platforms is the location service, and it seems this is really where the battle lies.

Location and Maps

The Google Map is quite older than the Map service offered by the two other platforms, most of them even integrate the Google Map as the default location app before they began their own production of the service. On the Jelly Bean 4.1, Google introduced the Google Now, which bridges the map and other Google services together. The Google Now serves as a real time personal assistance, monitors your lifestyle, and alert you whenever it’s time for you to get something done, a meeting with you board, or time to go to work, the Google Now integrates the map service by providing you information about "weather forecast," as well as "routing and re-routing".

As the iOS 6 was coming out, analyst observed that the Google Map has been ejected out of Apple's platform, it was then Apple announced its own Map service. The Map came with the iPhone 5 and unfortunately, it was a flaw and this led into Apple apologizing to its customers for the failure of the Apple Map and recommending other Map services such as Google Map, Bing etc as alternatives to its new and loyal customers.

For the Windows 8, Microsoft adopts the Nokia Maps to help its users for the location service. There is also the Windows app for non Nokia devices, which makes use of Nokia Maps for calculated routes and geocoding as well as traffic information. The Nokia Map UI and POI database was developed by Microsoft developers.

As at the moment, the Google Map with its Google Now provides the best Map service.

Service Integration

Google has a lot of services it offers, and it seems they are becoming overlap. The Google+ is lacking, analysts thinks Google Talk, Messenger and Google Voice should be integrated. In the Android 4.1, Google Now bridges a lot of Google services into one. The new notification shade makes it unnecessary for you to open notifications without visiting apps.

The only integration you get on the iOS 6 is for social networks like Facebook and Passbook, the iOS doesn't really have much service interference. Safari could be synched through iCloud, but Apple has not given options to connect many service to one. As an iOS owner, you have to launch an app to access a service.

Social networks finds favor in integration with the Windows Phone 8, the NFC also makes connectivity with different devices easy. A concept called Native Code on Microsoft platforms integrates the Window 8 with the Windows Phone 8; it gives you an opportunity to access your Windows 8 from your Window Phone 8 device.

If you own more than one device for Android, iOS or Windows, you are able to easily link those accounts with your ID, but Microsoft seems to offer a very good and fair integration with its Windows 8. Google has a lot of product, and almost all of them are linked together, Google seems to also take the lead in this area.

User Interface

In terms of user interface, the iOS6seems to maintain the stagnant face it previously had with icons. The widget on the Android was resized and on the Windows Phone 8, you are able to customize fascinating Live tiles. Not that Microsoft completely transformed the layout of the Windows Phone 7.5, but it is very flexible and you arrange things the way you want.

Considering the most open to homescreen construction, Jelly Bean offer the best, apart from allowed folder creation, it allows numerous widgets, you can make your UI to be completely unique. Though the iOS6added one more column to its screen real estate, with new space for apps on the homescreen, and can equally be placed into folders, still it look so much unfriendly to users who will like make multiple screen and folders for app organizing.

For the interface customization, the Windows Phone 8 seems to come first according to my rating.


Critically observing the three platforms, the Android Jelly Bean takes its place as the best to offer the Map service, the Google now make its service integration fascinating, and a more flexible user interface, but not as much as it is offered by the Windows Phone 8, the iOS 6 is a more cool platform, but the boring stagnant UI has not been transformed.

Different people with its preference of features on each product, I hereby write a disclaimer that this article is never written to condemn or to elevate a platform more than the other.

Do you find this write up informative? Feel free to share your view.


Glo and Etisalat Free Browsing Tweaks (Fresh and Working)

Yeah, unlike before, this days free browsing cheats are very Scarce, so I do this once a while, for my Friends in Nigeria who wants to browse with their mobile phones for free, this time I am sharing with Us what I discovered with a Senior guru, UNStoppable7, I give him 2 thumbs up for this.
He shared the tweak with me and his pals, so I am doing same, sharing with you.
I'm pretty sure You are quite lucky you're reading this.

etisalat and Glo fbt

The tweak is the called the Glo Night Package.
But Please note that it ONLY works for OLD Glo numbers like 0805, 0807, and 0705.

So if you don't have old Glo Sim, I recommend that you buy, go and borrow, or maybe steal one ;)

How to use the Glo Night Package Tweak

  • You must be on Glo Gbam.(dial *100*5*1# to migrate)
  • it costs only 10 naira as daily due
Okay, here is the Main part of it
Create a new access point on your symbian phone with:
  • APN :  glosecure
  • Open your Opera Mini
    Use PROXY SERVER: or
    PORT:  80
    USERNAME and PASSWORD:   gprs
s40 users can Grab the Prov > Download Here

And if you aint having the Cast Opera mini,
Download any of the Ones below
* Cast Opera 4.2 HERE  OR
* Cast Opera 5.2 HERE

For  Opera Opera mini 5.2 handler (Download the Opera here)
In HTTP server put
Socket server:   socket://

FOR EXE 5 (Symbian)
Use HTTP server :
Socket sever:     socket://

Download Exe5 Here

Launch the Opera and Start Browsing Free FROM 1 AM to 6 PM Every day


For your Health Reasons, please don't use it every night continuously, doing so can get you sick, because while others are Asleep, you are awake browsing, just an Advice.

The Etisalat Opera Tweak

This works fine on your Opera 7, 5.2 , 6, and Oupeng Browser
Download Here

PORT: 80
APN: etisalat
Frontquery: (make sure you put the # sign after the .com, especially s40 phone users)

Sorry I didn;t upload the Prov, but you can make the prov by yourself here
Launch and Browse on your Etisalat free, anytime any day.

That will be all for now, there're ways people use to browse on PC now, called VPN, it's not new, but I think I'll share it in my future posts, so keep checking.
For now Don't forget to Share this post with friends! Blessings and Peace pals.


Is MTN sucking Your Credit too much? Here're The Best MTN Tariff Plans To Use Now

Best MTN Call and Data Tariff Plans [update for 2018] : Over time, things have changed, other networks with MTN Nigeria are introducing many new ways of attracting Customers, especially through Cheap Tariff Plans, free Data-Bundles, Calls, SMS, blah-blah-blah.
Despite all that, there're still complaints.
Let's drop the fact that, "MTN users are running to Etisalat".
If you use MTN, you feel you're spending too much, recharging and buying credits every time, don't give up, THERE'S HOPE coz I've piled up this Post for you (Prepaid Users only), it should Help you know the Best Tariff plan that suites your needs on MTN right now.

mtn tariff

Best & Latest MTN Tariff Plans You Should Go For:


You'll get Double of the price you're recharging, i.e if you load #200,
When you use the recharge code *885* recharge pin#  , You'll get #400
- To check the balance of the Free Extra airtime, dial*886#
This credit can be used for Calls, SMS, and Data only.

NOTE: Your extra free credit expires same day by 11:59pm so make sure you use all of it before then. THIS DOUBLE RECHARGE PROMO REMAINS VALID DURING THE PERIOD YOU WERE SEEING THIS POST.

This promo will help us save more while calling more or using more data for browsing
Now to the main post: 


1st minute of the day (MTN to Other networks):  --------  40 kobo per second
2nd minute and above (MTN to MTN) ----------------- 10 kobo per second
2nd minute and above (MTN to Other Networks) ------

But if you're gonna Call Numbers in USA, Canada,  India and China     it's 20kobo per second
Calling UK, Germany; and South Africa numbers costs 42kobo per second.

MTN Super Saver SMS

SMS to MTN Numbers   4 Naira per SMS
SMS to other networks in Nigeria   7 Naira per SMS
SMS to international numbers   10 Naira per SMS
30 kobo per second

If you like the Tariff you can Activate it by dialing *408# or text 408 to 131

MTN PULSE ( *406# ) - Which is the BEST Updated for 2018

1st min of the day (MTN to Other Networks): --------------      40 kobo per second
2nd min and above (Pulse to Pulse):              ---------------         8.34 kobo per second
2nd min and above (Pulse to Other local Networks)   --------      30 kobo per second
Happy Hour Calls (12:30am to 04:30am everyday)    --------    FREE!  ==>> Canceled
10 MB data bundle free. (once a week)                     ---------        FREE!
25Naira for 500MB data from 12am - 4am once everyday
I also learnt they got Freebies for Pulse Users every Fridays


SMS to Pulse numbers is 3 Naira per SMS
To MTN numbers costs you 5 naira per SMS
To other networks is 10 naira and
to International networks costs just 15 naira per SMS

To Activate MTN Pulse dial *406# or SMS 406 to 131

I think MTN Pulse is cool for those that like browsing on phones without making much Calls, I had used it once, but then I only enjoyed the browsing part of it, but then I had to move as the Rates was a bit not very nice., I wasn't making much calls except to my very close relative, besides, you have to wait a whole week( 7days) before I get my 10 MB data bundle free.


And finally, MTN family and Friends, also known as F&F is for those who spend more time calling their Family, loved ones, and close friends, this tariff is rather getting old, so just incase you forgot, his is a remonder that it still exists and Still Rocks, I am even using it as at the moment I shared this post.

Call 10 Family and Friends number               at 10 kobo per second
Calls to other MTN numbers                        25 kobo per second
Midnight Calls (12:30am to 4:30pm)             FREE
Calls to other networks in Nigeria                 30 kobo per second
You get 5MB Data Bundle Free at Recharging a 100naira Weekly, Pretty cool right?

Extra Tip: 
To Add Family and Friends number Dial *560* 1* the phone number#
To Remove a number from F&F dial  *560* 2 * the phone number# 

If you like the MTN F&F Plan, To Activate Dial *407# or SMS 407 to 131.

I hope this helped you reduce cost money you used to spend on recharges. Kindly take a second, show some love by Sharing with friends


Best Different iPhone Cases and Covers – Review

Different iPhone covers and cases are coming into the market as soon after the iPhone 5 was launched in the market. However, it is not easy to get hands on either the device or its accessories. This is because the demand by the pre-ordering users has so much increased there is no time for regular demands and orders to be fulfilled. 

The iPhone covers are easy to find however on the third party accessory dealers’ website. You can log on to Incipio, Cygnett, LifeProof, Wrappz and other famous designer accessory dealers’ websites to have what you want for your iPhone. Some accessories are made in metal, wood, plastic and some are made in leather, plastic and silicone. Apart from that, you can also custom design the accessories with the help of choosing the color, the material and the design of the accessories all by yourself. The dealers are all equipped with the kind of material you will choose and the color that will suit you. 

Even now, the designer brands in clothes and accessories for both men and women are also bringing up their line of iPhone covers, cases, and stickers, etc. You can see how people have matched up the texture of their bags with their iPhone accessories. You can also get them by searching online for the designer brands etc. let me highlight some good cases and covers for your iPhone 5. 

1. Tech 21 Impact Band Case: 

Tech 21 Impact Band Case
It has a side and clear plastic back protection for the iPhone. All you need is to put the iPhone in the case and wear it as an armband. This is for all those who forget their gadgets lying down around places they go out to and then their cell phones and other gadgets are stolen. When you use the phone, you will be using it from your wrist inside the cover, so you do not have to take it out from the case. You can get this for 40$ on Amazon.

2. X-Doria Dash:

X-Doria Dash
When you want that the iPhone 5 should not be mistaken for the iPhone 4 by your friends while still it is in the cover, than go for this one. It has the side and the back protection leaving space for the icon of the iPhone 5 and the details on the back casing. Still it is a good case as its shape is unique and extraordinary. You can get it from Amazon and the third party dealers for 35$.

3. Scoshe Kickback:

Scoshe Kickback

This case is available on every dealer website for only 30$. The colors and the designs can be handpicked by the users in custom designs. You can order the cases directly from the website. It has a stand at the back so that the iPhone can easily rest in a tilting position and you can work on it without holding it. It is easy to hold as the material is silicone so if you have sweaty hands, do not worry.

Author’s Biography:
Angelina is a professional writer for topics such as the use of Apple devices, Blackberry cell phones and Kindle accessories, on technical details of gadgets like laptops and tablets from different companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola etc. You can read all about the issues the users face while using such gadgets, so that you may be able to help yourself while you use the devices. She also deals in the area of such gadgets’ accessories like Kindle cover varieties, iPhone covers, iPod touch cases, iPhone cases, and Android devices accessories etc


New iPhone Malwares Questions Apple’s Security Claim

What makes this a more exciting piece of news; Android spyware wreaking havoc with OS phones or iPhone spyware infiltrating the ‘so secured’ platform of the Apple device? Surely, the later grabs your attention, as this is definitely not something one would normally expect. The iOS is considered as the foolproof and highly secured platform, which has increased the expectations of not only its users, but also the security and tech gurus. So, cavity in this fortress is a waking call for the Apple’s masters, especially in face of a latest malware scare.

iphone Malware

The Dirty Fish

Lately, news published in Bloomberg make huge waves in the sea of technological world – a malware, known as FinFisher spyware, developed by Gamma Group from the UK, and is being touted as spyware that can take over many mobile devices, iPhone and BlackBerry included. The malware will prove to be a fish that contaminates the entire aquarium, leaving nothing as it spreads. It has the ability to work as an iPhone tracking software or BlackBerry spyware – working stealthily to keep a track of the location of the phones, their voice calls and emails. Unlike any other tracking software, FinFisher records your voice calls by turning the microphone on and even the surrounding sounds.
Basically function of this spyware is to monitor the target user’s privacy - from their movement, their private data, their personal dealings, anything and everything would be under this demon’s gun.

Fishing In Deep Waters

Researchers from the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs have been struggling to find how deep this Fisher spyware can swim. Samples collected of devices affected from this malware are under analysis at the Citizen Lab to unravel the myriad layers of this spy. Researchers have so far revealed that there are many people using this spyware to monitor targets – allowing the users to switch the microphone of the targeted phone remotely and convert an average iPhone into a proper tracking device.
The University’s research results are similar to the material that Gamma has been spreading around to promote the FinFisher product called FinSpy Mobile. FinFisher has the ability to monitor computer and cell phone in a stealth mode.

Privacy On Target

This spyware not only monitors your saved data or your calls, but also saves every word that you type through your smartphone keyboard. A keystroke logger logs every singly key that is typed on a keyboard onto the hacker’s screen through the internet and hence both the passwords of your social networking or email accounts, and your bank accounts would be hacked through the FinSpy products.
Similarly remotely turning on cameras on an iPhone – or a BlackBerry for that matter, with a quintessential BlackBerry spyware maneuver – can jeopardize the privacy of the user, and would aid the hacker in keeping tabs on their target in a multitude of ways. And also, there are few better ways of intruding in on the private dealings of a person than intercepting their Skype calls – it could lead to privacy repercussions of both the personal and business fronts.


Free Adsense-Friendly Blogger Template from EdiTweaks

Finding a good-looking template that would match your blog considering your niche and other related stuff can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do as a Blogger.

I recall early February, 2012 when I started to blog on the Blogger platform, apart from having nice posts, I was a bit Design-oriented, I saw many other Tech blogs with cool templates and felt like having an exact copy of their Design, yet I still felt a need to own a Unique template, so I set off to Premium Blogger Templates where I came across TechPost Blogger template which I used on this blog then.

This template is very different from the one at PBTemplates, I solved few problems after tweaking and adding changes to it, customizing the template to be simple and original for every Blogger to use, like the background which was initially white is now made Grey and the main body and tagged sidebars which was initially too tight  for posts and categories is now wider and can now contain more content in the posts for your readers.

More Added Features in the Template includes: 
  • Read More Feature
  • Related posts
  • Bread-Crumb Navigation Menu above Post Title
  • Large Share Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc) below post
  • Adsense Friendly (For Those who are needing to Apply and Get Approved and get satisfying earnings from Adsense, this template has 3-Column layout, and is therefore a very friendly match)
Note: The Header Links will have to be Edited so you can put your own thing, to do this go to Design > Edit HTML
Search for the anchor text.
For example, if you need to change the header link titled Mobile, search for MOBILE in the template. You should see something like this:

<li><a href=''>MOBILE</a>

Replace them with your own and Save your template.

Check Out the DEMO HERE

> Download Here

I hope you'll like it, but hey!!! If you wanna say Thanks? I'll appreciate you Kindly don't Touch the Credits area



Checking Windows 7 for Disk Errors

You get new data every second of every day. From employee reports to customer information to sales histories, you’re constantly collecting vital information that you need safely stored. How do you keep it all in order; or worse, what do you do when it crashes or you lose some of that data? Windows 7 is an easily managed system that allows for simple repair and backup of important files and programs.

Fix Windows 7

What to Do When Your System Crashes

It’s not cold outside, but your computer is freezing. Defragmenting can help. But there are other troubleshooting steps to take that can restore your OS to a reasonable standard.

Recovery Tools
There are several tools available on the market that can help with crash problems and recovery of information. There is the Start Up Repair tool. This tool replaces damaged or missing files after an incident. There are a few Windows debugger tools on the market that are handy in system-crash situation.

TestDisk is also an available option. Although it’s not an indigenous Windows tool, Windows 7 falls within its reach of doable repair projects. It works as a lost partition replacement disk.
You can get down to the details with the appropriate Outlook repair tool. These tools are designed to protect and/or recover lost and damaged information in your email exchange systems, including your Calendar, Contacts and even your Tasks lists. There are also systems that are specifically designed to recover lost photos, graphs and other important images. The unique quality of PhotoRec is that it’s built to do its work in recovering items from digital cameras. Run PhotoRec on your Windows 7, though, and it will be just as effective at image recovery.

Don't Panic

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Disaster

  • Purchasing the proper package for your specific company or individual needs can help avoid some of the meltdowns or vulnerabilities that Windows 7 users often face. If your system is too skeletal to protect against information theft or crashes from overcrowding, then you may want to upgrade. On the other hand, you can never invest too much in your computer systems if they’re essential for your business. Your clients are your most precious resources; protect their information and privacy.

  • Position yourself to respond and not just react. Program your system to respond in the way that you want for optimal performance when it’s threatened. You may need optimal hard drive capability for some the tasks suggested. You also must have Internet access.

  • Often, you can set up your system to automatically restart at the point of system failure.

Windows 7 is an awesome operating system. It’s designed for optimal use by business owners, individual users and small to mid-sized companies. Windows 7 has version packages that provide data security and in-built recovery and back up systems. Also use some of the recovery and security systems listed above as well as others. Protect your system, as it’s essential to your personal and business needs.
An OutlookRepair Tool can help you avoid disaster by helping you retain your files