How to Spot Differences between Online Storage Providers

When selecting an online storage provider the final decision is based solely on the differences rather than the similarities.  There are a number of easy-to-spot differences, however they are rarely the most important factors to consider.  In the long run, the difficult to spot differences are often what lead to exceptional and consistent customer satisfaction.


Easy to Spot Differences

The easy to spot differences can almost entirely be found on the online storage provider’s website.  This includes variables such as price, storage space, sharing options and syncing abilities.  Not only are these differences easy to find, but they are also easy to compare.  This is because a majority of them are based on specific numbers which makes comparing them side-by-side easy.  Depending upon how customers plan on using their online storage there are a variety of additional features which may enter into the decision-making process as well.  In most cases, comparing these features requires little more than a checklist approach.

ONLINE Storage Provider

Difficult to Spot Differences

While the easy to spot differences may make comparing multiple online storage providers easy, they are not the only things which should be considered.  The difficult to spot differences not only play a significant role in long-term customer satisfaction, but provide valuable insight into how the online storage provider operates.  Unfortunately, evaluating these differences often requires some additional research outside of what is listed on the online storage provider’s website.


The first issue to research is security.  There are several characteristics which must all be combined in order to determine how secure and online storage provider really is.  This includes identifying the level of encryption used when transferring files to and from the online storage provider’s servers, physical security measures surrounding the servers, and potential software vulnerabilities.  The easiest way to assess how seriously in online storage provider takes their security is by doing some research into their history.  Whenever there is a security breach at an online storage provider it receives some news coverage.  Is important to note how often a security issue arises as well as what type of damage it caused.
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Data Restoration

Another issue to look at is data restoration.  Taking advantage of free trials is an excellent way to test the data restoration process.  Pay special attention to how easy the process is as well as how effective it is.  If a free trial is not available, online forums may provide valuable insight into this issue.


Most online storage providers do not share much information about the infrastructure behind their service.  This is unfortunate because the strength of their infrastructure will directly affect how secure and reliable their services.  High-quality online storage providers utilize only infrastructure which they own because it is the only way for them to guarantee everything is properly upgraded and maintained.

Ease of Use

The overall ease-of-use is another factor which is difficult to discern without trying out the service.  Quality online storage providers allow potential customers to experience everything they have to offer by providing a short free trial.  To save time, this should only be considered once only a handful of potential options remain.

Nothing is more frustrating than selecting an online storage provider only to find out they are not everything they claim to be.  In order to make the right decision the first time, it is important to identify and compare the difficult to spot differences because they are the key to long-term satisfaction.


Ways To Convert & Save HTML/Webpages in PDF Format

Seeing a very interesting content on a webpage, we might have a need to keep it. Like a case where you are in cyber cafe, bookmarking is not a good idea since the Computer is not yours.
Sometimes, even the "Save Page As.." option is still not good enough, it will save the page quite alright but may not save All the properties that made up that webpage, like its CSS, hence when you open it else where, the Saved page rather turns out broken or too Ugly.

This is where we would be needing this post, Saving or Downloading webpages as PDF had turned to be the Best option for people these days, after turning your webpage into PDF, you can save it, yet it retains all the qualities of that webpage, so you can always have the Clearest Understanding of the information on the webpage as you read it again.

HTML webpage to PDF

You can use any of the methods I put below to have your webpages Turned into PDF format without "stress"


Web2PDF is an online tool which you can instantly use to convert that interesting page to PDF, so can you pick it up and Read, anytime you want.
Simply Copy and Paste the URL of the site you would like to convert, Hit the Convert to PDF button, and you are good to go. It works Instantly.


To make the whole thing more easier, the tool is up on your Various Browsers, simply Download and Install the Add-On,


PDF my URL is another awesome web App for converting your webpages into PDF files, I use it, and it works well, and Instantly.

3. PDF Crowd

This Online PDF converter Tool is splendid, and has many Options to Choose from, depends on how you want to use it.
It comes with
  • Webpage To PDF converter (where you convert through URLs)
  • HTML file to PDF convert, where you Upload the HTML file, and Convert to PDF.
  • HTML Codes to PDF converter, and a WYIWYG Editor
Sounds nice right? you should try it yourself.

4 . EVO PDF Software

It's pretty cool, not a web app like the Others, but it's very Useful for Offline Convertion of webpages into PDF.
It runs under the .NET framework, so you should have that installed on your PC for the EVO PDF Software to function properly.
Download the EVO PDF Software Here

Are there any other better Methods I missed to mention? You can tell us by leaving a comment, Still Don't Forget to Share and Bookmark this using the Share buttons Below.

The Internet Can Be Even Better For You

If you get a reasonable degree of enjoyment out of using the internet you might be happy enough with this. However, there are also some simple ways of making it even better for you as well as more important in your life, and here are some of the best ones.

the internet

Use It More Often

By using the internet more often you will gain a number of benefits. First of all, you will become more confident with it. If you tend to stay away from your computer at times because you aren’t sure what you are doing then some practise will help you. As well as this, by getting connected more often you are sure to come across sites or services which are of interest to you. As well as the huge amount of established websites there are also lots of new sites opening up every day and if you look hard enough you will find some which you weren’t aware of before now.

Keep in Touch More

The internet is a terrific way of keeping in touch with people you don’t see all the time. If you haven’t yet signed up to a social networking site or tried making a video call then this is a great time to do so. These can be addictive ways of communicating and you could end up spending a lot of time chatting and sharing photos and such like. There are a number of different social options around these days so you need to take your time and look for the one which best suits your needs and lifestyles. Once you have done this then you might find yourself drawn in to take a look at what your friends are up to on a daily basis.

Get a Faster Connection

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people don’t get as much out of their internet as they could is the speed of their connection. If you occasionally lose your service or downloading files takes an age then this could put you off the idea of using the internet altogether. However, there is no need to put up with a poor or slow service now.

The likes of the FIBRE OPTIC connection offered by Sky Broadband will give you an incredibly fast connection which won’t let you down. This means that you can download your favourite songs and upload your favourite pictures without worrying about the time it will take.


7 Android Apps that Inspire, Motivate and Capture Your Imagination

While people often think of mobile devices and apps as reminders of a fast-paced technological world and hindrances to relaxation, many apps are actually designed to help users feel relaxed, inspired and motivated. These handy Android apps can keep you inspired and motivated on the go.

1. The Bucket List by Metosphere

The Bucket List is a free Android app that lets you write your lifelong to-do list. You can prioritize items and share them on The Bucket List's social network to inspire others and get inspired, and you get to cross them off as you finish them.

2. GoalTracker

GoalTracker is a free app that lets you track daily activities like exercise, work, reading and more. GoalTracker can quantify the amount of time spent doing target activities and compare them to the goals you set over time.

3. Meditation Helper

Meditation Helper

Meditation Helper is a free app that helps you practice daily meditation by letting you set the amount of time you wish to meditate, sounding a helpful start and end chime and tracking your progress on a daily basis.

4. BodySpace by

BodySpace is a free Cell phone app from that connects you to BodySpace, an online health and fitness network. BodySpace offers the benefit of detailed descriptions of your favorite exercises, mobile TV workout videos and support from their social network community.


5. Relaxus

Relaxus offers soothing nature sounds and therapeutic meditative music designed to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Sound scenes from nature are coupled with nature images and include beaches, waterfalls, birds and crickets. The atmospheric meditative music includes flutes, violins, the Tibetan bowl and more. The fully unlocked app costs about four dollars.

6. Mindjet

Mindjet is a free brainstorming and idea-building app that helps users organize their thoughts and map them out with a branching structure. Users can attach files and links to their MindJet files. MindJet is perfect for anyone who hates to forget spontaneous ideas.

7. Build Confidence by Andrew Johnson

Build Confidence is an app designed to help people feel good about themselves. The app leads users through relaxation exercises such as self-hypnosis, guided imagery, deep breathing and meditation. The relaxing music promotes restful sleep. The full app costs about three dollars. In addition to Build Confidence, Andrew Johnson has designed other apps such as Deep Sleep and Lose Weight.
Using these handy Android apps can help remind you to stay focused, relaxed, inspired, motivated and confident.

Author Bio:
Jennie is a tech blogger residing in Northern California. Away from the computer, she enjoys visiting with her friends, scrapbooking and DIY home projects.


MTN MobileTV Tweak - Get 500MB to Browse and Download For Mobile & PC Free!

Seriously, MTN had really been very difficult to get by now, their Firewall had been very strong through out the whole year, not until we found a Leak, Yes, you heard me right "A Leak!"
It's been 4 days now, MTN free browsing is Back! and that's what I'm sharing on this post.
With this Tweak, you get 500 MB data bundle, for browsing and Surfing the web with your Mobile phone FREE!
First active your Mobile TV bundle,

Follow this Steps below:
1. With your phone web browser, visit :

2. Once the page is on load, you'll immediately receive an SMS, stating you just got 500MB, for Free trial on their new mobile TV service for ONE WEEK (7 DAYS)
Dial *559# to see bundle Balance

MTN mobile TV tweak

The Main Part of the Tweak

Now here's the Sweetest part, you won't be spending all that huge amount of Bundle watching their "TV".

To use the 500MB on your Opera, UCweb etc, agai just follow the Settings below:

For Default Web Browser
Create a New Access point, with APN:
In the Proxy server Address you can use any of the below Proxies:
  • OR
  • Port: 80
For OPERA 6, 7
Create a New Acess Point:
Use Proxy Address:
PORT: 80
Open the Opera,
Leave every other thing Blank
Scroll down to Proxy Server use:


For Opera 4.2 HandlerLab use
Leave everything Blank
Launch the opera >> Proxy Server >

For UCWEB (UC handler)


A pal also said this tweak worked on his PC via Proximitron Tunneling App, though I haven't tried it yet, but Below are the Setting He used on His Proximitron:
1. Get Proximitron Here and Any other Web Browser (Opera recommended)
2. Launch the Proximitron, Tick use Remote Proxy but Untick any other thing you see there
3. Use the below configuration
  • Click Proxy > Put (NO SPACES) press OK to Save
  • Again Go to Headers >> Untick whatever you see there >> Click New
  • Fill it as follows
  • HTTP Header: Host
    URL Match: Leave Empty
    Header Value Match: *
    Replacement Text:
    After putting these values, click on OK
  • Now Host is been Created and Listed in your HTTP Header Filters, Tick both boxes near the Host 
  • Click OK
 MTN Proximitron Settings
  • Open your Browser, (Firefox or Opera) > Go to Settings >> Advanced
  • Use the I.P :
  • Port 8080 Save and start Surfing the Web
This tweak works for a week, so use it for the moment, Don't forget to Share with friends, and if you're Gonna Be Copying this, please, Don't forget to honour the hardwork by putting a Link back to this site that you got it from!

Great Tips to Improve Your SEO Rankings through Social Media

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has undergone a sea of change from its initial years. A whole new range of algorithm has changed the ground for even playing field. They are trying to rule out malpractices in SEO as well as find unique and user loved sites to rank in the searches more. Along with this the huge surge in popularity of Social Media has changed the dynamics completely. Modern success in page ranking is much more dependent on a successful integration of SEO and Social media. Enhancing SEO with effective and impressive Social Media presence holds the key to success.

seo and social media

Must Read Read: Ways On How Web Hosting Affects SEO

Here are some tips to do it.

TIP 1: Brand Building.

Establishing a strong brand presence is one of the first things to do on the top social networking sites. This makes your site or brand visible on any social search. As the current trend is to stay logged in to their social networking pages almost 24/7, they also try to look for information in those sites.

Using your business name, while signing up in any social media sites, will be a better way to start. This also helps better brand recalling. While signing up try to use the most popular social networking sites as well as the professional networking sites too. Audio visual networking site like YouTube will also do a lot of good.

TIP 2: Share and let them Share.

Insert Share buttons for these networking sites in your page will allow readers or visitors to share contents that they like. This will increase your visibility in your social network and increase your social presence also. The more people share your content or ‘Like’ them, more of their friends will get to learn about you, your content and what you have to offer.

TIP 3: Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Pinterest can do wonders to your social presence and SEO. They also provide a great opportunity to go viral. The attribute to “dofollow” has a huge impact.

TIP 4: Beat your own Drum.

Use your brand name at every opportunity. This creates brand visibility as well as brand consciousness among users. Most importantly they will improve search ranking and SEO. Use the brand’s name in all updates, comments and every way possible but always try to make the brand name a part of the content. But do not speak badly about any other brand, as this creates mistrust among the loyal fans also.

TIP 5: Communicate

Good ranking in social media means an active presence in the media. The secret of successful social media presence and thereby successful SEO is not only building a page.

Use the social media page to interact with your consumers. Post relevant contents, interact with other brands and followers. Use the page to launch, advertise, and float discount and contests. Using the page for direct interaction can also be a good idea.

More likes, shares, follows, tweets are likely to rank your page higher in search results.


With the population in social media increasing at a phenomenal rate every second, it is one of the best places for SEO. Keeping the basics right and ethically correct SEO can be done to increase your business and brand promotion hugely in these sites. People are getting more and more dependent on social media to find information on about everything possible, particularly consumer goods. So using them properly and effectively will definitely help promote business and SEO.


DaisyDisk – The Disk Space Visualizer

“Seek and destroy” – this is the first phrase that comes to my mind when I see that there’s no free disk space left. Whatever capacity your drive has, sooner or later you’ll encounter the problem of searching for the problem folders and files that have consumed your disk space.

It’s no use relying on automatic programs like CleanMyMac or MacKeeper. Very often the only thing they do is just cleaning system code, PPC code, localizations, etc. At best it will free some 5-10 Gb of disk space. And what to do with backup files, FullHD movies, apps’ distributives, music that can move around the drive? And don’t forget about temporary Final Cut files and backups for your iPad, that after some time grow bigger and bigger.

In this situation your way out are disk space visualizers that will help you to find out problem zones and get rid of all unnecessary files.

Some theory

Modern disk space visualizers use two popular methods of presenting information: sunburst or treemap.

SUNBURST METHOD - is realized in the DaisyDisk. Among the advantages of the sunburst method I can name good information perceptiveness and keeping the integrity of model’s structure when the information on a drive is changed. The disadvantages of this method are inability to compare visually the sizes of sectors on different levels and not a full use of window area.

TREE MAP - is realized in a nother popular Mac program called Space Gremlin. This method represents a tree-like file structure in the form of rectangles of different size that correspond to the space the object occupies. The advantages of this method are more effective use of application’s working area and more convenient visual comparison of several objects. The disadvantages are worse perceptiveness (in comparison with the sunburst method) and navigation in general.


DaisyDisk is the most popular disk space visualizer at the moment. The first thing that draws your attention is the appearance of the program and the speed of its work. The main working area is occupied with the model of the drive, while on its right there’s a legend area.


Navigation can be realized both with the help of a model or of a legend. It should also be mentioned that the legend automatically changes depending on what sector of a diagram your cursor is now. The model and the legend reflect only big objects and folders while all small ones are hidden under the link “Small objects”.

The move among the sectors is really smooth, with beautiful animation. I’m not sure that any other app of such functions can boast of it. Any object can be viewed by pressing standard “space” key. All deleted elements are moved to the inner Recycle bin.


It’s also worth noticing that the app is provided into two versions.
The first one is available for download from App Store.
The second one – from the developers’ site.

The difference between these two versions is that the version from App Store doesn’t support administrator mode, and that means that this version can’t work with system folders and sections you don’t have access to. The version from the developers’ site allows you to see not only your folders, but also the folders of other users.

From my personal experience I can tell that this app has helped me to find the hidden files that occupied really a lot of space and at the same time were useless. For example, I deleted the folder "MobileBackups" where the copies of Time Machine are kept. Also it found some of the “lost” House M.D. series in HD-quality, old and “heavy” iPad apps and games I didn’t use, etc

Author Bio:
Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT companyIntellectsoft (to visit company’s site clickhere). The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development.


Change and Display Webpages in 3D with Mozilla Firefox

Imagine big websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Web Forums, any website you can think of, being displayed in 3D!
Yes, it's possible, I converted and made so many webpages viewed in 3D using Mozilla Firefox. May be it's one reason the browser remains World's most popular web browser.
The Firefox 17.0.1, which was the latest  version as at the time I published this post comes with some many features yet to be unlocked.
I was less busy when I stumbled upon this, it's something you can do For Fun.


* Right Click on the Website/website you want to convert and View in 3D

* Click on Inspect Element (Q)


* The page element bar is shown at the foot of the screen

* Click 3D view, and there! You have the webpage converted and displayed in 3D.

Check out my Google Plus homepage, after changing it to 3D!

3D Webpage

Hope you like it?
Please Share the Fun!!!

Bridging the Gap with Social Media Marketing

Once upon a time, it was a trend to design and publish your own website and go for the best SEO tips in order to expose it to the rest of world. However, there are some more effective tools and platforms that will help you in gaining the momentum right through a new window. There have been some great research, development and growth in the popularity of social media channels that assist you in online marketing.

social media Strategy

Many business models and well established companies today make use of the social media websites to market their products and excellent services with a single click. You will get a great fan follower base and you are ought to achieve much better connectivity with millions of valued clients and consumers in a very less time.

Social Media Marketing – How it bridges the Gap

There has always been a gap between the social media users and the rest of the world that do not have knowledge about the marketing through social networking websites. No doubt, you will try to build your brand and mention something which can attract the consumers in no time. Competitors and market rivals have already opted for the social media marketing tools that can define the dimensions in a more clear and pronounced manner.

Whatsoever is the reason, the age of print media such as paper, brochures and greeting cards will never end but the real transformation and conversion leads will be gained only if you are stuck with the social media marketing concept. Some of the experts have exclaimed that those business entities that have failed to comply with the increasing standards and popularity of the social media websites are doomed to fail in the recent future.

Increasing parameters with respect to social websites

Today millions of people of all age groups spend most of their time on the social media websites looking for someone to chat with or searching for the best products of their preference. However, if you company fails to market through such social media platforms, it is quite possible that your business will not flourish. It will go back to the Stone Age when your rivals will be happy with their progress cards. Also, nearly all the web developers have defined the parameters of integrating your blog content or website information with the social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


7 Great Places I submit My Blog Posts for Fresh Traffic

As bloggers, Once we Publish a post, we can't just leave it like that and walk away

Your Blog is updated? YES
Will Google Bot automatically crawl and index your newest post and put on their Search Engine? YES

But it doesn't stop here,  there are several places (Directories) you will need to submit that new blog posts, depending on your niche, coz you just can't be sharing an Art related post in a Tech Directory, I'm not sure anyone will view it.
As soon as I publish my posts, I carry out my own Manual Update Activities, by Sharing the Post to Various Websites and directories, so users can have a look at my latest stuff, and in turn bring me some good amount of Fresh Traffic.

Below are the greatest finest Places/Directories where I share my Posts, immediately they're Published.

1. Facebook:

 We all know the social network is one of the biggest places people meet in the world, you can share your posts with your friends there, it should even have more impact since it's coming from someone they know. Having lots of friends will even increase traffic, I never knew the essence of having lots of facebook friends till I realised my traffic increased simultaneously as my facebook friends were multiplying.
So the concept is simple "More Facebook Friends. More Traffic"


Extra tip: Another Efficient ways to Get Facebook Traffic

i. Facebook Groups, just incase you're still  growing your amount of FB friends, you can try out Joining few Facebook Groups with lots of members in it, and start Sharing your Posts in them, but do it Carefully and abide by their Rules, else you may get banned for Spamming.

2. Twitter with EasyRetweet:

Twitter is one great place I had no idea could get me cool traffic, you'll need tons of Followers to make this possible, but if you don't much followers then start using EasyRetweet.

EasyRetweet is one great app you can use to spread your tweets and reach twitter users that have thousands of followers than You.
Here's how it works:
I get to retweet other people's links, and earn points, after gathering the points, these same points are what I use to tweet my own Post Links, so I can target a Twitter user having 20,000 fans Retweeting my post, and when they do.. Viola! that's fat traffic!

3. StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is another nice place I share my latest posts, they used to be my 3rd Source of traffic, till few things changed with their system, with reasons not yet known, hope to bounce back with them soon.
The fact remains that I still get moderate traffic from them, they still stumble my pages when I share my posts.

4. Pinterest: 

Pinterest Should favor bloggers who deal alot with Pictures on their posts, I mean good looking photos, I get traffic from them, but the condition is that someone has to Repin your photo, more repins,ore traffic.
Despite that, I share my stuff and get myself some audience from there too.


5. So.Cl

A blogger pal introduced this one to me sometime back, it's a Microsoft owned Social Network, growing up very fast.
The first day I shared my post there, I got new friends, which means it's not only bringing traffic, it also helps too interact and meet new like minded people.
The place had been upgraded recently, they did little changes, indeed it was a cool upgrade.

The New way To Share your Posts on So.Cl

A Java Bookmarklet was formally used, but it's been removed, so here's how to share on
* Sign In
* Click the + plus button near the"Type a Topic to create Post" OR CLICK HERE
* Put your Post title (give it a sweet name)
* Hover to the upper right, add the postlink, > Again click the plus button, it should start fetching photos from the post. Choose one
* Type in the Tag and Share!
Next should you see Likes, comments, Riffs and Traffic coming in. You'll like it

6. Reddit

Been hearing so much about Reddit, so I gave it a trial, and it was Splendid!
Reddit is a huge directory, that lets you post your content and articles for interested people to read. After signing up, Give the post an Attractive Title, use Add a tag about the post (would get more traffic if it's a Popular Tag), and Submit Link.

7. Forums & Blog Commenting

If you have gained a good reputation in a forum, creating threads containing link to your newest related post about the thread is a good idea, I have done this few times, and it helped me.
Moreso, I walk around the web, commenting on blogs, I make sure my comment look tasty, so others can see, and click my profile to see my own blog.
This fetches me some traffic, and build me backlinks.
You can try it too.


These were not only places I submit my latest post for fresh traffic, it's also an Awesome way to get some good chunk of real traffic, it doesn't matter if your blog is Old or New, the traffic will come to stay, and the more you write great articles, publish them and submit your new posts, the more your traffic will increase.

If you have places where you submit your Latest posts, you can Share by commenting below.
Don't forget to use the share buttons.



3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Use Email Marketing List

Choosing to use email marketing to promote your product line makes a lot of sense. Assuming you are using qualified email lists, the chances of increasing sales is very real. Along with more revenue for your business, there are three other benefits that you will want to keep in mind.


Inexpensive Advertising Strategy

One of the major benefits of email marketing lists is that they make it easy to design a direct email campaign that is focused and inexpensive in comparison to other forms of advertising. This can be especially important for a small business owner who only has a limited amount of money to spend on marketing and advertising. The right list will make it much easier to connect with a broader audience and increase the chances for making a sale

Email Marketing is more Intimate

An old saying in the sales industry is that the sweetest name to any customer is the name of that customer. The ability to personalize email advertising means that you have the chance to make each email a little more intimate and personal for the recipient. The right software can make it easy to include the name of the potential client throughout the body of the email. You can even add other personal touches, like references to a past order or the name of the city in which the recipient resides. That approach makes the email seem less like a cookie cutter advertisement and more like a personal message.

Emails Can Be Shared Freely

Most business owners understand that their best sales efforts come from loyal customers. Unlike some other forms of advertising, it is easy to share an email with friends, coworkers and others who might be interested. There is no need to remember to take along the sales brochure or tell someone to check out that new billboard on a certain street. If a recipient thinks he or she knows someone who would be interested in your product line, it takes only a couple of seconds to forward the email. That convenience can also lead to helping you reach new customers with relative ease.


The key to receiving these and other benefits is to always use a qualified email list for your campaigns. Lists of this type are composed of people who have indicated they are interested in receiving offers for goods and services like those you offer. This approach will increase the rate of return you receive from each campaign and also allow you to avoid being labeled as a spammer. The latter designation could do some serious damage to your reputation and forever cut you off from some key consumer markets.


Earn More with A Cool Set Of 125x125 AD Banners for Your Blog

As we all Know, you can make some Cash off your Blog by Advertising products and Services, one of the ways is through your Ad Banners,  But firstyou have to show your audience, that you have Space to Advertise their stuff, this space should look very tidy because The look you present to Readers, who are likely to be your Potential Advertisers is very important.
Now, in this post, I will share with Us, some cool Set of Banner containing 125x125 Ad spaces into four places for your Blogs

125x125 AD Banner

You should use this because it's
  • Easy to Apply
  • The Ad Blocks are very Tidy and perfectly arranged
  • Customisable
  • Contains Four 125x125 AD Blocks, so you can have More Spaces for Ads which means More Earnings.

This was done with my little knowledge in HTML, and works on WordPress too, so I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

Go to your Blogger Layout >>  Add Gadget >> HTML/Javascript,
Copy and Paste the Codes below

<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" width="265" bgcolor="#ffffff"> <tbody><tr>

<td><center><a href="
ADVERT URL" rel="nofollow"><img border="0" alt="AD DESCRIPTION" width="125" src="" height="125"/></a></center></td>  

<td><center><a href="ADVERT URL" rel="nofollow"><img border="0" alt="AD DESCRIPTION" width="125" src="" height="125"/></a></center></td></tr> <tr>

<td><center><a href="ADVERT URL" rel="nofollow"><img border="0" alt="AD DESCRIPTION" width="125" src="" height="125"/></a></center></td>

<td><center><a href="ADVERT URL" rel="nofollow"><img border="0" alt="AD DESCRIPTION" width="125" src="" height="125"/></a></center></td></tr>

<table border="0" bordercolor="#0084ce" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" width="265" bgcolor="#ffffff"> <tbody> <tr> <td><center><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img width="265" height="37" border="0" alt="[Get This!]" src="URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE" /></a></center></td> </tr> </tbody></table> </center>

Save, and VIOLA! you're done!

* To customise background color of the overAll Ads Block, simply change the background color #fffff to your taste

* Customise the URL of the Banner Image
Find -}  and change to that of your Adverter's Banner image URL.

* To customise the URL (web address or landing page) of your Advert, simply Replace ADVERT URL, with the URL of your advertiser.  Before I got ADs on mine, I pointed my own to my CONTACT US Page so they can mail me if they've got advert offers.

As You can see at by the right hand part of my side bar, I had filled it up with Ads, though I still have the last one left for a Lucky Advertiser.

I think this is one of the best and coolest 125x125 Banner you can use for your blogs, hope you like it. Please share with Friends.

Blessings and Peace pals.