Ways To Convert & Save HTML/Webpages in PDF Format


Seeing a very interesting content on a webpage, we might have a need to keep it. Like a case where you are in cyber cafe, bookmarking is not a good idea since the Computer is not yours.
Sometimes, even the "Save Page As.." option is still not good enough, it will save the page quite alright but may not save All the properties that made up that webpage, like its CSS, hence when you open it else where, the Saved page rather turns out broken or too Ugly.

This is where we would be needing this post, Saving or Downloading webpages as PDF had turned to be the Best option for people these days, after turning your webpage into PDF, you can save it, yet it retains all the qualities of that webpage, so you can always have the Clearest Understanding of the information on the webpage as you read it again.

HTML webpage to PDF

You can use any of the methods I put below to have your webpages Turned into PDF format without "stress"


Web2PDF is an online tool which you can instantly use to convert that interesting page to PDF, so can you pick it up and Read, anytime you want.
Simply Copy and Paste the URL of the site you would like to convert, Hit the Convert to PDF button, and you are good to go. It works Instantly.


To make the whole thing more easier, the tool is up on your Various Browsers, simply Download and Install the Add-On,


PDF my URL is another awesome web App for converting your webpages into PDF files, I use it, and it works well, and Instantly.

3. PDF Crowd

This Online PDF converter Tool is splendid, and has many Options to Choose from, depends on how you want to use it.
It comes with
  • Webpage To PDF converter (where you convert through URLs)
  • HTML file to PDF convert, where you Upload the HTML file, and Convert to PDF.
  • HTML Codes to PDF converter, and a WYIWYG Editor
Sounds nice right? you should try it yourself.

4 . EVO PDF Software

It's pretty cool, not a web app like the Others, but it's very Useful for Offline Convertion of webpages into PDF.
It runs under the .NET framework, so you should have that installed on your PC for the EVO PDF Software to function properly.
Download the EVO PDF Software Here

Are there any other better Methods I missed to mention? You can tell us by leaving a comment, Still Don't Forget to Share and Bookmark this using the Share buttons Below.


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  1. Hi Edi, That was informative and was resourceful. You should keep this up. Cheers!


  2. Thanks for providing these useful tools for converting/saving webpages to pdf files. is also another great and free online program that can let users quickly convert any webpages into pdf format with no watermarks.


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