The Best VoIP Calling Apps for the iPhone 5

Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, has been one of the most popular phones of the last six months. In amongst its range of exciting new features, it still caters the simple need to keep up in the social loop with your contacts. As it can be quite expensive to talk on the phone, even with your plan through a wireless carrier, there is VoIP technology that you can rely on. VoIP means "voice over Internet protocol" and is a means of keeping in touch with your contacts through online . In the case of doing so with your iPhone 5, it involves a number of great apps that can allow you to take part in video calls for free, even with individuals who live in other countries. Some of the top VoIP apps for the iPhone 5 are explored below.


truphone for Iphone
Truphone is one of the best free VoIP apps for the iPhone 5. It allows you to make and receive voice calls to and from your friends, family members, coworkers and other individuals across the world for absolutely free. It was one of the first apps released for making VoIP calls and works over Wi-Fi or your wireless data plan.



Viber is a free app that allows you to make and receive free phone calls and textsfrom anywhere in the world. International calls are completely free, overriding expensive cell phone charges you might otherwise accrue. You can also enjoy sending and receiving photos and text messages for absolutely free, which makes using the app a joy. It supports multiple languages and is always on, working in the background on your iPhone 5.


Tango for iphones 

Tango Text, Voice and Video is free and allows you to enjoy free voice and video calls to anyone in the world. You can also send and receive free videos, photos and text messages. Using Tango is easy and fun. You can also enjoy new features such as sharing photos to Facebook, using avatars and video filters and more.



Talkatone is a free app that allows you to enjoy free voice calls with anyone in the world. It works in conjunction with Google Voice by allowing you to engage in the calls without having to use your cell phone plan's talk minutes. It is considered the highest rated VoIP app and works on Wi-Fi or wireless data.



iCall is free and allows you to make free phone calls to anyone, anywhere. It is easy to use and you can receive calls even when you are not running the app on your iPhone. There are no roaming charges, and you can save your plan's cell phone minutes.
These apps are all well worth downloading. You will be pleased with the quality of your calls and with how much money you will save on your wireless plan.


The Best Galaxy Phones from Samsung

Samsung has over the years garnered a formidable reputation in making quality handsets. The Samsung Galaxy lineage has taken the world by storm. This line of phones have brought the much deserved recognition to Samsung.
The following information discusses some of the best Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Samsung Galaxy Pop S 5570

Samsung Galaxy Pop S 5570
 The Samsung Galaxy Pop S 5570 is a technically upbeat phone. Sometimes this handset is touted as one of the best Android devices. Being a low-budget phone, this device is powered by a 600 MHz processor and runs on the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.
The device has a capacitive touchscreen of 3.12”. The touchscreen has decent resolution of 240 X 320. Apart from this the device comes with good connectivity options in the form of Wi-Fi and 3G. You can access and transfer multimedia by way of the 3.5 mm jack.

Samsung Galaxy Pro B 7510

Samsung Galaxy Pro B 7510
This is a QWERTY phone that provides you a splendid touch and type experience. It is suited for all types of users – the ones who are adept and not adept at using touch phones. The perfect set of keys on the QWERTY keypad makes this phone a joy to type on.
Running on the Android Froyo OS and powered by an 800 MHz processor, this device has the Touch Wiz UI. This UI is characteristic of many Samsung phones. It provides excellent user interface capabilities. You can navigate through the options on the phone using a fluidic and responsive UI.
The distinguishing feature on this device is the presence of a 3 MP camera. Apart from that, the phone has a 2.8” capacitive touchscreen, 2G network connectivity, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003

Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003
This phone resembles the Galaxy S I9000. But Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003 has slight differences. The phone has a Super LCD screen. This is in contrast to the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S I9000. The touchscreen of this device is large at 4 inches.
The phone is powered by a 1GHz processor. The graphics rendition capabilities on the device are good courtesy the VR SGX530 GPU. The phone has a 5 MP camera. It has good battery time since it provides 15 hours of talk time

Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
This phone is the next iteration from S II. Being a quad core smartphone you can expect peak performance from this device. There is no single unique selling proposition of this device. It has a plethora of features that you’ll have a hard time choosing the best one.
The phone has an extra large screen size. At 4.8”, the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is one of the largest in this segment. The resolution on the screen is a breathtaking 720 X 1280 pixels.
The Samsung Galaxy S 3 I9300 has an 8 MP camera. You can record HD videos and images with this camera. You can output HD videos at 1080P. 

When it comes to picking the best out of the best Samsung Galaxy phones, it is always a tough ask. The lineage of such phones keeps increasing. And the race to the top is becoming crowded.


Best Image/Photo & Graphic Editors For Symbian S60V3, S60V5, Symbian ^3 & Java

Sure, we have Default  Music players and Image Editors coming along with our Symbian and Java phones, it's definite that these Default editors lack certain features which make them very limited.
Therefore, in this Post I will be Sharing the Best and Easy-to-handle Image Editors you can use on your Symbian, and Java phones too, so if you are a phone geek, you like playing around with Apps, and photos  to give yourself some lift above your peers then, you're sure gonna like this.

These mobile Graphic/Photo Editor Apps below are absolutely cool, I recommend them as the best so far, they posses features which can contest the designs you do with Applications like CorelDraw, Paint.NET and the Adobe PhotoShop on your PC.
Where we go: 

Best Photo Editors For your Symbian 




Idesigner had been around for years, yet is Number One photo editor used by Symbian geeks.
It works under the Python Framework, so you will need to have the runtime installed before the App can work on your Symbian

Features on Idesigner include:
  • Supports jpg and png formats
  • Switch and Work between two images
  • Ability to Convert Images - Cut, Re-size, shading, lighting, blurring etc
  • More cool Editing Tools -  Pencil, Eraser, Sprayer, Eye-dropper, magnifier and so on.
Get - Python Runtime for Symbian OS here

You really should try it out  - DOWNLOAD IDesigner  HERE 


propaint mobile

The Propaint mobile is a very flexible photo editing tool, this is because it supports both Symbian and Java Phones. It's also a graphic app and optimiser, just incase you would be doing corrections on photos.
  • Supports JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF formats
  • You can Cut, Crop, Resize and Paste images.
  • Text tool for writing on the photos
  • Brush and Color Tool etc
You may get it here >> PRO PAINT MOBILE v2.3 S60v3/S60v5 and Java

Image Com

image com 

This is the Simplest of them all, though it doesn't have much Tools as Idesigner and Propaint, it's the Easiest to use, especially when you need to modify images that have very high definition and Sizes, Image com solves the problem of Reducing them into smaller useful images.

Get Image Com v 2.2 HERE

Camera Magica 1.1.2

Camera Magica is not really a photo editor, the app helps to Enhance the powers of your Symbian phone's camera.
With this app, you can be a Better photographer, and bring out the best or funniest out of the photos you take.
  • Rotate, scale or mirror pictures
  • Automatic balancing of histograms
  • Apply color effects like sepia, invert or burn colors
  • Apply filters, i. e. blur, sharpen or emboss
  • Exposure settings for night and daylight
  • Automatic panorama stitching
  • Digital zoom
  • Photo montage using transition masks
 You definitely will be having fun using this, Get the app HERE > Camera Magica 1.1.2 FOR S60

Don't forget to Bookmark by Sharing this with friends that need it, and if you think I missed out one or more Mobile Photo Editors, you can tell us by using the Comment field.


The Top 10 Most Dominant Laptop Brands in Year 2012

Laptop market has expanded exponentially. Therefore, the laptop manufacturers are concentrating on delivering state-of-the-art devices that ensure long term value and efficiently cater the customers’ needs.

The top 10 laptop manufacturers that enjoyed high market share in the previous year 2012 are:

 Best Laptop Deals


Acer has carefully engineered economical and trendy laptops. Acer along with other top manufacturers is now focusing on Ultrabook marketplace. Aspire S3 is one of the best Asus Ultrabook. Asus keeps on introducing new laptops models to help meet the different customer needs. Asus is a Taiwan based company and has now entered in the list of top laptop manufacturers.

Hewlett-Packard HP:

The broad range of HP-branded laptops is famous for their long battery life and durability. Pavilion Series Laptops are precision-engineered for fast processing and support advanced applications. HP Folio 13 delivers an impressive battery life of almost 7 hours.


This Japan-based company entered into the competitive market of light weight Ultrabook with its efficient Protege Z830. This well renowned brand has designed leading-edge laptops that are not only attractive, but also last longer. Toshiba Qosmio X870 is the new entertaining laptop.


After immense success in tablets and smart phones, Samsung has also captured the laptop market with its light weight, super fast and powerful products. The newest additions are the Series 5 and 9. They are well equipped with high performing processors.


Users prefer Dell Laptops due to its exceptional customization. It provides you the performance, efficiency and speed required for the widest range of home and business requirements.

Alienware Premium Gaming, XPS and Inspiron series are the famous laptops in consumer category. On the other hand, Dell has introduced three laptop models for the business customers, which are Vostro, Latitude and the industry leading Precision workstations.


High speed, leading edge features, robustness and stylish design make Vaio laptops one of the most popular series. The Sony’s applications and software help boost performance and facilitate the users in video/music production.


Asus laptops are famous for their greater usability and attractive design architecture. The lightest laptop designed by Asus is Zenbook UX21E-DH52, whereas the ultra-portable model is U36S. The best selling Asus laptops models are G-series, Lamborghini gaming laptops and the intelligent Eee-series.


This brand is well renowned for customizable features and the prices are also expensive. The best alternate for the desktop computer systems is Alienware’s M15x laptop. They are robust and incorporate high-performance 3D gaming technologies. The recently introduced laptop models are M11x and M14x.


Lenovo is actually a china-based laptop manufacturer, which offers perfect value for your investment and has quickly become a leading brand. Lenovo has designed high performance laptops that are durable, energy efficient, light weight and are well equipped with innovative features. Lenovo is working on its light Wight ThinkPad X1 Ultrabook.


Apple Macbook’s high speed processing, exceptional portability and sleek architecture was a great attraction for the customers. The next generation of Laptops, the light weight Ultrabook, also received high acclaim and positive feedback

Slow Laptop? Fix It in 7 Easy Steps

It always happens. You buy a new laptop and it's faster than a greased cheetah on espresso. But after a couple of years, it's slower than grandma's hound dog after a night on the town.
Apart from common hardware issues like Keyboard problems or display problems which you can resolve by going for laptop LCD screen replacements.
Here are some simple ways for even the non techies among us to speed that system back up like new again.

1. Update Antivirus Software and Run a Scan

PC health

The first consideration with a slow laptop is antivirus or spyware infection. This is particularly a problem with notebooks for students because young people often forget to update this software and run scans. Choose a trusted antivirus program, install it and run a scan. Don't have any other programs running during the scan.

2. Run a Disk Cleanup and Defragment

Disk Cleanup and Defragment

As with running an antivirus scan, you won't want to have any other programs running when you use these tools. Choose a time when you can be around to click "ok" occasionally. You can find both of these tools by clicking Start, then Performance Information and then Tools. This is different for different versions of Windows, however. A clean, defragmented system runs faster.

3. Remove Unused Programs

Unused Programs

Open Add and Remove Programs and take a look at what's out there. Chances are, there are tons of software packages you've downloaded and installed that you never use. Remove them using the prompts provided in the Remove Programs box. This frees up disk space and speeds up the computer.

4. Clean Out Old Files

Computer document

Close all running programs and open the My Documents or Documents folder on your desktop. Are there lots of files and documents here you don't need anymore? Delete them. These files are taking up storage space, and full hard drives always run slower.

5. Take Programs Out of the Startup Menu

Computer StartUp Menu

Across the bottom of your Windows screen, there are rows of icons that you can click and instantly start a program. Many programs put themselves here automatically when installed if you don't know how to prevent it. Go to System Configuration in Windows and take unnecessary startup programs out. You'll still be able to access these through Start, All Programs.

6. Check for Possible Disc Errors

Disc Errors 

Occasionally, an error in the disk is the cause of a slow system. Go to My Computer, then right-click Hard Drive and click on properties. Open the Tools tab and go to the Error Checking section. Choose Check Now or Schedule Disk Check and click OK. If you choose Check Now, it will run the scan immediately. Schedule Disk Check allows you to tell it when a convenient time to scan is, so you won't forget later.

7. Restart Computer

After performing each of the steps above, reboot your computer. Some of the steps, such as running an antivirus scan or Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation will prompt you to do so. Rebooting allows the computer to reset itself and initiate any changes you've made.
It's a good idea to use your Task Scheduler or other reminder to run antivirus scans, Disk Cleanups, Disk Defragmentation and other computer maintenance regularly.