The Top 10 Most Dominant Laptop Brands in Year 2012


Laptop market has expanded exponentially. Therefore, the laptop manufacturers are concentrating on delivering state-of-the-art devices that ensure long term value and efficiently cater the customers’ needs.

The top 10 laptop manufacturers that enjoyed high market share in the previous year 2012 are:

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Acer has carefully engineered economical and trendy laptops. Acer along with other top manufacturers is now focusing on Ultrabook marketplace. Aspire S3 is one of the best Asus Ultrabook. Asus keeps on introducing new laptops models to help meet the different customer needs. Asus is a Taiwan based company and has now entered in the list of top laptop manufacturers.

Hewlett-Packard HP:

The broad range of HP-branded laptops is famous for their long battery life and durability. Pavilion Series Laptops are precision-engineered for fast processing and support advanced applications. HP Folio 13 delivers an impressive battery life of almost 7 hours.


This Japan-based company entered into the competitive market of light weight Ultrabook with its efficient Protege Z830. This well renowned brand has designed leading-edge laptops that are not only attractive, but also last longer. Toshiba Qosmio X870 is the new entertaining laptop.


After immense success in tablets and smart phones, Samsung has also captured the laptop market with its light weight, super fast and powerful products. The newest additions are the Series 5 and 9. They are well equipped with high performing processors.


Users prefer Dell Laptops due to its exceptional customization. It provides you the performance, efficiency and speed required for the widest range of home and business requirements.

Alienware Premium Gaming, XPS and Inspiron series are the famous laptops in consumer category. On the other hand, Dell has introduced three laptop models for the business customers, which are Vostro, Latitude and the industry leading Precision workstations.


High speed, leading edge features, robustness and stylish design make Vaio laptops one of the most popular series. The Sony’s applications and software help boost performance and facilitate the users in video/music production.


Asus laptops are famous for their greater usability and attractive design architecture. The lightest laptop designed by Asus is Zenbook UX21E-DH52, whereas the ultra-portable model is U36S. The best selling Asus laptops models are G-series, Lamborghini gaming laptops and the intelligent Eee-series.


This brand is well renowned for customizable features and the prices are also expensive. The best alternate for the desktop computer systems is Alienware’s M15x laptop. They are robust and incorporate high-performance 3D gaming technologies. The recently introduced laptop models are M11x and M14x.


Lenovo is actually a china-based laptop manufacturer, which offers perfect value for your investment and has quickly become a leading brand. Lenovo has designed high performance laptops that are durable, energy efficient, light weight and are well equipped with innovative features. Lenovo is working on its light Wight ThinkPad X1 Ultrabook.


Apple Macbook’s high speed processing, exceptional portability and sleek architecture was a great attraction for the customers. The next generation of Laptops, the light weight Ultrabook, also received high acclaim and positive feedback


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  1. Great information of branded laptops from different manufactures.I really like it and have seen amazing collection.


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