Most Updated Version of Windows, Windows 8!

After Windows 7, Windows8 is the latest version of Microsoft windows operating system. It was created by Microsoft for use not only on tablets also for use on personal computers. You can use it on your personal desktop, laptop and also on business desktops. It is taken as the developing version of the windows7. Its presence was first exposed at CES 2011 and its existence was pursued by the primary release versions. This operating system was exposed to designing on August 1, 2012. It was exposed for using general purpose on October 26, 2012 and this operating has some significant changes. It started its way with changing of operating system platform.

The Great User interface

The developer of this operating system gave a great attention for improving its user experience on many devices like as mobile, tablets etc and it is launched to compete with other mobile operating system like as Android, Apple’s iOs etc. it also got a new touch friendly shell and operator friendly interface associated on Microsoft’s Metro structure language. It is consisted of new touch screen facility with a grid of dynamically upgrading tiles of icons that offers to visit the application. The start menu of earlier versions of windows is replaced by the start menu. You can find a forceful expression on touch screen input. In this operating system you can also find the new windows store which helps you to buy application which is supported on this operating system.

Facility of New technology

Windows8 has the facilities of new technologies like USB 3.0 and advanced format with great speed. It also has the cloud computing and near field communications are added to it. It also takes advantages of low power ARM architecture and it comprises new security features of antivirus capability which is built in this operating system.

Giving Secure Boot Facility

It also allows a new installation process in a pleasant circumstance for digital distribution and also allows the secure boot. It supports the synchronization of certain apps and allows the settings between more devices. The improvement of security was positive and its performance development is also positive. The GUI of this operating system is full of innovation and creation. The user interface of this operating system has been broadly criticized and from the beginning of this operating system, its 60 million licensed have been sold in all over the world.
In this operating system the start screen is so attractive and tiles on the start screen are used to communicate with the people, apps and other files or folders. The portion of the tiles is changeable with the latest info and it helps to update you.
If you want to know something then you can sign up with your Microsoft account to any of your PCs running windows 8. You will find you in a fast and comfortable environment by using this operating system. You can browse whatever you want from the start screen and you can download photos, videos from the store.

Find Any kind of Music

The Xbox Music app is included in it through this you can listen any kind of music from the music world. The operating system is full of innovation and creation so you can find you in a pleasant environment by accustoming it.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2013

2013 had been the year of the Socaial Media people from all around the world have become familiar with the importance of the social media and pay their fullest to make a profitable room in the rising social media trends. Greater awareness brings greater competition. The more people are getting involved, the more creative tricks are required to stand as a successful business owner in the ocean of social media.
However, one should remember that the involvement of too many tricks can bring adverse results. Here are 5 basic tricks which are specially designed for the 2013 social media marketing.

1. Stay Alive!

Most of the big businesses make their profiles in order to show up their existence, no matter for how long their profiles have remained dormant. The profile is your digital identity. People take an interest in living persons only, and they have no interest in the dead bodies. Make sure that you log into your social media profile daily and show your existence to the people. A big name is worthless if it is dead. Keep the focus on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ an essential part of your business.
Social Media Marketing Tips

2. Direct Connectivity

When the social media arrived first, people loved it for it offered a totally different type of interaction. People, who met with each other on the social or communal gatherings, started developing new relations in any part of the world through the social media. However, now the trends have changed. People love change and you can let people love your business by giving them a different type of interaction i.e. by mingling interpersonal interactions with the social media interactions. Make direct relationships, respond your every customer and visitor individually, give them importance and let your business flourish!

3. Persuading Content

There is a lot of choice in the social media. People who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste receive a lot of content every day. However, you should make sure that your posts and ideas are responsive and persuade people. For this purpose, you can keep a regular check on the latest news and share your ideas with the people. You can also evaluate the interests of people and share posts accordingly, however, it would be a little hectic for a business marketer.

4. Don't Stop On Existing Followers

Social media is an ocean in which your search voyage never ends! There is always a capacity of new followers on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste etc. Make sure that you avail this opportunity. Don't stop on the existing followers as the chances of flourishing your business in the new markets yet exist!

5. Make Offline Researches

There is always a chance of the offline discussions. Offline discussion is the one in which neither you, nor your direct followers are involved. It is done by the people who are interested in your business, however they do not follow you neither interact with you on the social media. For this purpose, take help from the social media. Enter the brand name of your company and check the results. There would be many people who are interested in becoming your brand's customer however, they do not know the accurate spellings of your brand. There would also be people who have questions about your brand, and lastly, there are people who analyze your business in a general term in the social media.

6 Simple Mouse Gestures to Help You Navigate Windows 8

When Microsoft released Windows 8 they knew it would cause a storm amongst critics and divide experts as to whether it was the way forward in operating system design or the next Windows Vista. Early reviews suggested that it was a bit of both, with many features being praised whilst others, notably the lack of an integrated start bar on the desktop, were scolded for making Windows 8 difficult to navigate for people used to the familiar UI of old.

Windows 8

Whatever the case may be, Windows 8 is here to stay for a good few years before we get any hint of a Windows 9 being released, and until then it will pay off in the future to make yourself accustomed to Windows 8 mastering mouse gestures in order to increase your productivity and have a more enjoyable time on your machine. This especially rings true if your monitor or laptop is not touch screen enabled.
Find below 6 simple and easy mouse gestures which will help you make the most of Windows 8. If you are a new user of Windows 8, be sure to bookmark this post for further reading in the future. Enjoy!

Select or Perform an action

Performing an action in Windows 8 is essentially exactly the same as in Windows 7, Vista or XP. All you need to do is right-click anywhere to see commands, of which will be different depending on what you right click on. Files with have different options available compared to apps, for example.

Utilizing commands for apps

This is really easy. When on the default Windows start screen, i.e. the app based interface, right click on any app to see a list of options. Usually this includes turning live tile off, uninstalling an app, or changing the size of the tile to suit your tastes.

Dragging icons and apps

Have you ever used a touch screen smartphone? On most, dragging apps and icons requires you to hold and drag them. It is exactly the same in Windows 8 with your mouse, Left click and hold any app you like and drag them around to your heart's content.

Switching between apps

You do not have to repeatedly return to your tile interface to access an app you were just in. To switch between apps, simply hover your mouse curser in the top left corner of your display and all of your recently opened apps will be there waiting for you.

Finding recently used apps and accessing search

The biggest change to Windows 8 is finding recently used programs and apps. To do this, drag your mouse curser up to the top right of your screen and by default it will pop up search, share, start, devices and settings. Click any of these to open.

Zooming in and out

This is an essential feature for anybody who has display issues or less than ideal eye sight. To zoom in and out of web pages, as well as some apps, simply hold [Ctrl] and scroll with your mouse wheel. This is a simple solution for web pages with extremely small text.
Overall Windows 8 was designed to be used either alongside a touch screen display or by mouse. Some would testify that using Windows 8 with a touch screen is the best way to make full use of Windows 8 and its capabilities, however for some, the notion of using a touch screen in their office for real work doesn't seem that productive. Either way with the mouse gestures above using Windows 8 does not have to be as drastic a change from Windows 7 as you may think.