Create Facebook Pages for Blogger Or Website

Facebook is not just a social network, it also comes with Pages that lets you build a closer relationship with your audience and customers, besides this, it is also becoming a good source of traffic especially for your website, after visitors browse your site, you would want them to come back and stay connected since these people spend time on the social network, this is the essence of creating a facebook page.
On this post, I will be sharing my own fast and method of how you can go about making facebook fanpage for a website, probably, you are a blogger, or or you own some other website, go through this steps I have below to set up a fan page and get it up in your site as soon as possible:

Facebook Pages

First, Go HERE , there are other page types like:
  • Local business, place, Company, organisation, institution, Entertainment and so on, but since we are creating a Page for a website, you are to go for Brand or Product. Something like the Screenshot we have at the top-left.
  1. A List of categories will show up when you click it,  just scroll down to where you have Websites, select it
  2. Type in your Page Title, make sure you Agree to the Terms of Service, once you've done this, then you are through, but it doesn't stop here does it?
  3. You can Import contacts in your E-mail or Invite friends to like your new page.
  4. Also include a brief description of the page in Edit Page Info section.
  5. Click Save and you're set.
  6. Make sure you invite and tell friends to Like your Page afterwards, also keep posting useful quality content in the page to keep it active and interactive for the Fans.


How to Use NOTEPAD to Save Text Files In Any Format & Extensions

As we know, Notepad is a plain text editor, that would Normally save your texts in ".txt" extension.
To launch this application, hit your Windows Start button >> All Programs > Accessories, there you'll find it.


There are many other text files your Notepad can open for your use in editing,
Examples are:
.css etc
a few DOC files (Microsoft Documents) and many others.
But then, if you EDIT the file and want to "Save As New", you're likely to have come across a problem, it keeps saving with default format.

Just the other day, I downloaded a JavaScript file ( .js ), I Opened it with Notepad after doing what I wanted to inside the script, I needed to save it in ".js" extension, unluckily it was rather saving as ".txt" which is the typical extension Notepad uses to save its files.
I needed it to be in its default extension, so it could work on the webpage I wanna use it for.
After saving as *txt, I tried renaming the file extension, removed only the *txt in the file name, yet, the typical file type REMAINED a *txt file.

If you experience such difficulties,

Here's how you can Save a File in its Default Extension, or save to Any New Extension you want using NOTEPAD

> Click the Save As New
> Move down  to "Save as File Type" just below File Name, Click "All Files"
> Go up to File Name Again, Write the any name you want to give the file > put a dot sign (.) after the name and include the File Extension (i.e myJavascriptfile.js , myFile.html or MyFile.xml etc)
and Hit Save
Notepad windows

It will Save it by the File extension you gave it.

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Google Adsense still not Accepting You? Your Niche could be the Problem!

Google Adsense... the definition, history, & what you can do with it is not new to us, so let's move to the main point, which is How Your Niche is Affecting you "Getting Accepted"
Having read lots of issues and topics on Adsense, getting Accepted seems to be the most viral, people are quite desperate to own a Google adsense account under their own name.
At the moment, getting accepted into the Google adsense program seems to be very difficult for newbies, especially when you get rejected the first time you applied.
But then,  let's face it, there are so many reasons why people get rejected right? I had been through that road before, even when you correct those things Google assumed wrong, they still reject you over and over a thousand times, so I had come up with the ideas and tips to help you and I get accepted or Increase your Chances of getting into the Program.
Quickly Glancing through this 15 killer Tips To Apply for Google Adsense. Though my blogger friend mentioned about 8 tips, I stamped THE FIVE PRIMARY TOOLS needed for you to be Accepted are,

  1. Privacy policy, 10% important.
  2. About Page, 15%
  3. Your Real Name and Email verification, 15%
  4. Your design or website layout - 10%
  5. Your CONTENT, 40% the most important!

I know I didn't mention Traffic, which is quite important too but from my analysis, YOUR CONTENT carries the most important value, (your content will bring traffic).


The quantity of posts you have published may not be the case of your disapproval, the QUALITY is what really matters ( hope I'm not the first person saying this).

Adsense loves Niche blogs!

These days, Google base their tests on your content as soon as you apply, content describes your blog and help them know what kind of ads to place on your blog, you would be doing yourself a whole lot of good if you place your blog on one certain Niche.
There are thousands of niches to choose from, it all depends on WHAT YOU KNOW OR LOVE TO WRITE ABOUT.
Now this leads us to another analysis we would be using
Top 6 Most Competitive Niches you should know:
  • Make Money online
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Web Design
  • Fitness
These are great niches, the only cool thing I see in those niches is the Traffic aspect, you get lots of traffic when you post Popular topics under those niches. Now look again at the title, they are the most COMPETITIVE, so if you decide picking one from the above, you are likely to face difficulties being accepted on Google Adsense.
I put up the Above for you so you can choose wisely,
Choosing a niche is the best strategy I ever knew that get Gets you Accepted! it worked for Me!



Just like everyone else, I loved tech alot, I was born into the blogosphere reading tech blogs, I had all the stuff it took to be accepted, Interesting posts, nice design, traffic, everything, yet for more than 6 months, Adsense continued to Reject my application.

I realised it was my niche that was holding me back! Yes, since it's a very popular niche, a competitive one, I had to move to something that's not Popular, yet liked and Accepted by Google, then I started my second blog, I took my time, got a template,customised it, two months later, with only 80 - 100 Pageviews daily, the blog Hit PR2, and got accepted at First Trial!!!

If you believe your Blog is perfect, have you made good research on your niche? Is there competition? Is it a blog that discuss topics so many people are already waving about?
If your answer is "Yes" to more than one of these questions, then your niche should be the reason why you're not Accepted yet.
Starting A fresh blog with niche of Low Competition would be a great idea
Low competition Niches you may try out are:
* Arts, Comics, Fine arts and comic reviews
* Education, Rare Job opportunities,
* Motivationals, Quotes, fun facts with Jokes etc... these niches do have competition but it's moderately Low and trust me if you can handle niches/keywords with Low competition, you'll definitely rank High with more valuable earnings.


How To Back Up/Download All Your Blog Posts & Comments (For Blogger/Blogspot Users)

The Blogger / Blogspot platform from Google had been very dependable by its users for a very long time now, unlike Wordpress which uses Hosting to run their platform, Blogger is cheaper to control and does not require hosting, so we hardly ever get issues concerning our blogs, still we have to accept the fact that anything can happen to your blog anytime without your notice.

blogger back up all posts and comments

So many bloggers have lost their blogs in different ways, some were due to their own mistakes, others, were for unknown errors that can best be explained by Google.
Meanwhile, as an inspiring professional Blogger, there are certain IMPORTANT Activities and Check ups you need to be doing periodically, Backing Up your entire blog is one of them, in this post, I'm sharing with us how we can do it, so you can
- Save a Complete copy of your entire blog posts and Comments in your hard drive
- Upload the posts to a new blogger blog, or add the posts to a Pre-existing one, it's really Simple.

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  •  Settings >> Other >> you find - Import blog - Export blog - Delete blog

    blogger back up all posts and comments
  • To save all the copy of your blog posts with comments Click Export blog
  • To upload the entire blogpost to a New one after saving to your hard drive, click Import blog
You've worked hard writing and publishing unique stuff for your audience, this hard work needs to be secured at all time, I hope this post helped.
Do Share with friends... Peace!