How To Manually Clean temp Files/Folders on Windows 7 & Vista

As time goes on, our PC can start acting funny, running slower than normal and can even get you frustrated.
I will use my notebook as an example, I run the PC with Windows 7 Operating System, after few weeks to my annoying amazement it started to take too much time to open applications that were already running in the background, I had to walk around the Windows environment and the web, trying to find out how I can make it perform faster and better, I discovered temp files were the surest thing I had to tackle to solve this.

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Temporary or temp files build up over time and eat into your precious disk space. When you install programmes, the installer uses temp files as part of the set up process. Some programmes also use temp files when in use. These temp files should be removed when the installer or programme is finished, but this does not always happen. And, of course, your browser will collect temp files as well. A build up of temp files could leave Windows struggling to find room for its swap file, so everything slows down.

Hence Cleaning Temp files is a necessary operation to carry out if you want to maintain your PC, and here's how you can do it. It takes nothing more than 5 minutes.

How To Manually Clean and Delete temp Files

1. Click your Windows Start Button
2. In the Search "Programs and File" Box, Type - Run
It will open the command prompt, there again type- %temp%

Hit Enter, this command will launch all Folders designated as the Temporary folder where temp file are stored on your Windows Vista or Windows 7, another funny fact is that all these tons of files and folders are no longer being used by your computer, no need keeping them, so they can all be safely deleted.

3. To remove the files individually, press and hold your Ctrl key, then use your mouse to left-click (Select) the items you wish to delete, after selecting, release your Ctrl key and Press Delete on your keyboard,confirm deletion and Shazam! You are done!

4. Perhaps you'd like to remove all the Temp files and folders at once, press Ctrl + A

NOTE I: If you're prompted that there are hidden files in this folder, just click on OK to bypass the message. A few hidden files hanging out in the Temp folder probably aren't important enough to worry about.

Confirm Deletion when prompted, after they are all removed, you can go and empty your Recycle bin so that no one is still left on your computer.

NOTE II: You may be getting errors, refusing to delete some of the temp files and folders, if you experience this, it means some running program is still using it, simply close that program, and try again, if the errors persists, then Restart your Computer and try the steps again.

Though, I still suggest you restart your computer after you do the whole temp cleaning process and emptying your recycle bin, your PC should start performing better and faster once all the steps are all well Followed.

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Ways to Drive Traffic To A Single Content

In order to achieve the online success, you are supposed to understand its fundamentals, which states that you get quality traffic only through valuable content. Most of the bloggers and webmasters may not be facing the risk of having poor content; however, they seem to lag behind the idea of reaching out to their targeted people at the right kind of time.

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In today’s competitive world, the webmasters and bloggers should learn the ways of reaching out to their niche target through quality content. They should know the art of getting their desired traffic with a single content. Driving traffic to a single content depends on a number of elements and hence achieving this target is not often an easy job to accomplish. In fact, the idea of getting traffic to a single content is a time consuming task, which demands good skill sets, experience and patience.


Now, let’s focus on the different ways to drive traffic to any single content as discussed in the following paragraphs:

Produce Quality Content

Content has prime importance in search business. If you are willing to draw traffic to any particular content, make sure it has all the quality, relevance, and authority to impress upon the search engines and visitors. A single interesting and well researched content is more capable to attract traffic than several write-ups with poor quality. You should know the art of producing high quality content then getting higher traffic becomes a reality. You cannot attract traffic by having mediocre content. Before producing such content make sure you start identifying the issues, which visitors over your site are facing. Does your content is able to deliver the visitors proper solutions, are these issues manageable should be the questions, which you need to answer. You content should be motivating, captivating and informative, which means it should carry the essence of impressing the minds of your readers. Plus, such content is also competent enough to attract search engines.

Develop a Good Foundation

Once you have developed a compelling content you now want to start attracting people towards the single content. You are now supposed to map all the steps to work this out. This is nothing but the strong kind of foundation for a successful site or blog. In the initial stage, you are supposed to first try to reach out to limited viewers in the first week along with increasing the number of visitors in the following week. Carrying out things in this format will help you in getting the right viewership rating. This foundation will help the bloggers in specifying what he or she wants to carry out in order to simply popularizing the single content. Keep in mind to focus first on the title first and then over the post. The titles should be catchy along with having the targeted keywords, which can bring in more traffic to your content. The fact is more than 70 percent of traffic is driven by titles alone and not by other ways.

Simple Navigation

Navigation has a great role when it comes to search engine optimization. By taking care of your site or blog navigation, you can easily attract both the traffic and search engines to a single content. This will help in getting more visits over the single post or article. Keep in mind to keep the navigation simple and clear as much it’s possible. This will simply help in allowing the web users or your target audience to find out easily. For better results don’t forget to add a proper menu navigation bar. Keep in mind if the content simply appears over the same menu unlike the home page as this will be deemed as a highly relevant option.

Connecting with the Power Users

The power users are bloggers, content marketers and webmasters who are known to have a strong presence over the web. People in your niche area know them and they are the ones who have great influence over the web and especially in your niche market. The idea here is to influence or impress these power users and leverage from their influence to generate traffic for your single content. However, for this, you need to develop high quality content, it can be anything, a good and well researched article with good use of inforgraphics or a nice video about your niche area. Once you have this, try finding out such people and try to link with these people. Once you influence them, you get the chance of guest posts over their blog and share your content over their sites or blogs, which are considered as authority in your niche area. This will certainly end up generating a good traffic for your single content.

Final word

Generating traffic via single content can be challenging and intimidating task, however, with the above tips and tricks, you can end up getting your desired results. All you need to do is to try them out with patience and consistency.


Open Management System Suite - A Solution for Fixed & Mobile Broadbands

With the continuous improvements of broad band technologies, At our various homes, place of work or some well developed locations, we may all own or have noticed the use Mobile Broad bands, VoIP devices (on Iphone for Example) and even some connectivity Apps, all which is needed to keep activities going smoothly in a state of technology that is in good shape.


Here I will be introducing us to Open Device Management Suite - Axiros - Lasting Advantage
The Open Management System suite is a sure platform which renders all these mentioned above as long as broadband technology is concerned, if you're seeing this for the first time and seem like you don't understand it, do not worry, as I will have it explained so we all can have a clear picture of how this can be of great help to us, especially for businesses that provide Internet and mobile broadband services.

For example, if you already run broadband services, you could be using this to :-

Manage PCs

Whether it's personal or for your customers use, with the service you can enable your ISP to manage network operator, and PCs. Including WiFi encryption and open websites that can be viewed for your customer via Axess Support tab.

Router Management

It Supports full dynamic automated models, highly effective and keeps activities in control considering the fact that new forms I.Ps like VPN, VoIP, QoS, MPLS are formed everyday.

Manage Residential Edge

With the Axiros Suite for your mobile broadband, you can mange WiFi, Firewalls, and customise content filtering settings
Allow policy management for optimised bandwidth consumption for your customers
Provision Voice, Video, and data services.

Those are the services you'll be getting from the open management suite by Axiros and there are more if you check out their webpages, I hope you'll be giving them a try because it's definitely a Lasting advantage.
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