#Blogging: The Best Option to Make Money Online

If you have the passion of anything for which you feel sharing about it, consider starting a blog. Yes, that's right.
Blogs can be the best way to share your views and ideas about your passion along with making tangible money at the end. Unlike the other means of making money online, blogging too gives you a good opportunity to make good money out of it. These include trying out the programs like
  •  AdSense,
  • Promoting products
  • and services via affiliate marketing
  • or simply jotting down certain reviews about a number of products over your blog.
You can only make your blogging platform as an important source of income provided it is consistently interesting, nicely written and encompass the quality, which readers and search engines expect from the bloggers. Adhering to the set standards can only give you the opportunity to make money via blogging.

Blogging gives Too many options to make money

Blogging not only is a good way of making money but it also gives you a number of reasons to earn. The fact is there is no one method to make money through blogging but you can find several of it. For example, if you keep your blog fresh and updated, it can attract people and marketers who are looking out to get a space for advertising for your chosen niche area. For this you would require good amount of traffic, but don’t worry there are other ways too, which help you in making money via blogging, which include affiliate marketing, Good AdSense, writing reviews, online consultation, etc.

Cost effective option of making money

One of the most important reason why blogging is the best way of making money online is it is very much cost effective. If you look at the other options of making money online, it demands a substantial investment in the initial stage, which is not the case with blogging. Plus you do not have any assurance of getting your investment back through getting profits through these options. The beauty of blogging is that the overheads associated with it is extremely low, you can start your blog without even investing a single buck. All you need is consistent efforts and not money to sustain in the journey of blogging and start making money out of it.

Blogging is an interesting experience

One of the best parts of blogging is that it is an exciting venture to carry out, which you would always like to do. Though it is recommended to choose any area, which people search a lot and at the same time you are passionate about the same but at the same time you can writing about anything within the chosen topic. You have the option of starting with a single income stream followed by adding a couple as the time passes. So starting with one way of earning over your blog and gradually adding a couple could give you enough opportunities to make tangible amount of income.

Final word

If you are really very much passionate about earning online, then think of starting a blog on any demanding topics. Going consistently over this path with adding quality and passion, you can end up making a tangible amount of money through blogging


Facebook Tags: How to Take Total Control of What Appears on Your Facebook Wall

I had shared quite a few helpful tips concerning Social Media, with us here On EdiTweaks, this is just another one, depending on the matters arising and Frequent questions been asked by our fans or other people across the web, especially Facebook.

As a Facebook Power user, as much as I grew over a thousand friends within my 2 years of joining the Social Network, I had to learn to keep my Facebook wall clean, nobody like seeing irrelevant stuffs all over a friend's profile or Facebook Wall these days, this is because
1. I am personally, a neat guy ;)
2. I am a Blogger/Webmaster who had linked most of his works to his Facebook profile, it won't seem professional if the new friends/clients who would probably check me or You out, start finding our walls messed up with unnecessary Tags, especially those Photo Tags, and unwanted/malicious Links, coming along with its notifications.
You find some of that really annoying right? Well, I do too.

That's the aim of this post, here, I will be sharing with us, how to take Complete and Total control of what  appears on your Facebook Wall, you can't control your friends from tagging you, but you definitely can control what they tag you in, and choose if such can be allowed to appear on you wall.

Let's Follow the steps Below:

1. Click on the Settings Engine -You should find the Engine Sign at the top right, if you are not using Facebook Graph Search, as we have in the Screenshot below

In other words, simply use this Link to go to your >> Profile Account Settings

2. Click on Timeline and Tagging-

3. Hover your mouse to - "How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?"
 click Edit and Enable it.

Wait few seconds for the settings to save, then go back to Facebook Home and we are done.

Now you are rest assured that Photo, status, links  or whatever you're tagged in won't show on your Wall, Facebook will Notify you that you have been tagged as usual, but you'll have to review the post first (photo, Link or status) that you were tagged in, and Accept or Decline whether it should appear on your Facebook wall.

Hope this was useful and helped you improve your Facebook Experience.

Do take a Second to Click the SHARE and LIKE button, or drop a comment if you have any questions or additions.

Happy Facebooking :)