A Complete Guide To Install HD Games with CACHE, APK & OBB files on all Android Devices

*Updated* How to Install Android games or Apps with APK, OBB/data file in any Android 2018 – Both geeks and game lovers do agree that HD games are really amazing on Android devices, merely staring at the size of one which could be as large as 350 to 400MB, it takes a whole lot of patience downloading a game that size (except with the aid of apps like flash share).

Even after the long wait, frustration starts when you get stuck at the process of Installing and Playing that awesome game on your Droid device, well, this should give us easiest tips on how we can solve this.

It’s a new year and we have the updated & latest steps to install Android games with APK, OBB (cache) in your device in 2017. This works on mobile smartphones, tablets and many other Android OS powered gadgets.

After reading this Post:

  • You should be able to get the Best HD games for your Android.
  • You should be able to know the right folders to Unpack or Paste Game files so you can Install and Play it successfully.

Android games with cache usually come in two files, mainly
– and OBB files

The APK is first installed, (you may launch it if required), this will create folder(s), where the OBB files will be placed.

I prepared a real good example;

How I installed CONTRACT KILLER 2, On My Android 4.0.4 (Ice cream Sandwich) device

1. Download the game cache –

i. CK2v2.0.0.apk

ii. CK2v2.0.0.zip

Now use a File Explorer, There are so many File Explorers to use for this, like ES Explorer, but I make use of WinZip, get WinZip for Android here
Which ever one that is easy for you, just use it to find the game CK2v2.0.0.zip

2.  When you open the CK2v2.0.0.zip with your WinZip, you should find the content inside like the screenshot below

install HD Android games

3. Extract/Unzip the contents which is inside the CK2v2.0.0.zip  into the same folder in your Memory card, after extracting, the content should be a folder with name “CK2.0.0data”

 i.e >>> /mnt.sdcard/.Winzip/files/CK2v20.zip/CK2v2.0.0data

 4. Go back to your CK2v2.0.0.apk, Launch it,
It will prompt to connect to internet, Accept, once it downloads upto 3MB, Cancel it.
A Folder is Automatically created for you to place your game data.

5. Now, go to where you extracted CK2.0.0data, open the folder, you should see another Folder in it named “com.glu.contractkiller2”  Copy the folder

Again, go to : sdCard >> Android >> obb >> Paste the game data folder here
Your items should look like the screenshot below

install HD games on Android

And we are done!

Go to your Menu, and Launch the Game, it will Load and play successfully
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Large Android games can install, depending on your device-type, the game file extension (and) or website from which you downloaded the game from. Some Android Games come in Full, zipped in one folder, others come in parts, which you’ll have to download each part and merge them into one folder, then you’ll still have to come here and follow the steps to Install and Play it.

Did the steps above work for you? Or you still go through problems installing any Game on your Android device, let us know by dropping a comment.

  1. Hi, when im installing on my phone it takes up double the space, example being that I tried to install the xcom obb and apk but when im copying it into the obb folder its saying theres an error and it uses up all the space on my phone. Ive installed games before without any issue and never really noticed more space being taken up but this one is really stumping me.

  2. Hi, I hav downloaded gta sanandreas but it has 3 files 1.(1.51gb)obb, 2.(256mb)and 3.(10mb)apk file I placed the obb file but now what about that 256mb file anyways game's not starting

  3. Install the (10mb).apk first
    then go to your Android >> OBB folder, then move the remaining both file 1 and 2 into the Android >> OBB folder.
    Go back, and start the game
    Hope this works for you.

  4. What an amazing blog. I have found this blog very interesting because I have gotten the most read information. This blog help me out otherwise I don’t know how much time I have to spend for getting right information.
    Shin Chan Games

  5. bro i did everything as you said above but after opening the game a black screen with blinking loading screen appears atlast game not runs .Find the solution for this problem
    Help me bro….

  6. Hi Vaibhav Patil.
    if you get msg blink on screen or fail errors. then something is wrong with the Game's data, pls download the game from another site, and make sure your Android is rooted, some games need root access for it to install and play on Android.

  7. What if you download a game but you've only got the APK file and no DATA or OBB? Im trying to install the new Mojang game, Scrolls, for my LG G3, but ive only got the APK.

  8. Hey bro i download gta sa obb + apk i moved the data to sdcard/android/obb and installed the apk the launched it it says download finished and the a download progress bar comes and then it stops there forever

  9. It depends on the game size, some use only files which you'll place in the folder >> Android/Data/file
    But heavy games use OBB files which goes to Android/obb/
    Hope that answers your question. Thanks for dropping by

  10. A for effort, but Nope – it doesn't work!
    I installed contract killer 2 v3.0.3, then opened it and it says "download failed because you may not have purchased this app"
    regardless, I then cleared the cache, created the correctly named wallet folder inside the Androiddata folder
    and also created the correctly named(com.g..) folder inside the Androidobb folder & placed the *.obb file in it

    started up the app and it still only says: "download failed because you may not have purchased this app"

  11. Hi Watchu Tawkin,
    Perhaps it could be the version of Contract Killer 2 that you have, please Download this one HERE . Install the APK, Don't do anything with folder called DATA,
    just put the com.glu.contractkiller2.obb inside the OBB directory > sdcard >> Android >> OBB
    that's what I used, Hope it works for you too

  12. I am trying to install nfs most wanted on my moto g .I installed its apk first, then I copied its com.ea folder(1.95gb) to android/data but when i launch the game it starts downloading all over again..
    Any help ?!!

  13. Hi Ani,
    I suggest you take off the com.ea folder(1.95gb) from the Android/data
    Un-install the APK and Install again. Now open it, Allow connection to download some Data of the game. Then replace the com.ea folder(1.95gb) with that small Data that you downloaded with the APK. Hope it works.

  14. I download walking dead assault, and when I placed them on the Obb file and Installed it and opened the app the Obb disappears and it tells me that the resources could not be located, I download from every site I could download it from and still there isn't a single one that worked.

  15. trying to get wipeout 2 but when i try to start the game up it says Sign-in error – There was an issue with sign-in

  16. after reading your comment, I tried WipeOut 2 and it installed on my Kitkat Android. When you open the game, press cancel when you see "Sign-in error" or "you're ask to update playstore to latest version" , just press cancel, the game will ignore and start.

  17. I downloaded GTA of 672mb in zip format, so after extracting it i only saw the cache and i couldn't find the apk file, pls really need help

  18. hi petsam, if you see only the Obb folder after extracting the 672mb, then You'll need to download the APK seperately from another site, you didn't tell us which GTA you want to install, is it GTA Vice city? or GTA San Andreas so we can find the right APK for you

  19. I have download wwe 2k game. I have download 2 part zip file.but after extract these file its show same Cobb folder and same file .now what can do?

  20. Hi i have downloaded asphalt 8 game n I playing for long time, now I want to free my internal memory without losing this game, so I just planned to move asphalt 8's obb file from internal to external.
    Does it work r not, or I have to do some other thing.
    Pls guide me.
    I'm using ASUS T00j android 4.4.2.

    Thanks & Regards


  21. Hi Mahadeva Swamy M,
    I am not Sure the game will Work after you move the OBB to the new location.
    I advice that you back up the OBB file in your PC, and backup the APK too, then Uninstall it from your Asus. You will need to Start over and install it in your External disk (new location).
    If you wish to continue game where you stopped, solution is to back up the Asphalt 8 "Data" Folder, you will find the data folder in– Android/Data/

    Hope that helps

  22. Hi! I need some help regarding this procedure. II've downloaded an apk & OBB data of visible body atlas. I installed the apk & extracted the data & certificates from the OBB file and moved it to storage/sdcard0/Android/OBB but the app won't work. I repeated the procedure several times (btw, i used archiver & rar) but it only says "download failed because the app couldn't find resource file" or something like that. I tried it on my htc & oppo but the same problem occurs. Please help, thanks in advance! 😀

  23. Hey,
    Thanks for the suggestion,
    I have already moved APK file into external storage. Shud I uninstall n install again in external storage after taking APK n obb backup..?

  24. Hi Aria,
    Uninstall and try this….
    If you take a close look at the file names, the APK file for the game ends in.APK
    and the Data ends in .obb.
    The certificates for that game cannot be with the Obb hence cannot be saved in the "storage/sdcard0/Android/OBB" folder. Look closely, if you have a folder with name "Data" , inside the folder, depending on how the game was extracted by the Uploader, but you re meant to see another folder having the Game name, now move this Folder to "storage/sdcard0/Android/Data"
    Then move file name with .OBB to "storage/sdcard0/Android/OBB
    Launch the game again and let's see if that works.

  25. Hiiii there….please help me….i am stuck…..i downloaded adventures of tintin apk and data…i installed apk….and copied data to sdcard > Android > obb > …..but game is not working…..one more thing… data which i have downloaded is ZIP file not OBB file….would it work….or i hav to download obb file only….plzzzzz help me…..

  26. i have downloaded asphalt airborne, but it was a modded version. I want original one. My question is can i use the same obb file to the new orginal apk???

  27. Hey Bro ,,
    I lost files present in the folder Android/DATA … I have obb for asphalt airborne where do I get my lost files from ?? I ll hve to download every thing again

  28. i downloaded the apk of the mortal combat x and the zip file cache too.unzipped my cache to obb and opened the apk it says the game is installed but when i try to open game it starts and suddenly end..;-(

  29. Hey i need help regarding visible body atlas. II've downloaded an apk & OBB data of visible body atlas. I am trying to install the apk but it says app is not instaled plz help

  30. Hi Muhammad Abdullah,
    If the message says app is not installed, then error could be from the APK file, try downloading the APK from another website and trying again.

  31. i installed gta vice city on my phone… but when it got to the aspect pf playing the game… it do go back to my phone menu… please help me

  32. I downloaded and installed Asphalt8 into my Samsung A3 device and placed the OBB file in the path below but when i start the game, it requires 800MB more download. Please Help.

  33. Im downloading a game apk but i dont have the obb file or data it says that my has stopped how do i get the obb file from playstore or the internet

  34. Hello Plzz help me about this annoying error please, I have downloaded (icc pro cricket game with obb) and first I have installed apk than extracted obb and copied to phone storage sdcard/android /obb and than I tried to open the game but says downloading failed. Why I did such all Plzz help me I need a help plz

  35. I suggest you get the APK directly from PlayStore first (if it is Free) then cancel it when downloading the OBB and install the OBB manually, sorry about delayed reply bro.

  36. hi i am downloaded gta vice city apk and cache from play.mob.org then when i installed the game it does not shows in obb folder then after i open it it need a resourced to download it.and then it will store in android/data folder i copied the cache file in to data folder again i open the game it will not open and it shows failed how to solve them pls help me

  37. Hi vigneshwar vikky,
    Some games need you to get both the Apk, data and Obb. Download the game data from another site which you will put inside the Android /data.
    Now put the Obb file in the right folder as you did before. It should work that way. Hope that answers it

  38. hi bro!
    I download spiderman total mayhem HD gameloft with 3MB for APK and 140MB for zip. I already follow the rule and open the game but it say this not original copy and the game not running.. before it say not original copy. the game please me to download file

  39. Hi my name is prama and i have installed pes 2011 game from play.mob.org and then tried to download the game cache automatically but the download stops in the middle and says connection problem so i downloaded the cache manually from play.mob.org and then put the file in us.konami.pes2011 but the game still says "this game requires additional data (50 mb) to launch on your phone. so please help, i really want to play this game.

  40. Hello Edi Dominic Ifediri, You are doing a great job right here,kudos!

    pls, I downloaded DDAY (first person shooter game) it installed successfully but while playing the game it trips off whenever an armord Tanker approaches, and I needed to take them down before advancing to more missions. "Pls any idea on how to fix that???

  41. Hello George, thanks for the compliments.
    Some games just crash during game play, the reason is usually from development stage when producing the games. Such error is not in our own power to fix, but there might be patches for it. So search online for Patch file for that game.

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