Why Are Printers So Cheap, but Printer Ink is So Expensive?

If printers were cars, many people would be able to afford an entire fleet of them but not have the money to fuel them up. Printer ink just might be one of the most expensive liquids you buy, according to Consumer Reports. A gallon of the black gold costs roughly $9,600, or enough gas for the next 60,000 miles. Even the cheapest ink costs $13 an ounce, more than you’d pay for decent champagne.

The sticker price of an inkjet or laser printer for the home office, on the other hand, seems disproportionately lower. CNET has reviewed several “excellent” inkjet and laser printers in the $150 to $400 range. So why is there such a wide discrepancy between printer cost and printer ink cost?

If you take the word of Thom Brown, marketing manager at HP, the reason printer ink is so expensive is similar to the reason pharmaceutical companies charge so much for drugs: you pay for the research behind the substance, not the substance itself. In 2010, HP was spending more than $1 billion a year on ink research, says Brown. Better research leads to more accurate, higher-quality printed documents. This would seem to explain why you can always find cut-rate generic brand cartridges that probably won’t match the printing quality of name brand ink cartridges.
printer ink
Printer Ink

Further, printer and ink cartridge manufacturers hold themselves to criteria set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The ISO/IEC standardizations allow reviewers to compare printers against each other on a level playing field. The costs of meeting these standards go into printer ink cost as well, while generic printer cartridges rely on their low cost – not necessarily their quality – as their main selling point. And manufacturers will warn that printing quality will be compromised unless only genuine name brand cartridges are used.

Whether or not the rationale behind the cost of printer ink speaks to you, the goal for affording a functional printer is still the same: conserve ink. To borrow the car analogy again, the best value isn’t always in the cheapest car, especially if it runs on only ultra-premium grade gas. The key to affordability in a car is miles per gallon, or in the case of printers, cost per page.

An inexpensive printer that wastes ink all of the time won’t pay for itself down the road. So if you’re in the market for a printer and you’re looking to save money over the long term, ignore the sticker price at first. Consumer Reports has an excellent list of printer reviews that account for ink efficiency. The magazine recommends that you first take into account the overall score of the printer before considering the cost, then go from there. Other points to consider would be ink cartridge cost, obviously, as well as your printing habits – how often do you print and how many pages at a time?

Purchasing an ink-efficient printer may not help to ease the pain of paying so much for ink, but it might mean you don’t need to think about it as often.


4 Simple HTML/JavaScripts For Your Blog & Websites

HTMLs are the basis of what makes up webpages in our websites or blogs, yet, it's a fact that there are more programming languages standing as the backbone of how webpages look, examples of such languages are CSS, and of cause, other progamming Scripts.
 We may call most of them scripts because they have to be systematically written but there are Typical ones like JavaScripts, PHP, MySQL,and so on, which also work hand in hand with our precious HTML, don't mind my grammars, I guess I'm talking like I even knew this things at all.

Here and now, I will be sharing with us, 4 simple to Use Scripts with their functions, which we can apply to our blogs or websites, most of them works with Blogger, but those that work for other platforms apart from Blogger definitely works well.

1. Headline Widget for Blogger Blog

Most Widgets, if not all, comes in Javascripts and thats's why I included it to the list, this widgets (script) lets you furnish your blog page by displaying animated Recent posts you made on the blog, thereby keeping your Visitors Updated and also making them spend more time navigating the Blog posts showing in that same Header.

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > your blog’s Layout > Page Element > Add a Gadget > choose HTML/JavaScript.
2. Copy and paste the code below into the new HTML/JavaScript.

<script style="text/javascript" src="http://www.presssalad.com/filecab/headlines.js"></script><script style="text/javascript">var numposts = 5;var showpostdate = false;var showpostsummary = true;var numchars = 80;var standardstyling = true;</script><script src="http://mydomainaddress.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentposts"></script><scriqt><br /> <ul><span style="font-size:55%;font-family:verdana,tahoma,arial;">↑ <a href="http://http://www.editweaks.com/2012/03/4-simple-htmljavascripts-for-your-blog.html" title="Grab This Widget">GRAB THIS HEADLINES </a><a href="http://www.editweaks.com/2012/03/4-simple-htmljavascripts-for-your-blog.html" title="HEADLINES WIDGET">WIDGET</a></span></ul><br /> </script>

3. In the above code, look for

Replace " mydomainaddress.com" with your own website Address

4. Give the Widget a Title (Optional) and Save.
This particular widget is normally sticked to the Top of the page for Visitor's easier accessibility, so, after creating the widget, simply drag it top Top most part in your Page Elements and we are done.

2. The URL Redirect Script

Implementing this script will automatically redirect one blog/website to another Address, you'll be needing it if had moved from an Old blog/website to a New one, all you need do is copy and Paste the script in the HEAD section of the old blog

Use these Easy Steps
>Login to your Blogger Dashboard, Go to Design > Edit HTML >HTML Template or Website template
>Find the Tag </head> using the CTRL + F function on your Keyboard
> Copy and Paste this code just above the head tag

<meta HTTP-EQUIV='REFRESH' content='0; url=http://my-new-blog-adress'/><br /> <meta content='NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>

Replace my-new-blog-address with the New one you want your visitors to start seeing.
There is also a way of Redirecting Individual Blog posts which a great friend of mine explained Here

3. The Scroller Script

The Scroller Script comes in JavaScripts and HTMLs, though the javascript is kinda nice but I will be sharing that of HTML, precisely called MARQUEE Tag, because it's very much easier to understand and use, implementing this script will Animate your texts, making them move from one side of the web/blog page to the other.
It designs and adds more life to your pages,
  • Copy and paste the codes below in your template section where you want it to display
<h1><marquee bgcolor="yellow" direction="right" scrollamount="3">Your text here</marquee></h1>

Extra Tip

You can customise it to your taste by adjusting the code elements painted in red below
<h1> h= Header, 1= size (HEADER TEXT SIZE), increasing the number to 2 or more, will reduce the Text size
bgcolor="yellow"  (BACKGROUND COLOR)
direction="right"   (DIRECTION YOUR TEXT SHOULD GO)
scrollamount="3"  (SPEED OF THE TEXT)

  • Below is a Preview of what the codes will produce on your webpage

  • Your text here

    4. Numbered Page Navigation Widget

    A very simple yet quite hard-to-get widget for numbering your Pages on Blogger, we all know by default, Blogger doesn't come with this widget, rather you see links with names : Newer and Older beneath your pages, this widget will help get rid of that, hence make Navigation easier for you and your site visitors
    1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
    2. Go to Design >> Page Elements
    3. Click Add Gadget >> HTML/JavaScript
    4. Now Copy and Paste the Codes in the box below into it

    Extra Tip

    You can change the Numbers displayed in the Navigation button
    In the codes Find (CTRL + F)         var pageCount=1;
                                                                 var displayPageNum=5
    You only need to change the numbers coloured red to your taste to make your site beautiful .
    As time goes on I will be sharing more posts related to this, so you won't need to go through stress when trying to apply them for your blog or website. Hope you find these we have listed above  easy and useful in one way or the other, you can still take a second to share it with friends using our Social buttons below. It takes nothing less than 5 seconds to do that. Yep ;)


    Mistakes in Information Architecture You Might Be Doing

    Information architecture (IA), according to Wikipedia, in so many words, is the act of organising websites and other online communities in such a way that they are easier for visitors to navigate and understand. Upon first consideration, it seems like a relatively simple field. However, the fact remains that an astonishing number of websites are poorly organised and dreadfully laid out.

    Getting it right is difficult and usually requires the expertise of a website development firm. Even then, it’s worth shopping around to find a service provider that excels at IA.

    To that end, we’re going to look at a few common pitfalls in IA:

    Lacking structure

    This one may seem a bit too obvious, but the truth is that far too many websites come up lacking in the structural department. A website without structure can start to feel like a dense forest or an outright sinkhole-with everything swirling around a well-hidden point. Opposite this would be a well-designed site with well-structured links between pages and clear connections throughout.

    Mismatched link labels

    Suppose a link says ‘Website Architecture’, while the actual page title states ‘Information Architecture’. When a person clicks on the original link but then lands on a page with a slightly different title, they could end up questioning whether or not they are on the right page. Consistency helps your site visitors get more out of the website.

    Skipping contextual links

    Embedding links throughout your website content that link to relevant and related pages provides a higher level of engagement for your site visitors. It is also a way of anticipating their needs and questions, ultimately creates a better (more informative) browsing experience.
    • Failure to integrate search with structure Third-party search engines may not be able to decipher your site’s structure, and this can make the search process a bit less productive. However, when you are building a website through a professional developer such as Felinesoft, you can strengthen the site’s on-board search infrastructure, as well. When users are able to pinpoint their own location on the site relative to the areas in which they would rather be browsing, the entire search experience improves.

    Links that are difficult to click

    Fly-out menus come to mind here. The user hovers the mouse pointer over the menu and it unfolds, only to tuck back into the site again if the mouse overshoots the target zone. Links shouldn’t be difficult to click or inspect, nor should a website visitor be expected to have to try several times to land on a single link.

    Speaking the wrong language

    Part of building a successful website that achieves specific benchmarks has to do with writing in such a way that people can find you. Your potential site visitors are (presumably) going to find your site through a search engine, and this means that they will be using predictable words and phrases to get there. These are the same words and phrases that your site should employ.

    Having more than one primary navigation bar

    It seems to go without saying that a ‘primary’ navigation bar is one-of-a-kind. However, some websites are guilty of setting up too many navigation zones. The simple reality is that site visitors will have trouble making sense of your site’s navigation if there are too many disparate choices for them to explore. Limit the main navigation zone to a single area, and make sure that each of the choices within that zone are clearly marked.

    Must Read: Five Things You Must Use On Your New Blog

    Dead ends

    At no point in the navigation of a website should a user ever find themselves faced with a dead end. Your main navigation bar significantly eliminates this risk. Beyond that, avoid embedded links in images that would link to a page displaying only the image (without any navigation options).

    Too many Choices

    When people are faced with too many choices, they are much less likely to be successful. The same applies to the navigation of your website. This is not a vote against operating a fully fledged website with plenty of content available. However, it is important not to overwhelm your site visitors with places to click and actions to take. Many developers recommend holding the top-level navigation to roughly five or six possible choices.

    Why does Spy Earpiece Appear among the Devices that Help to Pass Exams?

    The vast popularity of modern technologies makes it possible to penetrate every sphere of our lives. The most active users of modern sophisticated gadgets are young people who are ready to implement them in every possible situation, whether it is vital or not.

    Technological Sets to now Assist During Exams

    It has got very popular to pass exams or tests smart devices. Here is a list of the tools that are usually implemented while taking a test or an exam.

    Internet is Everywhere

    The Internet is one of the best ways to cheat during the exams, as it can give an answer to everything in the world. The only problem is to be able to use it somehow during the test without being caught. However, having the Internet during an exam or a test is getting hard, as candidates are not allowed to take even mobile phones with them to the exam room.

    An iPod Changes its Main Function 

    An iPod is thought to be one of the gadgets, which is applied to pass exams. They say that you can use it to store the right data. There are even special apps that help to covert the data in the necessary format. At the same time, we have never heard many stories from people who have really managed to pass an exam with the help of an iPod.

    A spy Earpiece is At Hand

    One more method that seems to be very successful among student is a spy earpiece set for exams. The set consists of a tiny earpiece and a transmitter. The technology is getting more and more sophisticated, and, at present, there are no wires at all. You can hide a transmitter into a watch, a pen or even glasses. Insert a minute earphone into the ear, find a person who is going to read the information to you, and you are ready to take exams with best marks and grades ever.

    Gadgets to Hide Cribs

    Of course, the most popular tools to implement are a calculator or an mp3 player, as the secret places of keeping cribs there, in case you are not able to use them directly.

    We have mentioned only a few the most popular ways people cheat during exams or tests. There are certainly unique methods invented by rather smart handymen. Nevertheless, choosing the Internet, an iPod or a spy earpiece as the way to simplify the whole situation, still, it turns out that the best way out is to prepare for the exam or test beforehand and to be sure of your own knowledge.