EXTRA TIP UPDATED For Tweaking Android IMEI on MTK Devices


This is a follow up from our Previous post:

Some devices are different and may want to prove stubborn, so here's an extra tip just in case the steps above didn't work for you.

Type the following command then Press Enter or click SEND AT COMMAND
echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,7, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/

If your phone is dual-sim, type this
command:  echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,10,
“IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1



if you get errors saying "Sending Failed" or "module not supported for device errors"
When you get the AT+EGMR
Make sure you leave a Space between ‘AT+EGMR= (and) the IMEI Number
For example > ‘AT+EGMR=[space]"2345XXXXX"
Now Click SEND AT command, You'll get response "AT command is mSent"
Now restart your Infinix Hot. That's all.

Yes we are done… now you can restart the phone and check the IMEI. See if it worked by dialing *#06#

Download this App to Generate a BB IMEI
Now apply the imei to your phone using the steps we talked about above or previous page.

You can get 3gb and use it to browse after you change it to IMEI of Blackberry phone.
Activate a Glo BIS Plan.
  • Comonth to 777 (3GB) for 1,000Naira
  • Coweek to 777 (700Mb) for 400Naira
Set APN -
and you are good to go. Enjoy the Speed!

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Easy Guide to Repair/ Change IMEI Of Your MTK / Android Smartphone and Devices (Without PC)

Repair or Changing the IMEI of your MTK / Android is now possible, this includes for MTK 6577 / 6575 , MediaTek MTK6592 / MTK6753 android devices, e.g:- Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, and few others, and this post will show you how to do it using Mobile Uncle Tools.

1. This tweak was initiated for the main purpose of educating our readers, we will Not be held responsible if this info is used for any illegal activity.
2. We reserve the right that if you get your device bricked during the process stated below, We won't be held responsible for any Damages.

Meanwhile this post should be useful if your MTK phone is having problem registering your SIM to your network. Probably due to change of location.
That's by the way, but we assure damaging your device during procedure is nothing to worry about, you'll get it successfully done within seconds if you follow the Steps below carefully:

REQUIREMENTS For changing/Fixing the IMEI number on your MTK android :

1.  A Rooted Android *although Not compulsory coz it works without rooting most MTK devices* (latest MediaTek MT6592 / MTK6753, and MTK 6577 / 6575)

2.  A valid IMEI number

3.  The  MobileUncle MTK Tools from PlayStore

Note that when you use IMEI number of your old unused mobile phone, be sure to never insert a SIM of same network again.
i.e >> If you use a Glo sim on a Blackberry (or any other phone), after you copied and use the Blackerry's IMEI into your Android, your Glo will work fine on your Android. But be sure not to insert that same Glo SIM into the Blackberry again, If you do and switch it on, the sim will not register to the network.

After getting the above ready, follow the Procedures below:

1. Dial *#06#, write down your Default IMEI, or Simply Back it up on ur SDcard >> See this Post on How to Backup IMEI on Android.

2. Run the MobileUncle tools App

3. Go to >> Engineer Mode >> Engineer Mode (MTK)

4. Scroll down to CDS Information

5. CLICK >> Radio Information

You'll see something like:
Phone1 -
Phone2 - 

In that select Phone2, because in most of these Chinese cloned phone, the 1st Sim which is a 3G will work perfectly. Problem only happens when we insert the second sim. Such cases are experienced if after you check, you can see the IMEI of 1st sim starting with 35xxxxx and the 2nd will start with 88xxxxxxxx. That is why the second sim is not able to register to the network, because its not in international formatted IMEI. So usually we need to change the IMEI of Phone 2.

When you select any of  Phone1 or Phone2 - you'll find AT+ __________
Inside there input your new IMEI number,
That's all!

See IMEI EXTRA TIP UPDATED - FOR THOSE still facing issues changing their IMEI and those USING INFINIX HOT X507. In the update We also unleash how to use Glo BIS on your Android.

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Also Note That this method supports the below list of new Android devices:
Changing IMEI for Innjoo Max, Innjoo Max 2 Plus, Innjoo Fire, Innjoo Halo, Innjoo Fire etc

Changing IMEI for Infinix Zero 3, Infinix Zero 2, INFINIX Hot 2, Changing IMEI for Infinix Note 2, Hot Note Pro, changing imei for Infinix Hot Note etc

Changing IMEI for TECNO Phantom 5, Phantom Z, Tecno R7, Boom J7 etc

It also supports changing IMEI for Innjoo 2 amongst others that uses the MTK chipset type above

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How To Back Up IMEI Number of Android MTK Smartphone

Incase what you wanna do doesn't workout even after successfully making Repair or Changes of your IMEI Number, it's important that you Back up your IMEI even before carrying out any action on the device from the beginning.

You can Back up your Phone's IMEI by writing down the IMEI of the Phone1 & 2 (if it's dual sim
Or better Use the Backup option in MobileUncle tools.

1. A rooted Android
2. Mobile uncle tools App >> Download here

To Use Mobile Uncle tools to Backup your MTK Android Phone's IMEI

i.) Open the App, go down and touch IMEI BACKUP RESTORE (MTK)

RE-boot when done,
After everything, you still can put back your previous IMEI you backed up on your SD card.
To re-insert the IMEI,
>> select - Restore IMEI from SDCARD(MTK) or SDCARD2(MTK), depending on which one you used to back up your IMEI.
Your Previous IMEI will be restored, now re-boot the device to make it active. That's all

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How Social Media Can Impact Businesses For More Profit

Over the past ten years, the growth of social media websites has been phenomenal. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter were originally established to enable individuals from around the world to chat to one another, exchange photos and videos, and share experiences. More recently, however, the world of commerce has begun to see the huge advantages to be gained by having an online presence. Today, no self-respecting entrepreneur would think of trying to establish a new venture without having a page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. In Nigeria there is a whole host of other social media sites aimed at serving both domestic and trans-African consumers.

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One of the key advantages if you are involved in a startup company is that setting up a social media page is significantly easier and cheaper than establishing a website. Yet doing so offers your fledgling enterprise exposure to a global audience that just a few short years ago would have been unimaginable.

The growth of social media has been so rapid that a recent survey found that 70 percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies did not have a personal presence on any social media site. Some of these executives claimed that they simply did not have time to set up a page, while others lacked the know-how. No less than 77 percent of consumers said they would purchase goods and services from a company that used social media to define its values. It has been found that consumers feel a closer affinity with companies whose CEOs have a personal presence on social media sites, and are therefore more inclined to remain loyal to that brand or company.
One point to be aware of is that if you design a page and/or write your own blogs or other online content, you need to be careful about what the page looks like and how interesting, relevant and attractive the content is. Remember, whatever you write could be seen and read by thousands of potential customers, so be prepared to employ a professional to edit and proofread any content you propose posting. A quick search of the internet will reveal numerous companies that specialize in writing and editing articles and others that will set up a page on a selection of social media websites for just a small fee.

social media & Business

Having the ability to promote your company’s products and services to so many people in a remarkably short period of time makes social media the most effective and economical form of advertising there is. Think about it; for a minimal outlay, even if you are setting up a one person business, you can get yourself noticed by your target customer base within a matter of hours. Having the ability to promote your company so quickly brings nearer the day you make your first profit and ensures your business is more likely to expand and increase profitability over the longer term.

Young Nigerian entrepreneurs such as Bankole Cardoso, who founded the Nigerian branch of EasyTaxi, and 30 year old Uche Pedro, the founder of Bainstone, a media company aimed primarily at a domestic audience, both shows just how successful online companies can become, almost overnight. At the other end of the spectrum are established entrepreneurs who head up multi-million dollar industries such as Tunde Folawiyo – leading Nigerian business leader – who has maintained both a personal and commercial presence on social networking sites for some time.

As with consumers around the globe, Nigerian men and women are starting to recognize how social media can benefit their lives. As a result, businesses that fail to embrace this development will be left behind as their more switched on competitors see their profits surge.