How To Instantly Open A Diamond Y'ello Savings Account with Your Phone & Get Free ₦500

Gone are the days when we have to take long distances to Banks because we want to Open an account.
Today, we are showing you how to open a Diamond Savings account, DYA (#DiamondYellowAccount) from your mobile phone by simply dialing *710#, it doesn't stop there, we'll also show how you can get a surprise package of 500Naira ($2.8) deposited into the account from MTN Nigeria for Free!

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Is MTN sucking Your Credit too much? Here're The Best MTN Tariff Plans To Use Now - See more at:
Is MTN sucking Your Credit too much? Here're The Best MTN Tariff Plans To Use Now - See more at:

The Diamond Y'ello Account (DYA) has been initiated by +MTN NIGERIA  in partnership with +Diamond Bank , making it the easiest and safest method of opening & running a full Savings account for both New & existing customers.


To Open a Diamond Y'ello Account (DYA), Use the Steps below:

1. Dial *710#
2. Input your FIRST NAME and MIDDLE NAME, Send it. Another Prompt will come up asking for SURNAME, input your surname and Send it.
3. Input your PIN and send it.
Your Account is automatically Created.
An SMS having your NUBAN Account number & other info will be sent to you immediately.

Now, you or anyone else can visit any Diamond Bank branch near you to deposit cash into the Account.

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Wait, to complete the Steps, Here's How You can Get
₦500 ($2.7) Surprise Package into your new Diamond Y'ello Savings account

1. Login to Twitter, make sure you are following their Twitter handle, here MTNNG and DiamondBankNG
2. Send your phone number and your NUBAN account number as a tweet to MTN Nigeria,
as follows in the example >>
NUBAN account - xxxxxxxx  & Your Phone Number @MTNNG #DiamondYellowAccount.

NOTE: Make sure you use the Hashtags #DiamondYellowAccount. and mention @MTNNG
Give it sometime for them to See your Tweet and confirm your Account, minutes later, you should get a Credit Alert of 500 from MTN. Like the screenshot below.

Some Coolest facts about Diamond Y'ello Account:
  • No need to stress yourself, running up and down the banks with forms all because you want to open an account. DYA is way too convenient & instant.
  • It is a full bank account with interest payments on account balances
  • The ability to send and receive money to and from any bank account in Nigeria and also to non-account holder.
  • You go Cashless, as you can buy airtime and pay for goods and services with it.
For Further info, meet them directly on their DYA Website.

Have you opened yours? Did you find the Account efficient and reliable? Drop a comment, We'd like to hear from you, meanwhile, take a second to Press LIKE or tell your friends using the buttons SHARE buttons below.


Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone!

Today, we'll be introducing the newest Smartphone device in the market, Infinix Hot X507. The new Infinix Hot X507 is the latest innovative addition to the mobile phone brand following the success of Infinix Zero, it's one of the Best things you can get yourself or for someone this great Season.
You Can it Get here:



The Infinix Hot comes with better battery Life, faster processing Speed and of course, it runs on the leading Android OS, KitKat.

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Below is a Summarized Specification about this device, so we can know the Major features that makes the INFINIX HOT X507 outstanding amongst others.


  • 5 Inches display size
  • Quad Core Processor ( for your understanding, that's 4-in-1 engine :p )
  • 5MP Camera, 2MP Front cam
  • Dual Sim functionality
  • Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • RAM - 1GB & ROM - 16GB (expandable upto 32GB via Memory card slot)
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • 3G For Super fast browsing.
  • WiFi and Hotspot enabled!

Infinix Hot X507

Why You Should Get The New INFINIX HOT X507 Smartphone!

 The Camera - superb and crystal Clear for snapping photos and capturing the best moments anytime, with another 2MP Front (secondary) Camera for those who like to take Selfie and enjoy Video Calls! With the Infinix Hot, You can snap photos and see them as they are.

The Display - with a 5 Inches screen, fully protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, with a very crisp & colourful display, clear and large enough for you see every detail of everything on the device, especially after you Zoom a photo.

Android Games & Apps - The Smartphone runs Android 4.4.2, KitKat which supports not only all Android games, but all Android apps available on the Google PlayStore, you are unlimited with Apps you install.

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Music and Video when it comes to Playing Music on the Infinix HOT, whether directly from the phone's speaker or via headphones, quality sound is assured, the Music player comes with Equalizer for adjusting sound to your taste. Watching quality videos that have high quality is another certain feature of the Infinix Hot, like earlier I said, when watching videos with this device you'll see things just they we way they exactly are.

Emails + Social Media - Instantly send and receive mails on the go. Chat, Share photos, Videos and engage in Social Media, with just few clicks, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever way you want, Infinix Hot connects you instantly.

The Color (Design) - This Smartphone had been designed to suite your taste of color, no matter who you are, or who you are getting it for, there are varieties of nice Colors to choose from.
The Infinix Hot X507 Comes in 5 Great colors.
  • Silk white,
  • Brilliant yellow
  • Radiant red
  • Bright green
  • and Charcoal Black

The "Affordable" Price - or should I say VERY affordable price, we know there are other smartphones that are not upto the Infinix Hot yet are more expensive, the price of the Infinix Hot is way affordable despite the Hotness & amazing features.

You can ORDER From KONGA, the price ₦20,000 is Now slashed so you get it for ₦14,500


We'd like to hear from you, what did you experience after you got this Smartphone.


How To Fix - Warning: http://www.YOURSITE.html cannot be crawled by Facebook's Servers

Facebook Rescrape url tips and tricks with Guide to Facebook comment moderation, recrawl url and share post debugger Guide 2018 - This post will show you how to quickly fix Facebook Fetch New scrape information or data for your blog or URL objects, debugger that fixes facebook og:image and more. It works on both Blogger, WordPress or any of other kind of websites.

This is a common error experienced by those who use the Facebook Comment/Social Plugin, especially on Blogger platform, after publishing a New post and the URL of that post cannot be Understood by the API of your Facebook comment plugin. This leads to the Error Response you see:
Warning: http://www.yoursitedotcom.html cannot be crawled by Facebook's servers.

Normally, Facebook servers are meant to:

1. Crawl your post(s)
2. Fetch the URL
3. be able to understand the URL of that post.
4. and give you raw tags they constructed from its Open Graph properties. These properties contains things like the post-link image & Snippet we see when you share the post on Facebook.

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Facebook servers crawl your new links, each time a new post is made, just Once, if they can't understand it, you'll get that server error, this Error is followed by RESPONSE CODE 404 which you'll see right below.

Facebook's Servers errors

Sometimes after few hours this error repairs by itself (only if Facebook servers crawl again) but if the error is staying for too long, below is a Quick Fix I have used many times to solve it.

1. Click the Error Link

2. You'll be taken to Facebook Developer's page, this is where you'll debug the error in your link.

You may have seen this page before right? Now here's what you're to do - Just scroll down to where you find the FETCH NEW SCRAPE INFORMATION. Click it

facebook developers

Insert your URL there and click on Debug

3. Wait few seconds let the page Reload...
The Response code - 404 is now fixed, You should now see - Response Code 200, which means Facebook servers had crawled your link again and fetched the right properties.
Now, reload or visit the your blog post/page, the server error is now fixed & will no longer be there.


#BlackFriday - KONGA YAKATA, Nigeria's Biggest Shopping Event Begins This 27th Of November!

No denying, we all love to get quality products at a very cheap price, especially in Nigeria ^_^ ... whether you're one of such persons or Not, you're surely going to enjoy this package you are about to experience... it's from the leading E-commerce site KONGA, they have planned it all for each and every one of us.

I am speaking of  KONGA YAKATA! to be Celebrated on #BlackFriday, the day we can buy everything at the cheapest price ever from Konga.
The Sales will last for 5 days from 27th November to 1st December, 2014

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Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:
Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:

now....WHAT exactly IS KONGA YAKATA?! 

For example, during normal days if we were buying a special Smartphone at 20,000, this time you'll be getting that same smartphone for a Super-slashed price of 14,000!!! That's 70% Discount, Cool isn't it?
Konga has assured all its customers 50% Discounts Off all Products categories and up to 70% discount on some special selected products meaning We'll be buying things for half the normal price, or even less than that.


  • 24th Nov. 2014 - Yakata Sales Teaser - the day Konga promises to be bigger and better in this year's Yakata sales!

  • 26th Nov. 2014 - Infinix Hot/ Yakata Sales - Super cool discount on the new Infinix "HOT" Smartphone sales begins ( if we get our more info on it, We'll hook you up with the review later) but you can be the first to get the new smartphone, >>> ORDER NOW!<<<

    MUST READ : Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone!
    Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:
    Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:

    Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:
    Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:
  • 28th Nov. 2014 - First Day at Yakata Sales
Remember again, the event is just for 5 days, Konga Yakata holds from 27th Nov. 2014 - 1st December, 2014.
Hence, it ends on 1st December, 2014.

Infinix Hot X507 - Specs, Price & Why You Should Get This New Smartphone! - See more at:
Recall last year’s Yakata sales, it was a record-breaking event with a huge volume of traffic, there was so much traffic around 29th November 2013 to the extent that Konga hit server outage on its network due to so many eager customers that wanted to partake in the Konga Yakata BlackFriday Sales, well, all that had been already fixed for a long time now and the Great news is that such will never happen again, ever since KONGA worked on their server and made a Super-upgrade on it.


On KONGA YAKATA this year, you will also get faster delivery from the Yakata event as the company recently displayed over 200 delivery vehicles for that quick delivery purpose.
Now making the Online Mall, super-reliable, super-fast, super-Affordable and Super-everything amazing you can think of an Online Mall like Konga

It's going to be full of Shopping activities, surprises and Lots of Discounts on Products you buy on Konga from 27th November 2014.  Grab the Opportunity as we join in this amazing shopping event.
KONGA YAKATA is Ready to Deliver to you this season, whatever you order at an unbelievably affordable price from Courtesy: Konga
Update on 1st December, 2014, KONGA YAKATA SALES IS OVER, TILL NEXT YEAR, see ya'll again for a bigger sales event in 2015.

Compliments! And do Share this Post with Friends :)


[Updated!] The Best Site Map with Table Of Contents For Bloggers

This may probably not be the first time you are hearing of SITE-MAPS, and their importance to your various blogs and websites, it gives you some SEO benefits, when you have site map published on your site and it gets crawled by Google spiders, they can easily read your links and index your entire content since Site maps contain the major Posts/contents from your whole website.

Today, we'll learn how we can apply a very nice Site-map on our blogs, this one is kind of different, unique and more powerful than any other you already know because it contains Table of Contents which breaks it down to categories, this will greatly help your Visitors or Google spiders to understand your entire contents, very quickly.

Here's How to Apply the Site Map tool:

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard

2.  Click on Pages >> New Page...

Blogger Page

3. Click on the New Page Editor, Click on HTML, Now Copy and Paste the codes below
Simply use the script below, replace with your own

<script src=""></script>
<script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc">

The one below is cancelled as they don't work right now.

<style> p.labels a{color: #242424; text-transform: uppercase;font-size: 15px;} {color: #0000FF;} ol li{list-style-type:decimal;line-height:25px;} </style> <script> //<![CDATA[ var postTitle=new Array();var postUrl=new Array();var postPublished=new Array();var postDate=new Array();var postLabels=new Array();var postRecent=new Array();var sortBy="titleasc";var tocLoaded=false;var numChars=250;var postFilter="";var numberfeed=0;function bloggersitemap(a){function b(){if("entry" in a.feed){var d=a.feed.entry.length;numberfeed=d;ii=0;for(var h=0;h<d;h++){var n=a.feed.entry[h];var e=n.title.$t;var m=n.published.$t.substring(0,10);var j;for(var g=0;g<;g++){if([g].rel=="alternate"){[g].href;break}}var o="";for(var g=0;g<;g++){if([g].rel=="enclosure"){[g].href;break}}var c="";if("category" in n){for(var g=0;g<n.category.length;g++){c=n.category[g].term;var f=c.lastIndexOf(";");if(f!=-1){c=c.substring(0,f)}postLabels[ii]=c;postTitle[ii]=e;postDate[ii]=m;postUrl[ii]=j;postPublished[ii]=o;if(h<10){postRecent[ii]=true}else{postRecent[ii]=false}ii=ii+1}}}}}b();sortBy="titleasc";sortPosts(sortBy);sortlabel();tocLoaded=true;displayToc2();document.write('</br><div class="sitemap-link"><a href="" style="font-size: 10px; text-decoration:none; color: #5146CD;">Get This Widget</a></div>')}function filterPosts(a){scroll(0,0);postFilter=a;displayToc(postFilter)}function allPosts(){sortlabel();postFilter="";displayToc(postFilter)}function sortPosts(d){function c(e,g){var f=postTitle[e];postTitle[e]=postTitle[g];postTitle[g]=f;var f=postDate[e];postDate[e]=postDate[g];postDate[g]=f;var f=postUrl[e];postUrl[e]=postUrl[g];postUrl[g]=f;var f=postLabels[e];postLabels[e]=postLabels[g];postLabels[g]=f;var f=postPublished[e];postPublished[e]=postPublished[g];postPublished[g]=f;var f=postRecent[e];postRecent[e]=postRecent[g];postRecent[g]=f}for(var b=0;b<postTitle.length-1;b++){for(var a=b+1;a<postTitle.length;a++){if(d=="titleasc"){if(postTitle[b]>postTitle[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="titledesc"){if(postTitle[b]<postTitle[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="dateoldest"){if(postDate[b]>postDate[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="datenewest"){if(postDate[b]<postDate[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="orderlabel"){if(postLabels[b]>postLabels[a]){c(b,a)}}}}}function sortlabel(){sortBy="orderlabel";sortPosts(sortBy);var a=0;var b=0;while(b<postTitle.length){temp1=postLabels[b];firsti=a;do{a=a+1}while(postLabels[a]==temp1);b=a;sortPosts2(firsti,a);if(b>postTitle.length){break}}}function sortPosts2(d,c){function e(f,h){var g=postTitle[f];postTitle[f]=postTitle[h];postTitle[h]=g;var g=postDate[f];postDate[f]=postDate[h];postDate[h]=g;var g=postUrl[f];postUrl[f]=postUrl[h];postUrl[h]=g;var g=postLabels[f];postLabels[f]=postLabels[h];postLabels[h]=g;var g=postPublished[f];postPublished[f]=postPublished[h];postPublished[h]=g;var g=postRecent[f];postRecent[f]=postRecent[h];postRecent[h]=g}for(var b=d;b<c-1;b++){for(var a=b+1;a<c;a++){if(postTitle[b]>postTitle[a]){e(b,a)}}}}function displayToc(a){var l=0;var h="";var e="Post Title";var m="Click to sort by title";var d="Date";var k="Click to sort by date";var c="Category";var j="";if(sortBy=="titleasc"){m+=" (descending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="titledesc"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="dateoldest"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="datenewest"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (oldest first)"}if(postFilter!=""){j="Click to view all"}h+="<table>";h+="<tr>";h+='<td class="header1">';h+='<a href="javascript:toggleTitleSort();" title="'+m+'">'+e+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header2">';h+='<a href="javascript:toggleDateSort();" title="'+k+'">'+d+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header3">';h+='<a href="javascript:allPosts();" title="'+j+'">'+c+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header4">';h+="Read all";h+="</td>";h+="</tr>";for(var g=0;g<postTitle.length;g++){if(a==""){h+='<tr><td class="entry1"><a href="'+postUrl[g]+'">'+postTitle[g]+'</a></td><td class="entry2">'+postDate[g]+'</td><td class="entry3">'+postLabels[g]+'</td><td class="entry4"><a href="'+postPublished[g]+'">Read</a></td></tr>';l++}else{z=postLabels[g].lastIndexOf(a);if(z!=-1){h+='<tr><td class="entry1"><a href="'+postUrl[g]+'">'+postTitle[g]+'</a></td><td class="entry2">'+postDate[g]+'</td><td class="entry3">'+postLabels[g]+'</td><td class="entry4"><a href="'+postPublished[g]+'">Read</a></td></tr>';l++}}}h+="</table>";if(l==postTitle.length){var f='<span class="toc-note">Show All '+postTitle.length+" Posts<br/></span>"}else{var f='<span class="toc-note">Show '+l+" posts by category '";f+=postFilter+"' the "+postTitle.length+" Total Posts<br/></span>"}var b=document.getElementById("toc");b.innerHTML=f+h}function displayToc2(){var a=0;var b=0;while(b<postTitle.length){temp1=postLabels[b];document.write("<p/>");document.write('<p class="labels"><a href="/search/label/'+temp1+'">'+temp1+"</a></p><ol>");firsti=a;do{document.write("<li>");document.write('<a class="post-titles" href="'+postUrl[a]+'">'+postTitle[a]+"</a>");if(postRecent[a]==true){document.write(' - <strong><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">New!</span></strong>')}document.write("</li>");a=a+1}while(postLabels[a]==temp1);b=a;document.write("</ol>");sortPosts2(firsti,a);if(b>postTitle.length){break}}}function toggleTitleSort(){if(sortBy=="titleasc"){sortBy="titledesc"}else{sortBy="titleasc"}sortPosts(sortBy);displayToc(postFilter)}function toggleDateSort(){if(sortBy=="datenewest"){sortBy="dateoldest"}else{sortBy="datenewest"}sortPosts(sortBy);displayToc(postFilter)}function showToc(){if(tocLoaded){displayToc(postFilter);var a=document.getElementById("toclink")}else{alert("Just wait... TOC is loading")}}function hideToc(){var a=document.getElementById("toc");a.innerHTML="";var b=document.getElementById("toclink");b.innerHTML='<a href="#" onclick="scroll(0,0); showToc(); Effect.toggle('toc-result','blind');">?? Display Table of Contents</a> <img src=""/>'}function looptemp2(){for(var a=0;a<numberfeed;a++){document.write("<br>");document.write('Post Link : <a href="'+postUrl[a]+'">'+postTitle[a]+"</a><br>");document.write('Read all : <a href="'+postPublished[a]+'">'+postTitle[a]+"</a><br>");document.write("<br>")}}; //]]> </script> <script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=bloggersitemap"></script>

4. Make sure you Change the blog's FeedBurner address Colors in RED to your own blog's feedburner address.

If you don't have a FeedBurner address for your blog, go to and create one.
When satisfied with your changes, there's no need to take Comments on your SITE MAP Page, so hover your mouse to the right where you find POST SETTINGS
Click Options >> READER COMMENTS > Choose "Don't Allow, Show existing"  Done.


Here's a Sample of my SITE MAP Page


If you want a different design from my own. You can change the values colored in Red to your own taste.
i.e >> From the codes above,
  • Changing this Values #242424 and 15px will change the color and Font Size of the Category title.
  • Changing this value in blue #0000FF will change the color of the links.
That's all. Very easy isn't it? Now you may Press Like or Share to tell Friends about it.


Do You Know? You Can Get A Paper Check (cheque) From PayPal

Been a while we shared something about Online cash, there're many of them I will be posting soon, PayPal, Adsense, etc, and how you can legitimately earn and handle your money and transactions with them, meanwhile today we'll be talking about one of the World's biggest e-commerce business, Paypal.
There is a simple question only a few think about, not to even speak of searching around for answers.

"Can I Get a Paper Check From Paypal?"

The Answer is: "Yes, You can Receive your Funds as Check from PayPal."
There are various reasons why people request their funds to be sent to them via Check from PayPal.
The major ones are perhaps, they have issues with PayPal or the Bank account they Linked to their Paypal, hence want it deposited to another bank where they run an account, so a paper check is the best way to do it.

Whatever your reasons are, you can ask PayPal to push all your funds as Check and send it to your doorstep.

I'll show us how,
PayPal check
Sample of a Paypal Paper check (Photo Credits:

PayPal allows users to withdraw money from their account in three ways:


You'll need a verified account to choose the paper check option, which also requires a confirmed address. It takes one to two weeks to receive the check for U.S. addresses and six weeks for foreign addresses, making a paper check the least-convenient method to withdraw funds right?. Note that PayPal charges $1.50 for the check, while the other two methods are free.

How to Request a Paper Check from PayPal

Step 1

Log into your PayPal account.

Step 2

Click on the "My Account" tab.

Step 3

Click on "Withdraw." >> Choose "Request a check."

Step 4

Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. Use a decimal place between the dollars and cents.

Step 5

Use the pull-down menu to choose where you want PayPal to mail the check. You can add a new address if necessary by following the links. Click "Continue."

Step 6

Verify the amount.
 In case you ant to still change the Amount you want them to send you, click "Cancel," then go back to Step 4.
A $1.50 check fee will be subtracted from the proceeds. Click "Submit."

Step 7
Go to you mail box for a confirmation email. If you do not receive this, log back into PayPal and check the "My Account" section to be certain your check request has been processed.


  • PayPal will issue the check in the name of the account holder, so you will not be able to send a PayPal check to someone else.
  • Sending a check to someone else's address requires you to provide the recipient's credit card number to add the mailing address to your PayPal account.
It is always Adviced, even by other companies and Payment processors to use Bank Wire Transfer or The PayPal debit card (ATM or foreign currency transaction fees may apply.) which can be used to withdraw your funds anywhere in the world as it is faster, safer, and free.


Date Announced for SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK 2015: Meet the Finest Bloggers, Artistes & Entreprenuers in Nigeria & The World

Yes! Social Media Week (SMW15) is coming real close again as date had been Announced, Social Media Week (SMW) is scheduled to hold from 23rd to 27th February, 2015.

VENUE: Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Road Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


UPDATE - Social Media Week Lagos 2016 - Events Dates and Times 


I have taken a full cup of my time to pile up a throwback of my own experience with them on the Last event and All you have to know about the upcoming SMWLagos including the Theme and location of the event.

Social Media Week had been around, Over the past six years working with everybody — our community — to capture, curate, and share the most meaningful ideas, trends, and best practices with regard to technology and social media’s impact on business, society and culture.
They hold the events globally once a year, in some countries more than once... centers include the U.S, Hong-Kong, Johannesburg, and many others, fortunately for Lagos too, where it launched their very first event, SMW Lagos in 2013.


It took place 17th - 21st February 2014,
There were lots of interesting SMW Lagos events held at different locations through out that week.

The event I attended was Titled: WORDPRESS NIGERIA: SEO + SECURITY + PAYMENT -Best Practices For Website & Blog Management.
VENUE location was at Four Points by Sheraton hotels, Eti-Osa, Lagos 

I was opportuned to meet  few of the great Personalities who ruled the blogosphere in my country, I met the likes of +Don Caprio , a great blogger in tech blogging and  +OloriSupergal  another Amazing blogger rocking the Entertainment niche.

We engaged, discussed and shared posts about the event on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and Instagram with the Hashtag #SMWWordpressNG.
+Don Caprio was one of the amazing Speakers that day.

During and after the conference, The Social Media Week Crew gave us some photo shots.

Social Media Week 2014
Social Media Week 2014 (SMW14)
Looking for me? I am the ugly dude wearing sky-blue colored sleeves, smiling by the extreme right, next to Don Caprio, then Ejiro (guy on check-blue sleeves & jeans) a close friend of mine who's also a good WordPress site-builder.

The most interesting thing about the event for me, was the fact that I got to meet some Great Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Entertainers and most importantly, the Finest Bloggers in my country.

Although I wasn't chanced to announce the conference SMW14 here on EDITWEAKS this year, I can't afford to let you my dearest readers know about the next one SMW15 this time around.


Well, I'll keep it brief, by using major Questions to answer us.


The global theme for the February 2015 edition of Social Media Week as sponsored by Microsoft. is Upwardly Mobile: The Rise Of The Connected Class.

From this same Global Theme, this Year's theme for SMWLagos is  
“Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of A Connected Africa."




Unlike last time where SMWLagos was held at different places, they won't be stressing anybody in 2015, all events had been scheduled to hold in One Big Beautiful place.
SMW Lagos 2015 will be held at LANDMARK CENTRE, LAGOS,
Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Road Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
It's a newly built 2,300 sq. meters (24,000 sq. ft), state of the art event space in Lagos, Nigeria.


There are up to 4 Great Ways To PARTICIPATE in the Social Media Week Lagos this FEBRUARY 2015.
 - You can HOST or Become an Event Partner
 - You can Become a Volunteer
 - You can Apply To Speak
or Be an Attendee.

Everyone who wants to part-take in the event can also engage, Connect and keep in touch by using the Hashtag #SMW15 on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.
For more Info and Updates, visit their link which I had already shared up there.
This is  not a mere info about SMWLagos, I am Inviting all of us...
Now you too should Invite your friends too, click the LIKE Button, Share it on Facebook, or Tweet it with the buttons below.
Hope to see you there. ;) till then... Cheers