5 Ways NFC Helps Your Business Grow!

Suddenly, NFC (Near Field Communication) seems to be everywhere; in the news, embedded as a chip in your phone and even at the neighborhood store! If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you may be asking yourself why you should invest in this technology. How will this help increase profits or make your business run more smoothly?
The answers to this are many and just 5 of them will be enough to convince you that this is the best business decision you will make in 2015.

Source: TheWeek.co.uk

1. NFC makes check out faster & increases footfalls

Nothing is more upsetting to a business than seeing that customers are getting tired or upset, in line to pay for the goods and abandoning their shopping baskets before check out. You want them to be on their way quickly, happy with their purchases and willing to return to your store as often as possible. Contactless payments make this happen so seamlessly, because all the consumer has to do is tap and pay, placing their phone near an NFC reader and the amount is deducted. Just a tap and the customer can move on to doing other things in life.

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2. NFC increases customer loyalty by enhancing store experience

Business these days is very competitive, with multiple offers and discounts available to consumers, so any technology that builds a loyal customer base will benefit growth. That is where NFC payments can help, by making the customer interaction easy and hassle free and setting your café or store apart from the competition.

3. NFC transactions are safer & more secure

Safety and security is a concern for you and your clients. Here contactless technology can help because it has several superior security features, such as a PIN authorization and fingerprint scan options. These ensure that transactions are completed in a way that all parties are protected. The merchant receives his payment promptly and the shopper is safe from theft or misuse by not sharing any of his personal and financial information such as credit card or bank account details.

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4. NFC means timely payments & real time analysis

Prompt settlement is desired by all businesses and is an added benefit of the NFC system, which also helps you track and analyze sales transactions and spending habits. This gives you the added advantage of helping you plan future marketing and sales efforts as well. The more you know about the shopping habits of consumers’ the better equipped is your business to anticipate their needs.

5. NFC is seen as innovative and fun

Early adoption of NFC technology makes your business appear innovative and more attractive. Ever since Apple launched NFC enabled phones in October 2014, the momentum to include NFC chips in other mobiles has grown as well. This means that more and more people will be familiar with and want to embrace this technology and your business can be a trendsetter in this regard.

In conclusion, It makes solid business sense: So if innovation is crucial to your growth, NFC is the right choice for you and your customers. Faster, safer payments lead to greater growth and the thriving of businesses and communities everywhere.


How To Root Infinix X507 Kitkat Android Smartphone

For those who may have been following my updates, just 2 weeks ago, the New Infinix Hot X507 was released into the market and became popular because of its amazing features yet a very Affordable price tag. You may see the Hands-on review with specs and price Here.
Now, I'll be showing us how we can Root the Infinix Hot 507. Goodnews is this method would also work on any MTK Android device that runs KitKat, JellyBean, ICS & Lower versions.


Like we'll always tell you, there are terms you  must agree before you Root your device.
  • Rooting your device Voids/cancels the Warranty of 12 months that comes with it.
  • If you Brick your phone while rooting, we won't be Held responsible. Although Bricking is never a thing to worry about if all the Steps are Carefully followed.
Rooting the New Infinix Hot X507 was a bit challenging at first, I tried to root it without PC with Rooting Apps like TowelRoot, FramaRoot, KingRoot, it proved Stubborn.
Infinix Hot 507 uses MTK chipset, Android 4.4.2 KitKat having a LOCKED Bootloader, that made it quite difficult but when I plugged it to my PC using the Steps below. I rooted it Successfully.

It's quite easy, just Follow the Steps below.

Best Method: How To Root Infinix X507 (with PC).

- Your Infinix Hot 507 (or Any other MTK/Android device running KitKat 4.4.2) 
- Your Computer
- USB Cable
- Internet Connection

1. Download PDANet HERE -- DON'T Install yet. We'll do that later.

2. Download and Install VRoot / iRoot app on your PC (version - Download here Or my google site here.
Installing it may Show Up in Chinese Lang, use Internet to update version to English.

3.  On your phone make sure you enable USB Debug mode, to do this; goto Settings >> ALL >> Scroll down to DEVELOPER OPTIONS >> Switch it ON, >> scroll down again to USB debugging and Tick It.

4. Install the PDAnet you earlier downloaded, it will prompt you to Plug the phone, now Plug it to the PC,(make sure Internet is ON for your PC). Your computer will update and Install the complete Drivers for your Infinix Hot. When drivers finish installing, Close the PdaNet app on your PC.

5. Launch the iRoot App on your computer, Click Connect Device.

Give it some minutes to detect your Infinix HOT X507 smartphone.

Infinix 507 MTK Kitkat

Once it detects it, It will Load drivers again, (make sure your Internet is still ON).

Minutes later, you'll see "INFINIX X507 is Connected."
Now click ROOT.

Sit back, Relax, and watch the Process.

After sometime, Your phone will Reboot. After the reboot, your iRoot will now tell you - Infinix X507 root successed!

Congratulations, You have successfully Rooted your Infinix Hot (507).

Before you unplug your USB, On your phone, go to USB menu & click on CHARGE ONLY then unplug your device....Wait,...
It hasn't ended there, to complete the Steps, After you successfully Root your Infinix hot, iRoot will already Install SuperUser and some strange Chinese (or do I say chinko) apps which you will SEE on your menu. Find the Superuser app on your Infinix Phone.

NOTE II : There are Two Apps like that people complain are showing in Chinese language after rooting Infinix Hot. One of the App has a Horse logo on it, leave it, but uninstall the other chinese app.
Now, Open the App with Horse logo (that's the SuperUser App), Open the App and Update it with internet, it will automatically turn back to English. Hope that solves it.

Install ROOT CHECKER or any App that requires root access to confirm your device has been Rooted, You will need to set the SUPERUSER to Allow or Grant apps Root permissions.

Hope it works for you, if you got any errors or challenges, leave a comment so we can help out, meanwhile, Press the SHARE button to bookmark this page and tell friends about it.
And If you're gonna COPY this post to your blog, Pls be cheerful, give us a credit for our small work by Linking back to us where you got it from,,, being generous won't kill anybody. LOL... Enjoy
BTW, do have a Happy New Year.


3M ePrivacy Software Review - How Visual Hackers Can Invade You & Best Method To Protect Yourself

3M ePrivacy Filter Software Solutions, Reviews, how to use and all you need to know - Over the past years till date, more ways of stealing people's data are been used. Some of the techniques Hackers and Spies can use to hack your accounts are - Trojans/backdoors, Drawbacks, Keylogging, Social Engineering and so on.

These techniques requires them to install the malicious apps on your system just before you begin to use that system.But what if you don't allow them and because of that you feel your computer is very safe, guess what? You could still get knocked off through Visual Hacking. This is yet another method which Thieves, spies and/or hackers can still use against you, without laying hands on your Computer.

Visual Hacking involves cyber-criminals or intruders peeping over your shoulder while you’re working on your computers or mobile devices. Sometimes they don't need to be near you, spies can go as far as using Binoculars, powerful smartphones and quality camera devices to invade, collect and use whatever information displaying on your screen.

Many cases found is when you go to cyber-cafes, schools, airports, offices, inside buses and trains.You might focus on your computer or mobile device, chatting or something, not knowing someone behind you is peeping into your privacy, visual hackers can infiltrate you, from the outside-in.
A lot of employees have had their Confidential data stolen by visual hacking, complaints have been made but later realising this had happened when their devices got hacked at a Glance, visually. 


Some suggestions to protect yourself from getting hacked visually include;
- You trying to block or hide what you're doing with your hands or an object, this can reduce the risk but is not a practical thing to do in public.
- Sitting at a corner, against a wall may also help but you still won't be comfortable because you'll find yourself trying to adjust every minute from discomfort, hence be unable to focus on what you're doing on your device

These suggestions seem okay, but we know are not so efficient, this is why the perfect protection for yourself and your data from Passer-byes, who could be Visual Hackers had been provided by 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software, the application works hand-in-hand with the Standard 3M Privacy Software.


 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at95714AM_zpsb2eb4d87.png-Using the computer’s webcam, 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software learns the user’s face through facial recognition software.

-The facial recognition feature is designed to reveal the screen ONLY for the authorized user.

-When an eavesdropper from behind is detected the user is alerted with a pop-up of intruders face.

-The screen also blurs when YOU, the user looks away or steps away, cool right?.

- And when the software is combined with a 3M™ Privacy Filter (the physical filter), a true 180-degree visual privacy is possible.



- Download Requirements: Windows® XP (or higher) and a Webcam.
Not compatible with Mac OS for now.

1. Go to >>  3Mscreens.com/ePrivacyFilter/Trial

or Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

2. Fill in your details, enter your activation code and Download the software  (WILL BE SENT UPON ACCEPTANCE)

You should check out the Video below to know more about the 3M ePrivacy software and How to use it Free


Whether you feel Visual Hackers are near or not, We believe this is a very useful Software that gives you the perfect privacy and comfort especially in public & busy places where you need to use your computer, the software is worth keeping in your PC for life.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
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Hands-On Review - Infinix Hot X507 with Updated Specs & Price

The Infinix Hot X507 is the latest and trending device happening in Nigeria now. Sold with Free Delivery Exclusively by Konga. We fortunately got selected among the first that received the review copy of the sweet-looking smartphone, so here-in we'll be giving us the Hands-on Review of the Infinix Hot X507 Smartphone.
Some weeks ago, we already showed us Specs, Price & why you should get the New Infinix Hot which you can see here,
It's slick powerful features are the main point of tagging it "Turn Me On!".
Now, with our hands-on, we'll showcase and bring us very much closer to the new device, with detailed info & photos, I bet after seeing everything you need to know here, you'll also get Turned On! LOL

RECAP: Detailed Specs Of The Infinix HOT X507: 

  • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
  • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
  • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
  • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
  • BATTERY:          2000 mAh


The Box is yet another fine one from the stable of Infinix mobile, with a very impressive design, a Sticker on top saying "Etisalat gives 500MB" upon purchasing and activation for Internet browsing on your new Infinix Hot, that's a huge BONUS for you.


There are 5 colors (back-covers) to choose from the Infinix Hot X507,  the colored back-covers glow in the dark. We got a white,, cool isn't it?

Unleashing what's in the box, you'll be quite amazed, I found the Smartphone, and a couple of useful accessories, i.e
- USB CABLE (a Multi-purpose type For charging and Data transfer)
- and A SLICK DESIGNED HEADPHONE (with Answer button for Calls)


Immediately I picked up this Smartphone from its box, the feel was cool, light at hand, then I proceeded to insert the battery and switched it ON, (the Power Button is the second below which you can find at the "right-side" of the phone)
Behold the Fantastic Display, you expect anything less when the Screen is already Amoled-powered? The result is Crisp and colorful, it was a sweet feel as I touched the screen while scrolling the Menu.
You can have a closer look at our photo-shots below.

Infinix Hot X507 Hands on


With height of 142.4mm, breadth 73.2mm, and a small thickness of only 10.1mm, this means the phone is pretty slim, this appearance surely beats some of the trending Tecno smartphones, like the Tecno M7


Okay, as I had earlier said, this smartphone uses 1GB RAM and Quad-core processor of 1.3GHz, making quality Speed a certain feature of the Infinix Hot, it took few seconds for the phone to boot up, not some other devices that you'll have wait forever, the performance is very fast and responsive, be it powerful HD & 3D games or Apps, you can do more and Multi-task without fear of any hanging or looping.


The Infinix Hot comes with Android 4.4 (Kitkat), and I was very satisfied with the Launcher unlike my Previous smartphones where i had to use GO-Launcher for navigating.
Some Pre-installed Apps & games that came along were:
- Konga shopping app 
- Carlcare
- Asphalt 7
- and Assassins Creed 3 amongst others.


Battery Life is the major thing I always look out for in many Android Smartphones, I end up disliking most of them because of their batteries but the battery Life of this New Infinix Hot is not doing bad for me at the moment, I'll keep watching it closely as time goes on.
There are so many reasons why I like this Smartphone, it seems to have so amazing features compared to the price which seem to be rather affordable.

The Affordable PRICE:

The Inifnix Hot X507 is now sold at Only 14,500 exclusively by KONGA.
You can ORDER YOURS HERE NOW from Konga.com.
 Delivery is Free Nationwide.
buy Now!


You can also get SCREEN PROTECTORS and perhaps and Extra Battery along with the device.

In conclusion, there's a huge Bonus like I mentioned before, You'll get 500MB from Etisalat after buying the Infinix Hot X507 from Konga.