How To Sign In To WhatsApp Web on Your PC Browser

Just last week, after WhatsApp for Web was released for our PC's browsers (personal Computers), the News spread quite fast, many technology and News blogs have discussed about it, now more and more people want to get involved in the new Experience, more people want to do their WhatsApp Messaging directly in their PC.
So just in case you're finding it difficult to Log in and Start using WhatsApp on your Computer's Web browser, I will Show us How....
It's simple


* PC Browser - *N.B* Only Google Chrome (version 36+ and above) is supported at the moment

* The Latest/Updated WhatsApp on your Smartphone.
That's all.

Yeah, you'll need to have the Updated version of the WhatsApp Application On your Phone to enable you use WhatsApp Web on your PC. The reason is because the Updated WhatsApp is the only that will show you this new function.


- Android Users can Update their WhatsApp by going to the PlayStore and click UPDATE.

- Or For other phones simply go to

The Link will take you to where to download the Latest WhatsApp for your Smartphone.

Once you have the Updated WhatsApp, follow these Steps:
1. On your computer use Google Chrome to visit >>

2. It will open with a page showing QR Code to use and Scan your Phone

3. How To Scan the Code with your smartphone;
  • Android - Open WhatsApp >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web
  • Blackberry - Open WhatsApp >> Chats >> Menu Key - WhatsApp Web
  • Nokia S60 - Open WhatsApp >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web
  • Windows Phone - Open WhatsApp >> Menu >> Whatsapp Web
  • Blackberry 10 - Open WhatsApp >> Swipe down from top of Screen >> WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp for PC

Immediately the Scan is Done, you will be Logged in, and all your Conversations will drop in, so you can continue chatting from your PC.

Although The new invention had shifted from Instant Messaging on Mobile to messaging on PC, it has proved to be MORE FLEXIBLE and quite VERY USEFUL for those who work in Offices with their Computers. You won't be distracted from picking up and dropping your smartphone to reply messages anymore, you can now do everything you do on your smartphone directly from your PC through WhatsApp Web.
Hope you like it.


Facebook's Founder & CEO Brings Free Internet To Ghana with New Project Called Internet.Org

The Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has finally launched a project he created called INTERNET.ORG
The INTERNET.ORG project focuses on Connecting the world, especially countries that are yet to get easy access to the internet.
He recently added Ghana to the list of countries that will benefit from this project.
The App is now available to Airtel Ghana subscribers, making Ghana the fifth country they've connected with
People in Ghana can now use the internet for free to access local services, search for jobs, buy and sell products, and stay connected.

He had been to other countries where he also launched the project. Like Columbia 2 weeks ago, around 14th January 2014.
Before today, only about 50% of Colombians had access to the internet. By launching the app on the Tigo network today, Mark said, "We're giving people free access to basic internet services for jobs, health, finance and communication. By partnering with the Colombian government, we're also able to include e-government services for the first time, for education and Agriculture.
Colombia is the first country in Latin America where we've launched , and it's the
fourth in the world after Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.

We hope to spread to more countries soon and we're excited to continue on the path of connecting the whole world."


Brand New ADSENSE SECRET EXPOSED!!! How To Boost Your Earnings with A Unique HTML Code & YouTube Videos

This post is about something New, something Unique I learnt from A Very powerful Ebook I read about 2 years ago, I didn't Notice this Tip until Late Last year when I decided to Read the book over again. Pro-bloggers and intelligent webmasters are currently using it but may have Never told you.
After giving it a try, it yielded amazing results, so I decided to Share this cool Secret with you.

Here's How I Boosted My AdSense Earnings using A Unique HTML Code and YouTube Video.

When it comes to AdSense, so many important things are involved with How much you're earning. 
3. POSITIONING OF YOUR ADS, the positions of your Ad units is the point I am making here, it was the Key I used to discover how we can boost earnings, which I am about showing us now and it's only possible through the Smart use of HTML codes (primarily).
4. CLICKS - only when 1, 2, and 3 are in place, clicks now follows.

Despite my 2nd blog doesn't have plenty traffic see below a screenshot of it's performance after I used this HTML code.

1. AD REQUESTS became very accurate and improved

2. COVERAGE, 99.96% - An almost perfect performance, it means the ads are very visible, audience is seeing it, and this was only attainable through the HTML CODES I used to position the Ad unit.

3. CLICKS, 48 - pretty cool amount of clicks to hit ONE ad block on a blog with Average traffic huh?

From The first day I applied it Alone... Coverage got to a complete 100% with 5 clicks.
You too can Boost your Earnings, No matter the Pageviews you are getting daily. Follow the Simple Steps Below.


- Good YouTube Video(s)
- A Popular blog post on your blog or newly but well written post.
- The Unique HTML code
- Your AdSense Ad Unit code. (336 x 280)
- ... A Little Patience

How to Apply the Requirements

Now, this is how it works, let's say you have a blog post, and a Video, and both your Post and that Video went viral, it's receiving lots of traffic from searching Engine,...... you can double your Earnings through that Video in your post, Yes. That's all I did and it worked great.

It works in 2 Ways:
a. Use Your Pre-existing popular blog posts to show the YouTube video
- OR -
b. Make A New Good Post and attach the YouTube Video(s) in the post

The Unique HTML code

Once the above is ready, copy and use the HTML codes below

<table align="left" style="width: 600px;"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="320">PASTE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO CODE HERE </td> <td width="300">ADSENSE CODE HERE (336X280)<br /> </td> </tr> </tbody></table>

 Using the above code will position your Ad unit side-by-side with that video.

As I already put in bracket, 336 x 280 ad sizes are best fit for this, depends on the size of your Post body, you can always adjust by changing the Attributes in the codes.
Create A New ad unit so you easily Track its performance after you apply this tip.

Now you might be saying to yourself, You don't have a Popular Post with a Video.

Well, Here's my suggestion, simply head to YouTube, or any similar sites as Long as the Video is NOT explicit, >> search and Pick a very good video related to your most popular Posts, then attach it in the post.
Use same HTML codes to Position the Video, with the Ad.

Now give it some time, Check back in a Week. I am sure you'll be Impressed with the Results. 
Sky Rocketed Earnings is certain.
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Things To Consider Before Buying a Smartphone This 2015 (The Ultimate Smartphone Buying Guide)

The Year 2015 is still a bit Fresh, some of us may have intentions of changing our phones, or buying for someone. These days, the power and functionality in a palm-sized smartphone would have taken up an entire storage room in the 1960's. Today, your cell phone is a constant companion, a pocket-sized link to the news, entertainment and social circles that color your world.
It's your office assistant, your bank, your game, your book, your radio, your music player, your source of entertainment, your bible, your qu'ran, your weight loss monitor and so much more.
That's why it's so important to find the right mobile phone that best fits your needs.
As culled from BambooNaija website, this post focuses on making sure you take informed decisions and serve as buying guide to advice you on the things to consider before buying a mobile phone this 2015.
Buying A Smartphone This 2015

Things To Consider:

How To Use The Best TTF Custom Fonts and Font Apps For Android Smartphones

We all want our smartphones to standout in every way, we want people to say "WOW! How did you do that" whenever they see things on our devices, Using Custom fonts is one of the best steps you can take to make your Android look totally different.
Samsung phones are mostly the ones that come with the "change font" and use Customised Fonts feature by default in their settings. Fortunately, we can still do it on Non-Samsung Android devices.

Right now, there are many Android Apps in the PlayStore that can change your default font to customised fonts but I am going to show us some of the very Best of them, I personally handpicked them because they're easy to Get and Apply..... then I'll also recommend some of the best TTF Fonts which you can use on your Android Smartphone.


Fontster allows you to easily change the system wide fonts on your Android device within a well designed Holo UI. In order to use this app, your device must be rooted
What makes Fontster special is that it will replace all font styles used by the operating system. Unlike other font installers that only replace a few of the font styles, Fontster will change all styles resulting in a consistent look across all text. This means that practically all of the typed elements throughout your devices UI will be changed to your desired font, including the keyboard, digital clock widget, web pages etc.
It's very simple and first on the list probably because I am currently using it, now.



2. iFONT (Expert of Fonts)

As the name implies, "Expert of Fonts". The app is designed to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely. It's easy to change system font! Beautiful fonts, For every Beautiful mood!

It's easy to change system font. It's already Integrated with hundreds of exquisite lovely font, easily change the system font, and it's very simple. Best Font Style Application for Android!
Hundreds of handpicked fonts that works for your phone.




RECOMMENDED FOR SYMBIAN USERS: How To Install New Fonts on your Phone Using Flipfont For Symbian OS 


Another Best Font Installer on Android! Select from hundreds of custom fonts to install in the system wide! Preview, backup, install from SD card and share your fonts.
This app is for rooted devices only, Font Installer overwrites the font files in the /system/fonts directory. Hence, to install a font you must have root access and S-OFF (S-OFF applies for HTC devices).







HiFont provides hundreds of handpicked fonts and splendid emoticon symbols for you. HiFont is designed to install Cool and stylish fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to customise your phone for FREE.
It also provides tons of cool emoticon symbols and cute smiley! You can use those emoticon and smiley on any social network, SMS or email, to express yourself more vivid than simple words!

They support most phones like Samsung, XiaoMi (MIUI), Huawei, HTC, Sony (XPERIA), Motorola, LG (Google Nexus), and also MTK Androids like TECNO, INFINIX, Gionee etc.
Be sure you go through their DESCRIPTION  before you download the apps, Most of them require your Android to be rooted, you can see this post on how I rooted an Android smartphone, same method works on many other devices and may work for you too.


Since there are hundreds of TTF Fonts all over the web, picking one out the numerous Fonts can be pretty difficult for you. So Here are few of the Best Fonts you can choose from...

1. Alte Haas Grotesk
2. Aller Light
3. Diavlo
4. Equinox
5. Zapf Chancery
6. Marvel... Get more custom Fonts, download this Pack >> 65newfonts from
65newfonts from

I'll stop here because I don't want to leave you confused again about which App or Font to choose from. Hope you liked the App and these TTF fonts I recommended.
I am currently using the Aller Light Font, Let us know which font and font app you’re using on your Android device in the comments below!
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The Good & Bad News About Your High Traffic But Low RPM / Earning with Adsense

First I'd like to Welcome all of us into the new Year 2015, this is my First post this year and I'll be using it to talk to us about Online Cash, Adsense to be precise.
From the Beginning of 2014, earnings did very well for some Adsense publishers, especially those blog/website owners with plenty of Traffic... until Late last year, something happened...
It was a Good and Bad News about Adsense upon us, I'll start from the good news before the Bad, then I'll round up telling us how we all can get over this Bad News.


Finally after so many years, Adsense began displaying Ads for Opera Mini users, considering the amount of mobile device users who browse our websites via Opera mini, this made me smile in particular, because
1. Whether I am on Wordpress or Blogger, I'll never have to worry myself anymore about A Responsive Theme/Template, the Ads were very responsive by itself, they fully show on Opera mini whether my theme is Responsive or Not.

2. Adsense displaying on Opera Mini Changed the mind of many Blogger platform publishers that wanted to move to WP, people would normally move to WP because everything is customisable there, on WordPress they'd create a Mobile version of their blogs and create a new Ad Unit that supports Mobile display. This Good News saved publishers from all this stress.
#Blogging: The Best Option to Make Money Online

Now.... The BAD NEWS

CTR dropped.... drastically, Just after the Good news, most of my pals who ran Google ads started to freak out, Complaints everywhere and so On... eyes turned red... same publisher loved the Good news began protesting saying they No longer want AdSense to display on Opera Mini..... quite funny isn't it?

RECOMMENDED:  #BLOGGING: The Best Option To Make Money Online

The Next Question People started asking was...


Low RPM adsense earning

No need to panic, Don't get upset, Don't get Confused, it happened to me too, Through out all that time, I watched my Daily Earnings, it was still fine at first, even during the Christmas Holidays, The Low CTR thing didn't hit me Not until later, towards the End of the Year. It hurt but I didn't cry as loud, I later moved out and Harvested some Tips from some Adsense experts which I will Briefly Share with All Of Us.

LOW RPM/CTR / EARNINGS - Why you Earned what you Earned on Adsense.

1. RPM - Revenue Per One Thousand 
2. CTR - Click Through Rate

These 2 Terms work together and will help you Understand Why you Earned What you Earned.

Your RPM, which is calculated by Estimated earnings [divided by] Number of page views) X 1000
... and this Estimated earnings is determined by how many Clicks (CTR) you received.

For Example
If your RPM is $5.00, it means you'll earn an Average of that $5 for every 1,000 Pageviews
Looking at that Amount, you can Calculate that if you get 10,000 Pageviews you'll earn an estimated $50.
NOTE: This analytics is not 100% accurate, because the amount you earn per click changes all the time.

To keep it Brief...

Here are BASIC Reasons Why Your Adsense RPM / Earnings dropped

Google's Advertisers: The Amount you earn is Dependent On How much Google's Advertisers are Spending, hence if they Spend Less, you too will Earn Less, there's No Magic or trick behind that.

AdSense earnings are often seasonal: Like we may have all Noticed during big holidays & Festive Periods, many Offices go on break, Banks, Stores etc. These business places and firms are major sources of Google's advertisers, Advertisers that Spend are usually those who do more Services & Product sales during such Seasons, like Online Malls, and few others, if it hit you that your Earnings dropped poor, then it's because of the season.


a. - You'll  need to Keep Writing More useful, SEO optimized posts, here's how to Never Stop Writing & Updating your blog

b. - Use Facebook Ads

c. - Share your posts, Use other methods to Get more visitors. See this Powerful post on how you can get Plenty Traffic for Free.

d. Tweak and change positions of your ads and take note of the performance, this will help you know which placement works best for you.

Option "b." is the sweet and easiest to go for if you have few dollars to spend on your blog, the whole Solution Boils down to Getting More & More Traffic to your Blog. Once you're getting more Traffic, more people are visiting and the Clicks will definitely rise as well.

A major Fact we need to be Aware of is, You are not in control of How much the Advertisers are paying to display those ads on your blog, these changes that occur many times is a sign that ADSENSE is never a Basket to put all your Eggs, No doubt they're Still The best, but we all are encouraged to Diversify and Be Flexible as Much as Possible.

Moreso, I'll be sharing some of the Best Ones that will Fetch you some cool cash in few days to come. Look out for Affiliate programs, Sponsored reviews and other CPC programs that are Similar to Adsense Programs.

How ever, if you'd like to improve your RPM and CPC, you may visit and use this AdSense Secret we Revealed to improve your earnings.

Hope this post helped in someway,  Do take a Second use the buttons below to SHARE this post on your Social Networks.

Cheers. ;)