How Your Brand or Business Can Get The Best Out of Social Media in 2015

Social media is a versatile tool in the personal and professional lives of most people today. It can also be a vital tool for businesses to utilize in digital marketing strategies. Social media may look easy to use, but businesses have a fine line to walk when it comes to finding the right audience and engaging them in a way that goes beyond a simple sales pitch. For social media to work, here are some things that businesses should remember.

Reaching the Audience You Want

Social media provides you with a worldwide audience --but that does not mean that you should try and target the whole world. It can be overwhelming to find your audience on social media at first, but with the use of tools such as hashtags and social media optimization, you can find the people who are most likely to buy your products and services because of the things they are passionate about.

You can also use social media to help your existing customer base find you online. Having existing satisfied customers connected with you can provide you with better word-of-mouth advertising that your business will need to keep reaching for success.

Expressing Thoughts Beyond Advertising

Another aspect of social media that customers have come to expect from businesses is that they go beyond the blatant advertising posts and tweets. Customers want to know that by following your brand, they are getting something more than they can get from a television advertisement or online banner ad. It is important to not only provide them with engaging content, but to still be able to tie in that content with your products and services. This can be done in a variety of different ways depending on what industry your business is in.

Social Media Engagement 

Keeping a Direct Connection with Customers

One of the biggest benefits to brands who utilize social media as part of a wider digital marketing campaign is that your brand can get instant feedback on what customers are thinking. If you have set up your customer service system around this concept, then you can quickly change things and incorporate feedback into product design, marketing and sales quicker than the businesses still using marketing research alone.

The one drawback to this instant feedback is that you have to be quick to acknowledge a problem and work to solve it. If customer feel like they are not being heard, they will move on to the competition who may be using a better digital strategy for customer service.

Showing and Giving Support

Younger customers today are looking for brands that not only provide products and services that are environmentally friendly but also provide proof of a social conscience. Social media savvy brands are not just promoting their products and building a thoughtful engagement with their audience. They also provide customers with information on how their brand, product or service is taking it a step further to give back and support others, whether around the world or in the local community.

Social media is a great tool for connection with your audience and can be used in a number of ways to get the word out about your brand without resorting to plain advertising. As long as you have a good plan for your social media strategy in place, it can only benefit your overall marketing strategy.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Laxman - The Security Expert Whom Facebook Rewarded $12,500 For Hunting A Bug

We are pleased that after few years of existence and growing on the Web, we are very excited to publish our very FIRST INTERVIEW. 
And because SECURITY is one of the most important topics we enjoy sharing with you, we decided to have Our Interview with Expert Security Researcher, LAXMAN MUTHIYAH... 

MR. LAXMAN, or do I say, the Bug Bounty Hunter, discovered a Bug which was Capable of deleting all your Facebook Photos.

He reported the issue to Facebook Team, after the fix, he shared it via his blog and Youtube video  He was Rewarded the sum of a whooping $12,500!!! (about 2.4million Naira) by Facebook Team.
His Exploit hit the web between Thursday, 12th and 13th February, 2015, since then He has been the newest reigning Security Hero.

Days later I spoke with Him about an Interview, I needed to bring him here and show you this guy. Gladly, he found time to Hangout with us.

... Join the Interview Below, you may also be Inspired:

Over to You, MR. LAX!

>>Please Introduce yourself to our Fans & Readers of
Hi, I am Laxman Muthiyah, 22 Years old, From Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Passionate about computers and technology stuffs. I have completed computer science engineering last year. Now working as a web developer. Gonna quit this job soon.

>> When Did You Start Learning Hacking or Bug hunting?
4 years ago started learning things related to information security as well as hacking.

>> What were your First Exploits or Bug Hunts.
As said in my other interview. My first bug was improper validation in a mobile recharge website. It allowed me to do mobile recharge without payment. This flaw exists in their wallet feature of their website. They have done only onsite validation (js validation) for input values and they didn't validate anything in server side. I just tampered the data sent to the server i.e entered negative values in amount field. That's my first finding.

>> Why did You Choose Security research?
I love to keep my things secure, this might be one reason why i got in to Information security field.tongue emoticon What if you want to keep an important information secure ? will it be secure forever? this question made me to think and this is why i am being here. I don't have any significant reason towards it. I am just passionate about Infosec and that's it.

>> Where did you learn so many things ? Please share your Learning sources.
"Google is God" this statement means alot to me! I use to Google everything which i don't know.
Ethical Hacking Workshop by Sunny Vaghela gave me new ideas. This type of workshops would be very useful for beginners who are interested in hacking.
Make use of R.H.A, hack forums, ­Resources.infosecinst­ to learn hacking stuffs.
There are thousands of websites to learn. My advice is "Google Everything" because you may not get consistent place for everything you want to learn. Make use of the entire internet using Google.

>> So far, After your Exploit and Reward from Facebook Team, you have been Featured on Big Websites Like BBC, MASHABLE, TECHCRUNCH, YAHOO NEWS, NDTV. You turned A Tech-celebrity within some Days. How does it Feel, and What does this mean to you?
Tech-celebrity? Glad to hear tongue emoticon
Its like dream come true grin emoticon I realized that "Hardwork never fails".
I am very excited to see my finding get featured in many reputed websites.
>> There are Many Others in the Bug Bounty Program, who are still Hunting, trying to find a Bug and Get Rewarded and/Or Be Famous like You, What is Your Advice to them and other people that are into Security Research?
First thing is to understand what a security vulnerability is. It may take time for beginners to differentiate a security vulnerability from other software bugs.
Read the writeups and proof of concepts of previously fixed vulnerabilities . Many security researchers have their own blog where they ll share their findings. Do follow them. You may get more clear idea about it.
Never giveup. There is no such as an ending, just a new beginning. All the very best for everyone who are trying to find bugs.

>> Your Best Quotes that Keeps You moving
- "The Expert in anything was once a beginner."
- "Never give up There is no such thing as an ending, just a new beginning." "It always seems impossible until its done"
A quote from a person who is one of my inspirations.
>> Can you Share with us Your Future Career Plans?
Also On an Interview with another blog, You said you're Going into Blogging? Sounds interesting, Can You tell us a little bit more about it?
They are #Information_Securit­y #Blogging #Entrepreneurship
I will continue security research and simultaneously I am going to blog things related to technology, hacking, vulnerabilities, tech tricks etc.. Later I'll also write about other things like fitness, business etc..
His Blog is -> 7xter - - coming soon

>> What do you Have to say about this Website?, advice pls :)
Your website is very useful and informative. You are doing great! I am just a beginner in blogging. The only thing I can tell you is "Keep up the good work"

>> We really appreciate your Presence here, do you have any more Additions as Conclusion for us?
First of all, i thank the author "Edi Dominic Ifediri" of EdiTweaks for this interview. Thanks everyone for taking your time to read this interview.
I wish everyone to excel in your career like emoticon
thanks man for the interview smile emoticon

>> Thanks so much for your time to Interact with us Here Bro & I wish you the Best of Greater Success in all your endeavors Laxman!

Now back to you there Reading this with either your Computer, Phone, Tablet, Ipad or any device, this post goes beyond discussing about achieving something Huge as Fame and Reward, it's about useful Information SECURITY, and using this knowledge to protect people's data like Laxman did.

We hope this Fresh stuff was worth your time, we hope this Interview was very Educative and Inspiring for you.
From Me and Laxman, we say again... Thanks for Reading.
You can Support by Hitting the SHARE & LIKE Buttons Below.

And if you have any Message for Laxman, or any Questions or contributions, use the COMMENT Box below, He's much around to answer you.


Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10-30 Review - The 10.1-Inch Windows 8 Netbook

We'll be looking at the new Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10-30 Dual Core with 2GB, 500GB HDD and 10.1-Inch Windows 8 Netbook.
The Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10‎‐30‎ is made for people on‎ the go‎‎‎. Lightweight‎‎‎,‎‎‎ sleek and easy‎‐to use‎‎‎,‎‎‎ giving you great value for your money‎‎‎.‎‎‎ Thin and light laptops usually bear a hefty price tag, but the affordable E10 is:
17.3mm (0.68") in thickness
1kg (2.2 lbs) - in weight.
With up to 9 hours' battery life between charges — and a whopping 39 hours of audio playback with the display off — the E10 is an ideal companion for users on the go

Click Here to >> BUY NOW | From Konga
Or Click here > BUY NOW | From Jumia

Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10-30
  • Windows 8.1 OS
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 10.1-Inch, HD, LED Backlight, Display
  • 2.16 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor

WHY YOU SHOULD GET THE Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10-30

High Resolution Display:
Enjoy visuals on a dazzling high resolution display‎‎‎,‎‎‎ with HD being the standard offering on this laptop‎‎‎.‎‎‎ This Mini E10‎‐30 offers a 10.1‎" inch ‎,‎ 1366 x 768 display that is perfect for viewing your videos‎‎‎,‎‎‎ photos or documents on a much clearer sharper screen display‎‎‎.‎‎‎

RECOMMENDED: Slow Laptop? Fix It in 7 Easy Steps

Stay Connected
With 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity‎‎‎,‎‎‎ 10/100 LAN‎‎‎,‎‎‎ and Bluetooth®‎‎‎,‎‎‎ you‎‎‎'‎‎‎ll be able to connect to the internet wherever you go‎‎‎.‎‎‎ You can also easily connect the Mini E10‎‐30 to a television or other display via the HDMI port‎‎‎.

Quality Video Chats
The integrated 0.3megapixel webcam will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you’re really there‎‎‎.‎‎‎
Enjoy superior video chats on the Mini E10‎‐30‎‎‎,‎‎‎ which includes wide‎‐angle viewing and face‎‐tracking‎‎‎,‎‎‎ dual noise‎‐cancelling microphones with configurations for crystal‎‐clear quality calls‎‎‎.‎‎‎

the Lenovo Ideapad Mini E10-30

Product Information
Product Type -       Laptop
Model           -       E10-30

FULL Specifications
OS:                    Windows
USB Ports:         YES
Wireless:             Yes
Graphics:             Intel HD Graphics
Hard Drive:         500 GB
RAM:                 2 GB
Optical Drive:     No Optical
Resolution:         1366 x 768
Screen size:        10.1 inches
Brand:                Lenovo
Processor:          Intel Celeron 2.16GHz Dual Core Processor



PRICE - $247 (49,000 Naira)
Prices are liable to change depending on seller

Delivery takes 2-3days


Google Domains Gives Best Fully Customised Domains at Best Prices

As they say, Your Domain Name DESCRIBES YOU & WHAT YOU DO.
Whether you're getting a website domain for Personal or Business reasons, the Name you give your Domain is One of the First Big Steps you take for creating your Online Presence.

Google Domains has rolled something very Uniquely different from what you've been seeing on the Web, when you take a Look at some Domain Registrars like GODADDY, HOSTGATOR, AVIXE etc to mention but few, they give you Domains ending with .COM , .NET , ORG, etc.
You and I are so used to such domains, but Google Domains is giving us more than that now, with Google Domains, you can name your Top Level domains(TLD) as follows:- 
 .business etc, there are now more options to choose from than ever before.

Their Domains (.COM) starts at the PRICE of $12USD.

Google Domains have partnered with some of the most reliable and easy-to-use website building providers on the web: Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and of course, Blogger. They're already helping business to create some useful Websites for their customers through those platforms, it's been very Easy.

Before now, Google Domains we strictly for Use by INVITATION, but now this had been Lifted, it's now Open for everyone in the U.S at the moment of this post.
If you're not in the U.S, simply go here to GET EMAIL ALERT immediately Google Domains becomes available in your Country.
Their Researchers have tested the beta version and opened its features for use, Google Domains includes enhanced features like:
  • Improved search and suggestion experience to help you find the perfect domain name
  • Over 60 new domain endings like .company, .florist and .coffee (view the full list with Pricing here)
  • A simple dashboard to manage your domain, website and email settings
  • The integration of Blogger so you can create a blog and easily connect it to your domain
  • The ability to quickly browse website template themes and compare the plans and features of our website building providers
  • Dynamic DNS so you can setup your domain and keep it pointing to the same computer even when the IP address changes.
 Get started today at

This really is an Exciting News for many of us, and the cool price they started with ($12) isn't so Bad either.

Infinix HOT NOTE - Review Of The Upcoming Smart Device

This post is the Infinix Hot Note X551 Review where we will share all you need to know about the device.  Infinix Mobile is introducing INFINIX HOT NOTE, a Bigger, Brighter and Faster one, but not thicker, it maintains Slim design with a Longer lasting Battery of 4,000mAh. After good success with The Infinix Hot X507 that Launched last December 2014.

    JUMIA  |   BUY NOW!

    KONGA  |  BUY NOW! 


      The upcoming Infinix Smart Mobile device seems similar, but is a higher version of the former Infinix Hot X507. Especially by Size and Speed. Infinix Hot Note is here to "Unleash Your Power", and is set to arrive the Market very soon.

       Infinix HOT NOTE
      Infinix HOT NOTE
      Infinix Hot Note is a sweet device to behold, but what else Would make us wanna Buy it?...  let's check it out Below.

      Key Specifications of the New INFINIX HOTNOTE


      As said before, it has some resemblance with the Infinix Hot X507, but it's Bigger, brighter and this Bigger size still didn't increase it's thickness, it maintains a slim size (8.9mm).
      The New Infinix Hot Note set A Record as the Slimmest and Lightest device on the market. This record was made attainable by its clever Screen/frame Ratio.
      - 8.9mm thick
      - and 172g in weight


      The Display promises to be Bigger with a 720 x 1280 HD Resolution.
      HD Display - 5.5 inches.

      BETTER BATTERY (4,000mAh!!!):

      There are Battery capacities of 2,600mAh, 3,000, 3,500, which they claim to be strong, but the New Infinix Hot Note arrives with a whooping 4,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery.
      With this You can perform 70% More Daily Tasks.
      • 2 days of extreme smartphone usage
      • 21 Hours Talk time.
      • 8Hours of video
      • 40 Hours on Music
        and 6.4 Hours browsing.
      MUST READ: Things To Consider Before Buying a Smartphone This 2015



      You won't have to wait forever to Charge your Battery to the Fullest, Infinix Labs figured out how you can Charge your Battery Faster, this system was Applied to the Infinix HotNote, within Less than an Hour Charging, you can Use the Device for upto 36hours (1 and half days).
      Using your Your Original Charger to Charge is Adviced for such Performance.



      Ability to do Multi-Tasks at full Speed, and Accuracy is very important on Smart devices, the Processor which handles that aspect in the Infinix HotNote is built with this feature, a Higher, super-fast OCTA-CORE (8-in-1 Engine) Processor, 1.4GHz, Optimum performance guaranteed.

      Infinix HOT NOTE

      MEMORY  ( 1GB RAM + 16 ROM ) :

      It has Large Space for you, 1GB RAM and 16 ROM, the Memory Size is not different from the Infinix Hot X507, but its Processor (Octa-Core, 1.4GHz) made the Clear Difference, which means this HotNote will perform a bit Faster.

      CAMERA (8MP back cam + 2MP Front Cam) :

      For those Who Love to Capture every moment,  and those Who wished the Former Infinix Hot X507 came with 8MP, your Prayers have been answered, Infinix Hot Note comes with a Better Camera Power, 8MP Back camera and 2 MP in front. The cameras where highly optimised  for taking Wider and Sharper photo shots, Selfies and Wefies.


      Infinix HOTNOTE has Dual SIM functionality,
      (SIM ONE - Normal SIM, SIM 2 - Micro SIM),
      Both Slots Supports 2G and 3G.
      The Connection Offers Bluetooth, WiFi and Hotspot.


      Infinix HOTNOTE have 4 Color-Series you can Choose from, these Colors are Very Pure, and Premium finishings with Metallic Textures, this means the Premium feeling starts from your hand when hold the device,
       You can Choose any of the Colors for the Infinix HotNOTE:
      Infinix HOT NOTE colors
      That Champagne Gold rang a bell in my ears :) I bet you'll Love the Gold too.


      It runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, this new version of Android OS has an Upgraded module, with SELinux, which supports many Apps updates, and supports lots of cloud and data exchange operations safely for you.


      There's so much good stuff and features the Infinix Hot Note is packaged to Offer its Users, the Review shows improved Specs and New Records that the new device has set, records that other Smartphones are yet to have.  
      THE PRICE : Price is 23,500 Naira as at the time of this post and is liable to change depending on the Selle

       JUMIA  |   BUY NOW!

       KONGA  |  BUY NOW! 



      You can also get SCREEN PROTECTORS and perhaps and Extra Battery along with the device - price.


      You can also get SCREEN PROTECTORS and perhaps and Extra Battery along with the device - See more at:


      You can also get SCREEN PROTECTORS and perhaps and Extra Battery along with the device - See more at:


      One More Surprise For You! The INNJOO ONE HD - Review, Specs & Price

      If you're hearing INNJOO for the first time, well, it's one of the Best Phone manufacturers producing new superb Android Smartphones and devices at the moment, they launched their new flagship device, INNJOO ONE HD on 11th February, 2012.

      Innjoo One has an Octa-Core processor, and runs at 1.4Ghz speed, what you get is a smooth, buttery experience no matter how many apps you open at once. Browse, watch HD videos or play 3D games.

      From Jumia  >> BUY NOW <<

      In this special Review we'll be having a good look into this Newly Launched Smooth-looking smart mobile device, INNJOO ONE HD.

      INNJOO ONE HD Review

      After this, we may possibly bring us closer to the INNJOO ONE HD by publishing Our Hands-on review like we did for Infinix Hot X507 which brought lots of positive results for us last month, many who Saw our review and bought it are highly Appreciated, the users still Enjoy the smartphone, you may have a look at the Infinix Hot Hands-on review here.

      INNJOO ONE HD Pack

      Let's Review the Important Specs of the New INNJOO ONE HD.

      Screen Size -
      5.0 inches

      Screen Resolution - 720 x 1280 HD IPS
      BODY SIZE:     
      Body Size - 142.7 x 70.2 x 6.9mm

      Other Body & Screen Features
      1 - 6.9mm ultimate thickness
      2 - weights only 123g
      3 - double-sided Dragon Trail glass
      4 - Full-metal frame
       Back Camera - 13.0,  Front camera - 5.0MP,  (With Auto Focus for both Cameras)
      MEMORY:      RAM- 2GB + 16GB ROM
        (External Memory Card Support - 64GB Maximum)


      CPU - MTK - Octa-Core 1.4GHz
      GPU - Mali-450MP4

      OS (Operating      System) :         
       Android 4.4 (KitKat)
      SIM TYPE
        Dual SIM, (Nano Sim card)
      NETWORK DATA:    2G / 3G
      CONNECTION:   - WiFi - 802.11b/g wireless internet
        - HOTSPOT Functionality
        - Bluetooth - 4.0

       Capacity - 2600mAh Polymer Battery, Rechargeable

       Black and Gold

      See the Camera?, the Colors, Gold means premium, From the Above you'll realise the new Innjoo One HD smartphone comes with many features that makes it Simply tasty for its users.
      The Battery Life too for example, 2600mAH, that's a Reliable capacity. The Glass frame and metal body also means another Surprise, in fact, it's No ordinary phone, it's A Unique Premium Device.

      ORDER FROM JUMIA >> CLICK HERE  (PRICE: 27,999 Naira Only). <<
      Delivery takes 3-5days within Lagos, or at Most 7 days if you're Far from Lagos.

    • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
    • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
    • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
    • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
    • PROCESSOR & CPU:    QUAD-CORE, 1.3 GHz
    • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
    • - See more at:

    • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
    • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
    • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
    • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
    • PROCESSOR & CPU:    QUAD-CORE, 1.3 GHz
    • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
    • - See more at:

    • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
    • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
    • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
    • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
    • PROCESSOR & CPU:    QUAD-CORE, 1.3 GHz
    • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
    • - See more at:

    • DIMENSION:   142.4 X 73.2 X 10.1mm
    • MEMORY:        1GB RAM + 16ROM
    • OS:                    ANDROID 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
    • SIM type:           Dual SIM [Micro and Normal-SIM]
    • PROCESSOR & CPU:    QUAD-CORE, 1.3 GHz
    • BATTERY:          2000 mAh
    • - See more at:


      What is IMEI? Top 4 Websites with Tools For Checking Valid IMEI Number

      Billions of people, including you, may have No idea about the importance of the IMEI Number in the mobile phone you're using. You're only aware you have network, you can make, receive calls, send SMS, chats and Browse the Internet with it. But your Device works with IMEI number, a unique number which makes it go beyond what you're thinking.

      Let's roll back to the Basics of  IMEI
      IMEI - literally stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

      After buying a new Smartphone, you may Notice it on the receipt, on the Phone's Box, or/and the phone's back. It's also used as proof of Warranty incase you're taking it back to Phone Store or Repairer.
      Each IMEI number is built to be Unique in every single mobile device no matter how many Billions of devices are produced. These Unique digits aren't to appear twice.
      The purpose of an IMEI goes beyond simple identification and the number can be used to block devices from accessing the cellular network.


      If your phone is stolen and you notify your service provider, they will block the device from their network and in some regions block other networks too. In some countries, Police often keep a record of stolen phones and use IMEI numbers as identification.

      Further More, Some imported Smartphones are built to never allow any other any Cellular Network to give it Signal. Such Network Providers could bind these smartphones to their network, this was basically Possible through the IMEI of the smartphone.
      While it's drastically Unlawful to change or tamper with phone's IMEI in some Locations, others feel  there's nothing wrong with that since they're Only trying to make things work.

      Do you have issues with your Mobile Not receiving Network Signal? It could be due to IMEI number, perhaps it's been Blacklisted, that's why I have created this post to show us websites that serve as Tools to help us do the following;
      * Check whether Existing Or New IMEI of a smartphone is Valid, 
      * Check Reported IMEI numbers and be able to Tell if your device may have been Blacklisted or Stolen before it got to you, although, this is not Certain, but it might be if the IMEI was tampered with.
      * Help to let you know exactly what your phone’s IMEI number says about your handset.

      1. IMEI.INFO is Our Number One IMEI validator tool in this list, reason is they had been in the game for a very Long while, they handle thousands of requests related to IMEI and phone Theft issues for users.
      With, They have CALCULATOR, to help you Complete IMEI numbers if you provide them with first Relevant digits.
      I use them regularly pertaining to IMEI numbers, be it Android, Apple (Iphone), Blackberry, Nokia, etc.


       Another good website with great tools for IMEI issues, you can Look-up for Valid IMEI also, and report Stolen Phone there too.


      This is another international website with a very good tool for checking Validity of your IMEI, if you are Satisfied with the others above, you should try this one.


      This one is very good at checking for reported, blacklisted or Stolen devices, you can use it to check whether your IMEI is Safe for Use.

      There's One More IMEI validator, specifically meant for ONLY IPHONES, you can check it out >>>  HERE - IPHONE IMEI
      Sometimes, the tools on the above websites depend on your Locations, so you may have to put that into consideration.


      Basically, you can check IMEI of many phones by dialing *#06#  But what if that doesn't work for you Use the Procedures below:
      • iOS (iPhone, LTE/3G iPad): Found in the Settings > General > About menu.
      • Android: Found in the “Settings” menu under “About Phone”.
      • Older Sony or Sony Ericsson (Xperia): Enter “ * Right * Left Left * Left * ” on the keypad.
      • Older Blackberry or newer Sony Ericsson: Found in the “Options” menu under “Status”.
      It's very important and smart of us to be aware of what we are holding and using everyday like our various phones.
      Hope we found the post educating, We may Use the LIKE + SHARE Buttons to share this with friends everywhere, who knows, you may help save someone from IMEI trouble.


      SAMSUNG GALAXY A5 Review - Specs and Price in Nigeria

      We're here again with another amazing product from Samsung Galaxy Flagship now available in Nigeria. The Galaxy A5, the New smartphone is amongst the first Samsung smartphone with a full metal body, with innovative luxurious design and a stunning 12.63 cms (5) HD sAMOLED display.

      We got you the BEST DEALS on the Samsung Galaxy A5 in Nigeria

      MUST READ - Samsung: Galaxy S5 Versus Galaxy Note 3 Neo - Specs & Prices - See more at:
      MUST READ - Samsung: Galaxy S5 Versus Galaxy Note 3 Neo - Specs & Prices - See more at:
      MUST READ - Samsung: Galaxy S5 Versus Galaxy Note 3 Neo - Specs & Prices - See more at:
      The smartphone is one that will begin to trend once it hits every Local Store near you, users are already loving it
      You can feel the premium quality of the sleek full metal body in your hand. And with 4 unique colours, you can choose the Samsung GALAXY A5 that best fits your personality and style.

      Galaxy A5

      Galaxy A5 is one of the new powerful smartphones in the "A series List" released by the Company, although A5 looks a bit like the same as last few generations, there are previous new models also with Metallic constructions, i.e >> GALAXY ALPHA and NOTE 4.
      Galaxy A5 still proves to be uniquely built with its Metal body, a premium feel everyone has been waiting for.

      RECOMMENDED - Samsung: Galaxy S5 Versus Galaxy Note 3 Neo - Specs & Prices

      Let's have a look at what GALAXY A5 has to offer from the Specs Below.


        • Body Size and Weight >> 139.3 x 69.7 x 6.7 mm, 123 grams
        • SIM Type >> Nano (Dual sim type)
        • Cameras >> 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front-facing camera
        • Memory and Storage >> 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, expandable up to 64 GB
        • Processor  >> 1.2 GHz - Quad-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, Adreno 306 GPU
        • Sensors >> GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity
        • Networks >> 3G/4G LTE
        • Wireless >> Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, Ports micro-USB 2.0
        • Battery >> Li-Ion 2,300 mAh (Non-removable)
        • Operating System >> Android 4.4 KitKat
          We have More Photos to Bring You real Close to the Galaxy A5
          SAMSUNG GALAXY A5 - The Back View

          SAMSUNG GALAXY A5 - Left View

          SAMSUNG GALAXY A5 - Right View

           SPEC DETAILS

          THE CAMERA:

          The camera (13MP Back camera and 5MP Front cam) on the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a pretty high quality affair along with the metal chassis is probably the key selling point on the mid-range phone from Samsung. They both come with Modes settings, specifically the Front Camera having Smarter Selfie Shooting, which takes photo Shots by Palm or Voice recognition and a Wide Selfie Mode for capturing the Best of Group photos (called Wefie).

          The Display

          THE DISPLAY:

          Galaxy A5 boasts of a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 Million colors, Screen Size of 5.0 inches  and Resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (~294 ppi pixel density) supporting Multi-touch.
          The advanced screen technology offset the lower resolutions. It gives a Full HD display on first sight, an Adaptive Display that delivers true-to-life colours.

          BATTERY LIFE:

          Battery Power is a important feature that can never failed to be discussed in all Smartphones, Samsung does relatively well at their Batteries, the Galaxy A5 comes with a Li-Ion 2,300mAh (Non-removable) Battery,

          Music and Video

          MUSIC AND VIDEO: 

          It has automatic Adjustable Audio, Samsung GALAXY A5 automatically increase or decrease the volume in response to the background noise around you. The Colours when viewing Videos and all the System User interface are In-depth and very Rich.


          Just as stated above, the Galaxy A5 is Constructed with a Metallic body, a premium Feel everyone had waited for, it comes in 4 Colors to suit you,  Galaxy A5 comes in WHITE, BLACK, GOLD and GREY/SILVER.
          The Shape is No more or Less different from other Galaxy smartphones you may have seen, with all smooth curvy edges.

          THE PRICE (Where To Buy From) : 

          The Price in Nigeria is Uncertain at the Moment, but from Our calculations, it might be Sold by KONGA or JUMIA at Price range of 75,000 to 80,000 Naira very soon. We promise to give you an Update once it rolls in.

          Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy A5

          OUR VERDICT

          The Galaxy A5 is a premium mid-range Smartphone, the Metal Body and Camera is the Selling point people have opted in for it, despite the Battery life (2,300mAh) something to have a make you have a second thought if compared to other models by same Company like the Galaxy S5 (battery power being 2,800mAh) , although Galaxy A5 promises you'll not need always Charging it.
          The 13MP Camera is wonderful while Unique Modes in the Front Camera having Software that helps users to Control it, the new Samsung device shows High Quality hardware and Cutting edge specs and about 90% Customers are Already recommending the product.


          ALL-IN-ONE! Latest Browsing Tweaks For MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL Users This 2016 / 2015

          Have you been looking for Free/Cheap Browsing Tweaks to use this 2016? That's great, you have come to the right place, there are browsing tweaks for you now, for a while now many geeks had been using these browsing tweaks to do heavy downloads and Browsing at a very affordable rate, after many demands from friends and fans here, I finally took my time to make this post for all of us. It's an ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE, tweaks for almost All Nigerian Networks, MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.

          UPDATE: Check out Latest Browsing Tweaks and Cheats in 2016 - For MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo

          Note: These Tweaks below still work in 2016 for MTN and Glo, we will update you on Etisalat and Airtel 2016 tweaks later on.

          Here's a Break Down of all the Tweaks I am about to Share with you:
          1. MTN BIS with Simple Server
          2. GLO BIS FOR ANDROID, 3GB for 1k
          3. ETISALAT, PayG - Unlimited browsing and Downloads
          4. AIRTEL - A Fresh Tweak that Gives you 2GB after Tweaking your IMEI

          So if you have the Sim listed above, smile as you Grab a Cup of Tea as you'll surely benefit from any or All these Browsing Tweaks below.

          1. MTN BIS with Simple Server



          After downloading, Subscribe to any MTN BIS Plan of your choice by dialing *123*4*1#

          The Daily BBC plan has been blocked for this tweak.

          For using Blackberry plan with the Simple server:
          BB10 Plan works great ( Send BBMIDID to 21600 - for Daily plan or the Daily plan for 70Naira - Dial *216*7# ).
          Make sure you get the BIS Activation SMS and 100 or 70 Naira is deducted, once it's active.
          Follow the Settings Below to Enjoy the sweet browsing on your Android or PC with MTN BIS plan :)

          subscribe to any of your choice by dialing *123*4*1# to choose a plan, you're suggested ouse the Daily BBC plan ( Send BBCDAY to 21600 ), once it's active.
          Follow the Settings Below to Join the Enjoyment on your Android with MTN BIS plan :) -

          subscribe to any of your choice by dialing *123*4*1# to choose a plan, you're suggested ouse the Daily BBC plan ( Send BBCDAY to 21600 ), once it's active.
          Follow the Settings Below to Join the Enjoyment on your Android with MTN BIS plan :) - See more at:
          1.  Extract the SimpleServer.Zip >>> Open the extracted file folder,
          You'll find Simpleserver.exe and
          Edit the .INI file and input the following
          In your Simple server INI input >>,
          that is in your VALHDR0 = ''
          IQUERY = ''
          Save It (Ctrl + S )

          Double Click on the ‘SimplerServer.exe to run the application.

          2. Connect the modem, with normal APN settings.
          To make sure your APN is correct, go to settings on your Modem and configure your
          APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.­net ,
          Password & username: web

          Also configure your browser and IDM to (LocalHost)
          Port 8080.

          3. On Firefox Menu, Click >> OPTIONS >> NETWORK >> SETTINGS >> TICK MANUAL CONFIGURATION, Input the Proxy I.P ( and Port:8080) and Save.
          See this Post on How to Configure your Browser to LocalHost.

          RECOMMENDED: Best Ways To Change and Use Proxy Servers/Local Host on Google Chrome

          After you're set, be sure the Simple Server is running, Connect your Modem.
          Open your browser and start Browsing and downloading.


          ==> Install SimpleServer.apk on your Android (Rooted Android Only) Root Your Android Here
          ==> Create New APN settings On Your Phone
          As Follows...
          Port: 8080
          APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.­net
          Save And Activate it SS your default settings.
           On your Android, go to simple server App and configure the settings:
          ==>Proxy host:
          ==>Proxy Port: 8080
          ==>Injection Method: get
          ==>Injection query/url: http: //­ [without any space]
          ==>Injection Host: web. [don't leave space]
          ==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
          ==>Log level: debug

          Now the Last part;
          Leave any other thing , Press Bck to Exit it, Pressing Back will automatically Save your Settings as you Exit.
          Put on your Internet, Go back to Simple Server App and click START.

          Simple Server Android

          You can Browse and Download all you want. It powers all Apps.

          N.B: This particular Tweak dies and resurrects, now look at this pretty Old Post I wrote about MTN BIS Working with DROIDVPN, that was early last year,  it had existed even before I updated that post in July 2014... We just invent new methods to keep it alive.
          I use it when I published this post. It still works.

          2. GLO BIS For Android Browsing Tweak

          All you need do is Tweak/Repair your Android's IMEI to that of Blackberry. After that, you can Share Connection from your Android to your PC via HOTSPOT.
          GLO users are adviced to see this post On >> How to use Glo Blackberry Subscription on your Android.

          3. ETISALAT Browsing Tweak:


          Etisalat PayG

          This one is Superfast browsing tweak for Etisalat users, but you'll need to be Super Smart to Enjoy it.
          Follow the Steps Below:
           1.Get your sim on easycliq so that you receive free mb when you recharge. Subscribe to the payg plan.*229*5*7#
          2.Recharge N100, they give you 5mb or 10mb depending.
          3.Start your browsing, preferably downloading.
          4.They usually reset the connection at 55mins, so your download will most likely stop at that time.
          5.Just disconnect or switch of your data and then reconnect. No need for codes.
          6.After another 55mins, do the same again.
          This can be used for days with the initial N100 still intact. Your free 10mb will be reduced to 0.48mb and that will reduce by 10kb after each cycle. (CREDITS TO aiikae of GL for this working One)
          N.B - Avoid Video Streaming Sites like Youtube etc when browsing as in Step 3.

          4. AIRTEL Browsing Tweak

          This is A Fresh Tweak that Gives you 2GB after Tweaking your IMEI
          See the IMEI >> 869878000162957
          It's 15 Digits, so you'll need to generate your Unique Numbers and use it to Get your own 2GB from Airtel.
          You can copy the first 12 and generate others to make it unique.
          Use to Check Valid IMEI or generate for yourself.
          See this Post To Learn How to Tweak your IMEI
          After tweaking this IMEI on your Android, Text  3G TO 141 and Enjoy.
          See Screenshot Of 2GB received Below.

          Airtel new 2Gb

          You will need to keep checking this post for updated working ones, just incase the one you use gets slow or blocked.
          Young people love tweaks... never mind anyone telling you it's old stuff, I understand that you and other people who are reading this may be students trying to save some Cash and avoid Expenses, besides if you also check well, you're Enjoying More Data Freedom than people who pay for Data/Internet subscriptions,  that's one of the Major reasons I created this Tech blog. To Share Tweaks, unique and Useful Knowledge that works and make Life easy for all our Readers all over the World.
          Network Agents can walk in here anytime to find this post and Decide to work on blocking it, but it really is none of our Business either.

          We worked hard to dig out and Write this Long Post, If you Must Copy it, Pls be Kind enough to Give (Credit) Link Back to us where you Got it From.
          We don't ask for money or Anything from you, Linking back and Sharing this post is the Best way to Support and Appreciate our effort, so everyone can progress.
          SHARING IS CARING TOO, Don't Forget To Hit Our SHARE and LIKE Buttons Below. Have Fun!


          DISQUS 2015 - How To Import Your Blogger comments Into Disqus system

          Disqus Comment-Management system has been around for a while now, Bloggers and Webmasters have taken full advantage of it, using it to manage Comments from their Visitors, Disqus system is so flexible, You Can make Comments so easily with any of your Social Media Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or join the Disqus Community and use your own DISQUS profile to:
          • Make comments on blogs that use Disqus system, 
          • You can add your Blog URL to your Disqus profile for traffic, 
          • follow Conversations, 
          • Follow users, 
          • or/and get Followers too.  
          RECOMMENDED: *Updated* The Best Site map with Table of Contents For Bloggers 
          These Robust features of DISQUS is the reason why many Bloggers and Webmasters are moving to Disqus, and the Great news is you won't Loose previous Comments saved in your Blogger blogs, you can pack all the comments along too and continue using those Comments with Disqus on your blog after moving them from Blogger or WordPress. So if you wanna join the Band, this is a Fresh tutorial that works on How to Import Your Blogger comments Into Disqus system.


          DISQUS 2015
          1. Click on IMPORT
          2. Select BLOGGER

          ALSO READ : Blogumus - Flash-Animated Tag Cloud For Bloggers

          Next, a  new page will Open asking For Permission from your Account, all you need do is , Click on Allow to authenticate the Disqus to process and start Importing Comments from your Blogger Blog.
          After seconds, you will get something Like this Message Below.

          DISQUS message

          Meaning, it will take at least 24 Hours to Finish Importing, depending on the Load of Comments in your Blog. I used it on my second blog and all Comments were Imported in few minutes because I don't have much comments there.
          Hope this post Solved your issues. If you still face any difficulties with Disqus, let us know by commenting Below.  Thanks for reading.