DISQUS 2015 - How To Import Your Blogger comments Into Disqus system


Disqus Comment-Management system has been around for a while now, Bloggers and Webmasters have taken full advantage of it, using it to manage Comments from their Visitors, Disqus system is so flexible, You Can make Comments so easily with any of your Social Media Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or join the Disqus Community and use your own DISQUS profile to:
  • Make comments on blogs that use Disqus system, 
  • You can add your Blog URL to your Disqus profile for traffic, 
  • follow Conversations, 
  • Follow users, 
  • or/and get Followers too.  
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These Robust features of DISQUS is the reason why many Bloggers and Webmasters are moving to Disqus, and the Great news is you won't Loose previous Comments saved in your Blogger blogs, you can pack all the comments along too and continue using those Comments with Disqus on your blog after moving them from Blogger or WordPress. So if you wanna join the Band, this is a Fresh tutorial that works on How to Import Your Blogger comments Into Disqus system.


1. Click on IMPORT
2. Select BLOGGER

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Next, a  new page will Open asking For Permission from your Account, all you need do is , Click on Allow to authenticate the Disqus to process and start Importing Comments from your Blogger Blog.
After seconds, you will get something Like this Message Below.

DISQUS message

Meaning, it will take at least 24 Hours to Finish Importing, depending on the Load of Comments in your Blog. I used it on my second blog and all Comments were Imported in few minutes because I don't have much comments there.
Hope this post Solved your issues. If you still face any difficulties with Disqus, let us know by commenting Below.  Thanks for reading.


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Author: Edi Dominic Ifediri

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  1. Wow. I never knew that we could import our comments from blogger to disqus. Though I have used disqus for some while but stopped using it, due to the already indexed blogger comments I have.

    But with this your info, seems like I would go back to disqus. Just that there comment system hardly load on some mobile devices :)

    1. Hi Anyikwa chinonso,
      You have a point there with Google already Indexed your Blogger comments, but DISQUS comments too are also SEO optimized, although it takes time for Google bot to crawl Disqus comments since they are run through Javascript and CSS which Google is yet to fully support when crawling webpages, but someway it still gets indexed with little or No errors.
      DISQUS loads on my Mobile phone (Opera mini), although it depends on the browser. you use.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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