7 Sure Reasons You Are Not Making Sales in Affiliate Program

Before you continue reading, I'd like to let you know this is going to be yet another Long post from me, so you'll need exercise Patience to read it from start, then reap the rewards when you finish it :)

Most of us know that Affiliate Programs or being an Affiliate is having ultimate Goal to making Sales and getting the commission for it, which means MORE Sales, MORE Commissions.

While I had shared My Success Story earning with Konga Affiliate Program, the story seems to be different for some Affiliates who are still trying so hard to reach Threshold where they would be Paid their commissions.

Truth is, to make sales, you definitely need to work both Hard and Smart at the same time, once this is in place, Sales and every other thing you wanted will start rolling in.

This was not easy for me at first, as I made few mistakes which were Reasons I wasn't making Sales when I started, hence my progress was Slow, but on the Long run, I made Corrections.

Reasons Why I made No Sales along with the Mistakes Some others are Making is what I'll be discussing and sharing with us, these mistakes are the Reasons you're not Making Sales as an Affiliate, there are many reasons but these are the Major Ones...


I made this mistake couple of times, and still notice many others make the mistake too.
As an Affiliate, you need know that IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SELL, that is the job of the SALES PAGE which Your Affiliate links will lead the reader to. You rather need to help people with facts, Why they should Buy etc...

Most Affiliates make a big mistake of seeing New product(s), because it looks nice and Appealing to the eyes, instead of looking for ways to help their Readers or Buyers see reasons why this product will solve their problems, they just go ahead and Only describe the Product, everyone will say it's just a Review, brief Review is NOT enough at times.

Sometimes people will read your review but it'll end there, they won't buy, and even if they Do Buy, you won't make as many Sales as a Post Review that gives readers Facts, Helpful and Practical reasons Why they should buy a particular Product/Service or what makes Makes the product interesting for you to show it to them.


As the saying goes, Jack of all Trade, Master of NONE! It's same way with many people who do it wrong in Affiliate marketing, they join as many Programs as possible.Fine, it's cool to cultivate multiple streams of Income as you Work Online, but soon you'll find out you have too much to Handle.
Until I find a better One, Konga Affiliate and Jumia Affiliate Program, Amazon and Ebay with few other Web Hosting Programs like Arvixe are the best I can Recommend in my Locality for now.

I advice that Before joining a program, be watchful, depending on your energy, smartly pick two or three Affiliate programs you want to work with and stick with it.
Overloading yourself can really be a Bad idea.


When we go to the Cinemas, what we see and buy most are Pop-corn and Drinks, and that's because we'll be chewing and drinking while watching the movie. Those products sell since they are relevant to the Audience coming there.

Every blog, or type of business should have a niche or carve one, you won't sell T-Shirts to people that came to buy Blender. 
Likewise, You can't be Selling Music Tracks on a tech blog that discuss phones and computers.
Fine, there're some "Marketers" who would claim they can sell Sand to a man in the Desert, but how much Quantity will you really Sell? Will you profit as much from that type of sale?

Your Focus should be building a category and type of Audience and give them what they need that is related to both your Category and Audience.


Placing Banners is very Easy, they're ready-made for you to choose and Use on your Various Blogs or websites.
Banner works but This is Nothing Compared to Writing Reviews. 30 Sentences in a Review is Not much, I said 30,, you can Add more, you won't need talk too much.

Simple but Powerful Reviews that Describes the Product/Service will Convert and Bring you more sales than A Mighty Banner.

Best Reviews seen on the Web so far are the Ones that:
- Describe,
- Compare similar products,
- Tell facts and are open enough to tell PROS & CONS of the Products/service
- and of course are Very well SEO Optimised.


Some products/services are important to try out before Selling them. It will really be such an Ugly situation telling readers to Buy the Smartphone you reviewed saying it can Last 10 Hours On Enabled High Speed Internet but your readers found it stays Only 6 Hours after they bought it.
I am sure that's the Essence of the Hands-On reviews Tech-bloggers/Affiliates are doing these days, to Test and prove the functions of devices, and other products and services too.

Even if you can't lay your Hands on to Fully Test a Device Or Software, make sure you research and confirm your Information before publishing it to your readers.
The More you Give Honest Reviews, the More You'll get Higher Trust Flow from Readers and Buyers, Sales too will grow.

You've Heard about the Quote that says "GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES Eh?" That's exactly what applies here.
You don't have to Lie because you want to make Sales. Convincing with a honest opinion is way better.


Last year, when I was still new to Affiliate Programs, I would pick my Aff-Link, Paste the link as Anchor Text in the post and Leave, I didn't even check if the Link works, in the End, No Sales. 
Careful when using your Aff-links,
-Make sure you open a New Tab, paste the link to Test whether it really opens the Correct Landing page of what you want to Sell.
- Smartly use your Aff-links where necessary in your Posts,
- they should be NO-FOLLOW Attribute links, 
- they should Not be too much on your Posts (Stuffing too much Links has Penalty from Google which can Harm you)

*TIP* - CLOAK YOUR AFF-LINKS - Shorten or Customise them
Some URLs are very Long because of (Campaigns) Perimeters in the URL.
You can use LINK SHORTNERS like GOO.GL OR BIT.LY for that. had helped me many times in customising while I still keep my links short.
That way, you can remember and even give out the link to anybody to use.

It'll definitely Help your Readers to visit and Buy easily, without Breaking a Thing.
Remember to always to test again and see if your shortened URL redirects to the right sales page.


I used to ignore this Part until I got to learn how experts are using it to Leverage Sales, it's Important you watch where your Sales are coming from, when you're Logged in to your Affiliate dashboard, check your Sales to see the pages that Led that highest numbers of Sales, now visit the post page or review, Study the pattern you used to write it and try it again with the Other posts/reviews you write soon.

If you're Yet to Find a Writing Pattern that sells, I'll give an example that yields good results:

Adding the BUY BUTTON immediately below the first paragraph (where The product is briefly described in 3 or 4 sentences), without wasting time this will help Readers to quickly & easily follow the Link to buy the product.

Many of them may have already seen the review before. 

Round Up

It's not been long I started taking Affiliate Programs serious, but so far, it had been a cool experience earning with it. I am still learning as you and as long as We can Focus on Increasing Our Productivity in Affiliate Marketing, the Profits will Increase too, perhaps you may end up putting your AdSense money aside, yeah You heard me right, Affiliate Earnings can make you Put AdSense aside.
There're people already making 6-Figures from Affiliate Programs alone, hope the tips I stated will Help, let's Make More Sales and Join the Millionaires!
Cheers to your Online Success!


Infinix HOT NOTE PRO Review - Specs and Price

Infinix Hot Note which you can Buy at Konga or Jumia is still doing great and selling fast in the market with its Cool Specs that seems to be very reliable, but the Infinix Mobility Team came with a nice Surprise, the Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, a Big Brother to the Infinix HOT NOTE.

BUY NOW | From Kaymu

  BUY NOW | From Konga
BUY HERE  | From Jumia


Honestly, the new Smartphone came as a surprise, the full Specs looks similar to Infinix HOT NOTE which you can view here, so now we are pretty certain about this Brief Specs Review of the newest Infinix HOT NOTE PRO below.

Quick Review of Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, the Specs and Price

Merely looking at the New Infinix Hote Note PRO, you'll clearly see it's a perfect Upgrade to the existing Hote Note.



BATTERY  - 4000 mAH Battery

DISPLAY - 5.5" Inches Screen


OPERATING SYSTEM - 4.4.2 Kitkat, upgradable to 5.0 Lollipop

PRICE - 28,000 Naira


For those of us that may want to compare the former and the later,  it's basically same quality with the PRO having a bit of edge over the previous Hote Note, the major difference is the Upgrade in its Improved Camera, OS and Memory.

Infinix Hot Note has 8MP camera, but the new Hote Note PRO came with same but Improved 8MP back camera, both of the smart phablets has the Same 2 MP Front Camera

Infinix Hot Note was 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
HOTE NOTE PRO is coming with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM

3. THE OS upgrade info:
The Operating System of Infinix Hot NOTE PRO is upgradable to Android 5 Lollipop which will be available as soon as the update is rolled out for all users. This doesn't mean the previous Hot Note & other Models won't be upgradable too, we can only say the value of this upgrade may seem to be placed on the models differently.

Apart from these few differences Or Comparisons, every other feature seems the same, i.e -
The Processor speed, Battery, the Size - 5.5" HD Display, Thickness, weight etc are same.

That's the wrap up about the New Infinix HOT NOTE PRO, it's already scheduled for sales from 4th June, 2015 during the Jumia Mobile Week.

The smartphone is better and looks Promising with its upgraded Specs, a 2GB RAM , 32GB ROM and Kitkat OS, upgradable to Lollipop, it's really worth the Price.

Interested in Buying the HOT NOTE PRO?
BUY NOW | From Kaymu

  BUY NOW | From Konga
BUY HERE  | From Jumia


HERO DEALS REVEALED For Jumia Mobile Week by The 7 Gold Partners! See What Will Be Sold!

The Press Conference for The Jumia Mobile Week today 25th May, 2015. Both TV, Radio Stations, Magazine Press, Online Newspapers/blogs were all there.
So many Questions were Asked and Answered, Schedules Have been made, it's all About #JumiaFeelingitself in anticipation to the JUMIA MOBILE WEEK MEGATHON.

If you're already interested in the massive Discount on Mobile Sales >> CLICK HERE <<

Image Credits: Twitter - @JumiaNigeria

Although I wasn't there in Person but I followed the Conversation via the Hashtag #JumiaFeelingIt on Twitter which was actually Trending the whole day.

Through some of the Tweets I could harvest, we'll be showing us some of the Major HERO DEALS that will be rolled out during Sales of the Jumia Mobile Week.

First, I'd like you to go see this post to learn all you need to know about the upcoming Biggest Mobile Sales in the History of Ecommerce in Nigeria.

  • INNJOO - MONDAY - 1st June
  • INFINIX - TUESDAY - 2nd June
  • TECNO -WEDNESDAY - 3rd June
  • APPLE - THURSDAY - 4th June
  • LENOVO - FRIDAY - 5th June
  • SAMSUNG - SATURDAY- 6th June
  • LG -SUNDAY - 7th June
  • - See more at:
    During the Press Conference, these 7 Partners Revealed their Hero Deals, precisely Mobile Phones that they will do Massive Mega Discount upon during the Jumia Mobile Week.

  • INNJOO - MONDAY - 1st June
  • INFINIX - TUESDAY - 2nd June
  • TECNO -WEDNESDAY - 3rd June
  • APPLE - THURSDAY - 4th June
  • LENOVO - FRIDAY - 5th June
  • SAMSUNG - SATURDAY- 6th June
  • LG -SUNDAY - 7th June
  • - See more at:

  • INNJOO - MONDAY - 1st June
  • INFINIX - TUESDAY - 2nd June
  • TECNO -WEDNESDAY - 3rd June
  • APPLE - THURSDAY - 4th June
  • LENOVO - FRIDAY - 5th June
  • SAMSUNG - SATURDAY- 6th June
  • LG -SUNDAY - 7th June
  • - See more at:

  • INNJOO - MONDAY - 1st June
  • INFINIX - TUESDAY - 2nd June
  • TECNO -WEDNESDAY - 3rd June
  • APPLE - THURSDAY - 4th June
  • LENOVO - FRIDAY - 5th June
  • SAMSUNG - SATURDAY- 6th June
  • LG -SUNDAY - 7th June
  • - See more at:
    INNJOO - said The InnJoo Fire will be available at the Jumia Mobile Week

    INFINIX - will launch their Infinix Zero 2 and their *surprise* HOT Note PRO during the  Mobile Week

    TECNO - introduced their Jumia mobile week deal to be the Tecno Y5

    APPLE -  revealed their hero deal- the iPhone 6 (iOS Lovers will surely Love it!)

    LENOVO - The Lenovo A328 and A6000 will get Special Hero Deals (big discounts)

    SAMSUNG - the Galaxy Star Plus 2 will be their Hero Deal, other models get cool discounts, including Galaxy S6 Edge

    LG - LG will launch the LG Magna, we thought it would be the LG G4, but no probs, things may definitely change to suit customers.

    • ARCHOS 
    • FLY
    • HUAWEI
    • IMOSE
    • ITEL
    • ORAIMO
    • WIKO

    So expect to get Special Discounts on those phones too.

    > The Megathon Starts At Midnight On the 1st of June For ALL MOBILE BRANDS



    There will be FLASHSALES AROUND 9AM, 12PM & 4PM ,  which means you get 50% OFF when you Use Designated Vouchers from Jumia when purchasing the Hero Deals.
    Make sure you're following their Updates on Twitter and Facebook  to Get these Vouchers as soon as they are Revealed.


    What About Fast Delivery and Quality Products, Here's the reply from Mr. Jonathan Doerr, MD, Jumia Nigeria:

    What This Means

    Jumia is Ready, and like I already said, these 7 Gold Partners (Brands) with Jumia will do Massive Mega Discounts on those Phones listed up there, and launch even New ones during the Jumia Mobile Week. Other models will get discount as well.
    We had adviced before, ensure you get the Jumia App. Jumia App users will grab Offers before anyone else since Jumia intends to send out the Mega Deals to their App users before sending to their Email subscribers.

    Google to Launch "Buy buttons" On its Search-result pages In Coming Weeks

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Search Engine Giant and company, Google Inc. will launch buy buttons on its search-result pages in coming weeks, a controversial step by the company toward becoming an online marketplace rivaling those run by Inc and eBay Inc. 

    Image Credit:
    Wall Street Journal pointed that Google will start displaying new Buy buttons when people search for products on mobile devices, according to people familiar with the launch (there were people who are very familiar with this launch from Google and they speak about it)
    The buttons will accompany sponsored—or paid—search results, often displayed under a “Shop on Google” heading at the top of the page. Buttons won't appear with the nonsponsored results that are driven by Google’s basic search algorithm.

     ALSO READ - Google Domains Gives Best Fully Customised Domains at Best Prices


    According to , Here's what (we think) we know:

    • If shoppers click on the buy buttons, they will be taken to another Google product page to complete the purchase. On that page, they will be able to pick sizes and colors and shipping options, as well as complete the purchase.
    • The products will still be provided and sold by retailers, rather than by Google.
    • Retailers including Macy’s Inc. are in talks with Google about taking part in the launch, the people added. (but there's been no comment from Macy's yet)
    • Google won't show buy buttons when shoppers search on desktop computers.
    • The program will start with a small percentage of the search traffic it handles.
    • The product pages where Google handles the purchases will be heavily branded for the retailers selling the items.
    • Google will let shoppers input payment credentials such as credit-card numbers one time, and the company will store those and automatically load them for future purchases on its shopping pages.
    • Google will still be paid by retailers through its existing advertising model, rather than taking a cut of the sales price of items

    I had been wondering what would be the first impression after big Online Retailers (both here in our continent, and Outside) and Shoppers saw this Headline, Google is at it again with a Business product, 
    is it something to worry about? OR will there be some kind of adaptation that needs to be applied by these retailers if Google eventually introduces their "BUY NOW" buttons, whatever the decision may be (I think) will depend totally on the information gathered at this period.
    What do you think?


    Infinix Launch Event is Near - How To Get an Invite to #TheNextHero Launch!

    It's tough. It's light. It's awesome!
    Infinix will launch their New Device soon! Infinix #TheNextHero!

    Are you ready for it?
    The Officials will be there, with lots of Infinix Fans and friends, I'll be there at the event and you too can stand a chance to be there if you use an Infinix Phone

    All you need to do is to text your name to 09099922417 and join us that Day!
    May 28th, 2015. Date had been Postponed to 4TH JUNE, 2015.
    Venue: University of Lagos Main Auditorium, Lagos, Nigeria.
    See you there! :)


    Come & See How It Looks! Sneak Peek Of The New Infinix #TheNextHero + Launch Date

    Infinix is working greatly on this new device which we had been talking about for the past 2 weeks, although the Name is not yet revealed, we only know it to be called #TheNextHero .
    We are even more pleased to Finally inform you that the device will be launched on 28th of May, 2015 at UNILAG, Lagos.
    Here are some images of how the device will look like

    #TheNextHero, Pretty isn't it?

    And we believe this will actually be the best thing Infinix ever done!
    More Sneak Peek photos of the device below.

    As said before, it will launch on 4th June, 2015 during the Jumia Mobile Week, so we'd be expecting it to hit the market by June and be among Phone Sales in Jumia Mobile Week, let's Keep Calm and wait for this cool New Infinix #TheNextHero


    The Best 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Every Nigerian

    In a country filled with Life, too many Activities and plans to be carried out by the average Nigerian, between the Ages of 17 and above, the Students, the Graduates and Working class, there are apps that these Nigerians can't do without, in everyday of their Lives, no matter how busy they are, in fact, these Apps even helps to make things easier, in terms of:
    • Communication with family, friends or colleagues,
    • Networking, 
    • Being Informed, 
    • and Apps that activates Leisure and help Relax after Daily Work.
    All the apps are available on Android (the most used Operating System). You'll also find them on iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile.

    1. WHATSAPP:

    You'd agree with me that this Messaging App deserves number One Spot,

    WhatsApp had been helping everyone stay in touch with their phone Contacts, instant messaging plus easy sharing of Photos, Videos, and Voice Messages.
    Check every Nigerian's phone, whether it's a Smartphone or Not, you'll definitely see it there, not for fancy, they use it, everyday.
    Get WhatsApp - From Google PlayStore


    The mobile App of the Social Network Giant, Facebook.

    It's been estimated that over 11 Million Nigerians use Facebook, as things began to Strongly go mobile, around October 2012, when Facebook launched its Mobile App more than half of this estimated number moved from the Facebook Website to the Mobile App.
     had been a huge Success over time as the million numbers of Nigerians using Facebook mobile App keep growing and taking advantage of it.
    As a matter of fact, the users of Facebook Mobile App seem to do even more and enjoy more services like Facebook's Free Call Feature with Facebook Messaging App right from their Mobiles devices.

    Get Facebook Mobile App - From Google PlayStore | From iTunes App Store | From Windows Store


    Share Photos. Videos. Connect. The best memories across platforms!

    Who is not on Instagram yet?
    If you've not joined the amazing Social Media App, you're missing quite alot.
    Instagram is an online mobile App, which enables people to upload photos, short-videos, do their social networking services, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. 
    Millions of Nigerians use Instagram now, it has not only become another way of Sharing Photos and videos, just like Twitter, Fans on Instagram easily reach Celebrities and vice versa in real time.
    Individuals and Companies have also used this App to rise into Fame and turned into Big Brands by putting up their services, skills and, Talents, Sharing what they know Best on Instagram. It's an amazing App I must tell you.
    Get it on -  Google PlayStore  | iTunes App Store | Windows phone Store



    File Transfer & Share... in seconds.

    When you see that Interesting App, Game, Video that you want, despite how heavy it may be, ask a Nigerian how you can collect it into your Android, they will tell you to use Flash Share, or Xender.
    Xender is the coolest all-in-one file transfer and sharing app!
    Xender transfers anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with a few taps. Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows transfers between Android and iOS.
    Get it on - Google Playstore

    5. TWITTER

    Smartly Share and Connect with just 140 words.
    Twitter is yet another cool Social app, although, not too many Nigerians fancy it, probably because you're limited to only 140 words per tweet, they feel it's a bit complicated unlike Facebook, but quite a Million of Nigerians are on Twitter and thousands use it everyday.
    Many users find it fun or exciting to contribute their own content to Twitter (we call this “tweeting”).
    People who are interested in your Tweets may follow you and they'll see all the Tweets you share with them.
    It works along with HashTags and Trending hashtags. Twitter had hashtags long before Facebook later implemented the hashtag Feature on their social network. 
    Individuals with Thousands of Followers who know how to use Twitter like Instagram have also grown into Fame and made plenty of Cash with it.
    Check their Bio, you'll see something like "OFFICIAL ---- OR --- For BOOKINGS & SPONSORSHIPS EMAIL ME"... lol, although this practice is awful at times as it's been misused, that's By the way, Twitter is Fun for Nigerians.
    Get Twitter on Google PlayStore.

    6. SKYPE:

    Free Voice & Video Calls to Anybody, anywhere, anytime.

    Okay, I know WhatsApp nearly knocked Skype out of business when they released their Free Call Feature few months ago,..... but NEARLY CANNOT KILL A BIRD right?
    Viber, I think was even the App that was hurt when WhatsApp released its Free Call feature.
    Skype still remains unique, regardless the fact that WhatsApp rolled out Free calls.

    With Skype, many Nigerians make calls to Anyone in any part of the World at a very cheaper rate, also Call their own Skype to Skype Contacts For Free with Video Call Feature being Available too.
    It solves Thousands of Nigerians' call problems and almost everyone will agree that no similar App beats Skype.
    Get it on - Google PlayStore

    7. KONGA & JUMIA:

    Ah Yeah, Shopping from mobile
    Most of us are aware of how the Ecommerce websites are taking over Supermarkets and Local stores now. Trust me, when Nigerians hear the word, "ONLINE SHOPPING" the first thing that comes to their mind is Jumia or Konga.
    The Apps from these 2 Online retail giants is definitely the Next icon you'll find on every Nigerians' smart phones.
    It had made Shopping very Easy, plus attractive discounts they give Customers for Shopping through their App.
    Konga is currently giving a Massive Discount at the time this post is published.
    From 28th May - 1st June, You get 75% OFF For Shopping with Konga App >> Grab the OFFER!
    (Offer valid 28th May to 1st of June 2015)

    Get the KONGA APP - For Android  |  For iOS 
    Get JUMIA APP - For Android  |   For iOS   |   For BlackBerry  |  For Windows Phone


    Yummy! Food Delivery at your Finger tips

    Very exceptional, extremely useful.
    The way Nigerians visit Online Retailers to do shopping, same way you can now Order Good Food directly from your Mobile Devices with the HELLOFOOD Website or the HELLOFOOD Mobile App, the food gets delivered to you in some minutes.
    I have few friends already using this App and they testify that the Service is amazing.
    Ordering Food From the website or App is instant and simple.

    Login or Sign Up >> Select Your Location >> Pick Nearest Restaurant in your Location >> Select what you'd like to eat >> Order Your Food, That's All!

    The busy ones who are always in the Office, or Fans watching Football, or just anybody who can't find time or where to go and Eat, they Do it right from their Phones with HELLOFOOD.

    HELLOFOOD Delivers very Fast but I Suggest you order on time, before hungry starts, because A Hungry Man is an Angry Man.
    Get the HELLOFOOD App here - From Google Play  |  From iTunes App StoreFrom Windows phone Store

    9. PUNCH Mobile

    News... every time

    Waking up in the Morning, you'd want to know what's happening in the Country or around the globe. Also after the day's work you'd want to see what's New. This is the App Most Nigerians run to when they Search for News.
    Get it on GooglePlay



    Daily Transactions....GTBank, Diamond etc... 

    Is there anyday we would want to go without doing a Transaction, I don't think so, millions of Nigerians have at least one Banking App on their Smartphones.
    I think I have 2 of these Installed, so I don't necessarily have to go the Bank to Deposit Cash, or recharge my Airtime, thousands of Nigerians do it directly from our smartphones.
    All the Banks seem to have an App now, the major ones I had seen people use were:
    • GTBank (Mobile Money)
    • Diamond
    • FirstBank
    • and UBA...
    Like I said before, all the Banks have Apps, You Can always Search the PlayStore using the Name of your Bank to find their Banking Apps.

    +1 - AKPOS JOKES

    This App is a +1 to the list, if you scroll up to the start of this post, I said there are Apps that are used for Leisure right? All work and No play makes Jack a Dull boy, so I must add Akpos Jokes App.
    It's Used by Thousands of Nigerians.
    The App allows you Read the Funniest Jokes, Share the Content with friends, make Comments on the Jokes, and you Add your Own Jokes too.
    Akpos Jokes app keeps you laughing all day long.
    Get it on  Google Play

    Round up!

    Looking across the various smartphones we use everyday, you'd realise the Apps listed here are Not just  Popular or Nigerian Apps, they are recommended Apps which every Nigerian find very useful, every single day of their Lives.
    Do you Use any of these Apps here? Do you also find them Useful, Is there any App I should have added?
    You can Tell us in the Comment Box.


    JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon | All You Need To Know About The Biggest Mobile Sale Ever!

    Many of us already know the Ecommerce website Jumia Nigeria, is performing great at giving the Best Prices on thousands of items, but #AnotherBigThing is coming, it's the JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon. The Biggest Mobile Sale Ever!
    This is the next Big event Jumia will launch to us their customers, after the just concluded Jumia Tech Bloggers Round Table Meeting that was held on 14th May 2015.

    The word "MEGATHON" also means marathon of mega deals in Jumia mobile Week, and with that I assure you JUMIA IS SLICING THEIR PHONE PRICE TO PIECES On Mobile Week Megathon.

    Lovers of phones will get it at Prices that come Once in a Lifetime, and if you're tech Savvy like me, or whether you'll be Buying to resell the Phones to keep the gains, it's a Fact, JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon will be very enjoyable.

    The Date is 1st to 7th of June, and if you're still wondering what its going to be like, then this post is for you,

    JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon? All You Need To Know!

    JUMIA - Mobile Week Megathon


    Be Ready, you'll grab those Phones you had always wanted. Jumia will be slashing Prices even more during the Mobile Week Megathon. There would be Mega-Deals & People will see Real Prices they won't believe!
    Phone Sales will consist of your Favourite Operating Systems, Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile OS.


    It would be Taking Place For One FULL WEEK! 1ST - 7TH OF JUNE 2015.
    BlackFridays & CyberMondays have always been an Opportunity that lasts only 24 Hours to Buy things once in a Year, but Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will give us an opportunity of a BlackFriday that will last One whole Week! For 7 days, 168 Hours, you'll Buy The Smartphones you had always wanted!

    - Jumia Will Give The Best deals on the Best Brands

    Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will Feature the Best Deals on Best Brands, giving us the Cheapest Prices on the Best Brands that are into the Phone Production Business, according to the Calender, there would be Phone Sales on brands using the Calender pattern below from 1st - 7th June, 2015:
    • INNJOO - MONDAY - 1st June
    • INFINIX - TUESDAY - 2nd June
    • TECNO -WEDNESDAY - 3rd June
    • APPLE - THURSDAY - 4th June
    • LENOVO - FRIDAY - 5th June
    • SAMSUNG - SATURDAY- 6th June
    • LG -SUNDAY - 7th June
    Megathon Calender

    - Jumia + MTN will Give 3GB Free Data on Each Phone

    Jumia in partnership with MTN will give 3GB Free Data on each Phone that will be bought. You won't have to Worry about Internet Subscription when getting started with the Phones purchased on Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, 3GB will be given to us along with Devices For FREE! And of course, after the Free Data have been exhausted, there are special data bundle packages that will be given to you.

    - How to Partake & Grab the Best out of JUMIA Mobile Week Megathon

    There will be lots of sales on the Best Deals from the Brands which we all will benefit from in the Mobile Week Megathon. You'll need to stay in touch and act fast, thousands of people are also waiting to grab the phones before you, here's a Qucik shortcut to grab Jumia Megathon Deals before everyone else.

    1. Rush to the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon page and Sign up

    2. Download and Install the Jumia Apps (For Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone Or Blackberry

    Once you have done all or any of this, you'll surely be the First to receive updates immediately these Amazing MEGATHON DEALS are revealed from Monday, 1st  to 7th June, 2015.

    - People will Win Vouchers! Including You!

    The most Caring people who Share and Spread the word won't be Left Out, as you all stand a chance to Win 5,000 Naira vouchers from Jumia when you Share this Campaign! Please you can even start from here by sharing this post.
    Remember you can to Follow +Jumia Nigeria and the Hashtag #JumiaMobileWeek for first hand news and happenings of the campaign too.

    See the Teaser video from Jumia below

    Let's Be Ready to witness an extraordinary Week, Save some cash and get ready to Buy Smartphones at the lowest Prices of a Lifetime

    Your Comments are welcome, and please Don't forget to spread the Word by hitting the Share & Tweet Buttons below.


    The 5 Must-Have Mobile Gaming Applications of 2015

    First and foremost I would like to personally thank Edi for allowing me to stop by and guest post on his awesome site. I personally feel the need to visit often after reading his articles on mobile phones and Samsung Galaxy specifically.

    Casual mobile gaming has become extremely popular with all ages. Applications are being created a on a daily basis due to this craze, but not all are worth your attention. Today I will be giving you some closer insight on some great gaming applications for the Android operating system that might peak your interest.

    Subway Surfers

    Runners became a popular genre in the mobile world a few years back but only a few have ever reached the detail and polish that Subway Surfers provides. In this game you take control of the main character Jake and his friends and attempt to dodge wacky objects like trucks, signs, and even trains while avoiding being captured by the security guard and his human hungry dog. Runners are usually just that, dodging and collecting to achieve the highest possible score, which you of course share with the world or friends locally. If you have never tried a runner this would be a great place to start as it’s the most polished and user friendly.


    Even though some might say he resembles a piece of poo I personally feel he is a lovable little creature. If you were a 90’s Tomagotchi fan, you are going to love this application, it plays just like an updated version of those old pet-caring toys. It’s rather simple and might be a little boring for non-nostalgia driven users. You take care of this creature, feed it, play with it, and even have a few mini games where you can interact with it personally.


     Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Since the release of its highly anticipated PC counterpart, Minecraft has grown to be an extremely well established franchise. Minecraft Pocket does not offer the same exact experience as the pc version, but still delivers, and is also growing every day with its constant content updates.
    The game provides you with an endless world that is randomly created; you are now the boss of your own adventure. Taking the time to decide what you would like to build first in this enormous game can be quite difficult. Imagine a game with an endless amount of Lego’s, but with added adventure, and you have Minecraft. If you have not played any other version it is highly recommended you give it a try.

    Candy Crush Saga

    A simplistic puzzle game turned into an addictive candy craze. If you have ever played games like Bejeweled or Columns then you are going to fall in love with Candy Crush. It has that classic connect 3 or more to burst lines aspect but with a twist. I have heard people calling it a cash cow as it does offer items which a player can purchase to make their gameplay easier, but I personally feel you do not need to purchase anything to have a lot of fun with Candy Crush, just a little patience.



    Plants vs. Zombies 2

    Where do I begin? This game holds a special spot in my heart as one of the greatest strategy games available on a mobile device. You take control of plants with special powers and use them to fight off waves of zombies that have only one thing on their minds, eating your brains. With all the wacky levels available and content being added monthly you cannot go wrong here. Plants vs. Zombies 2 plays a little different from its original counterpart as it’s a DLC (downloadable content) based game.



    Quick Tip:

    Being a mobile gamer you are bound to travel and of course, taking your games with you. When traveling abroad you might encounter country censorship or even find that certain games are unavailable for play due to region locking. Your information can also be at risk if you use a lot of public Wi-Fi.
    Using a mobile virtual private network can help you bypass these types of restrictions and secure your connection, thereby protecting your device. You do not have to worry, this is not illegal, and it does mask your device from strangers lurking, so nobody will ever know.

    I hope you find a game to play from this list and become as addicted as I once was, I wanted to choose games that were modern but also provided a unique experience.


    Share Your #Zero2Hero Story and Win Gadgets Plus Amazing Prizes (100 Persons only)

    Hello Readers!
    Today, We are giving you something Great in collaboration with the Infinix Mobility Team.
    Do you know how to tell Sweet and interesting Stories with Pictures telling about HERO who grew from Nothing.
    If you Got a ‪#‎Zero2Hero‬ story You can Share them here and you could be part of the "100 people" that will get an amazing surprise!

    Zero 2 Hero


     Here’s a Guide on How To Participate:

    1. Go to the >> Infinix Mobility on Facebook
    2. Click the ZeroToHero tab.
    3. Put your nickname (Username) and e-mail address, then press “START” and “OK”
    4. Upload your old and current photos, then “SUBMIT.” Press “SHARE”
    5. Don't Forget to always check Infinix Mobility on Facebook to win other exciting & mind-blowing prizes!

    Zero2Hero Story

    Please Be sure that you READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES stated there.
    Best of Luck!


    FIX - Mortal Kombat X for Android Showing Black & White | Negative Colors

    Since Mortal Kombat X Mobile for Android went Viral in April 22nd on hitting the Google PlayStore, many Fans have been enjoying it.
    Some downloaded directly from the Official PlayStore, many others Downloaded and Installed it Manually but there are side talks the Mortal Kombat X for Android game is Showing Black & White, Negative Colors, and No Colors.

    It happened to me during my first installation of MKX on my Android device, it was perfect as the Game Starts, but during GamePlay, the colors changed to Black and White, Bad User interface! it was horrible, that's the Screenshot below.

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    Mortal Kombat X - Black & White

    This issue is because Mortal Kombat X for Android was built with High Powerful Graphics for different Android GPUs and CPU.

    So if you also see this black and white or Negative Colour problem, we got the Solution for you.

    Here's A Quick Fix! for Mortal Kombat X For Android Showing Black & White

    1. Know the GPU Type for your Android
    See this Post to know how to Detect GPU type on your Android

    2. Go to this Post to Download the Mortal Kombat X for Android,
    Choose the GPU type that Supports your device
    There basically 4 types of Android GPU
    • Adreno
    • Mali
    • PowerVR
    • Tegra

    After knowing your GPU type, you can know the Mortal Kombat X or any other Games that will Support your device.
    Hope this helps to fix the colour problems for you.


    #TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive, Let's Watch Out!

    As we initially published a fresh flash news about something Great which the Infinix Mobility Team is Cooking.
    The truth is that All lovers of sleek smart phones are in for an enormous surprise as Infinix Mobility launches the #TheNextHero hashtag across different social media platforms.


    However, the company is keeping the details of the event or product very Close to its chest (whatever thing you hear is rumor, Many of us are Not really Sure of what it is!) , but the excitement and expectations are very high due to the strong brand presence that Infinix Mobility has created in the Nigerian market within a few years of entry.

    The excitement has reached a fever-pitch online, particularly on Facebook (, and we must Add that it was all over Twitter too, as the HashTag #TheNextHero hit the number 7th spot Trending topic in the whole of Nigeria on Twitter)/
    I even posted the Tweet below later that evening of the day we published the News about Kevlar Tough

     with the users answering questions developed around the various attributes of a “hero”.

    In case #TheNextHero is about a new phone launch, the online users have been suggesting different kind of features that they would like to see in the phone.

    According to Infinix Mobility Head of Marketing, Peter Zhou, “#TheNextHero is about developing conversation with our community of users, who are key to our business.
    We want to feel their pulse and elicit feedback that could be useful as we finalize and reveal the concept behind the #TheNextHero.
    Hence, we are still chilling for the final day the whole package will be revealed Live to the World.


    How To Know GPU Type, CPU & PCB of All Android Devices

    Many of us use Android devices without knowing the many technicalities behind it, there's importance in every single component that was used to built the device we use, but we don't really pay attention to these details until time comes when we face processor related issues in the smartphone, then we start worrying why something refused to work. 

     After reading this guide, you will also discover how you can check and know the PCB in mobile, PCB - Parts and Components. This means you will be able to identify Parts and Components (the PCB) of a Mobile, this helps technicians to be able to know about these parts the mobile (Android) is made up of incase they want to fix or replace them.

    A good example is the Apps and Games we install on our devices, after installation, perhaps something goes wrong, the major reason is the Specs used to built our devices.
    Therefore, after reading this post you'll learn how to check processor (CPU, GPU and PCB) in any Android phones or devices running Android OS.

    ALSO READ: How to Run Your Android Apps On Your Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS

    Some Apps & Games we install requires a Particular Specs in the device to function properly with the Apps & games, GPU, CPU, RAM, the Operating System's version and few others are the First set of important things to Understand in your Android Devices.
    Today, I'll be showing us various methods on How To Know GPU Type of Android Devices.

    List of Apps That Helps You Check CPU, RAM, PCB and GPU Specs on Android

    1. CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier - Download from Google PlayStore

    This is the perfect App that tells you all you need to know about your Device,  it will tell you about
    Smartphone Name,
    Smartphone Type
    and GPU Specs in your Android.
    This is important so you'll Know what type of Games or Apps that will Support your device and work perfectly with No problems.

    CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier

    2. CPU-Z - Download From Google PlayStore

    CPU-Z was introduced to me by a good friend of mine, CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your Android system, It shows your Model of your Chipset, CPU, GPU type etc. They have the Windows Version too.



    3. AnTuTu BenchMark - Download From Google PlayStore

    The major function of Antutu BenchMark is to Scan your Device's Specs in comparison to others that have been scanned too, so you'll know the Devices that you're Better than, or that are better than yours, in terms of technical Specs of the devices, but this App will also tell you all about your CPU, GPU, RAM, phone name and other specs your Device is Built with.

    AnTuTu BenchMark

    These are the 2 Best Methods used for checking GPU Type, CPU & PCB on Android devices, is there any other method you use? You can tell us in the comment box.

    CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier App to Check CPU, RAM, PCB and GPU Specs on Android - See more at:
    CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier App to Check CPU, RAM, PCB and GPU Specs on Android - See more at:
    CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier App to Check CPU, RAM, PCB and GPU Specs on Android - See more at:



    The Infinix Mobility Team is cooking up something New for all of us.
    The Name Starts with KEVLAR. THE NEXT HERO
    The hashtag is going viral already on Social Media #TheNextHero

    From the few phrases in the title, we may say Kevlar is part of the materials used in making body armors because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, something that is 5-times stronger than metal,  but how and where will it Apply in a smartphone?
    This will be totally unique, we have no idea, We all keep guessing.

    What is Kevlar?
    What can it be used for?

    What will it Be?
    We shall know Very Soon :) so stick around.