Don't Stress! Save Time & Energy by Implementing DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program


With the way most of these Affiliate Programs work in E-commerce websites, where you have to always put the Right Product link to the right Review post, it can be hardwork generating its dynamic (affiliate) Links, just to make sure you HOPEFULLY get the commission.

Every time, you have to Login to your Dashboard and Generate the affiliate links, and honestly I tell ya, it's not easy when you have to keep generating links for every Single Product, many Affiliates like you and me find all of that pretty hectic right?

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Well, Konga's Affiliate Program is Pretty aware and understands the situation, that's why they brought a solution. I am talking about the DIRECTLINK URL Feature.

What is DIRECTLINK URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program?

This post by Mr. Mavtrevor explained it.

The DirectLink URLs is a way of using the product URL as your affiliate link throughout your website.

You don’t need to generate any dynamic links, just choose any product you want to promote from Konga's website, copy the URL and link to it on your site. It’s that simple; in a case where you still want to promote the Infinix Zero 2, all you need is to link to the URL directly on your site  - "without your Aff-ID on the URL".

Sounds Cool uh? To be able to use this Feature, you'll have to Request for it. Let's see how.

How to Request & Implement the DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program

1. Login to your Aff-Dashboard.

2. Home >> Promotion  >> Campaigns >> In the Quick menu you'll see DirectLink URLs Click it
Or you can go directly from here

 DirectLink URL Feature in Konga Affiliate Program

3. Click Add URL, when the Pop up comes on, input your webites Address which you want to be using to Promote Konga products, leave other fields blank.

4. Wait for few hours or days, you'll be get a Mail once your URL is Approved.

Not sure if many of us are using this feature that's why I had to Share, or are you using it already?
With it, you Don't have to Stress anymore while making Sales, especially for those who promote alot of Products on their websites or blogs, Save Time & Energy by Implementing this DirectLink URL Feature.
Cheers to your Success!


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  1. Hy, helpful info and nice article generally, but am still kinda confused. What exactly am I to fill in the pattern section.

  2. Hi Tianah, just ignore that part, (it's for those experimenting sub-domains),
    go down to where you see Add URL and submit your URL and other details.

  3. Alright, thanks a lot for your time. I have done it.. Very grateful!


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