ONEPLUS 2 : Features, Specs, Price and All You Need To Know

This OnePlus 2 review covers the features, Specifications and Price of the Flagship, OnePlus 2 smartphone release.
OnePlus model flagship by a Chinese phone manufacturing company had been one of the rare models that is competing Samsung and Apple's Iphone which are the Top Guns in the smartphone market.
The OnePlus smartphones come with some really high-end features.

After release of the OnePlus One last year (2014),  they are coming with ONEPLUS 2 this year (2015).

The OnePlus 2 was announced in January this year 2015, and just like they did with the OnePlus One, buyers will again require an invitation to purchase from their Website.

The OnePlus 2 handset

Specs Of the new flagship OnePlus 2 device.

The smartphone company was transparent to confirm many its hardware specs when it was Unofficially unveiled.

FEATURES - OnePlus 2 will Come with a Dual SIM functionality
Fingerprint sensor inbuilt into the home button,

CONNECTOR - a USB Type-C charging port

PROCESSOR - an Octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor.

MEMORY - The OnePlus 2 will come with a 16GB ROM of storage and 3GB of RAM, and 64GB and 4GB of RAM

OPERATING SYSTEM - OnePlus 2 will also come with an alert slider for silencing the phone via a single click, and will run OxygenOS, based on Android 5.1.

CAMERA - Like the OnePlus One, it has 13MP rear-facing and 5MP front-facing cameras.

BODY AND DESIGN - Its casing is made from an aluminium-magnesium alloy with stainless steel accents, and is available in black as well as bamboo, black apricot, rosewood and kevlar wood finishes.

OnePlus2: Body/Back cover design


As we stated before, the predecessor, OnePlus One, the OnePlus 2 will initially be available only through invitation.
You can acquire an invitation by participating in the company's various competitions advertised through its social media channels, or by receiving an invitation from an existing OnePlus 2 owner.
As at the time this post was published, 30th July, over 270,000 people have enrolled already, the company says it may take almost 3 weeks for the device to ship. This means it may reach interested owners around mid of August 2015.

The OnePlus 2 will be priced around £239 (N75,000) for its 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage
and £289 (N90,000) for the 64GB and 4GB of RAM.


How to Convert a Scanned JPG Image into a Word File

You have been given a long document to edit. You are in distress because editing such a long document would involve typing out the whole document and then editing it. In such scenarios, converting the JPG file into a Word file would be immensely helpful. But how to do it? In this article, we will talk about the various methods you can use to convert your Image files to Word files.

Getting Started

The conversion of JPG Files to Word Files is easy, provided you have the corresponding know-how. There are several ways to complete this task. You can go online and use an online converter or you can download a converter and use it whenever required.

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6 Simple Mouse Gestures to Help You Navigate Windows 8 - See more at:

How to Convert?

To convert your JPG Files into Word Files, go online and visit  The website offers a free converter that you can use to convert you JPG Files into Word Files.
The other method that you can use to convert files is by downloading a converter. These downloaded converters have the advantage that they do not require an internet connection to convert the files. You simply have to download and use them. There are a lot of them available in the market. Here, we discuss about one such converter.

Things you should know

There are a few things you should know before converting the files. Never try to change the extension of the file by yourself. For example, never change the .JPG format to .doc by simply renaming the file. The dynamics of the file will be altered and you will end up losing your data. So never ever try to convert files by changing their extension. Always use a converter to do so.
Offline Converters
As I said earlier, there are many offline converters available but we have chosen one to avoid confusion. The software is JPG to Word Converter.

Once you have that under the belt, you need to start converting the images. First step is to open the software. After doing so, you should see a screen which looks like this:

Convert a Scanned JPG Image into a Word File

After opening it up, you need to upload the input image file. To do so, click on the upload file button. Once your file is uploaded, you can see its preview in the screen. It should look like: [Input Image Preview.jpg]
After that, you need to select an output format for your file. Here we are converting JPG Files to Word Files. So select .doc as your preferred output format. Like in the image below:

Convert a Scanned JPG Image into a Word File

Finally, to wrap things up, click on the save icon in the software. That will save you file in the desired output format.

If you need further clarifications, please watch this YouTube video:


Few Pointers

You can add a password to your output file using the software. Adding a password prevents unauthorized access to your file.
You can also add a watermark to your output file to prevent illegal usage of your file.


Google's New European Union Cookie Policy on Blogger EXPLAINED

When you log in to your Blogger dashboard from 28th of July, 2015, you should see a Notice there from Google which reads:

European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.
As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies.

You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities

We'll be explaining what this means and what exactly Google is asking you to do.

For those who may not know what COOKIES are:
Cookies, also known as HTTP cookie, web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie.  Is that small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website.
The cookie stores the user's information, so everytime that user visits that website again, the browser sends the cookie back to the website's server to notify the website of the user's previous activity.
Activities could be about where the user have logged in, what they have Searched, or sites they had visited based on their interests.

Now, this Cookie is always at works with AdSense when users visits your blog, AdSense is either displaying Ads to your users based on your Content or what your users have searched or visited else where.

Why Did Google Introduce this EU Cookie Policy?

First, the EU (European Union) consists of 28 member states, one or more of them may be visiting your blog. As at 2011 they enforced a Cookie law which Google has now announced to all their product users (publishers) to incorporate, not every one has applied this policy on their websites.


This is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet.
A lot of this data is gathered without any user awareness, and more and more companies are learning to exploit the value of that data.
The intent behind the law is to increase the options available for consumers to protect their data privacy, and since Cookies enable websites to gather data about visitors and users.

What is the EU user Consent Policy?

When using Google products ( for example - Your Blogger Blogs ) that incorporates this policy, certain disclosures must be given to and consents obtained from end users in the European Union. For end users in the European Union:
  • You must use commercially reasonable efforts to disclose clearly, and obtain consent to, any data collection, sharing and usage that takes place on any site, app, email publication or other property as a consequence of your use of Google products; and
  • You must use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that an end user is provided with clear and comprehensive information about, and consents to, the storing and accessing of cookies or other information on the end user’s device where such activity occurs in connection with a product to which this policy applies.

What is the New European Union Cookie Policy From Google Asking You Bloggers To Do? :

There had been issues, especially in Europe where people are not aware or Not comfortable with how their Info is used to exploit their Privacy. Hence the Policy is obliging you (the blogger/website owner) to let your visitors know what is happening behind with those Cookies and give them to option to Opt out if they're Not comfortable with it.
You're Simply Asked to CREATE A PRIVACY POLICY Page on your blog. If you already have it, you are asked to make it Visible to your users who visit your various blogs.
Or if you already have a Policy already stated on your blogs, cross check your Policy to Ensure your it is in line with EU User Consent Policy stated above.


Top 10 Android Smartphones with the Strongest & Best Battery Life Above 3000mAh

Smartphones with the baddest specs are launched and released into the Market in many parts of the world every Year.
You'll see a cool Smartphone with Amoled screen, Quality Cameras, Fast Processors, plenty Memory (RAM & ROM), latest Android OS, then it will come with a 2,000mAh battery
Their Draw backs are always their Batteries.... this doesn't sound reliable in parts of the world or some Countries where Electricity is unstable or the users are too busy to charge their smarrtphones.

Hence, most of these people are always keen to own any good smartphone, as long as it has plenty of Battery Juice.

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So far, only few smartphones had been adorned with very Tasty Specs and finally a Fully Power packed battery to Back it up. If you're looking for such phones (or Phablets) with high capacity and lasting Battery life, then I crafted this post just for you.

10 Android Smartphones with The Strongest Battery life Right now!

Online Malls may sort their smartphone according to Price, but we Sorted this by Battery Capacity in a descending order - 5000mAh to 3000+ mAh.
Most are Dual Sim enabled, we're focusing mainly on their Batteries and quick Specs, you'll easily get most of them here in Nigeria and some, overseas.
Whatever your Location may be, it can be imported and delivered to you.


This smartphone's battery is even higher than some Powerbanks :)
It was a stunner when it was launched into the market early 2015, most people were after the smartphone's battery and so far, they haven't been disappointed with it. Users are Working with it all day without Fear of the battery dying.

Other Quick Specs:  
Display: 5 Inches,  
Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM,
Processor: 1.3GHz, Quad core
Camera: 8MP (rear) & 2MP (front),
OS - Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) ====> READ MORE OR BUY IT NOW


Infinix Zero 2 - Unboxing and Hands-On Review with Exclusive Photos

Hi there, today we'll be Unboxing and giving you our Hands-On Review of the new Infinix Zero 2 ( X509 ) smartphone which is still selling fast in the market right now.

The smartphone launched around end of May 2015 and began circulation in June, we published the Infinix Zero 2 review back then and received our copy over 3 weeks ago, this review was supposed to have been published since, please accept my apologies if I had kept you waiting to see it, I fell ill (serious Malaria) all this period, thank Heavens I am healthy and Strong again, so let's ride On :) !

First, I'd like to tell us that the new Infinix Zero 2 is indeed the Next Hero like it's been tagged for months when everybody was Anticipating it.

Let's Quickly Flashback to the specs

Key Specs of the Infinix Zero 2

    * DISPLAY:          5″, Super AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

    * RESOLUTION: 720 x 1280 HD

    * MEMORY:        32GB/16GB ROM and 2GB RAM


    * OS:                   Android 4.4 Kitkat (planned upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop)

    * SIM type:          Dual SIM [Micro-SIM]

    * NETWORK DATA:   3G/2G

    * BATTERY:        2300 mAH

    * PROCESSOR & CPU: 2.0GHz Octa-core, Cortex-A7 CPU (MediaTek MT6592 chipset)


      The Box is square in size, painted in black, gold and lemon colours. A nice blend of colours that signifies the model beholds quality.

      After Unboxing the pack, we found the Smartphone, and another small Lemon coloured box in the pack, this small lemon box contained the User Manual and few accessories for the smartphone, i.e
      - USB Cable,
      - Earpiece jack for calls and music
      - and Pin for opening your SIM and Memory card Trays.

      Other Accessories in the main pack include:
      - Adaptor chargers with two different connectors, so you have option to choose which to use depending on your Wall Socket or extension, this was quite thoughtful of the Infinix Team.

      The 5 inches screen is Amoled Powered, this enhanced the display, making it crisp, sharp and well detailed with its display colours.

      THE FEEL:

      Holding the device, it gave an elegant Premium feel, another fact is the smartphone is very Light and pretty slim (118gram in weight).
      Like we told you once, it comes in two Memory Versions, 16GB and 32GB ROM, and in various Colours:  Milan Black, Red and Gold. We got the Milan Black, 32GB ROM.


      Having a Body dimension of 145 x 71.2 x 6.7 mm, the smartphone comes fully Protected, the screen was built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and all over the Backcover is the Kevlar Body, this is superb strength and protection, unlike the first Infinix Zero that came with Glass backcover.
      The idea of the Kevlar body (material used in making Bullet proof vests) in Zero 2 remains intriguing!
      The backcover has diagonal pattern designs and is very smooth with its 13MP Camera located at top Left side of the back.

      At the Top of the device is where you'll find the USB and ear piece Ports. I had to go out to take photos of the device in daylight so it will be very clear for all to see.

      The Speakers, two of them, are found at Bottom of the Smartphone. So the sound will remain the same quality even when you place the device on a flat surface.

      At The Right Side you see Memory Card Tray, Volume buttons, and Power Button.
      By the Left side, you'll see the SIM card Tray, all of the trays can be Opened using the Pin that's on Lemon box in the pack.

      From the Front, the display was really cool, with a very nice First impression, it doesn't take time for the Smartphone to boot up. The 5MP Front Camera is found at the Top Left, and Light Sensor by right side.


      The user interface was simple and neat, the Soft keys comes Pre-embedded in the Screen, (probably first time Infinix team is producing such).
      The Screen is 5 inch in size, with a 720 x 1280px HD, display density of 294ppi Powered by Super Amoled screen. It's simply great.


      The smartphone took only a few seconds to Boot up, with a 2GB RAM and 2.0 Octa-core processor, it runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat (expected Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade coming on the device soon), this means it will smoothly run any App and HD Games you install on it. Meanwhile the smartphone runs very fast, multi-task and perform all your activities with it without lagging or hanging.


      According to the Test, Infinix Zero 2 is right under the new LG G3 and sits on top of the almightly HTC One and two other Xiami smartphone models, these are strong brands but Zero 2 beat them. This test proves the Inifnix Zero 2 is a Powerful device with splendid 2.0 version U.I.

      Few Unique Pre-Installed Apps in Infinix Zero2:
      • NAIJ.COM
      • JUMIA
      • KONGA
      • UBERSYNC
      • WPS OFFICE
      • XCLUB


      Probably one of the most vital part of every smartphone, Infinix Zero 2 is completely an amazing device, the Battery is 2,300mAh (non-removable) battery, although not everyone likes the capacity, honestly, Many expected the smartphone to come with Capacity from 3000mAh or above and a Fast-charging support like the HOTE NOTE PRO, but as the case is with Zero 2, if you're a heavy user like me who always use 3G internet, you'll surely be needing a PowerBank to keep it alive.
      Although there's a BATTERY SAVER Feature in the smartphone, once activated, this should Optimise and make your battery last longer.


      The Infinix Zero 2's 13MP Rear Camera's got quality, took a few pictures with it seen below, the 5MP front camera is simply cool as well, with Wide range angle which captures more objects widely, like your Selfie with friends, the front camera is pretty very clear for video calls too.

      Picture taken with Infinix Zero 2 - In  the Morning


      We may have been expecting better battery and in my opinion, an LED light and pre-installed Lollipop 5.0 OS on the new smartphone, I would have really appreciated to see that, Kitkat is now too popular and becoming old, although like I said earlier Infinix had told us that this Lollipop Update would be around anytime soon.
      However, the new Infinix Zero 2 is indeed the next Hero compared to its predecessor that came with 1980mAh Battery. The Kevlar body, strength and lightness of Zero 2 is really also a strong and unique innovation.
      And looking at the screen, the last time I checked, this is the same Amoled Powered screen found in the new Samsung and HTC smartphones which are very expensive brands right, Infinix Zero 2 seem to posses same quality, very unique High-end features yet at an affordable Price


      Interested in Owning the Smartphone?
      The 16GB version costs - ₦35,300 - BUY FROM JUMIA
      32GB version cost - ₦38,500 - BUY FROM JUMIA
      The Prices may change or vary depending on seller and time of purchase.


      4Shared Introduces Online Music Player

      If you're on 4Shared and have some Mp3 or music Files saved on to your Cloud space of your account you can now Play them Live Online using 4Shared.
      4Shared launched the new Streaming feature to all their Account owners on 21st July 2015, I have an account with them, so they sent me the Newsletter.

      This cool feature will surely attract and make more users stick around and Use the Cloud Storage site more often.


      Flawless online streaming of music files.
      Streaming of similar tracks using the "PlayNext" button.
      The new "Explore" section with suggested tracks and playlists.
      Music search by audio file tags.
      Auto-play of similar tracks in the background mode.

      If you'd Like to Join and Enjoy the new Feature, simply Login to your 4Shared Account, have some Songs uploaded, or use the Add to my Account Feature to copy songs from other users into your Account.

      Come & Get Up to 50% OFF Amazing Deals in the Daily Deals Overdrive!

      How would you like to get that Phone, laptop, camera, household and kitchen appliance at a huge discount? You absolutely can in the Daily Deals Overdrive.

      From now till the end of July, there will be an amazing deal daily on general merchandise.


      Every day comes with a new deal with up to 50% discount so look out for all the exciting deals; you just might find that item you’ve been digging for. So whether it’s a replacement for an old television set, or a mobile phone for your mum’s birthday or even an upgrade of your kitchen, we’ve got just the right deals in the Daily Deals Overdrive

      We mentioned about the Overdrive to you in this post last week, now it's here!

      Remember that free delivery on select items apply. Hurry while stock last! Click here to be part of the Daily Deals Overdrive.

      YUDALA OFFLINE Debuts With Freebies and Huge Discounts!

      YUDALA, Nigeria’s first truly composite retail chain, is set to unveil its Offline division with mega deals, unprecedented discounts, loads of freebies including free phones for visitors who spend more than N20,000 as it launches four stores in Lagos on Saturday, July 25th. Yudala Online is slated for launch in the month of August.

      According to the Vice President (Yudala Retail Stores), Mr. Stanley Uzoechina, the debut outlets which include two Experience Stores and two Smart Stores will offer visitors a mouth-watering taste of the Yudala revolution. The Yudala Experience Stores are located at the 1st Floor, The Palms, Lekki and at 10, Medical Road, Ikeja while the Smart Stores are situated at 25B Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island and at 5, Redemption Crescent, Gbagada.

      Inset: Vice President, Yudala Retail Stores - Mr. Stanley Uzoechina

      Yudala has strong partnership for products from major brands including HP, Apple, Lenovo, Tecno Mobile, INNJOO, Infinix Mobility, Wiko Phones, X-Touch, SONY, YEZZ, DELL, Philips, ITEL, IBM, Microsoft, APC Schneider, Cisco, Canon, D-Link and many more  in the ICT space and is already heavily stocked to deliver genuine products at the right prices.

      The company will continue to roll out multiple products from the biggest and most renowned brands, with the Yudala product network set to also feature Consumer Lifestyle, Urbane Fashion, Healthy Living Products, Consumer Electronics and many more which will be unveiled in segments.

      “We are offering Nigerians a revolutionary, platinum experience of offline retail with Yudala. Apart from the

      bargain sales and free phones on offer, shoppers can also enjoy up to a massive 75% discount on select products at any of our Experience and Smart Stores on that day,” Mr. Uzoechina stated.

      “Every Nigerian will have an opportunity to enjoy the unique experience Yudala offers as 10 additional stores will be launched nationwide before the end of August 2015, 151 stores by June 2017 and 512 stores by June 2019. This is the Yudala offline store revolution road map as approved by Board and Management.

      With Yudala, there is absolute trust as all products are direct from the Original Equipment Manufacturers and this assures peace of mind.
      As a result, the Yudala Management will take responsibility for all products purchased from and delivered by us. You have additional incentive of enjoying All-Risks (exclusive of theft) insurance cover provided by Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc. to protect you within and outside warranty period.”

      On after-sales support, Mr. Uzoechina emphasized the difference Yudala brings to the table.

      “At Yudala, our relationship with the customer does not just end when a sale is closed. We are raising the bar by providing support on warranty and out-of-warranty products, including for those purchased online.
      At every Yudala Experience Store, our in-house Tech Guru and ICT Solutions Corner will be on hand to provide responsive support with smart solutions on various gadgets and devices. This is part of our customer-centric nature and our unique way of showing we care,” he enthused.

      With its headquarters in Nigeria, Yudala which means Best wishes, Peace of mind and Prosperity will carve a niche for itself by being the first organization to combine an online shopping platform with offline stores located in major cities across the country, with further expansion into other major African capitals. Backed by its multi-pronged yet standardized business model, the company has a bold


      Celebrate with Konga On its 3rd Year Anniversary with Amazing Discounts

      From what started as a pure retailer of baby food and beauty products with less than 20 staffs, has evolved to become the biggest online marketplace in Nigeria employing over 700 staff.
      Konga had been doing quite well at delivering Quality products at Best Prices to customers in due time as they order.

      This July they are celebrating their 3rd Year Anniversary and everyone is Invited to celebrate with them as they are giving you amazing Discounts throughout this month.
      From July 2nd to July 12th, you can enjoy special deals each day.
      Then from July 13th -19th is the Anniversary Megasale.
      Finally, between July 20th to 31st is the “Daily Deals Overdrive” where insane discounts will be given on products. To Partake in the Anniversary Discounts you can START SHOPPING HERE

      If you'd like to see Konga's Progress from the 3 years they had been around, Using the Infograph below you can follow their Journey as they celebrate their 3rd year anniversary.

      Konga 3rd Aniversary infographics


      How Influential or Powerful Are You On Social Media - Get To Know

      I believe you must have gone through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today, it is exciting how Billions of people use Social Media everyday, every minute, every Second, for various reasons, the major reason being to Connect and Share with Old and New friends.

      In fact, re-connection with old friends was the first definition of Social Networking, as days had gone by, Social Networking (now Social Media) has transcended into more purpose and grown into something Much more Huge than just Connecting with Familiar friends. People now use it for Entertainment, Sharing Fun, knowledge, Business, Marketing and so on.

      These New Reasons and Essence of using Social Media seem to yield the Best results by How much influence A Social media Profile has on their Friends or fans.

      So we throw up the Question:
      How Influential & Powerful Are You on Social Media?

      Public Speaker
      Photo Credits: HuffingtonPost
      In Social Media, I noticed there're always two kinds of people you can be, either you're the Giver, or you're the receiver of contents, you choose who you want to be there and get the best results out of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts etc, if you know just How Influential & Powerful YOU ARE or CAN BE on Social Media.

      After reading this Post, we will be able to understand:
      1. What is Social Media Influence

      2. Tools with Metrics/Stats for measuring Your Influence on Social Media

      3. Amazing things You Can Do With the Social Media Measuring Tool.

      4. Few methods, tweaks or Life Hacks that Improves your Influence on Social Media

      WHAT IS INFLUENCE, in Social Media

      I'll give us a Practical Example...
      When a Successful Artiste, Enterpreneur or other Personalities post on Facebook, Do you notice How many Hundreds or Thousand RESHARES, LIKES and COMMENTS Only that Post receives? That is what counts as influence, the Ability to impact and make people do things through your Social Media Posts.


      Now this is the most exciting part of this Post, where I'll show us a Great tool you'll use to know your Virality or influence On Social Media. This Tool is known as KLOUT .
      Klout measures your Influence and also improves your  performance by helping you find, Create and share great content.

      I had been on KLOUT since early January this Year 2015,
      After Signing up and Connecting some of my Accounts, I personally had to share it with you as I found it really useful, it picks the most relevant Viral Posts I had made on Social Media and puts them up for me to see.
      Klout will also use your Performance to Measure your Klout Score, the Higher the Score - the Better.

      Below is my performance over the last 90 days according to Klout.

      Klout Score


      Amazing Things Klout Can Do For You.

      Looking for a way to make some cash using your blog or Profile? Now, some Web Industries or Companies looking for Influential Writer Profiles, before they Hire you, they won't ask you How many Thousand Followers you Have on Twitter or Facebook, they just ask for your KLOUT SCORE. It's as easy as that.
      Or if you're submitting a Proposal to write or be an Influencer you can Simply Add your Klout score to your Report, it will be recognised and appreciated.

      When you scroll up and have a look at my Connected Accounts on Klout, My Facebook scored 82%, Twitter 15% and LinkedIn 4%, this tells me that while I am doing good on Facebook, I am not doing well on Twitter & LinkedIn so I'll have to be more regular there to make the Ratio better.
      I am yet to even connect my Instagram and FourSquare Accounts.
      It's based on Interests, you may Enjoy FB and Twitter and stick with them, but it's a Big Plus to be Every where possible.

      Few LifeHacks & Tweaks that Improves your Social Media Influence

      This headline should be an Entirely Fresh post on its own, I'll keep it real Quick anyway, If you're interested in motivating people/friends, try these few Traits of an Influencer:
      • Smile for everyone and be fun
      • Conversations cannot always be about YOU, Most or sometimes you talk useful things about others
      • Influential People do on Social media what they want to be doing in life, No faking
      • They are Direct and honest, while always being conscious of the feelings of others
      All the above should reflect in your Posts, both Texts and photos. After implementing these within a couple of weeks, your Klout score should go up meaning your Influence is going up.

      Have you checked with Klout already? You may be More Influential than I am on Social Media, How many Points did you Score, please Share with us in the comment form :)


      TECH+ Conference & Expo Holding in Lagos This July

      The Center of Excellence, Lagos City is the Venue where the innovative Event will be holding on 24th July 2015, TECH+ (Tech plus) plans to be the channel where new technology will be Stirred up with Quality coverage.


      For those who may be looking for where to launch their Start ups or Exhibit their solutions in a Conference, TECH+ is the perfect Spot to do this.

      The event promises a Quality amount of gathering that will feature all things "Technology"

      The event is not just a platform for showcasing or launching your startups, it is also a knowledge sharing and networking gathering for stakeholders in the technology community.

      Date: July 24th – 25th, 2015.

      Venue: Eko Hotel Conference & Exhibition Centre.

      Participation is free. You can register to be an Attendee or an exhibitor here

      More so, there would be a TECH+ GAMING COMPETITION.

      Interested Participants will showcase their Gaming Skills in one of the World's Most renowned Games, MORTAL KOMBAT X and FIFA 2015 by EA Games.

      You can Register for the Competition Here.