Infinix Hot Note 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM is Now Available!


No doubt, The Infinix Hot Note is one of the Best models to Hit the smartphone market in Nigeria and other key countries in Africa.
We did a Detailed Review of the Infinix Hot Note Here months back. According to feedbacks, Some good reasons why people loved it were its display size and very reliable battery with Fast charge Support, this support remains one of the coolest selling point... but Funny enough The Infinix Team is not yet tired, they are still adding more Sugar to sweetness just to make sure smartphone consumers get what they desire, which is "MORE RAM" and of course Reliable Battery, and maybe latest OS (For those that fancy that) in this new Infinix Hot Note 16+2 Version.

The Infinix Hot Note 16+2 version will sport improvements on Speed with a 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, we all want faster Speed and Bigger space so the new next version of the Infinix Hot Note is here to accomplish that.


MEMORY: 2GB Ram + 16GB Rom,
Rumors say Infinix Team had fully decided that the minimum ROM in all of their gadgets will be 16GB and up. Cool if true.

CAMERA: 8MP Back, 2MP  front cam


BATTERY: 4000mAh , Supports Fast charge

OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 4.4 Kitkat (upgradeable to Lollipop)

We still recommend you check out the detailed review of the first Hot Note, it will give you a good insight of what the New version is coming with, knowing fully well that it's definitely coming with a difference of 2GB RAM.

Bruno Li, Infinix Mobility Country Manager said:

“We are proud to unveil the 16+2 version of Infinix Hot Note which is the perfect complement to individuals who value a hip and trendy lifestyle. We see this phone as a perfect reward for those special breed of people who identify with trendiness and we know that the general market will appreciate this new phone.”

If you'd like to own this phone:




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  1. Uhmmm.. . It has always been available..
    That's what people call HOT NOTE PRO!

    1. No they're Not the same Samuel, Note Pro is different from this 16+2 version, coz it came with a 32GB Rom :)
      It was Limited for Sales only during Jumia Mobile week See this Review Here

  2. How do I upgrade this to lollipop? I only see upgrades for the 1 gig of ram versions.

    1. Hello John, we recently published how to upgrade to Lollipop Click to see the Post.
      We will share more Lollipop Roms that will work on your Hot note 2+16gb Version Soon

  3. this infinix note2 16-2gig version is comes with lollipop 5.1, 6inches screen while infinix hot note pro came with 4.4.2kitkat, 5.5inches screen which need lollipop upgrade. is that not right?


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