Transfer Files & Folders From Your Android / iOS To PC Wirelessly with Xender

No USB Cable Needed! This complete guide will show you how to transfer Files & Folders From your iPhone or Android to another Android phone or Android / iOS to PC Wirelessly using Xender.


How Xender works for iPhone, Android and PC

The trick behind this is that our Smart devices, both Android, iOS and Computers all have WiFi technology with MAC addresses, and MAC comes with a remote I.P, this doesn’t only enable you receive data to surf the web but also help us send out Data (Files) via Hotspot.

If You want to Transfer Files but you do not have a USB Cable, or Bluetooth to connect your Android /iOS to your PC, No worries, Follow the Easy Steps below to do it Quickly.

It’s nice and fast enough and happens wirelessly with your computer & Android smartphone…
After Reading this, you should be Able to Move any Type of Files
From your Android to your PC
From your PC to your Android,
Ditch your Cable **No USB Cable needed**

How to send documents from browser on phone to PC? 

How to send documents and files from browser on phone to PC? You don’t need a phone browser to do the transfer, all you need to do is download the file using the browser first, then use the steps below.


  • Your Android/iOS device 
  • Your PC (WiFi Enabled)
  • Your PC Browser (Chrome, Firefox, or any good browser would do).



1. Launch Xender >> Download XENDER HERE on your Android Here


2. On the App where you see “Connect Phone”, Change or Toggle it to “Connect PC”

3. Tap “WiFi Hotspot”

XENDER to IPhone

4. Turn on your PC WiFi, it will detect your Android’s hotspot (with name e.g: Xender-ABCXYZ)

5. Click Connect, no need for Password, it connects automatically with your PC.

6. In your PC browser, Make sure your PC Browser settings connections is set to Auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

7. Look at your Xender, an address with “http and IP and port” is shown

8. Type in the Address shown in Xender App in your PC browser
Example >>
Make sure the Address on the App is exactly same you enter in your PC address bar.

Once you Enter the Address, your phone will Prompt you for Permission, Click “Accept” and there you have it, CONNECTED!


In your PC browser, Just open the Gallery, Files, from the Home Menu displayed and Mark the one(s) you want to move to your PC and Download them with your PC browser. It will be saved on your PC.
You can even Search for files and folder you want to move to your PC.


A bit more longer steps to follow but is still easy.
Moving files from PC to your mobile device (Android/iOS) depends on the format of the file you want to move to your device.
Looking at the Menu on your PC browser, you’ll find icons and you’ll surely know what they mean, if you’d like to move a Video that is in your PC to your Android.

*To move a video file, Click the Video Icon in the Menu found by the Left side.
*For Mp3 songs, click the MP3 icon there, etc.

*For Unknown files, click the folder icon displayed below. You can also move any type of file by using the Folder icon.

*Another amazing idea about this is that you can Install on App directly from your PC into your Phone by clicking the Apps icon.

Here’s how I moved a movie using the Folder icon:

a. After clicking the folder icon on PC, select the destination folder in your device, precisely where you want to move the file to.

b. Click the Upload, find the file you want to move

c. Use All Files(*.*) option  in your PC upload options to view all file types,
When you find the file, double click the file you want to upload to your Phone.

If you can’t find the file you want to move from your PC to phone, take note of the File name, copy it, when you reach step (c) , paste the file name with file extension (e.g – Myimportantfile.txt ) and hit open.

Check your Android device; You’ll notice a Red download icon when you tap it, you’ll see something like the screenshot below which shows the file is moving to the phone.

Once you’re done, you can click “Disconnect” on the Xender app on your Android device.

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This technology would have been the death of USB cables, if not for the Fact that we’ll still be needing them to charge Our Devices right? Found it useful? Please Share the Post with your Community!

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