How To Root Android 6.0 (Android M - Marshmallow) on Any Android Device Easily | ChainFire's method

A Root method for Android 6.0 (Android M) has been released by Chainfire, and it was done without even Modifying the System and this worked on the new Nexus flagships like Nexus 6P.

If you are hearing of CHAINFIRE for the First time, he is an XDA Senior Moderator and Senior Recognized Developer, most of us who have rooted several Android devices must have heard of the word Chainfire before, further more, he's the developer behind popular works like SuperSU, CF Auto Root, TriangleAway and CF.lumen, this actually makes him one of the most influential developer in the Android modding community.

He had recently released a Method to root Android M without really Modifying the System, although it's a working experiment. He explains the logic below about rooting Android M:
To have root on modern Android versions, we need our files to be executable and our daemon to be started on boot. We normally do this by making modifications to /system, tapping into binaries and scripts executed by init. If we’re also modifying the boot image, then we should be able to do all this without modifying system at all.

Instructions for rooting Android 6.0 (Android M- Marshmallow) according to Chainfire

You must absolutely re-flash your stock /system partition, or the separate root instances will interfere with each other. The installer for this experiment will not clean up old root files.
- Flash stock /system
- Flash the attached boot image
- Flash the attached SuperSU ZIP in TWRP

Ramdisk modifications
- include (post above this one)
- init.rc (devs: please open file for reference)
--- on init
------ mkdir /su ...
--- on post-fs-data
------ copy image from cache to data (for rooting without access to /data in custom recovery)
------ mount image to /su
--- service daemonsu
- init.environ.rc
--- export PATH, prepended with /su/bin
- file_contexts
--- /su(/.*)? ubject_r:system_file:s0

- Not all SuperSU options are supported yet in this mode
- I have not tested with encrypted devices
- /system should never be remounted r/w, I hope I didn't miss anything here
- Root with modifying /system is also still operational. I can't predict what the exploiters will need.
- I'm not sure where we're going with this. Future roots may require a clean system

Stuff to Download

However, this is Experiment carried out from Chainfire, yo might experience bugs which will be fixed in later updates. For now, what you do with those files up there is You simply flash the files, and Install the SuperSU to grant Apps root permission. This root method seem to have been done in a better and easier way that's been improve so you don't face any Soft brick during installing any future OTA updates or flash boot images.


Double Your Earnings! How to Generate Affiliate/Deep Link on Jumia & Konga

As we may already know, affiliate program is another sweet way through which you can make money off your blog or blog posts from Products that you share or recommend to people that need them.

Using Jumia Or Konga as example, when you Go to their Affiliate Program Dashboard and Only pick and use Banners they provide there, you'll make sales but it would end there.

To improve your earnings, there are always other Product's pages you can promote (we explained Sales/product pages in the point No.1 of this post), you can Profit and multiply your earnings out of such products by simply Generating and using deeplink to the product page on your blog posts or website.

What is DeepLink?
Deep Links contain snippet of your Affiliate ID or Code that is used to track your sales so that when you add them to any product page you can still earn commission from them.

That's my quick definition of deeplink which I hope anybody would understand.

Affiliate Banners are cool to use but You can actually double your earnings by using Deeplinks (Affiliate links) to various products from your blog.

It's a simple thing to do on both Jumia and Konga Affiliate Program, I'll show you how below, it's easy as deeping your Tea bag into hot water.

How to Generate Affiliate / Deeplink on Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate program recently improved their dashboard to the latest, I like it on PC, but it's not responsive on mobile hence I can't see my Commission on my Android device :p , Let's go ahead anyway.

1. Get your product page ready,
(i.e page containing product/service you want recommend.
For example, this is a Product page => ).

Login to your Jumia Affiliate  panel

2. Head to the Product page and copy the URL of the page

3. On the Menu by the left, click Ad Media > after loading, click on Tools

4. There you see Deeplink. Click it, a new Tab opens,
You can add your affiliate ID in the first box or just leave it blank, it's not compulsory.

5. Now Paste the Link of the Product page in the second box where you see "URL of landingpage:"  >> Click on CREATE CUSTOM DEEPLINK

You can now use that custom deeplink of that product anywhere on your blog posts to make sales.

How to Generate Affiliate / Deeplink on Konga Affiliate Program

Konga's own seem somewhat easier, you have 2 option of using Konga's Deep link
1. You simply use the snippet given to you,
2. They also have the Generate Deeplink Option

Just Login to your Konga Affiliate Dashboard here

On your Panel, You find your Unique affiliate URL, it looks like this >>

And this  /?k_id=    is the string or parameter that tracks sales that is made through your AFF-ID
Where AFF-ID     is your unique affiliate name or code

For example, I am about Promoting this Sales page =>

Hence after Deeplinking, my Affiliate link will look like =>

** Take note of the forward slash and the others that followed.
** Note that you can only use the Question mark if there's No ? question mark in the URL of the product page already. And if you have a question mark in your product's URL, then your affiliate string will look like this -->  &k_id
** Ensure that you make no mistake when implementing the string with your Aff ID so your sales will be tracked and commission recorded.

I had to share this because some concerned friends asked many related questions about it, I hope this answers their queries and yours too.


Review: EaseUs Partition Master Free 10.8

Disk partitioning is simply the division of secondary storage (HDDs), through the creation of multiple partitions. And to partition a drive requires that you must first understand the features and limitations of the basic and dynamic disk storage types.

Basic disks are the storage types most often used with Windows, containing mainly primary partitions and logical drives, which in turn are usually formatted with a file system to become a volume for file storage. While, Dynamic disks provides the ability to create volumes that span multiple disks that basic disks cannot offer.

MUST READ: How To Manually Clean temp Files/Folders on Windows 7 & Vista

And owing to the limitation of Windows Disk Management, you cannot convert dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss. However, partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master 10.8 can help you convert dynamic disk to basic disk directly without any data lose.

EaseUs Partition Master Free disk partition management tool allows you to extend C drive (system partition), settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GPT disk.

How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Losing Data?

1. To convert dynamic disk containing simple volumes to a basic disk with partition manager software simply launch EaseUS Partition Master, and go to main screen.

2. Click "Disk " and choose "Convert to basic disk" or right click the dynamic disk and choose "Convert to basic disk".

3. Click "Apply" to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

To resize partition under Windows 10, Just right click on "My Computer", choose "Manage", and you will get a popup window, choose "Disk Management" in left navigation bar.

Then, right click on the partition which you want to shrink, and choose "Shrink Volume", then type a number to that effect.

Although Disk Management in Windows 10 comes with some improvements, it still has many limitations in partition management. And ironically, Windows 10 are not supported by Norton Partition Magic, making EaseUS Partition Master the best alternative.


How to Get Started Driving Traffic with Videos

As you probably know – videos are an absolutely amazing tool for driving traffic to websites or blogs. In fact, it has become so popular that nowadays pretty much everyone is trying to get in on it and if you’re serious about getting traffic for your website or blog then you should certainly be doing the same.

Of course if you’re not sure how to get started – the best thing to do is to approach it step by step:

1. Decide on the type of video you want to create

Are you looking to create a video guide? Do you want to create a funny video? Don’t just randomly decide – choose a type of video based on what you feel people in your niche would be interested in.

2. Select a topic of interest

What do people in your niche want to know about? Is there some question in particular that you could answer with a video guide? If you want you could use keyword research to get some ideas and choose a topic accordingly.

3. Record the video footage

Capturing the video footage that you need may be a bit tricky if you haven’t done so in the past but there are tools that will make it easier. Depending on the type of video you’re creating you may want to capture your screen or record video from your webcam.

4. Edit and polish the video till it looks professional

Considering your video is going to give viewers an impression about both you and your website it is important that it looks and feels professional. Be sure to edit and polish it until it does – and don’t be afraid to get creative and jazz it up to make it more attractive.

5. Publish it on your website and on video sharing platforms and social networks

Once your video is created you need to do everything you can to help it spread. That means not only publishing it on your website but also video sharing platforms such as YouTube and social networks such as Facebook. The idea is to give it exposure, and then hopefully people will respond to it and share it too if they feel it is useful.

That’s the basics of how you can get started driving traffic with videos. It might be a good idea to check out the Movavi Screen Capture Studio as it will give you the tools you need to capture, edit, enhance, and polish videos. In fact you could even capture video from internet websites if you want to.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio will hand you numerous features that let you come up with videos that are perfect for driving traffic. When recording or capturing the video you’ll be able to set the capture area, frame rate, and audio sources while at the same time also choosing whether or not to record keyboard and mouse actions – a feature that is perfect when creating video guides.

On top of that you can turn your recording into a really professional-looking video by editing and enhancing it with the features available. Start by trimming out unnecessary footage and fixing some of the common problems that tend to crop up in videos before moving on to stylizing and polishing it with special effects, filters, and much more.

All in all, you should definitely have everything you need to create a great-looking video, and the best part is that all the features are so intuitive that you’ll be able to get the hang of using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio in no time flat.


Adding Friends to Groups without their Consent, the Worst Facebook feature Ever!

Having been on the Social Network for over 4 years, I mean I love Facebook but this is probably the first time I am venting about one of their Features, an ugly one for that matter.

Facebook Groups is one of the nicest thing to happen on the Facebook Social Network, we know how it had helped many more people to be Connected in a very targeted way.
There are Groups for our various Alumni Schools, Work places, Religious centers, Interests and Hobbies... to mention but few but it's quite annoying how it's been used or abused by some people on Facebook nowadays, and they are selfishly happy they doing it because Facebook allowed them to.

Image credits: -Things that must end
Friends add their friends to Groups without their Consent, and as far as I know, the guys who engage in this act have even simplified it that they now use scripts to add people very much faster, hence you will always get notified that your friend Posted on a Group you are member of but that's not the Point, the point is most of these Groups are Not really Sharing any useful content or values to the members, the Aim is the Groups are built basically for Spamming.

To tell you how serious it is, one of my most respected friends Mr. Gossy Ukanwoke (Founder of BAU) had even reacted.

Please don't add me to any silly Facebook Groups. Not interested. A concerned citizen
Posted by Gossy Ukanwoke on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

His post was what triggered mine minutes later...

Adding Friends to Groups without their Consent, the Worst Facebook feature ever :/
Posted by Ifediri on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

We all can testify that we have friends that have also bitterly complained about the issue.

A small tweak... A Little Way Out... 

If you are in the same situation as me where so many friends have added you to too many groups, right now here's the Fastest Way to leave those unwanted Facebook Groups:

1.Visit :

2.Move down to "Groups You're In" 

3. On the Right side, beside the "Add to favorites," you see the settings Gear
4. Click the settings Gear,
5. There Click Leave Group.

In my opinion, I still believe Adding Friends to Groups without their Consent doesn't make any sense, it's actually the Worst Facebook feature I ever seen and The Facebook Team should do something about changing or terminating it as quickly as possible.


A Guide To 2 Step Verification For WordPress Using Google Authenticator

In the post we will show us How to A Guide To 2 Step Verification For WordPress Using Google Authenticator

These days, being security conscious helps as online security is a considerable point of concern. There are reports of a number of websites, brands and online accounts being attacked by hackers, everyday. As Wordpress is widely used, it’s not considered to be immune to such attacks. A number of Wordpress websites have been targeted successfully in recent past.

The biggest issues in case of Wordpress are the default “admin” username and weak passwords, as they are easier to brute force. The most common advice in for such cases is to never use “admin” as the primary username and come up with a strong password, rather than a common and easy to remember ones.

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And when you value your Wordpress blog and want to leave no stones unturned in case of security, you must always employ skilled WordPress developer and the best practises in terms of security, authenticity and verification.

Google authenticator : It’s functionality

Google has rolled out two factor authentication for security of your site with Google Authenticator. With this, apart from the login credentials (username and password) you need to enter a 6 digit number (a time restrained random security code). In case your login credentials are correct but the 6 digit number is not, access will not be granted. The best part is that no one can access your account without the 6 digit number even if your password and username get lost. This 6 digit code is received on your mobile device. The point behind this is that since your blog is directly linked with your mobile device, you are the only person who must have access to get the unique code for each login. Moreover it comes with an expiry time period.

A noteworthy aspect is that Google Authenticator only works on these platforms : Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, webOS and PalmOS. Therefore you are required to have a smartphone, iPod Touch or a tablet with aforementioned operating systems in order to use Google Authenticator.
People are welcoming this measure with open arms as Google accounts and other services also offer this feature.
Let us delve deeper into the 2 step authentication process in Wordpress using Google Authenticator. This Wordpress security measure is highly recommended for securing your blog/site against hackers.

Google Authenticator in Wordpress

To enable Google’s 2 step Verification in Wordpress , there are some plugins available. Let’s look at them

Google Authenticator

This one, by Henrik Schack has over 10,000 active installs. Even though it says it is compatible upto WordPress version 3.8.3, people have been using it on the latest version without any complications. It lets you enjoy the two factor authentication using the Google Authentication app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry. The authentication requirement can be enabled on a per user basis. You may enable it for the administrator account but login as usual with less privileged accounts.

The Google Authenticator for WordPress

This one by Julien Liabeuf also uses the Google Authenticator app . Its prime features and functions include :Adding two factor authentication to WordPress login page, Independent enabling for each user, enforcement for use of two factor authentication for all users,supporting application passwords with access logs, reminders and warnings on dashboard, clock discrepancy etc.

Google Authenticator-Per User Prompt

This plugin is slightly different than the rest as it modifies the way Google Authenticator behaves. Only users who have it enabled are being prompted for the token. In case they don’t have it enabled, they will directly proceed to the admin panels, otherwise they will be asked to enter their two factor authentication code.

Installing the plugin on your WordPress website

Let’s pick Google Authentication for WordPress for understanding the installation process. First, you have to download and install the said plugin.
After activating it, you must go to “Users >> Your Profile”. Now, to activate the two step verification, select the “Active” check box.

The next step is to make changes in the description, in order to recognize the website access on Google Authenticator mobile app and show the QR code. You can add the name of your blog, or something else.

Installing Google Authenticator on your Mobile device

You must carefully download and install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. You can go through the step by step instructions on the support page. Click the pencil button/icon on the upper right to start using the app. Press the “+” icon at the bottom to add a website. You can choose to scan the barcode and point your camera at it.

In case you are facing any problems doing so, you can use the secret key. You can select “Manually Add Account” and enter the key. Ensure that you make it “time based” and click save.
Now logout of the WordPress site and visit the login page. You will be able to view the field for Google Authentication for your login screen.

Now, punch in your user name, password and the six digit code and launch the mobile app to get the same code to login. One thing to remember is that the code is time constrained and expired within a minute. Of Course, you can activate the “relaxed mode” on the settings page if you need more time.

Concluding insight : Should you use Google Authenticator?

We have been using two step verification for Gmail accounts for a while now and we know it works pretty well. WordPress Bloggers and developers who have been using the same on the WordPress platform report of similar results.
There might be cases where you may get and error or are unable to login to your website. The reason is that the first time, mobile application is not synced correctly. When the initial hassle is over, Google Authenticator for WordPress proves to be well worth the efforts and makes your website more secure and safe.

Author Bio:
Arya Stark is a web developer working for an Offshore CMS Web Development Company, Xicom which offers portal cms and website content management services at affordable rates. So if you are looking to avail the best content management service, you can get in touch with her.


EXCLUSIVE - Infinix Mobility Almost Set to Launch A Powerful Smartphone After HOT 2 | See Launch Date & Leaked Photo

If you've been getting any rumors, we had confirmed that Infinix Mobile is coming with the Next New device after the Infinix Hot 2 that was launched 2 months ago.

We were opportuned to have an exclusive round-table with the Infinix Officials few days back where we spent some little time with the upcoming device and also Tested to see what it's made of.

What's the Next device after Infinix Hot 2?

Is it gonna be Zero Note? Zero Hot? Hot 2 Note?
What ever you're guessing about it, you might be right... or Totally Wrong. 

For now... this is what we can only show you, the Pack! :) LOL

And a screenshot...

During our Testing Session we took a picture using the device and it produced this quality photo below,

With a photo like that, we would say "expect a very good Camera."

Sharing more Leaked photos of the device is something we would have loved to do, but Sorry, we aren't obliged to do that for now, the Meal (Device launch) is not ready yet, but will be very soon and would surely be served Hot!

What else to Expect or see:
- Expect an impressive Front design on the device
- An optimised and improved front and Back Camera
- a different size
- new useful Apps
- latest Android OS, Speed at multitasking and of course a very reliable battery.

As a matter of Fact, after we compared it with the latest Flagships from Samsung, HTC and others, the device scores pretty high on AnTuTu Benchmark.

When Will The Next Infinix Device Launch?

We are not sure about Date at the moment but expect it anytime from now till November.

That's all we can say for now, however we advice you stick around so you'll be the first to know once we reveal the Full Specs, Review and all other details in due time.


How To Upgrade Nexus to Android Marshmallow 6.0, Manually | Download Links Available

After the Update was launched, last week we published a list of devices that will get the new Android 6.0, some would be via OTA, and others will have to be done manually, precisely via Flashing it into the device.

Google have released some Download Links for the Android 6.0 OS for manual installation for some NEXUS devices. These includes:

Nexus 5
Nexus 6
Nexus 7 (2013)
Nexus Player
Nexus 9

You can upgrade or Install Marshmallow 6.0 manually on any of those Nexus devices listed up there.

Photo credits: Android Authority

Download links for Nexus Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS

 Go to Google Developers and download the Marshmallow binary files for your Nexus version or model.

How to Pick the right Android OS or Marshmallow for your Nexus.

1. On the page, Locate your device type, it could be Nexus Player, Nexus 9 (LTE), Nexus 6 etc

2. After finding your device model, in the section where you see "Version" scroll down to see if you find 6.0 there, that's the Marshmallow. Click the "Link" on the page to Download.

Flashing Android Marshmallow 6.0, into your Nexus device

There are instructions on the Page for you to follow, this will help you select the right binary image files for your Nexus and flash them into the device.

For More Detailed explanation on How to manually install it on a Nexus device (using Windows and Linux operating system), check out this full tutorial on Android Authority.
The tutorial there was for Lollipop upgrade, but it also works at installing Marshmallow in all Nexus devices.


GOKIVE! REVIEW - A Smooth Web App For Finding & Adding Your Needs, Blogs & Business

Most of us have smartphones and Tablets, we know there's Google but not everyone makes the best out of it. People are always on the Go! People move out every day, and they look for things to get instantly at their locations.

What if I told you that there's now a platform that solves this, where you can instantly find your needs based in your location, fast and easy? From Basic and daily things like where to eat, drink, and buy groceries, or services like hair saloon, Football viewing center, cyber cafe's... and unlimited more.

GoKive! Is a free web based app that allows users REGISTER/FIND goods, products, places and offices. Since the web app is location based, businesses would not necessarily need a website for people to find them, they just have to join and get verified, even without verification, people who come around (Business owners) use the platform to find you, if you offer what they are searching for.

GoKive review
GoKive! It's basically about things you search for every day, in your location, and provision for consumers and business (or anybody that has a product or service to render), and it's at its simplest and seamless form.

USING THE PLATFORM to Find Your Needs takes Less than 60 Seconds

Follow the steps, quickly...

TURN ON YOUR INTERNET AND LOCATION, the website will prompt you to switch On your Location/GPS if you haven't, this will help provide the best results near you.

A - Search Box: In this box you enter whatsoever you're looking for. It also accepts multiple keywords, it can contain a list and return an efficient result of what you searched.


“I'm looking for a barbing saloon and where to get hamburgers for lunch”

“Rice, beans, okra, egg and eba”

Simply enter what you're looking for Or business names (if you know it), Answers will be given to you based on your current GPS location.

More Examples:

“Where can I find Bread in Azikiwe Road” - This will search for Azikiwe road near you if there is any, or you extend your search range in Option B

“Mr. Biggs in Factory Road”

“DWILLS Computers”

B – Distance Range: With this option you can set the search range to extend if the default is inefficient for you (in Kilometres)

C – GPS Button: This is the button that grabs your GPS position from the GPS chip in your device on clicking it. Without it getting your position, you won't be able to do your search. Please remember, you must be in an open area so as to provide an efficient result of your position.

D - GoKive it! Hit this button to do your search! :)

GoKive will fetch whatever business or Service you're looking for as long as it exist within that environment.


First, ensure your GPS is switched On, now Visit the Add Business Page.

Now, before you register a business on GoKive, make sure you're at the business location/building. GoKive’s add business page contains elements that tracks your location at that particular time and assumes it’s the office or business you're about to register.
This helps people find your business or product location appropriately.

Who can Add their Stuffs and Business and Services?
It could be your Blog, Saloon, Restaurant, no matter how small or huge it is, GoKive! Is built for EVERYONE and it’s free!

And if you’re running a small/local business or roadside business and you don’t have a business name, don’t worry, we’ll generate a business name you’d be using on GoKive! A name similar to something like this:

“Shop NG-4A3AE”

This name, you can put/paste it in front of your business so as users to recognize you when they see you on GoKive! to meet your location.

A form will load up like the one below *without the red markers in our screenshot*

1. Business Name: Here, you fill in the name of your business. If you don’t have a business name, leave it. GoKive will generate a business name for you.

2. Business Description: This is where you describe (talk about) your business. Your description attracts clients when written correctly.

3. Business Category: This could be a Public Organization, School, Company, Business Centre, Small Business, Religious Organization, Hotel etc. A drop down will be provided to choose from.

4. Business Sub-Category: This option is provided for you to pick an additional category to describe your business, in case it wasn’t described properly in (4.)  e.g Category: Restaurant Sub-category: fast food

5. Business goods/products/services: The list of your business’ goods/products/services, separated by commas

6. Business address: The Address of your business

7. GPS location: This feature is essential. It helps customers locate your business location easily. Make sure your location service (Gps) is enabled. Do it from the Business location and it’s better done on mobile and/or open area for best result.

9. Show on Maps: You can toggle this feature ON and OFF to show or hide maps. The map will pinpoint to where you are at the exact moment, this is to ensure your GPS is getting where you are accurately

10. When done. Click Join Gokive!

That’s all. Simple, Fast and Free

Few More Useful Things you could do with GoKive!

  • Get more clients and customers
  • More sales
  • Register your site for traffic
  • Register business and places around you. No matter how small
  • Know the location of business around you
  • Track a business etc.
Head to GoKive! And Start adding Business or finding them for your needs now, and don't forget to tell us what you think of GoKive in the comment box below.


3000mAh Battery For Infinix Hot 2 - A More Reliable Battery Juice Is On the Way

It's been almost 2 months since the release of Infinix HOT 2 , the very first Android One smartphone to arrive in Nigeria, or Africa at large.

By default, the device comes with a 2200mAh Battery, not much of a Battery Juice to be candid, did people want more battery juice? Or the Infinix Team just decided on this, however it's really Good idea by the Infinix Team as they announced a 3000mAh Battery for Infinix Hot 2 would be coming.

Infinix Hot 2 3000mAh Battery is Available >> ORDER HERE

Infinix Hot 2 Battery 3000mah
Infinix Hot 2 - 3000mAh


The Battery had come and sold Separately. We've done our finding and made an update for you with right answers - Price of the Hot 2 (3000mAh) Battery costs from 2000NGN. >> CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

Right now, the 2200mAh battery capacity on the Infinix Hot 2 so far is not really felt by users as the Android Lollipop OS does great at Optimizing the Battery Life.

By the way, the Infinix Hot Note and Hot Note Pro with a huge 4,000mAh Battery remains the strongest in the flagship so far.


TRUEMESSENGER - The End of Unwanted/Spam SMS from MTN, GLO & Others on your Phone

That awkward moment you're expecting a credit Alert, finally the message arrives only for you to realise its an SMS from Isaiah65v8.

Since the extravagant growth of phone usage and Bulk SMS advertising, people had been looking for How to Block or Stop those Unwanted/Spam SMS that enters their phones every day, it was way too much to an unbearable extent that some friends even called Customer Care, they recommended to Send a Command, i.e reply STOP to the number to quit them from sending the messages, all that never worked, the unwanted SMS keeps coming.

There's no way to put all the useless SMS in control until TRUEMESSENGER was launched around last month, although it wasn't Available in Nigeria at first, but it is Now.

With the TRUEMESSENGER (Install here) on your Android phone, you can simply MARK sms Senders who are Spam.


Upon installation, Go to your Messenger Settings and Set TrueMessenger as your Default SMS App, you can also set it to Notify you when you get a Spam SMS or Put Spam Sender on Mute so you'll never feel disturbed to check your phone only to find an annoying SMS asking you to Text Mumu to 55501.

TrueMessenger puts all that to an End!

See some Screenshots of TrueMessenger working on my Android phone.

I am Definitely gonna mark this one as Spam

See them! See Isaiah65v8?
... Spam, Spam!! Spam!!!


Now See My Inbox, Spam column has been totally separated, very neat huh?

And just like the TRUE CALLER App, with your Internet connection Enabled, TrueMessenger will reveal the Name of a person who Texted you for the time on that Device, just in case the number doesn't already exist in your contacts.