Glo Always Micro - Cheap Data Plan Gives 1.5GB for 1,000 Naira

Glo recently rolled out some of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria which works for all devices, not just BlackBerry, the Glo data plan works for Apple iPhones, Android and Lumia (MicroSoft) Windows Phones.
One of the best and cheapest Glo Data plans that gives great value is the recent Glo Always Micro Data bundle which gives 1.5GB for 1k (1,000 Naira) valid for 30 days.

To Activate Glo Always Micro Data Bundle:

To Subscribe simply dial ==> *127*53# from your Glo sim

Or using your Glo sim, Text "53" to 127

Checking Your Glo Micro Data Bundle Balance:

To check the data balance, Dial *127*0#

How ever, you can top up your data when it's almost exhausted, before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan.
You can top up the data plan by 1GB for just N500
OR by 300MB for just N200.
Dial *777# to buy extra data (N500 at 1GB is for 1GB plans or higher)

Etisalat 1GB For 1,000 Naira For iPhones, Android and Windows Phones

In April, after Etisalat rolled out 1GB for 1,000 NGN Data plan, one of its cheapest data plans for smartphones and laptops, it was working only on Android devices but with the latest updates we confirmed, this 1GB data plan now works on both Apple iPhones, Android smartphones and Microsoft (Lumia) Windows Phones.

To subscribe, Simply dial ==>  *929*9# on your iPhone (IPhone 5, IPhone 6 or any higher or lower model) , Android, or Lumia Windows phones.
The plan is valid for 30 days.

In the settings, APN (access point name) is etisalat
It seems to also work on PC too when you share the connection via HotSpot.

4 Reasons WhatsApp Video Call Feature May Suck

It was great news when WhatsApp went from being just an interesting messenger to having extra features like WhatsApp Web, and then Whatsapp voice call was added.
Right now there are rumors WhatsApp might be having Video call feature added to the list, they're still testing the new development on an iPhone, well, I am not totally against it but I feel video call on WhatsApp may end up not being the way you're anticipating it to be after you see the points below:

The App Size will Suck Your Phone's Memory:

When WhatsApp Video Call Feature arrives, you know the data size of the App will definitely increase, this means the WhatsApp will use more RAM on your smartphones, and it will likely crash often than before if the App is not well optimised or your device doesn't have large RAM.

Once again, some users will be left behind

Platforms: We all know other mobile platforms, J2ME and Symbian - Yes, **tongue-out** (they still exist) had been left behind since WhatsApp introduced the calling feature, this was only supported for Android OS 2.1 and above, on Apple iPhones it required iOS 6 or later, and you know how it took a while before eventually coming to Windows Phones. The moment Video calling feature is added, that's 2 steps forward, leaving the other guys behind.

Data Users: As it is with some countries that are yet to have a reliable fast and cheap internet, many people would wish but not be able to use the video calling feature.

We have Skype, FaceTime, IMO... How Many More Must We use?

WhatsApp may have somehow beaten Viber when they introduced Voice Call, but Skype, the biggest boss in the VoIP game is still doing great at Voice and Video calling.
Even Facebook Messenger does video calls, although we'd say different strokes for different folks but how many more must consumers use?

If WhatsApp introduces Video call, the only good thing about it will be benefits between Contact to Contact but if you're conversant with voice calling using WhatsApp and Skype; you'll testify that WhatsApp call is yet to be as good as Skype calls in terms of sound quality and instant responses.

Unless WhatsApp is coming with an exceptional way of doing video calls, most people will definitely stick with Skype for video calls on PC and Mobile.

Heck! They're Shifting From Traditional Messenger with No Privacy

Some users, including myself still see WhatsApp as a traditional text and multi-media messenger, however, glancing at the direction they're shifting to without User Privacy, their user experience may decline; reason being that ever since WhatsApp introduced Call feature, I believe you had received incoming call alerts at the least time you expected, this happens on other Messenger Apps too, and it's far more occasional on WhatsApp.
I recall an early morning, around 1:30AM somebody was ringing me on WhatsApp because I kept my internet on.
I bet same people would be using Video calls for more impromptu Calls like that when it arrives.


How to Add Polls For Voting in Your Posts on Blogger

There are certain times when you may have a topic where you want to raise a Poll for people to VOTE, several reasons why you may need polls are where they are used for OPINIONS, CONTESTS OR COMPETITIONS, this feature is available on Blogger long time ago but you can only display voting polls on your blog's Side bar, unlike WordPress where you can simply use a plugin to display the poll inside a blog post.

Well, today we will learn how to do that, we will see how we can display voting polls inside our blog posts just like WordPress, it is very easy.

Follow The Steps Below:

Photo credit: bulksocialfanshop


1. Go to Your Blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Click Add Gadget

2. Scroll down To Poll and add it,
Create Your Question, Answer Options for the visitors to choose, and Period the voting will last, after That, hit Save. Use the screenshot below for references.


1. Open your blog in another Tab after saving, the Poll Vote widget should be Displayed at your Side Bar or where ever you placed it.

2. Highlight the area where you created the Poll widget, right click, you'll see Inspect element, click it, it opens a tool bar like the one in the screenshot below.

3. Next Step is to Find the widget code.
Again other browser tab, Go to your Blogger Template and click Edit HTML.

4. Simply Copy the code from the beginning of IFRAME Tag to its ending. i.e <iframe> </iframe>

5. Create the post where you want to use the poll vote, inside your post editor Click HTML and paste the iframe codes. It should look like this ==>

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="180" name="poll-widget4953808042263360046" src=";purl=" style="border: none; width: 100%;"></iframe>

Now, let's test a Sample of this Poll Vote I made below:



INFINIX ZERO 3 (X552) - Review, Specs and Price of The Hero3Logy Flagship

Infinix Zero 3, the totally incredible premium flagship smartphone which they tagged as #HERO3LOGY for its campaign is here for some review; few days before its launch on 15th December 2015 (more on that at the tail of this post).

ALSO READ: Infinix Zero 3 Hands On Review (with photos and new price)

The Infinix Zero 3 X552 smartphone is more than just another Android smartphone, it promises high definition pictures and awesome video quality from the latest invention of the best display known as 4K.
Zero 3 is also sporting a whooping 20.7MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and fast 2.2GHz Octa-core processor.

BUY Infinix Zero 3 from JUMIA HERE

After glimpsing at the features, we can arguably say the Zero 3 (Hero3Logy) should be one of the best flagship Infinix had produced since their arrival into the smartphone industry in Africa, most people thought NOTE 2 was going to be the last for the year.

... see more on the Specifications of the Zero 3.

Zero 3 X552

Zero 3 X552 - Key Specs:

  • 5.5-inch Full HD capacitive touchscreen
  • 20.7MP Rear Camera designed by Sony, 5MP Front camera
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 8-core MediaTek processor
  • 3GB of RAM and 16/32GB ROM variants (Rumored)
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Micro-SD storage (up to 64GB) (Rumored)
  • Fast Charge
  • Aluminum designed paired with Glass
Zero 3 X552 

A look at INFINIX ZERO 3

Infinix Zero3 - CAMERA

Before we bore you with terms explained below, just take it that Zero 3 sports the highest of its most powerful camera on Infinix phones so far.
At the back, Zero 3 comes with a whooping 20.7MP camera, this was manufactured from SONY IMX230 CMOS sensor, it's enhanced and sensitive at producing quality photo resolutions.

Zero 3 camera is combined with a 6P Largan lens to retain vivid details even when enlarging or cropping.
At the front is the 5MP Camera, also powered to perform almost as good as its back camera for pictures, videos, and live calls.

Still at the Back...
Just behind the back camera, the Zero 3 is also having a double LED flash light to make capturing photos or videos clearer in the dark or night hours and the cameras are powered by Four-lane MIPI that gives a 30fps 4K display clarity on recording.


Infinix Zero 3 features a sweet 5.5 inches display size similar as Hot Note; which means the flagship is bigger than its predecessors - Zero & Zero 2.
The Display ensures that users will experience clarity at its best when looking at photos, watching movies and playing HD games, protected by Corning gorilla glass 3 the screen displays on 1080p resolution at 400ppi with a real wide angle up to 178°.

The Zero 3 body-design is immensely classic and premium, it comes with a dual-sided explosion-proof glass and stainless steel frame.
The front is found to come with glossy piano paint while the back features meticulously brushed metal.

ALSO READ - The Infinix Zero 2 X509 Review - Specifications & Price

Zero 3 Outlook

Zero 3 - BATTERY

The Zero3 smartphone lives on a durable 3030mAh battery that supports fast charge and is able to last about 24 hours even upon internet usage and more than 48 hours without.


The device comes with a huge memory space to handle and save millions of files for you, it runs with a 3GB RAM and a rumored internal memory - 16GB / 32GB ROM variants for storing more than enough files and data in the device.


The device is powerfully packed to run via the latest and fastest MediaTek (MTK) Chipset known as Helio X10 Octa-core processor, such chipset is only found in the latest high-end smartphones and it's runs with a 2.20GHz CPU having 64bits. These amazing improvements got the device to score a very high benchmark, the processor is a true definition of speed when running Apps and performing multi-tasks.


The device runs on Android Lollipop 5.1 OS platform (would probably be upgrade-able to Marshmallow next year 2016), the User interface is fully customised by the company's own UI known as XUI.
XUI aims to improve battery life, faster responsiveness and customisable interface. Talking about the level of customization, XUI offers 7 different themes and chic wallpapers. XUI also sports useful Apps like Contact Cloud Backup among others


Zero 3 comes in 6 beautiful colors: Blue, Red, Anthracite Grey, White, Cream and Gold


UPDATE: Infinix Zero 3 Price & Availability - 
Infinix Zero 3 will be Available on Sale at Jumia from 22nd or 23rd December 2015 after launch date on 15th December 2015, the event will be held at Silverbird Cinemas, in Ikeja City Mall.

BUY Infinix Zero 3 from JUMIA HERE

PRICE UPDATE for Zero 3 - 45,000 - 54,000 NGN


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VConnect Totori Sales - Grab the Biggest and Sweetest Discounts of this Festive Season!

The sweetest thing to happen this period of the year is about to reach your doorsteps. The Festive Season of Christmas and New Year is here again this 2015 and there will be lots of sharing, giving and exchange of gifts.

There will be celebrations and happy moments and VConnect Nigeria is proud to join you in partaking in all the joy and love you will have this season by presenting you with the best items that will make it the most exciting and unforgettable moment for you in the Vconnect Totori Sales, the sweetest shopping spree that will feature the best products with the most amazing discounts up to 50-70% OFF in Nigeria.

From 14th - 19th f December 2015, lots of items for the festive season will be available for you to choose from in the Vconnect Totori Sales, nobody will be left out of the sales event as there will be something for every category of person to choose from; like Phones, TVs, washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, and many more personal, home and kitchen items and appliances that will suit your needs.

You can enjoy a new experience in entertainment at home from the Home theatre with best sound speakers andyou can grab these Home entertainment appliances from the Vconnect Totori sales at the lowest prices this season:

Panasonic SC-XH333GS-K DVD Home Theatre

The Panasonic SC- SC-XH333GS-K home theatre is a classical sound system that features a total of 6 elegant speakers which produces quality powered sounds.

- It features a powerful Bass-reflex sub-woofer,
- Supports Bluetooth technology, so you can wireless play music from your phone or any device easily.
- The Dynamic Bass is all about elegant Speaker designs with a 5.1ch surround sound with 5 speakers placed in the front. Even with space limitation, 5.1ch surround sound can be enjoyed with selectable speaker layout.
- The system comes with both USB and HDMI ports which produces upto 1080p and supports even Flash, Mov videos and other video extensions.

This is the sound system that is very flexible and comfortable to enjoy in your living room, no matter the size.

Sony home theatre DAV-DZ650 (Black):

Sony home theatre DAV-DZ650 (Black)

Lovers of Sony products will surely find happiness in the Sony DVD Home Theatre DAV-DZ650 System. The System features stylish quartz design, one medium speaker, two slim standing speakers and two small speakers, all with unique sounds that blends so when it goes live through the DVD player it transforms your home to the beautiful entertainment scene that you had always wanted.

More about the system model features:

- USB and HDMI ports
- 5.1 channel
- Bluetooth technology
- Sony Bravia Sync
- Karaoke
- S-Master digital amplifier

Sony DVD Home Cinema System 600W

Sony DVD Home Cinema System 600W

The Sony DVD Home Cinema System 600W DAV-TZ715 system is built to produce state of the art entertainment in your home. The system comes with 4 standing speakers which users had already testified produces amazing sound. The model is powered by a 600W Power output and is ever ready to give you the best entertainment in your living rooms at anytime.

Other features:

- 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System
- HDMI Output
- USB Movie Playback
- USB Record Function
- Bravia Sync

LG DH4530T 330W DVD Home Theatre

LG DH4530T 330W DVD Home Theatre

The DH 4530T 330W DVD Home Theatre which comes from one the most trusted brands in the industry LG and is fully loaded to take your living room or any of your rooms to the next level of entertainment.
Along with the DVD, CD playback, the Home theatre system features very impressive design and sports awesome functionalities like Amplifier with sub-woofer, USB ports, support for DivX and MPEG2 video formats and Bass Blast from the speakers signed by Dolby digital.

It also features Karaoke and Recording FM and video via USB dongles for you to play or re-watch at your convenient time later.

Television sets which you can use to enjoy any of the Home theatre are also available on Vconnect. These include TV sets from the best brands like Samsung TVs, Panasonic, JVC and LG and they all will be up for grabs at huge discounts this festive season.


Infinix Zero 3 To Launch this December 15th - A Surprise Flagship from Infinix Mobility

Just when we thought it was over, just when we thought that Infinix Note 2 was the last model for the year 2015, we just recieved an alert that a flagship is coming from them this December 15th known to be Infinix Zero 3  X552 !!! And it will tagged as HERO3LOGY with this hashtag #HERO3LOGY

Exactly one week ago, Infinix Mobility launched  its latest NOTE series device - Infinix NOTE 2  , a 6 inched screen phablet with a whooping 4040mAh battery that comes with flash charge feature, which means 15 minutes charge for 8 hours usage and now the Zero 3.

The smartphone manufacturer just started teaser campaign #HERO3LOGY.
Playing on pronunciation, “3LOGY” is another way to say “TRILOGY”.

According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia,  a trilogy is a set of three works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as three individual works. They are referring to this particular device, Zero 3.

We are even here with a leaked photo of the coming flagship:


Does “HERO” sound familiar to you? – THENEXTHERO, and ZERO2HERO?

These were usually used to tease its Zero series, right now Infinix Mobility is seems to be ready to release a new HERO device before the end of the year. Now the question is what Nigerians are going to expect for the #HERO3LOGY device?

We do not have much information yet, but according to rumors found on XCLUB forum, Infinix Mobility is preparing a flagship smart phone with high specifications.

Check out the Antutu benchmark below


This will include the highest megapixel camera ever seen on an Infinix smart phone and high-end CPU scoring 44245 at Antutu Benchmark, coupled with added feature suggested by Infinix users.
What do you think will be the specs on this flagship? We can only guess for now


The Big 6 Review - Infinix NOTE 2 X600 with Specs and Price

Following the debut of Infinix Big 6 at Jumia on Black Friday, most of us had been waiting on this review where we would throw more light into the Infinix Big 6 which we confirmed to be NOTE 2 in this post, well, the review is finally here with all the latest confirmed Specifications and Price of the Infinix NOTE 2. No more rumors.

Before we dive in to details, let's quickly unveil the Key features of the Infinix Note 2 X600 smartphone.

Infinix NOTE 2 - Quick Specifications

Screen Size -
6 inch
Screen Resolution - 720 x 1280 pixels HD

 159.5 X 82.5 X 9.3 mm–194g
Back Camera - 13 Mega pixel 5P lens f/2.0 with Flash LED
Front camera -  2MP,

   First Variant -16 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM
   Second Variant - 16GB ROM + 1.5GB RAM
  (Support for memory SD card - up to 32GB Max.)


 CPU: 1.3GHz , Octa-core, 64bit
 MediaTek chipset - MT6753 – GPU;
 ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450MHz builds in CPU

OS (Operating      System) :         
  Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

Dual SIM (Micro-Sim card)
CONNECTION & OTHERS :   - WiFi - 802.11b/g wireless internet
  - Hotspot Functionality
  - Bluetooth - 4.0
- 4040 mAh Battery (Non-removable)
 Anthracite Grey, White, Champagne Gold

Additional Features - Smart gestures & Ultra power saving mode

Infinix NOTE 2 Review Details:

The latest Infinix Note 2 is the 3rd model in the NOTE series, and if you're already familiar with the previous Hot Note and Hot Note Pro, you will notice Note 2 or Big 6 has few similar features.

Similar Features on Hot Note and Hot Note Pro which you'll also Find On NOTE 2 includes:

- Big memory size
- Ultra-Power saving mode
- Fast Charge support
- Hand Gestures
- Dual (micro) SIM

This leads us to the Pros and Cons of the Infinix Note 2, let's begin with the Cons ( Bad sides of the Note 2 ) first, then we conclude with the Pros.


- The Back Cover is yet another Plastic
- Back Camera is bulging out a bit, this is not necessarily an issue though.
- Position of the speaker, found at the back of the phone
- Some of its specs has no much difference between the Previous Note series. But of course there's definitely some difference with the Big 6 (Note 2) which we will point out in the PROS of the Note 2 below.



As the name implies "the Big 6" , means it's 6 inches in length, this should definitely be the first priority that makes the Note 2 different from others. This could be a Con for people that don't like carrying big phones or phablets but be a huge advantage for those who enjoy games and movies. "Irony of Life huh?" LOL


Infinix Big 6 Comes with 13MP camera that produces some quality, in fact the last time I tested the device's camera, both of the cameras were pretty good, especially the 2MP camera which proved that it was not about the number being 2MP, it was well optimised and produces very clear photos and videos.


Note 2 (Infinix Big 6) features a fast 1.3GHz Octa-core processor of MediaTek chipset, this processor is not so different one in the previous Hote Note but it features a higher 64 Bits. That may make a small difference.


Note 2 comes pre-installed with Android Lollipop 5.1 for those who love the latest stuff, although we have a tutorial that teaches you how to manually upgrade if you use Infinix Hot Note X551, you may check out this post here.
More so, the Android 5.1 Lollipop based operating system is fully customised by the company's own User interface known as XUI.
XUI aims to improve battery life, faster responsiveness and customizable interface. Talking about the level of customization, XUI offers 7 different themes and chic wallpapers and useful Apps like Contact Cloud Backup among others found in Note 2.
Infinix XUI


This design on Note 2 (X600) is totally unique from the other Note series, it looks a bit more premium considering the facr that it has some resemblance with Huawei Honor flagships.
Note 2 also features LED indicators that blinks different colors depending on the type of notification that comes in.


The Note 2 is precisely the first model to feature a 4G LTE network support, hence if you own a Smile 4G SIM or Spectranet, you can try it out and enjoy internet browsing that would be faster than the usual 3.5G.

To clear the airwaves: The device is not water-proof, the battery is 4040mAh, although some say it's 4000mAh (we haven't seen a lower or higher one on Note 2) and the Camera is 2MP front, and 13MP at the Back.

We will take us much closer and have more to Share with you, including live photos in our unboxing and hands-on review that would come soon in our future post.

Right now, the device is near you:


At the time this post was published, the retail price is N27,300 for the 16GB ROM+1GB RAM version
and N31,600 for the 16GB ROM+2GB RAM version.