4Ward.NG Review - Buy Scratch cards Online Easily | WAEC, GCE, NECO, NABTEB and others

The one thing that has never stopped growing in this country is small businesses and startups. Somehow, someone out there is crazy enough to come up with an idea, a solution, something creative enough to tackle an issue in the country.

Two young men created something very unique and useful recently. Something we probably overlooked all this while. It’s called 4Ward NG. is a web application that sells scratch cards and result checkers online, instantly. You click on the card you want (i.e waec result checker), pay with your ATM card, receive the card details on your phone and email.

We all know you have to leave home to buy your GCE and WAEC result checkers at retail prices. 4 WARD NG sells at lower prices than Cafes and your scratch card details get sent to you immediately purchase is made. It is assured you will receive the card details as it’ll be sent via email and sms. So, if you don’t get it in one, you get it on the other or both channels (Email and SMS).
4WARD NG was founded by James John and Okeke Magnus. According to them, food and product delivery is not the only thing we can automate in this country, there are other platforms out there building CBT apps and Exams practice sofwares. 4 Ward NG is here to deliver cards instantly and help make result checking easier

The cards are cheaper than prices anywhere else. You can buy the cards from your couch at Home.

All the cards are delivered to both your phone through SMS and also to your email, instantly. Signing up and usage is free, and they don't charge any extra or hidden fees. and you don't have to subscribe for anything. If cards are out of stock, you can request to be notified via email when they are finally in stock. You can buy the cards anytime. The site is online 24/7

How Does It Work?

  1. Visit 4ward.NG on your phone or computer’s browser
  2. Click on the card you’d like to buy
  3. Pay with your ATM card and have it delivered to your email and phone number instantly.
  4. The delivery is sure, as you don’t just receive the card via email, there’s also SMS, for free. See? Easy.

Check out 4ward.NG today.

Twitter: @4wardNG
Facebook: @4wardNigeria
Instagram: @4wardNG
The Web app: www.4ward.Ng


Why You are seeing Traffic Referrals from Blackhatworld and on Google Analytics

So recently, I started getting and seeing strange referral traffic from Blackhatworld and and it's been going on for the past 5 days. When I looked into my Google Analytics. Going further to investigate, I wanted to know the particular page's URL that was referring that traffic on my Analytics, I clicked - Real Time >> Content and found this URL - and now, blackhatworld
Still I went further and picked up the second URL -

Someone Spammed Google Analytics, a Russian man precisely...

Upon visiting that URL, I realised from thread that I am not alone, millions of other web masters viewing their Google Analytics are seeing the same thing, someone had spammed Google Analytics, a Russian to be precise and funny he was doing it to show his support for Donald Trump.

The alleged Motherboard spam. It's not us. Image: Paul Anthony / Twitter

Although last month, As Analytics Edge reported in November, websites have noticed referrals from lifehacĸ and ɢ Check those URLs again; they are not the real Lifehacker or Google domains.

To be clear, this is not anything that VICE or Motherboard is doing. Instead, someone is including a link to the article in their own Google Analytics spam, and seems they had even added Black hat's article to the spam sites.
The likely explanation is Google's “Measurement Protocol,” which allows developers to send data directly to Google Analytics servers. It looks like the traffic is coming from Motherboard, but, in reality, it's not.

Why did He do this?

As you have read in the headline above, it was to support Donald Trump, the Google analytics Spammer wanted the loads of traffic and wanted all the fame and glory on his own Name, his name is VITALY POPOV, we also found out he wanted revenge on Google for blocking his AdSense account some years back.

We had learnt that this is a temporary issue as Google Spam team is looking into it already.

Although there are controversies surrounding his name due to the fact that someone had bought a domain bearing the spammer's name -
The man promised to direct the domain where ever the Spammer wants if Only he agrees to stop Spamming Google Analytics.
At the moment of publishing this post, the domain is only redirecting to UrbanDictionary's page that is carrying description of A**Hole.


Tecno M5 Detailed Review: A Budget luxury

Tecno corporation creates amazing quality digital gadgets at an initially low price for the low ends. Developers and engineers work closely with each other and create perfectly secure, powerful and extremely easy to manage mobile phones. A striking example of such a modern, universal gadget is Tecno M5. Managed OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean gadget is simple and easy to use, and helps to create a beautiful, vibrant pictures.

Tecno M5 combines perfect functionality and affordable price. Check it on Jiji - you will be charmed by the offers! Find Tecno M5 in your region with Jiji - smart shopping for smart people!

Tecno M5


The external smartphone Tecno M5 is a classic universal gadget that always look very imposing. A plastic cover protects it from moisture and dust and makes the phone more comfortable to carry in hand. Good, durable display under reliable protective coating is hiding compact 4-inch touchscreen. Tecno M5 differs by highest quality sensor, the wide range of colors, consisting of 256,000 colors and shades. The generated image has a high contrast and clarity. Matrix has the highest speed of response to user actions, making usage of the smartphone extremely convenient.


High-quality camera of Tecno M5 provides its owner with ample opportunities to create high-quality, vivid, memorable photos. The main camera of 8 MP is specially designed to create both amateur and professional images. The camera is equipped with a powerful LED-flash and supports auto-focus technology. The camera can be easily operated using the set of gestures. The front 1,3-megapixel selfie camera automatically improves the quality selfie made using special software.


The remarkable performance and high compatibility under ergonomic, durable body gives a powerful e-filling. The high-performance smartphone provides a powerful dual-core CPU. Combined with 1GB of RAM, the processor easily maintains a stable, smooth operation of even the most demanding applications. To install the software and storage of personal content in the phone has 4 GB of internal memory. But if this amount may seem small, you can easily connect a microSD card up to 32 GB.

Smartphone Tecno M5 is equipped with a durable battery. Installed modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi will help to convey to another compatible device any amount of data with maximum speed and with ultimate comfort.


How to Leave WhatsApp Groups in 2 Simple Methods 2016 / 2017

WhatsApp is a mobile chat application that most users take very personal, WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family.
There are times your friends or unknown contacts will add you to WhatsApp groups that you don't want to be. You may find yourself scrolling and tapping around looking for how to leave the Group and that's what I'll be showing you how to do today. Leaving a WhatsApp group is actually very simple.

Leaving WhatsApp Groups - Method 1:

Open the group chat >> Tap the group name at the top to display the Group profile/picture and members >> where there are lists of phone numbers of members, Scroll down till you reach the bottom. >> There you'll see EXIT GROUP. In red color.

Leaving WhatsApp Groups - Method 2:

This is actually easier and faster.
From your Chats list, Tap and Hold the Groups Name like you're marking it. >> Tap the 3 dots at the top right and EXIT group.

It will take seconds to remove you.
That's how to Leave a WhatsApp group, it's very simple as that. Don't forget to hit the Share button below.  😏


The Most Powerful console in the World is NOT PS4 Pro nor Xbox One S :p

It's less expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro or the magical XBox One S, yet seems to be the one and only console to break a world record to be the Most powerful console on earth.
This console goes for just £150  (a hundred and fifty Pounds). What are we referring to?
It's the Nvidia’s SHIELD TV – the small but mighty Android TV streaming service that doubles up as insanely powerful gaming rig.

This console according to rumors, is so powerful, in fact, it can play games such as The Witcher 3 (below) at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Nvidia’s SHIELD TV
Rather than the old school, yet effective, way of having a dedicated graphics card, SHIELD taps into super computer farms placed strategically around the world which helps play the games.

NVIDIA is very confident about the console and ensures that you play with it, some of the newest games available now with the highest graphics quality and awesomeness. Some the games include: various Batman games, Tomb Raider and moe that are yet to be revealed.

Since the inception of cloud gaming, according to NVIDIA spokesperson, "Console gamers are locked into a hardware spec for several years,” This is a gap that the Console had come to fill.

“It also delivers a smooth 60fps gaming experience at up to 1080p resolution, whilst PlayStation Now is capped at 30fps and 720p resolution.

“We also regularly upgrade the GeForce GTX GPUs in our GeForce NOW servers so that the gaming experience gets better with time.

“GeForce NOW’s cloud servers currently provide performance that is superior to consoles such as the PS4, and a year from now they will offer twice the performance.”

However, we have to Point out that YOU WILL NEED A VERY HUGE AND FAST INTERNET CONNECTION to use this and enjoy its cloud gaming.

Nvidia recommends a 5-10 Mbps internet download speed to use GeForce Now… which is surely super quick.

You're also Advised to use a 5GHZ router.

In case your internet speed doesn't meet up with the above, no much worries, you’ll still be able to play games, but expect some lag and the resolution to drop.

However, once you've got internet that is fast enough, the SHIELD could be a viable alternative to the mainstream consoles.


Guide on How to Record SWF videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can capture videos in all formats online so you will face no issue in using it to record a SWF video. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is designed for beginners who don't know how to operate a complicated software. It only takes a few minutes to configure the screen recorder for recording the SWF videos. If you want to record the SWF video in full mode, you don't have to adjust the frame manually and just need to select full screen the drop down menu.
If the video player is located at a certain area on your computer screen, you will have to make adjustment to the default size of the recording frame.

The easiest way to adjust the frame is to click the select capture button and click on the video player that you want to record. The frame will automatically resized to the exact size of the video player. You also must enable the System Audio button otherwise the movie that you record will be muted and not have sound.

ALSO READ: How to Create a Video Guide from Scratch with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

You should check your speaker volume and make sure they are turned up to the right level of volume. You will also find a volume slider to the left of the audio system. You can easily know that it is in recording frame when it shows recording on the yellow tab above the recording frame. The size and length of the screencast will also be shown on the yellow tab. When in recording mode, you will see two button including pause and stop. If you click pause, you can resume the recording later. If you click stop, it will automatically redirect you to save dialog box where you can save the screencast.

The SWF file converter allows you to save the SWF video into various video formats. There are some differences in the format that you choose to save your video in terms of output video size and video quality. The destination folder will pop up by default after you finish saving the video. You can click the Edit button if you want to make some changes to the video before saving it

You can improve the video by adding subtitles. Adding subtitles to the video allows people to watch it without having to turn on the volume. If the video have some unacceptable scenes, you can remove them with the scissor tool so that no one will see these scenes when the movie is playing. Both the video clips and soundtracks can be deleted with the scissor tool.

The cropping tool allows you to crop the video so that it has a smaller resolution. Watermarks can be added to the video with the text tool. Watermarks is a great way to let people know the video is yours. The powerful video editor also let you import other video clips and soundtrack to merge into the existing screencast. The free video editor comes with fully functioning features without any limitation.


Infinix Zero 4 - Official Photos with rumored Specifications

Infinix Zero 4 will be a successor of the Zero 3 which was a very well acclaimed smartphone that stormed the mobile phone market especially online at Jumia and Konga last year 2015. The smartphone company released quite a number of devices this 2016 but until now we didn't hear a thing about a flagship for their Zero model category.

Few words surrounding the Zero 4 smartphone consists of a 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 64 bit processor, a display screen size of 5.7 inches and a metallic body.

Infinix Zero 4 Official Photos:

We have some photos of the Infinix Zero 4 that were leaked online so you can have a clue of what the smartphone looks like before it eventually gets an official launch at the end of the year 2016 or early January 2017.

Zero 4  Photos:

Infinix Zero 4 x555

Infinix Zero 4 x555 back


Infinix Zero 4 Specifications:

We will also show you some rumored specifications of the Infinix Zero 4 flagship:
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB ROM
  • External Storage: — yet to be confirmed
  • Front Camera : 13MP front camera
  • Back Camera : 20.7MP camera 
  • Display: 5.7 inches IPS screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Protection
  • SIM Type: — Yet to be confirmed
  • 3G Network : — Yes
  • 4G Network : Yes
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with X0S
  • Dimensions : 153.2 X 76.4 X 7.8 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight : — Yet to be confirmed
  • Processor : MediaTek Helio X25, 64-bit mesh octa-core processor
  • Graphics: N/A
  • Security : Finger print scanner
  • Battery: 4000mAh

More rumored details reaching is saying the the Zero 4 is going to sport a huge processor,a 64 bit Octa-core processor.
We will post more updates as soon as we confirm the device's official specs, release dates and other stuffs you need to about the Infinix Zero 4 upon its launch.


15 Secret iPhone Codes Revealed - The best iPhone tricks

Apple iPhones as we know come with very secured technicalities that make it seem very hard to explore. But there is a list of Apple iPhone codes which you can use to unveil or unlock unique features hidden inside the iPhone. This will enable users to do more and enhance their call quality among other features.

If you would like to know the IMEI number of your iPhone, improve the normal settings in your device or tweak your iPhone iOS the way Android users do to their operating system. Then these codes below are secret USSD codes will work great for your  Apple iPhone.

*3001#12345#* : Field Test mode

*#5005*7672#: SMS centre number*3370#: Turn on or off EFR (Enhanced Full Rate), a mode that improves your iPhone’s call quality

*#06#: Find out your iPhone’s IMEI number

*#31#: Hide your number on calls option

*#43#: Check if call waiting is on or off

*43#: Turn on call waiting

#43#: Turn off call waiting

*646#: Check minutes left on contract

*225#: Find out your current mobile account balance

*777#: Find out prepaid account balance

*#61#: Number of missed calls

*#21#: Call forwarding status

*#67#: Call forwarding number

*#33#: Find out what mobile services are disabled on your phone

FIELD TEST mode is an interesting feature which allows users to see their phone-signal strength measured in numbers, with the number going up and down depending on signal.
A value above -80 is a full-bar strength, but anything below -110 is very weak. This is a more accurate way of seeing whether you have enough signal to make a call, rather than holding on to hope with one-bar.
We advice you to be careful and don't tamper or do what you don't understand with the codes as using the secret codes on your iPhone is totally at your own risk.


Top 5 Best Sport Headphones for Runner

Interested in listening to good music while working out and running? Perhaps you're a runner or just a person who would like to go running. Take a look at this guide and make a sound choice in selecting the best headphones for you.
Whether you consider yourself as a seasoned runner set at breaking records, or someone who is just a beginner, there is no doubt that listening to good music while running during training can offer you that extra motivation that you need in order to succeed and win, eventually.
Because are a lot of options out there when it comes to sport headphones, selecting the best one that suits your preferences may be difficult. In order to make a well informed decision, take a look at the following top 5 best sport headphones for runner.

1. Gibson Trainer TH100

The TH100 model is a comfortable and great sounding Apt-X Bluetooth earphones pair that is lightweight, and comes with a flashing light at the back, making it well suitable even for night running. This feature may be turned off using the main button. It also comes with several other amazing features that easily makes it a good candidate to your shortlist.
Among the features include a choice of in-ear tips, stylish design, good battery life, and amazing audio quality. It may not be the most rugged option that you can find, but it is sturdy enough to withstand different types of activities.
If you are a runner who demands better sound quality, valuing comfort and lightness over being rugged, the Trainer TH100 is basically a good option for you. The quality of sound produced by this pair of headphones is actually better when compared to other models in this list.

2. Jaybird X2

This model comes with a design that is considered as “exercise focus”, going above the norm in order to make sure that you have a great sound experience while running, or perform other sport activities. You will certainly love these headphones’ very secure fit, clear and bright highs, high quality audio and deep bass response.
While it may fall under the expensive category, it comes with several eartips and accessories, and a sound quality that is way better compared to the original version of this model. These features will be enough to justify the amount.
No doubt, these wireless Jaybird X2 headphones can turn out to be one of your best options there is. It provides an exceptionally secure fit, as well as solid audio performance via Bluetooth, making it perfect for athletes and runners.

3. Monster ROC Sport SuperSlim


The SuperSlim model is the second pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones from the company. It promises to provide a powerful and bass sound, built in a design that can withstand even the sweatiest workout sessions. One of its outstanding features is the introduction of the iOS-friendly Control Talk microphone.

Also, it is well known for its secure, comfortable fit, clear and bass sound, great noise isolation, and the fact that it can be washed under tap. Its bass may not be appreciated by everyone, but for those who do, this is a great option.
It seems that the standard continues to go higher when it comes to running headphones. If you are looking for headphones that can provide you enough treble and finesse all the way, the SuperSlim model is perfect for you.

4. JLab Fit

If you are on a budget, the JLab Fit headphones is a good option that should be included in your list because it’s the best earbuds under 50 dollars. However, it does not mean that just because it is in the inexpensive range of the price scale, it fails to offer quality. In fact, it gives solid audio performance which is quite amazing for its price, and several other features that come with it.
This JLab Fit headphones will surely please you as it comes with different accessories, ideal for those who are satisfied with temporary headphones, and are on a tight budget. Still, despite the price, you get what you want out of a high quality headphones.

5. Bose SoundSport Wireless

The Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones may be categorized under the the pricier options, but the features that are included in each unit are highly recommended for those who want to use this headphones for workout and running. Among its well-loved features include an impressive audio performance, secure fitting, comfortable eartips, intense bass response, and moisture resistance capabilities.
With Bose SoundSport Wireless, you can expect to indulge in the pleasure of listening to thunderous bass and overall quality music. Also, it comes with an amazingly comfortable design that would make it a highly preferred gym or workout focused headphones.

Each and every item found in the list above comes with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Now that you already have a comparison list of the features that you can expect, it is now up to you to choose one that will satisfy your cravings for good sound quality. Of course, there are also other factors that you can consider, including budget, and accessories.


Meet Nintendo Switch - The Revolution of Nintendo's console for 2017

Nintendo's console for 2017 is almost around the corner for those gamers who had been a loya fans of the Nintendo company and their games since its inception over 15 years ago. From the preview of the upcoming Nintendo console, we realised that the game is a total revolution and amazingly something unique and difference from its rivals, the Sony Play Station and XBOX.
Nintendo kept 2 things in place, mobility, so users can take it anywhere, they also maintained bulkiness for heavy users who would enjoy it on big screen.

Meet Nintendo Switch
Meet Nintendo Switch

Quickly flashing back in April, Nintendo confirmed that its NX console would hit the stores in March 2017. Now, we are sure to get our first look into the “next home gaming system” in a three-minute preview trailer, we also finally know its name: the Nintendo Switch.

As rumored, the Switch is a console/hand-held hybrid which will connect with a TV, be contend to be used on the move, and uses cartridges (Nintendo is not dropping usage of cartridges yet). There are things to bear in mind about the Nintendo Switch's accessories.

The Controllers: Joy-Con and Joy-Con Grip

You'll be able to see in the video, the 2 controllers (Nintendo is calling them Joy-Con) will attach to the central unit (Joy-Con Grip) to act sort of a single controller. they will additionally slide onto the side of the standalone screen unit, making it similar to the Wii U.
In addition, the Joy-Cons will be used for multiplayer gaming on the move, and there will be a a lot of traditional "Pro Controller" choice available.


Download The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Android | v1.0 APK + Data Obb & Torrent

This post covers all you need to know about about downloading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Android for free (APK + Data, with the OBB files). Legend of Sleepy Hollow is Culled from the stories of the popular seasonal movie. Sleepy Hollow, the game is finally here for fans to enjoy and engage in the same stories in this dark and mysterious season of Halloween, we are giving you the very special seasonal version: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Interactive game for your Android devices, our longest history adapted for immersive reading to date!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Android Game Preview

More than 70 objectives and over 50 achievements keep you engaged while you drop, blast, zap and torch your way through dozens of hand drawn environments.
  • Three game play modes offer unlimited play possibilities.
Journey play follows the story of Icabod Crane as told through Old Man Irving to the young aspiring writer, Mr. Deidrich Knickerbocker.
Quick play offers immediate play in classic Clear the Jar or Race the Clock play styles. Select your difficulty level and challenge yourself to improve your times or your scores.

Sleepy Hollow for Android


You hear that sound?
Yes. It is the Headless Horseman. He is galloping through the misty, dark, creaking wood. Shadows turn and things move. The hooves of his horse hit higher and higher ground. Crows rustle and scream, and fly away.

Film, interactive, scary and atmospheric, this is a bone-chiller like never before. The creative achievement of  Swift Creek Games team who are developers of the game means that you now have a new way to enjoy and be scared of this all-American tale Halloween.

Celebrate this Halloween season with an epic classic game like  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow in Literature 3.0.
Cesar Samaniego, Aitor Prieto and David G. Fores illustrated lovingly and artistically all the details of this classic, with the final touch of an original soundtrack almost an hour, beautifully composed and Miquel Tejada, Adri Mena.

COMPATIBILITY: Requires - Android v2.3 and up

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow uses a real time physics engine to compute marble behaviors. It is very CPU intensive and may be a little choppy on older phones. We are always looking for ways to improve performance to give you the best user experience possible. Please turn on automatic updating to ensure you pick up these changes as they become available.

DOWNLOAD The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Android | v1.0 APK + Data Obb

Download APK (9 Mb)

Download APK: Direct

Download Data Obb (280 Mb)

Download Data: Direct | Torrent


Easy Steps to Hide or Unhide Photos and Videos on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: iOS 10

Upon using our various smartphones like the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, there are things you want to keep private or would like to hide, for example some of your personal photos and videos on your iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch using built-in hide/ Unhide feature.

If we may ask, “Why is camera fun on iPhone 7?”
According to recent reports, after iPhone 7 went on sale, the New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users tend to take more photos on their new device than on the earlier iPhone models, this is as a result of the iPhone 7’s capability to capture great quality photos/ Video in every camera shot you take with it.
On Apple devices, this feature to hide or unhide photos is not very common, we are aware most of the users know and need this because they need password protection for the hidden photos on their iPhones. If you want to instantly hide and set your privacy on captured photo on iPhone we have a tendency to use this feature. So, we will now find out how to hide Photos and Videos on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus.

Below are the steps that will guide you on how to hide/unhide single or multiple photos and videos on iPhone 7 and 7 plus, quickly by using a photo app.

Steps to Hiding and Unhide photos or Videos on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus for iOS 10

Hide photos and Videos on iPhone 7 from Photo app in iOS 10

Hide photos and videos on iOS 10 from Photo app

1: Open photo app on iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus.

2: tap on photos from below tab in Photo app. From top right corner of the screen tap on “Select” option. opt for images that you wish to hide. Yes, we can choose multiple pictures right away by sliding finger on image shifting it lift up. Else individual pictures we can select by tap on it individually.

Photo credits: HowToiSolve

3: From Bottom tab, tap on share icon. Next, from Sharing popup choose “Hide” option (See image below).

Confirm it.

And we're done!

How to Unhide hidden photos from photo app in iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus: iOS 10

Steps For unhiding hidden photos and videos in photo app is also easy, using the steps below:

1: Head to the photo app on iPhone/ iPad. tap on “Album” from below tab.

2: Separate folder for recently hidden photos and video saved into Hidden album is there. Tap on it.

3: From the top right corner, tap on select > choose photos or Videos that unhide or See in photo app at glance.

4: tap on share icon, now click on Unhide.

You can tell us the comment section if this worked for you, perhaps you have any alternatives of Hiding Photos and Videos on iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 7 with iOS 10? Pls tell us and don’t forget to hit our share buttons.


Download Shadow Fight 3 for Windows 10 PC For Free

Just about 5 months ago, we leaked rumors about Shadow Fight 3 coming to both Android and Windows PC. We saw game previews of the SF3 for Windows 10 PC on Youtube, so many fans of the game had been anticipating, and not just fans but a very huge number which includes some of the 160 million users across the world.
Shadow Fight 3 will be available for Download on Windows 10 and up, the game is the sequel of the legendary Shadow Fight series, which gained an millions of audience on mobile which consisted of Android, iOS and Facebook before eventually showing up on Windows PC.


Shadow Fight 3 for Windows, Android & iOS will include features such as:
  • Three Playable Factions: Choose from either the brutal Legion, stealthy Dynasty, or deadly Heralds, each with their own unique history and fighting style.
  • Hundreds of Collectables: Complete quests and purchase booster packs to collect legendary weapons, armor, and perks.
  • Limitless Quests: Embark on the epic main story-line or explore the world of Shadow Fight 3 through daily missions, online battles, and dynamically generated quests.
  • Complete Customization: Combine weapons, skills and shadow form techniques and master your own deadly fighting style.
  • Shadow Fighting Mode: Shadows haven’t totally disappeared from the game: a special “Shadow Fighting Mode” brings them back as guest characters.
Shadow Fighting Mode

Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) - Free Download on Ocean of Games

For those looking for where to Download Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) for Windows 10 PC, it will be available for free downloads at Ocean of games website. But we will post Download links for you here soon.
Make sure you Subscribe to Our Newsletter to receive the Updates for Download Links here.

Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) Windows 10 Gameplay (Video)

Here is an Official Teaser of the game-play on Youtube:

Download the Full Files - Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) Windows 10

Some people said the Game will Not come for free, others said there will be Paid Access, however we are sure it will be up for downloads first, so we will post an Installation guide for the SF3 (Coming soon).
There are rumors the download links will be available by December, be sure to stay in touch with us (Like Us on Facebook & as we said earlier, Subscribe to Our Newsletter to receive the Updates) for the game links on your PC.

Simple Guide to Root Infinix Hot 4 X557 & Install TWRP Recovery

Infinix Hot 4 X557 is the latest model in the Hot series that was released late August 2016 by Infinix Mobility. The device is pretty awesome, sleek and durable, we even unboxed it few weeks back.
Today, we will show you how to easily install TWRP Recovery and Root your Infinix Hot 4 smartphone.
The device runs Android 6 (Marshmallow) pre-installed, although there may be possible upgrades to Android 7 (Nougat) for it anytime soon, go here for specifications and photos of the device.

  • Now, let's Root the Infinix HOT 4
First things first... 
** Rooting voids the warranty of the device, you root it at your own risk (we won't be responsible for any damages...blah blah blah). Don't mind the precautions, it's Nothing to worry about if you carefully follow steps.

**Most importantly, you must UNROOT the Hot 4 before installing any updates to avoid issues of bricking.


Tutorial Stage:

Installing TWRP Recovery and Root Infinix Hot 4 X557

1. Save the SuperSU that you downloaded to your phone's SD card
2. Unzip the TWRP zip file that you downloaded and flash the recovery image into the Hot 4 using the SP Flash Tool
We had posted a guide on how to flash TWRP on Infinix phones in this post. Make sure you read that and follow it carefully it.

3. Boot your phone into TWRP Recovery Mode (Press and hold the Vol Up and Power button simultaneously for 5 seconds)
4. In TWRP, if you get a prompt asking you to swipe to allow modification of the System partition, tap Keep Read Only
5. If TWRP offers to root the phone, select NO
6. In TWRP recovery, tap Install
7. Navigate to the location of the SuperSU and select it
8. Swipe to confirm flashing of and wait till flashing is complete
9. After a successful flashing go back and reboot.

That's all! Infinix Hot 4 rooted!

Download Root Checker from Play Store to verify your root privileges. After installing Root Checker, run it and you should get a success message after then.
Hope it worked  for you, questions and testimonies are welcome in the comment section below.


Latest method to Manually Install Add-on in Mozilla Firefox (Windows PC)

Over the years, certain things had changed with improvements on Mozilla Firefox, and technically, this including the folders where Add-on are stored in your Windows PC (Windows 10 precisely). This new method should in both 2016 & 2017 since in October 2016 Firefox version 49.0.1 was released which is definitely not going to be the last (more version updates would still come in 2017), this had actually nullified many Addon on the browser and made it unable to be reinstalled from the Add-On Menu where various Add-ons can be downloaded.

Well, if you use an old add-on that no longer exists in the "Get More Add-on menu", and your only option is to manually install the add on here is a Step by step guide on how to go about it.

Below is How to Manually Install Add-on in your Mozilla Firefox (Windows PC) in 2016 / 2017

Mozilla Firefox Addon 2017

1. Download the Add on, after Unzipping, it will be in .XPI format

2.Now go to your Local disk and find this folder:  
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions

ALSO READ: Best Way To Change and use Proxy Servers/LocalHost- for browsing On Google Chrome

3. Inside there, simply cut or copy the XPI file and paste it in that folder, it will automatically get installed after you Close and reopen the browser. And you can easily locate and activate or deactivate it from the Mozilla Add Ons in the browser Menu.

That's all, hope it worked for you.


How To Know if an Android Device Supports (Gyroscope) VR Experience

Can My Android phone Play VR Games & Videos?
Is my smartphone VR ready?
How do I know if my phone supports Virtual Reality videos and games?
These common questions are what people had started to ask recently ever since the fun of VR (virtual reality) went viral, and from what we can foretell, VR is here to stay.

By the End of the Post you will:
  • be able to know if your Android or any smartphone supports VR
  • know what to look out for when Buying a phone if your aim is to enjoy VR
  • and Where to buy a VR headset in Nigeria or other countries

Millions of people have already embraced the new technology. Bad news is, billions of smartphones are yet to support or play VR videos, the few opportuned devices are mobile phones that are most expensive to the average and very few low-end smartphones that allow VR experience. As time goes on, is phone manufacturers had started integrating support for the new tech on other range of phones, which is a good thing.

So, What do you need to Enjoy Virtual reality on your Smartphone?
All you need is a smartphone that Supports Virtual reality, and you need a VR headset, with that you are good to go.

Although specifically, MediaTek devices that are most used now (perhaps even by you reading this now) are often seen as mid-range and low end smartphones that don't have this VR feature, yet, few are now having it today. So Users are enjoying same VR experience that very expensive smartphones provide.

How to Check If your Android (MTK - MediaTek) Phone Supports Gyroscope for Playing VR

If you own an MTK (MediaTek) android phone, or any other devicep-type, perhaps you want to buy one soon, and join the trend of people using VR supported smartphones, you only need to look out for one thing that your Android smartphone should feature, "GYROSCOPE".

What is Gyroscope technology?

It's not a feature that is boldly stated on your smartphone's pack, but it's beginning to receive a lot of attention lately. See Wikipedia for definition, and certainly it's been embedded into our smartphones.

To confirm availability of Gyroscope Install this App.
After installing, open it and swipe to the right where you see "Sensors"

CPU Z is a great App that also appeared among the Apps that we can use to check GPU/CPU info of our devices. It gives in-depth insight of what your smartphone is truly made of.

Where to Buy VR Headsets in Nigeria Or other Countries:

I had seen really good ones that are very flexible to use for almost all smartphones that had VR features and trust me, the prices are reasonably affordable for the headsets, (works especially on new Android smartphones) check Konga or even Geek.NG STORE.

If you would like to buy from or at other countries, there are awesome VR headsets you can buy from AlieXpress.
Hope you enjoy some VR experience when you get both a smartphone and headset for it.


MTN Double Data Bonus - The Simple Steps to Activate | Buy any Data & Enjoy Double

Hello there! Today I am going to show you a simple sweet method to get Double of any data plan you buy on any MTN line, it's usually called Phone Bonus. This means when you purchase a 1.5GB plan for 1,000 NGN, you get 1.5GB Bonus, totaling 3GB (for 1k Naira). Cheap and cool right?
MTN had been dashing out this offer to few customers who recently purchased any newest trending smartphones by Infinix, Tecno, Samsung and few others, that's all it takes to be eligible for the Phone Bonus offer, but hey, what if you don't own any of these new smartphones? Can you still enjoy this bonus?
It's a YES, you can get and enjoy the MTN Phone Bonus/double data Offer too.

MTN Phone Bonus

Follow the steps here:

  • An MTK Android phone (any Tecno, Infinix would do)
  • MTN sim on MTN Pulse plan
  • The IMEI

1. I assume you are already familiar with Tweaking your device's IMEI. For a complete guide to do that, read up this post.

2. Make sure you're on MTN Pulse plan ( *406# ) , that's the plan I used when I got the Eligibility for the Phone Bonus.
NOTE: I used one phone to get this working on 2 different MTN SIMs.

3. Tweak your IMEI: Use any of the IMEI below inside your device,
Simply replace the *** with any last 3 digits and make sure it makes a valid IMEI for use.


See this post for more about validating an IMEI or better still Go HERE to check if your last 3 guessed numbers were correct.

After you change the IMEI, switch the phone Off and Insert the SIM and switch on the MTK Android phone. Now wait a few minutes, you will get an SMS telling you CONGRATULATIONS! Your smartphone had been activated to enjoy double on any data.


Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | S7 in Nigeria | Specs & Price

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are one of the most sophisticated and sleekest smartphones in Nigeria this 2016, the price of the device is not near average either, it's kind of a very expensive mobile device.
If you're looking to buy the smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is available in Slot Nigeria, Konga and Jumia.
However, when you buy Samsung Galaxy S7 from SLOT Nigeria, you will enjoy special benefits in the Samsung Galaxy S7 promo. Buy a Galaxy S7 edge or S7 and get a free Clear Cover, Gear VR, or Gear S2.

SLOT is an offline mall where you go and buy the device yourself. Jumia and Konga are online malls where you can order the device and pay on delivery.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We have a full list of SLOT Branches Nationwide in Nigeria where you can shop for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Nigeria.
Before that, let's breeze through the device's specifications:


LAUNCH DATE - February 2016
Released - March 2016
BODY:  150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm (5.94 x 2.86 x 0.30 in)
157 g (5.54 oz)
Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel
- Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified)
- IP68 certified - dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes

ALSO READ: iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Who's Better? 

Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
5.5 inches (~76.1% screen-to-body ratio)
1440 x 2560 pixels (~534 ppi pixel density)
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
- Always-on display
- TouchWiz UI
- Curved edge screen

PLATFORM - Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow)

PROCESSOR - Exynos 8890 Octa Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820
Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo
Quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose + quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53
Adreno 530
Mali-T880 MP12

(dedicated slot) microSD, up to 200 GB,

Single and Dual Sim variants
Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)


Back camera: 12 MP, f/1.7, 26mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash,
1/2.6" sensor size, 1.4 µm pixel size, geo-tagging, simultaneous 4K video and 9MP image recording, touch focus, face/smile detection, Auto HDR, panorama
2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 720p@240fps, HDR, dual-video rec.

Front camera: 5 MP, f/1.7, 22mm, dual video call, Auto HDR
SOUND Vibration; MP3, WAV ringtones - Yes

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Nigeria + Price

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is available in Slot, Konga and Jumia.


Like we said earlier, you get extra gifts when you buy from Slot. At the Official Samsung designations of SLOT Nigeria , you get more packages with the device as they are running Promo as at the time of this post.
Here is full list of participating SLOT Nigeria stores and Addresses below, selling Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with promo. Offer valid while stocks last. Ts & Cs apply:

Stores Address
1 LAGOS - IKEJA SES Ikeja Mall (Mobile Factory)
2 LAGOS - IKEJA SIS slot medical road
5 LAGOS - ISLAND SES Micro Station Saka Tinubu
7 LAGOS - IKOTA SES Ikota (Fussy Tech)
12 LAGOS - SURULERE SES Mobile Factory-Surulere
13 LAGOS - IKEJA SES Dallas Awolowo Lagos
14 LAGOS - Lekki STS YES STORE LEKKI Admiralty Way (former Slot)
17 LAGOS - AMUWO ODOFIN STS SLOT Festival Mall, Amuwo Odofin
20 LAGOS - ISLAND DSCL_B1 saka tinubu
21 LAGOS - AJAH Slot Aquinox Building Ajah
25 LAGOS - Lekki SES Rifugio Admiralty Way Lekki
26 LAGOS - Lekki Slot Lekki, Ologolo junction, Agungi along Lekki/Epe expressway, Lagos
27 LAGOS - VI Pointek Saka Tinubu
29 LAGOS - Lekki Finet Circle Mall Lekki
30 LAGOS - ISLAND STS SIMS akin adesola
33 LAGOS - VI Yes Mobile Awolowo road
34 LAGOS - ILUPEJU SPAR Park N Shop Ilupeju
35 LAGOS - IKEJA SPAR Murtala Muhammed 2
36 LAGOS - IKEJA SIS-STS MicroStation Otigba
37 LAGOS - APAPA SIS-STS Slot Apapa2 Calcreek Road
38 LAGOS - MARINA Slot Marina
39 LAGOS - IKEJA STS Finet System - Otigba 2
40 LAGOS - IKEJA MicroStation Kodesho Ikeja
43 LAGOS - IKEJA STS Office Device/ Ringo
46 LAGOS - IKEJA SES Maryland
47 LAGOS - IKEJA SIS Spectrum Innovation ikeja
49 LAGOS - IKEJA SIS-STS Microstation-Ikorodu
51 LAGOS - IKEJA Effect Network
52 LAGOS - VI Finet Ajar shopping mail
54 NORTH - ABUJA STS Koliangel 1
56 NORTH - ABUJA SIS-STS Slot Banex Abuja
57 NORTH - KANO SES Kano (I-Cell)
58 NORTH - ABUJA SES Rifugio JABI Mall Abuja
59 NORTH - ABUJA SIS-STS Slot Garki Abuja
60 NORTH - ABUJA SES Magnelli
62 NORTH - JABI Pointek-Abuja Jabi Mall
65 NORTH - ABUJA STS Amistad phones Emab Plaza
67 NORTH - WUSE Yisab Aminu Kano
68 NORTH - KANO SES Alada Comm
70 SOUTH-EAST - ENUGU SES Shoprite Enugu icell
71 SOUTH-EAST - PHC SES Microstation PHC Mall
75 SOUTH-EAST - ONITSHA SES Onitsha (Dallas)
76 SOUTH-EAST - PHC STS Callus miller 3 - new Store GRA
77 SOUTH-EAST - PHC STS Slot PHC3 Rumuobiakani Trans Amadi
81 SOUTH-EAST - PHC SIS-STS Royal Jozzie/GIVERS PHONE 1st artillery
82 SOUTH-EAST - AWKA SES Awka (Dallas)
83 SOUTH-EAST - WARRI SES Onigx/Hasrit Int'l Ltd WARRI
84 SOUTH-EAST - PHC SIS-STS SLOT banex Aba rd phc
85 SOUTH-EAST - BENIN SES omegatron (Mall of America Airport Rd Benin)
88 SOUTH-EAST - YENAGOA SES Onigx Com Bayelsa
89 SOUTH-EAST - PHC STS Callus Miller 2 Artillery Junction PHC
91 SOUTH-WEST - ILORIN SES Mobile Factory - Ilorin
93 SOUTH-WEST - ABEOKUTA SES Abeokuta Lalubu-Globedubellisima
94 SOUTH-WEST - AKURE SES Akure - Semajo


Meet Google Phones: Pixel & Pixel XL | Price, Videos, Release Date and More

Month of October is near and Google is set to launch its own manufactured replacements of Nexus mobile smartphone into the market known as the new PIXEL phones. It will arrive in 2 variants, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The release date for both of the devices had been scheduled for October 4th, 2016.
Although, phone case makers had already produced and started selling out cases for the new Pixel phones that replaces the Nexus phones starting this year onwards - on several e-commerce websites including Amazon, and in the process ended up revealing the designs of both the devices.

Pixel and Pixel XL Design

There are confirmed talks that both variants resembles the iPhone 6 and the HTC One A9 as it housed in aluminium bodies and sporting unduly rounded edges although the edges look very premium and different from many other devices.
 Users are sure to have mixed views about the body design, with its iPhone 6 look, but other people would still not fee anything exciting about it. The pure-Android Google phone "Pixel" is said to come with thick bezels that no phones released in 2016 had featured before. More exclusive stuff on the Google's phone like the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, the impending smartphones will come with rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.
Overall, the Pixel and Pixel XL seem to sport same design, their body sizes are only thing that varies.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Release Date

The much anticipated Google's Android phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL will be announced on October 4th, 2016 at an event in San Francisco.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Price

We are yet to confirm the cost of Pixel branded smartphone but is likely to hit the store shelves with a slightly higher pricing.
Google announced its flagship Nexus 6P last year at a starting price of $499, and if rumors proved to be true, the price could be quite higher this time for Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Specifications Appear on Geekbench; Benchmark unveiled

The Pixel and Pixel XL (previously dubbed as Nexus Sailfish and Marlin) had appeared couple of times on several blogs that unleashed its benchmark.
According to Rolan Quandt on Twitter (@rquandt). He discovered the benchmark listing revealing that the Pixel XL variant will run on Android 7.1 Nougat and will be powered by an octa-core processor from Qualcomm clocked at 1.59GHz.
The Pixel XL scored 4176 points in the multi-core test and 1561 points in the single-core test.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Video review

Pixel (sometimes called Nexus) had shown up on YouTube by TechRadar:
Watch below.

Nexus/Pixel/Pixel XL: Everything we know right now.


One Punch Man Mobile Game Will Be Available Soon!

Second installment of "One Punch Man" is set to make a comeback in the year 2017 to make a Season 2 of the Japanese anime series. Meanwhile the producers alongside revealed that the mobile game of One Punch Man will be available.

According to our sources and rumors, the launching of the new One Punch Man mobile game transpired during the One Punch Man Fall Festival after it showed up at Twitter on September 25th, 2016 with release date of the Season 2 of the Anime series.

The staff announced the well-loved Japanese hit anime series will have a game adaptation through a mobile app slated to be released next year according to Anime News Network.
Mobile platforms which may include iOS and Android version of the "One Punch Man Mobile Game"


The first season of the Japanese hit anime One Punch Man has released last July 2015 and ended last December 2015 leaving fans with too much excitement for the next season. Previous speculations revealed that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will air in October or November 2016 but a reported delay was communicated to the fans saying that the Season 2 released date was cancelled and pushed through 2017, they were likely also referring to the game, however, both the season 2 and game should be expected to be released few months from now.


XOS Chameleon - 5 Facts to know about the New Infinix Customized User Interface

Infinix Mobility had recently launched the latest version of it’s customized user interface known as ‘XOS Chameleon’ with the launch of Infinix HOT S & HOT 4 in August, the new user interface comes with the latest Infinix smartphone Infinix Note 3. The XOS UI is unique with all its amazing features to enable Infinix smartphone users to optimize their smartphone usage.
What are the things or facts you should know about the new XOS? Many users are yet to find out. How unique is the XOS and what makes it different from its predecessor XUI?


5 Things / Facts you should know about the New Infinix Customized User Interface - XOS Chameleon

1.Security: The XOS chameleon UI helps to make your phone more secure with multiple unique security measures. They include the privacy protection feature, which limits the access to your smartphone with unrecognized SIM cards. The XOS also comes with Xhide and Freezer feature, which helps you to hide your sensitive applications from preying eyes. The XOS also offers another security feature with the ‘Xmanager’ to lock apps on your infinix smartphone.

2. Speed: The XOS comes with improved lightning and blazing speed that makes navigating through several icons on your phone swift and clear. It also gives room for fast and efficient use of multitasking through your smartphone.

3. Fingerprint scanner:
The XOS supports fingerprint scanner with the Fingerprint manager on the UI, this feature allows users to set up fingerprint to protect their phone or swipe through pictures and also take selfies with their smartphones.

4. Stylish and efficient:
XOS has an effective and efficient means of enhancing and maximizing storage space, battery and data. Users can enjoy the most stylish UI with the Xthemes & Magazine lock feature that allows users to swap phone wallpaper and motivational messages every time they unlock their phone. The Xthemes also comes with the Shuffle app that allows users to change the wallpaper anytime they click on the ‘Shuffle app’.


5. Screenshotting with Three (3) fingers: The XOS comes with the 3 fingers feature, with this feature, you can make a screenshot by simply swiping 3 fingers across your screen. You no longer have to go through the volume and power button process anymore.

Users can save links, videos, pictures and posts to view later. The UI also comes with other useful features such as Xshare, Xcloud, Xclub, Ultra power & battery saver and more. The Infinix XOS promises to be safe, elegant and superb.

XOS is available on Infinix Note 3, HOT 4, HOT S, Zero 3 and Note 2. Each model's Software Update links are available on Infinix Xclub.

Do you prefer the new Infinix XOS to the former XUI? Let us know your thoughts below.


Infinix Note 3 vs Note 2 - Comparison & Specs Sheet

Today we will do a comparison review, that will focus at the specifications and features of the Infinix NOTE 3 versus NOTE 2; or Note 2 VS Note 3, which ever you want to put it.

We won't deny that Note 2 was a great smartphone with its on setbacks, (check out the review here ) but the Note 3 is causing waves already, there are smartphones that you just can't wait to see what they would bring next after a predecessor, most of us are expecting impressive changes but did Note 3 really accomplish that?
We will decide after having a look at the similarities and differences between these two phablets.

Similarities and Differences with Key features of Infinix NOTE 2 and NOTE 3


 Infinix NOTE 2

Infinix NOTE 3

Camera  13MP back cam, + 2MP front  13MP back + 5MP front
Memory 16 GB ROM + 2GB RAM  2GB RAM + 16GB
Battery 4000mah + support OTG  4500mAh + support OTG
Processor Mediatek Octa-core 1.3GHz MT6753  Mediatek Octa-core
1.3GHz MT6753
Screen size   6.0" HD, 720 x 1280 px  6.0" HD, 1080 x 1920 px
OS  Android 5.1 Lollipop  Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Sound Smart voice Dual mic cancelling noise for clear conversation , anti sound break, RNS technology
Colors Red, champagne, green & black Black, red, champagne gold
Voice Smart voice Camera voice command
 Network  4G LTE, 3G  4G LTE, 3G
Finger print scanner   No  Yes

The memory of Note 3 is quite a turn off, it's still the same as that of Note 2, potential users may have been expecting something with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM or more but we didn't see that.
Perhaps the Infinix Team will consider that in another series of their coming models.

The design of both of the phablets still look alike, the tiny change was done on the back of the Note 3, and we think that of the Note 3 looks much better and cooler to hold.

The display on the Note 3 as seen in the specs will definitely have a more crisp display, Note 3 supports 4K videos.

Note 3 definitely wins at this, unlike XUI on Note 2, XOS is really slicker with more design qualities and functionalities for users and it comes with a much updated Android version, Marshmallow.

The rear cameras of both of the devices are the same, although we do not have proof of testing them, the front cameras 2MP for Note 2 is not as good as that of Note 3 because the Note 3 has 5MP front cam, and will definitely be optimised for better performance.

Do you think Note 3 is worth using over Note 2? You may tell us anything you think about these devices below.


Shout out to
fredmwaurak Of bbs Infinixmobility Forum for this tut.
For those of you who were having bootloop problems, the issue has been resolved. You can now download the ROM with guarantee of success!!!

After very many, many hours trying to perfect this ROM and clean out all bugs, I am proud to present to you MIUI 7 [5.9.17 – latest] for the Infinix X507. This particular one, has not been easy but I finally made it.

FOR MORE SCREENSHOTS: visit This imgur - MIUI 7 For Infinix Hot Screenshots

MIUI is still on Android KitKat OS so this is for those of you yet to upgrade to the lollipop firmware or you just love MIUI so much, like I do, enough to want to go back to KitKat for it.

I will present you with download link for the ROM. The download is a RAR file which in it, contains the ROM in zip form, the recovery you will be using, [PhilZ Recovery] [You can flash the recovery using either MTK Mobile Uncle Tools or SP Flash Tool, whichever you prefer] and a folder containing Next Launcher and the theme I am using just in case any of you want to use my exact theme. Both my Next Launcher and theme are Premium already paid for apps so you need not worry about ads and the likes.

I repeat, the ROM is bug free but if you encounter any bug, please let me know and I will work at fixing it ASAP.

1. Both SIM Cards working and both have 3G

2. Camera in perfect condition.

3. Battery life optimum.

4. No lags whatsoever.

5. Fully deodexed.

6. RAM usage low.

7. Playstore working [plus it comes with MIUI’s App Store]

8. SIM Toolkit working for both SIMs

How To Install

- Download the ROM from the following link MIUI_v7_5.9.17_Infinix_X507

1. Make a backup of your contacts to a vCard and have it somewhere external like your sdcard or pc.

You will import the vCard after you are done. You can use this app Contacts VCF.

2. Copy the downloaded files to your sdcard

3. Flash the recovery provided with the file. [You might get errors if you try to flash it with CWM or TWRP]

4. Boot into your recovery

5. Go to Backup and Restore and hit Backup to /sdcard

6. Go back and into Wipe and Format Options, scroll down to Clean to Install a New ROM and select that

7. When it’s done, select Install Zip and then choose zip and you can flash the zip you placed in your sdcard.

8. After it’s done and tells you script was successful, go back and go into Wipe and Format Options again but this time, select Wipe Cache

After that's done, select Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache

9. Reboot your Infinix HOT.

CONGRATULATIONS: You are now running the latest MIUI on your INFINIX HOT!


Before using MIUI, here are a couple of things you should know about it.

1. Before installing any apps, first of all go to Settings > Additional settings >Privacy > Device administration > Unknown sources and select allow.

2. MIUI already comes pre-rooted so no need to worry about rooting it. When you install an app that requires root access, find the app called Security, open it and you will find Permissions, go in it and there will be three options
a. Autostart –This is where you will select apps you want to autostart with the device, likethe launcher and the theme etc

b. Permissions– You can see what apps have what permissions and revoke them if necessary.

c. Root access– This is where you will come to grant your apps root access. If you open anapp that requires root access, just come here and grant it

NOTE: This is a ported ROM hence is unofficial. If you ever get a notification for an update, DON'T USE THE OTA update. It will get you Redmi Note 3G’s ROM [which is the base ROM of this port] and that will brick your phone if you do.

Again, if you encounter any problems or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


How to Enable or disable Google Chrome Material Design on Windows PC

Some people might feel a need to want to change back to former design on their Chrome by disabling the recent Chrome's Material design, this post is here to show us how to go about it.
If you use Google Chrome as your major browser, you must have received an update and become aware that there's now a NEW design on the browser known as Google's MATERIAL DESIGN.

The latest version of Chrome is CHROME 53, and it's basically appearing uniquely different based on Material design from and by Google.


But, What is Material Design, on Google Chrome?

For Chrome browser, Material design means Chrome 53’s user interface is flat, and some icons have changed. For some time now, several companies, Microsoft most notably, had brought a complete visual refresh to normal classic Chrome layout via their MicroSoft Edge browser if you look very very well.
Material design on CHROME includes changes like introduction of a Dark Incognito theme, sharp edges of tabs, hamburger menu changes to 3 dots, redesigned pages for Downloads & Extensions, etc. It offers a mouse optimized layout – and the Hybrid layout offers a more spaced-out experience suitable for touch devices. The changes may not be obvious to the eye, but rest assured, they are there.

But fact remains that not everybody may like this, you and some other people may already be used to the previous look of your Chrome, use the steps below:

How to Enable or disable Google Chrome Material Design on Windows PC

To change or revert back to your original design on Chrome 53, in your address Bar type chrome://flags into the address bar.

2. After that, Press Ctrl+F, type “Material Design”, the press Enter.
3. Now, you will see a setting Material Design in the browser’s top chrome. Change it from Default to Non-Material, restart the web browser and everything should be back to normal. There’s also an option that says Material Hybrid – it is meant for touch-enabled layout.

For those who love the Material design already, perhaps you'd prefer to see it throughout the entire web browser, not just some aspects of the user interface. You can achieve that.

Still on same settings:

Below the option in YELLOW, “Material Design in the browser’s top chrome”, there’s another option known as “Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI”. Click Enable and it should extend the –top-chrome-md setting to secondary user interface.

More flexible features can also be likely unlocked when you go to the  chrome://flags Settings. Note however, that tampering with that it may cause issues with your Chrome browser.