Bug Reports on Infinix Hot 2 After Upgrading To Marshmallow. Do You Also Face these Issues?


It was a good news after we got an upgrade alert for Marshmallow on Infinix Hot 2 last week. This was Google's first Android One device to arrive Africa.
2 separate patches (updates) were rolled out, (for January and February) I got the latter via OTA which I spoke of on Facebook.

Finally it came by itself. #Marshmallow !!!Manual upgrade here =>
Posted by Ifediri on Friday, 22 January 2016

After applying the Marshmallow update and spending few days with it on the Infinix Hot 2, I experienced few absurd bugs.

Let's be sure we aint the only ones facing the problems below after updating the Infinix Hot 2 to Marshmallow:

Lost Contacts

Some Contacts vanished.
You know how important contacts are right? I don't know what exactly got affected, was it the SIM contacts or the phone's but after updating to Android M, I realised that my Contacts partially disappeared. Partially coz, they the names are still there but not showing.

A case when a person called me, it  was appearing like a New number, the caller had to re-introduce themself, after the call, when I tried to Re-save it I noticed the Contact name is still existing in the Phone, how come it didn't show their name when they called. I'm still re-saving some of those numbers even after Signing in to my Google account in the phone.

Some Files Were Gone

Some Files stored in my SD card got automatically Wiped out or corrupt (especially Music files saved as .m4a extension). The mp3's Stayed.

Photo and video files:

What happened with these was, after upgrading to Android M with WiFi, most of my Video and Photo files automatically performed a Cloud Back up, I can't recall if it was the option I choose at the Set up, they started to move to my Google Drive and they weren't showing till all of them backed up.
This consumes a lot of bandwidth and space in your Drive. So I later disabled the Gallery Cloud back by going to Photos >> Tap the Menu at the top Left >> Settings >> Back up and Sync >> OFF

Hot 2 is now Irresponsive

I wouldn't say the device had become slow,  it still operates fast as before. But there are certain Actions that device doesn't quickly respond to after I upgraded to Marshallow.

Sleep/Idle Mode
Another major issue, after the phone is on sleep mode, it takes few seconds to Turn on after you Press the Power button to wake it up.

This also affected my Calls as well, when I'm done talking and take the phone off my ear, the light sensors tell the screen to light up ASAP, but it takes extra seconds before it Lights up so I can hang up. Now, imagine Calling somebody with your Last credit, with this delay errors your credit will Burn completely before the phone lights up for you to Cut the call.

Who cooked this half-done update? Google Android Devs? Or Infinix Dev Team?

How Soon Are we getting Updates that will Fix them?

While we await a response (if there'll be any), please tell us what other issues you're facing on your Hot 2 Android One device after upgrading to Marshmallow.


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  1. Hahaha..
    Half-done update
    Thaz really funny..


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