Download Latest Psiphon/ Syphonshield Handler APK Here

At last Psiphon 103 (Syphonshield v313) is here! This works for tweaking MTN, etisalat, Airtel and other networks.
For Those of us who had been using the previous Psiphon 102 handler, we know how it’s been saving lots of data cost for us but sometimes we face issues with loopholes being patched by our network providers, this led us to get the updated version known as Psiphon 103 handler or Syphon Shield v3.1.3 Handler UI.

More About Psiphon 103 handler apk (Syphon shield v3.1.3):
It was Modded by Dzebb, this is quite better than the previous version Psiphon 102.
Psiphon 103 handler apk has new Brazilian design, connects easier and faster, consumes less RAM, consumes less battery, the meters can be hidden and few other goodies.

  • Psiphon 103 handler or Syphon Shield v3.1.3 Handler UI => DOWNLOAD HERE

Installing Psiphon/ Syphonshield Handler:

How to Install
1. Download the apk file from the link above
2. Install it and it will override your current Psiphon settings

For MTN psiphon, when you launch the Psiphon,
From the handler menu.

Proxy type – Real Host

Proxy server – (If you’re to use MTN BIS, see the Blackberry plan codes here)

Real Proxy server –
Real Proxy type – inject/HTTP/Direct/socks

Host address
Port 8080

Region : choose any country of your choice

Tick : Tunnel whole device

Click on more options
Tick sound ? and vibrate

Tick –connect through HTTP proxy
Tick –use the following settings
Host address-

Save and connect

3. Launch it and enjoy the latest Psiphon Handler

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