Updated Settings for MTN Musicplus + SimpleServer (If your BIS Refuses to Work On your PC, Android or iPhones)

We don't see any of these Telecoms doing their subscribers any good by blocking out the Simple server with BBLite tweaks people had been using... or managing rather, for a long while.

Truth remains that Data bundles in NG are still not as cheap as it's meant to be, instead of 1MB for less than 1 Naira, they prefer to reap people off which not everyone can afford or won't happily keep paying for, any ways, I didn't come here to vent.
If your Simple server had stopped working with your BBLited or BIS subscriptions which we shared in latest browsing tweaks 2016 sometime time ago, then we have an update that you can use to keep moving on, the updated Settings for MTN Musicplus with SimpleServer for both PC and Android.


With this, you'll get 150mb for 15Naira, and you can always do it as many times as you want.

Use the set up below:
1. Text C to 5900
2. Reply YES when you see a msg

3. Open your Simpleserver config file replace this ""
Replace that with >>>  musicplus. /touch/index. html#index-page (WITHOUT SPACE)

Now save it and launch the simple server program, connect to internet and browse with your Mozilla or Chrome using Local Host ( Port :8080 As usual.

If you exhaust it, text  CANCEL7C TO 5900 And reactivate using Step 1.


How to Use the MTN Musicplus tweak on iPhone/iPad

How to Use the MTN Musicplus tweak on your Android

You can simply Install and Use this With Simple Android Server Or Psiphon you can get here
Use your normal music plus settings on Netify or ProNet, Sypon Shield, OR follow the below settings -
  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Inject
> Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
> Click on the options tab

Region: All servers are working with it, but we advice you pick United states to avoid strange languages when browsing.

Select more option, And check “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
Host address:
Port: 8080
Hit Back and hit Connect. (Thumbs up to Shelaf for sharing this)

As we earlier said, If you exhaust the allocated data, just text  CANCEL7C TO 5900 And reactivate using Step 1.

We understand that the process is a bit of stress but we have to keep it going till we find a stable tweak or till the former BBlited plans start working again.


GiveAway #1: GateKeeper (Worth $50) WINNER And Runner Up Emerges!

Okay we finally got Our WINNER and a Runner up for the GiveAway we held last week. Honestly, Users weren't so many and for that reason, this was meant to make it very easy, although there was still a tight race that went on in the competition during the week as we observed the Numbers Of Entries.

Without further ado....
The Winner of our GateKeeper gadget is ..... wait

DRUM ROLLS please!....

The Winner of our GateKeeper Security and Tracking gadget is! 

Geeky Oluwatobiloba Raj

And Our Runner Up for the 1k Airtime recharge voucher is Akpene Jacob

Big Congratulations to our GiveAway Winner and Runner up.

Please both the WINNER and Runner up should check their mails shortly, we'll mail you so we can discuss how the Prizes will be Delivered respectively.

We would like to say BIG Thanks to everyone, especially you reading this, that participated even if we had to end up picking only ONE WINNER Out of everybody in the entry, we assure that there would be more giveaways here in future and you can always come back to be the Winner.


Top 11 Traveling Apps You Need Before You Head off

The days of searching for your desired locations by looking at impossible-sized maps or struggling to get info from non-English speakers are a thing of the past. Thanks to the ginormous number of traveling apps we have today, traveling has become much easier. From city maps, currency conversion, translation tools, and even weather apps, there’s plenty of ways you can make your traveling experience go with ease.
Here is a list of 11 leading traveling apps you can download today:

1. Citymapper

Cittymapper is competing with Google and Apple maps in city navigating. Citymapper uses data from public transport authorities and provides information about public transport and cycling routes. It also offers info on the cheapest and fastest ways to get to places. To date, the Citymapper app offers information for 29 cities worldwide.

2. AlpineQuest GPS Hiking

For those nature-loving travelers, Google offers a large number of topographic maps perfect for those planning to go hiking, sailing or hunting. No need to worry about cell coverage; all the information from AlpineQuest GPS Hiking can be stored on your SD card for later use. Exploring the wild has never been made easier.

3. TripCase

Available for iOS and Android devices, TripCase lets you organize your travel plans in one streamlined itinerary. You can also get essential travel information with just one glance at your device thanks to this handy app. Organize your trip and keep up with the latest travel info regarding local events, restaurants and hotels with this app. Thanks to TripCase your traveling experience will seem effortless.

4. FlightTrack

You can follow the path of a huge number of international flights on the zoomable maps offered by this fantastic app.
FlightTack also provides info on departure gates, cancellations, and delays which comes in handy to the busy traveler. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

5. TripAdvisor

Don’t trust online travel agencies anymore? TripAdvisor offers honest reviews from fellow travelers of hotels, vacation rentals and restaurants. It also offers price comparison which is a great way to manage your expenses. The app is available on iOS and Android.

6. SkyScanner

Plan and book your flights with this leading global travel search site’s app. Its apps are free and have already won over more than 40 million users. The app is clean looking and even offers detailed info on price fluctuations.

7. Destinations on Google

Google has recently launched a digital travel agent app called Destinations on Google. According to latest tech news, this new app lets users “search destinations, view suggested itineraries and price their flight and hotel.” Seems like a good addition to the classic Google maps app.

8. WeatherPro

Of course, when you’re getting ready for your big trip you want to know the weather conditions of the area you’re heading to. WeatherPro is pretty accurate in offering detailed weather reports. This is definitely a perfect tool for the outdoorsy type. Don’t know what to pack in your suitcase? Check out the weather in this app and you’ll be sure to not carry unnecessary attire.

9. XE Currency

With more than 5million downloads, this accurate, up-to-date currency conversion app will help you keep a track of your spending. The app is clean-looking and easy to use, but most of all, reliable. It is available for Android and iOS users.

10. Time Out

The Time Out app is a great planner and travel guide that offers advice on the best places to wine and dine. You’ll get the latest info on local events and make sure to not miss out on anything on your travel weekends. Time Out is a growing app, offering in-depth info on a large number of cities each day.

11. Google Translate

Oldie but Goldie, this app helps you have easier communication with locals overseas. It can also translate road signs using the scanning mode. With this handy app, you’ll be sure nothing is lost in translation. It can also come in handy at local restaurants that don’t have English menus, just scan the menu and you’ll be able to pick and choose local meals.

ALSO READ - Bloggers, Journalists, Artists... How To Add Watermarks to your photos with PicsArt for Android


Travel apps are handy tools that will probably take up the space of your phone on your holidays. The digital travel market is ever growing with a worldwide worth of $450 million in 2014. Almost half of all travelers are planning and organizing their trips on their phones and for good reasons also. Apps are a handy and convenient way that makes traveling easier with each new invention.


This is A Guest Post contributed by Katleen Brown,
Katleen is a content writer. She loves to publish her articles on various technical related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and writing articles to bring awareness. She is working as Communication Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with her on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.


GiveAway #1: WIN GateKeeper gadget Worth $50 (₦10,000) Or Recharge Card

Few days ago, we unboxed and reviewed the sleek portable gadget known as GateKeeper which we got from a Start up based in the US, so I taught I should give it out to one of you awesome people that come here to read and share our stuff on EdiTweaks.

So, for a Start in our GiveAway sessions on this website, the GateKeeper worth 50USD will be yours, runner up Grabs 1K worth of Airtime, I know this is pretty small but in time we will be sending out better gifts to the Loyal friends we have that visit and contribute here.

editweaks Giveaway

As we know already, GateKeeper is a totally cool gadget to have and use with your PC (Windows or Mac) and it goes further to help you everyday by tracking or protecting your Valuables, Did you read the full review post? Check it out Here.

What about Delivery if we are Far Apart?
Do not worry about Delivery charge, it's on me (I'm at your service, Edi will deal with it). Winner simply sends me His/her Address and I'll send it over using a courier service or some magic, you'll get it.

How to Enter the GiveAway
Very simple, Follow the instructions in the widget below, everything will be tracked, the competition will be open, free and fair for all.

WIN GateKeeper gadget Worth $50 (₦10,000) OR Recharge Card Worth ₦1000

If you're wondering how THE WINNERS will be selected, I can only give you a tip, "Google for how to win online giveaways".
Entry closes on 28th and Winners will be announced next week 30th March, 2016. Have fun, Best of Luck and once more thanks for the support so far!


Facebook F8 Meetup in Lagos (Hosted by CCHub)

Facebook Developers Conference known as F8 has finally been brought into Lagos, Nigeria by Co-Creation Hub (CCHub). The F8 Meet up comprises mainly of Developers and people who are building or would want to build tools & solutions with or around the biggest Social Media platform, Facebook.

In the previous Years, Facebook's F8 conference were held in other continents, North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and now added to the list is Lagos being among the first cities to Host it for the very first time in Africa.

The Meet up is in an effort to bring developers from all over the world key content and announcements being shared at F8. Facebook is holding 27 meetups all over the world to coincide with the event happening live in San Francisco on April 12.

ALSO READ: How Social Media Can Impact Your Businesses For More Profit

Each meetup will feature a live stream of the opening day keynote and time to connect with the local developer community.

Date: 12th of April, 2016

Time: 5.30 PM to 8.00 PM (WAT)

Venue: Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), 294, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

If you can't attend for some reason, GO HERE and sign up, so you can watch all for free, the keynotes and selected sessions that will be live streamed online. There will also be bonus content available online, such as exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage of F8.


GateKeeper Reviews and Handson - Automatically Lock & Unlock Your PC and Track Your Valuables

Hi everyone! The great guys at Untethered Labs LLC (GKchain), a startup based in the US and UK sent me a cute gadget which I'll be unboxing and giving you a hands-on review of the pretty small, yet powerful device known as GateKeeper.

So, What is GateKeeper?

Gatekeeper is portable smart electronic device used for locking and unlocking your PC (Windows and Mac) and tracking our valuables, I'll explain everything.

Initially, the usual way we lock and unlock our PC is done by typing in the passwords right? GateKeeper does way better and faster than that, once activated you don't have to press anything. It notices your Presence and automatically unlocks your PC. Wanna see how it looks? Let's quickly unbox the Gatekeeper pack.

Unboxing Gatekeeper contents:

- The Gatekeeper Remote
- a USB dongle (a wireless connector for the remote)
- Button Lithium Battery (for the remote)
- User Manual
- Holder's Strap

Getting Started - Setting up Gatekeeper for your PC (Windows/Mac)

Setting up Gatekeeper for your PC is done with only 8 SIMPLE STEPS, for Mac, Windows 7, 8 or 10.

1. Insert the Battery in the Gatekeeper key

2. Go to and Click "Download" from the Site Menu
3. Install GateKeeper Retail for your PC (Mac, Windows 7 and up)
4. Plug the connector (USB dongle)

5. Register Your GateKeeper Key
Registering your Key will give you access to all locking modes on GateKeeper.

After installing the program, it will prompt you to register, to do, place the Gatekeeper key close to the USB dongle as seen in our photo shot below:

It should tell you "GateKeeper is now connected"

6. Enter your PC credentials: Note that When choosing a password, I used same Password on Gatekeeper as the password on my PC to avoid any mix up.
Enter your PIN incase you forget your unlock password, then click OK.

8. The last stage of the set up is setting up the Distance Range you would like your GateKeeper to Work with.
Gatekeeper - Automatically Lock & Unlock Your PC

When you switch it to "Near" Gatekeeper will lock your PC when you walk few inches away with the key
"Far" Gatekeeper will lock your PC when you walk far away with the key.
If you would like to lock and unlock your PC automatically, Tick - Login automatically using GateKeeper.
Gatekeeper should come in very handy for those of us who work in an open office where you share table with colleagues.


What happens when you walk away with your Gatekeeper Key then somebody unplugs the Bluetooth dongle from your Laptop?
Nope. GateKeeper is smart, it will Automatically Lock your PC and It will remain locked till you are there to open it with the key or your password.

Tracking Your Valuables & Items with GateKeeper:

As said earlier, GateKeeper does beyond Securing your PC from intruders, you can also use your GateKeeper to track your items and valuables.

Use the setup below:
Before doing this, disconnect the USB dongle from your PC.

  • Install the GateKeeper Tracking app from PlayStore
  • Launch the App, Click on ADD Key. Press and Hold the Button at the side of your Gatekeeper Key, it will connect with Alarm sound.

  • You can also set the App to alert you when your Key is out of range from your phone, incase they steal and want to get away with it, your gatekeeper will raise alarm.

GateKeeper sells for around $49 to $50 (₦10,000) and you can BUY IT DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE.

This should be useful especially for important things we carry about, like our bags and Keys or another phone. All you have to do is clip your Gatekeeper key to that valuable.
Hope you like it.


INFINIX HOT 3 Available For Pre-Order - See Specs & Price

Infinix Hot 3, the smartphone we talked about 2 weeks ago had made its way to Jumia's website for Pre-Order Now.
As said on the last Teaser and photos we posted back then, we will give us the confirmed quick specifications of the device, although it is yet to be launched Officially into the market.

ALSO SEE - Infinix Zero 3 - Review, Specs and Price

Once again, Infinix Hot 3 is going to be a budget smartphone like its predecessors ( the first Hot and Hot 2 ) this means Hot 3 will be affordable and easy for potential users to purchase the device especially in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

According to the specs, we confirmed, Infinix Hot 3 will come bigger than previous hot series, it will feature a 5.5 inches display and a 2MP front camera built with 16:9 light chip and 1.6 µm large pixel for high definition picture quality, and an 8MP back camera, see more below:

Infinix Hot 3: Quick Specs

  • DISPLAY & RESOLUTION SIZE - 5.5 inches with 720p display
  • PROCESSOR - 1.3 GHz MediaTek Quad-core processor
    GPU - Mali400-MP2 GPU.
  • MEMORY - RAM - 1GB and 2 GB ram variants
    ROM - 16 GB internal storage (expandable up to 32GB via microSD card).
  • OPERATING SYSTEM - XUI based on Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • NETWORK - 8 MP rear and  2 MP front facing camera with a wide angle lens and soft flash.
  • BATTERY - 3000 mAh
  • COLORS - Pink (for the ladies!), White, Gold and Blue 
  • PRICE - The Infinix Hot 3 Price is Not Yet disclosed, (we'll update this once confirmed)

This one is gonna look sassy and nice right? We will go into further details with a Review on the full Specifications and Price of the Infinix Hot 3 in our subsequent post, probably after the phone had been officially launched.
Right now, you can be among the first own the Hot 3 once you PRE-ORDER ON JUMIA HERE.


Download The Walking Dead: Michonne v1.07 - Full APK & OBB / Torrent

After so much anticipation on The Walking Dead: Michonne which surfaced last month, February 2016, the game was said to be available for next-gen consoles consisting of PS4, XBox, and PC. Later on it was eventually said to be also available on iOS and Android.

If you are one of those waiting on the Android version of the game, it's now available for downloads, although it's for sale on the Google PlayStore, you can Download the fascinating Game Here for Free with Full unlocked APK and OBB / Torrent for Android Phones, Tablets and other Mobile device sizes.

Game Preview -Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne for Android

Telltale's Way of reflecting on this game is totally unique and interesting. The Miniseries stars the iconic, blade-wielding character from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic books.
Haunted by her past, and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne's absence between issues #126 and #139 of the comic book. In this three part miniseries, players will discover what took Michonne away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.
This is only Episode one of the game, we will share updates for Episode Two and Three when it gets rolled out in April next month. Right now Expect horror, brutality and no mercy in totally badass graphics on your Android when playing this one.

Android OS Support - the Game Requires:
- Android OS 2.3 and Up

Minimum specs:
GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4
CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz
Memory: 1GB

Before downloading, be sure of your GPU, CPU type, READ: How to know Your Android CPU and GPU type  

Download the Full Files/Cache (Last Updated from the Playstore on 8th March 2016) Of THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE For Android below:

The Walking Dead: Michonne - Download Official version at Google PlayStore

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne - APK (Size : 18MB)
    Download APK Adreno: Direct

    Download APK Mali: Direct

    Download APK PowerVR: Direct

    Download APK Tegra: Direct

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne - DATA | Full OBB FILE (Size -  629MB)
    Download Data Adreno: Direct

    Download Data Mali: Direct
    Download Data PowerVR: Direct

    Download Data Tegra: Direct
A. Download the files in the link Above (apk + data), plug your device to your PC via USB
B. Paste the APK to memory or SD your Android
C. Paste the OBB data in the folder ( com.telltalegames.walkingdeadm100) >> Android / Obb / PASTE HERE
After Pasting The Folder will be like this >> Android/Obb/com.telltalegames.walkingdeadm100
D. Disconnect your computer from mobile
E. Open your phone's memory explorer,
F. Look for the APK and install
Or Read this Post on Complete Guide To Install HD Android Games with Apk, cache, Obb files.
Install and Enjoy the game!

MediaTek COO Just Unleashed Specs Of Upcoming Helio X30 Processor

In as much as the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung released incredible processors for their latest flagships, Chinese OEM smartphone processor manufacturer MediaTek’s COO is not backing down.

MediaTek has come out and said the upcoming Helio X30 SoC could stand and even beat off the top chips from its rivals, Qualcomm and Samsung. According to them, the specification of the The Helio X30 will be another 10-core SoC, with two 1.0Ghz Cortex A53 cores,
two 1.5Ghz A53 cores,
two 2Ghz A72 cores
and four 2.5Ghz A72 cores.

Although we are not yet clear if it will be on a 20nm chip or 16nm.

This should be a thing of joy for Infinix, Tecno, Innjoo and other Users of MTK phones.
We had last year; seen the latest Helio X10 appear in the Infinix Zero 3 which indeed made the smartphone outstanding and smooth in terms of speed and multi-tasking. And we know Other smarptohnes, including Tecno, Innjoo, Xiaomi and many other popular devices use MediaTek (MTK)
Looking at the what they are about to release in the X30 processor, it's definite the chipset company is carrying all its chinese OEM devices along.


Android N: Newly Added Feature Will Make Sharing Easier & Faster

It's really nice how Android made sharing seamless across its operating system over the years. We know on previous Android OS versions, (around 4.2 Jellybean to the recent Marshmallow 6.0), we always had been seeing the same ways of sharing Files or data, the standard "share" command and its collection of APIs allows for easily getting content sent from one app to another.

A practical example is using my Android Kitkat device when I want to Share a file, you Tap the "Share" icon and see a list of Apps you can use to share it.

Looking at my screenshot below, my device (running Android Kitkat), there are quite too many Apps on the list using that Share function, I am sure only few are relevant to me when sharing stuff.

Android N has a little feature that makes that interaction much more user-friendly now: Share apps can now be pinned to the top of the cross-app menu.
With this, even if you have installed plenty apps that have Share function, you don't have to scroll too much to find the App you want to Share to.

Pinning Share Apps: To pin share apps is also easy, simply open the Share Menu from any App (like when you're sending a file), the list of apps will come up, just press and Hold any of the apps and select "Pin".
After you Pick and Pin any app, it will stick at the Top for you to quickly use it when sharing content. To Unpin any app, long-press the app to have it removed.


The Easy Guide to Unlock Bootloader and Root HTC (One) E8

Unlocking bootloader and rooting HTC One E8 is really simple after following the steps we personally used and will show you below. Before we proceed; let's quickly introduce us to HTC One E8.

HTC E8 is a plastic chassis version of the HTC One M8, we all know M8 is a popular flagship made of metal but E8's body-make is the only obvious difference, a plastic chassis, so apart from body-build, HTC One E8 and M8 sports almost the same specs hence HTC One E8 also runs Android Kitkat 4.4.2 out of the box that we'll be rooting.

To Unlock the bootloader and root the device, Here're Requirements

1. Your HTC One E8 device running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
2. Download and install HTC Sync Manager - It will Back up your Contacts, Gallery and Messages
3. Working USB Cable - For data transfer

4. Download SuperSU Root ( for the HTC One (E8) to your computer. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable.
Copy and paste the file to your SD card, making sure the file goes to the root folder of your SD card and not to another folder.

  • Ensure to Enable USB Debugging, To do this, go to Settings >> Developer options, scroll down till you see USB debugging.
  • Also make sure you activate developer mode on the phone. Go to About Phone, scroll down to Build Number and tap it 7 times.


How To Unlock the Bootloader and Root HTC E8

Unlocking Bootloaders on any HTC device is the first step to take before eventually rooting or installing TWRP or any recovery into it.

To Unlock bootloader on HTC E8, You have two options:
i. Use the HTC Dev website, Login, pick your device and use their steps to unlock the boot loader
ii. Use Adb Command prompts.
To do this, Download this file. Unzip it and choose your C:\ drive when installing.

1. Now plug your HTC, it should Sync with the HTC Sync manager we downloaded Earlier. Once it says connected, minimise the software from your PC.

2. On your Windows start menu search command prompt, Or use Shortcut > Press "Windows Menu key + R." then inside it type CMD and hit enter.

3. Your device should still be connected at this point.
Now this is where the full action (with root) takes place, type the following command prompts, hit enter on each prompt:

adb devices
adb shell

su (if needed to get a # prompt)

echo -ne "HTCU" | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 bs=1 seek=33796
(I strongly advice you to be careful here, type exactly as I've written, no mistakes in spaces or letters)

(exit a second time if you need to get back to a normal > prompt)

adb reboot bootloader

If done correctly your prompt results should like mine below which starts from C:\Users\EDI>adb devices

4. The last prompt will switch your device off and go to the Boot Menu, (if this doesn't happen, switch of the HTC then Press and Hold Power button + Volume Down)
you'll see the Bootloader mode displaying "UNLOCKED"
Use volume down button to scroll down, use Power button to choose - FASTBOOT.

Your device will switch On. Install Root Checker and Confirm by granting Access to Super SU.
Congrats you successfully Rooted your HTC One (E8).
Let us know if you face any issues.

All-In-One | Latest Browsing Tweaks 2016: MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel

We are back at this and glad to announce working tweaks in 2016 despite it took some later time due to few other projects. Let's share some Free browsing and unlimited downloads with the most affordable browsing rates for all Telecom networks: MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo.
If you've been looking for browsing cheats this period, this post is for you, just as we did with some awesome browsing tweaks last year.

All tweaks below works but note that some of these tweaks may get speed issues, new working ones will be updated here in this post thread from time to time.

We will break this down from MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel Tweaks into categories depending on the device you use, namely:
For PC and Mobile - Android and iOS. Let's begin!

all nigerian networks


MTN Browsing Tweaks 2016

Many MTN tweaks are working at the time we published this post, we picked them out for you to use:

MTN Browsing Tweak For Android (Mobile):

First, Activate BB LITE Plan.
Send BBMIDID to 21600 - for Daily plan
Or Text BBLITED to 21600 - Daily Plan > costs 70Naira - Dial *216*7#
Text BBLITEW to 21600 for Weekly Plan costs 350Naira only

i.) ANDROID USERS DOWNLOAD SIMPLE SERVER FOR ANDROID HERE and check this post for full settings.

ii.) Use Psiphon Or Syphon settings for MTN BIS:
Download Psiphon  Or  Download Syphon here  and Use the Below Settings to Configure It.

Create New APN settings on your phone as follows:
» Open your phone settings >> Go to more >> Go to mobile network >> Go to access point names > Select MTN, Then create new APN and configure as shown below:
» APN:
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» Save And Activate it as your default settings

Then Launch Syphon Shield or Psiphon Handler, in the handler menu:
» Remove Port: make sure you tick/mark it
» Proxy type: Real Host


» Real Proxy Type:Default
» Real Proxy Server:
» Real Proxy Port: 8080

» Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
Click on the option tab
» Region: select, USA or any other server

» Check “Connect through an HTTP Pro” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
» Host address:
» Port:8080

MTN Browsing Tweaks For PC this 2016 

You can make use of MTN Simple server tweak for your PC. It's same settings and still blazing in 2016. For reminders use the settings below:
and see the full settings to configure the Simple server for PC here


We can't ignore sharing words about this tweak that returned after disappearing since 2013, it's back and works till date.
To activate it, ensure to Migrate your MTN Sim to MTN Pulse, dial *406# to do that.
  • Dial *123# and select as folows >> 3. Data services >> 1. my data plans >> 4. Simple surf >> choose 2 hours 1 day @250NGN
Once you get debited, Connect and Browse with it for only 3 or 4 mins. Disconnect and Switch off the SIM. Remove the SIM, Do not turn it On till 24hrs (next day), switch it on and Enjoy unlimited surfing. Works on all devices (PC and Mobile, hotspot: Android & iOS).

Airtel Browsing Tweaks For PC and Android 2016

Get 2gb with 100 naira on airtel without wasting time, dial *440*18#
N.B: it work for all the device both java android and pc, and it expires one day so this is for those of you who like downloading with your pc and android.

Subscribe Airtel 800mb with Just #100,
Simple Steps On How To Subscribe For Airtel 800MB
With Just N100 Valid For 1 Month.
Here is the Simplest code to
Send "BYC3 to 440"

Airtel 1500 for 3gb
This isn't really a tweak but a cheaper data plan that works on all device.
Recharge 1500 and activate with this, simply dial >> *440*16#

Glo Browsing Tweaks For PC and Android 2016

Glo Tweaks for PC and Android:
The below Glo subscriptions work on both Mobile (Android) and PC
1. GLO 3GB FOR 500
This is a cheap plan, the Weekend plan costs N500 and gives you 3GB for 7days (weekend Sat 12am-Sun 11:59pm & Nights 12am-5am),
TO ACTIVATE: Send via sms, 61 to 127 or dial *127*61# (Plan not shareable) Data Booster will not work with this plan, no auto renewal).

2. You can use the Glo BIS Subscription for MTK Android phones after tweaking/changing your IMEI (supports Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo and other MTK devices). Follow the steps to activate it in this post.

Etisalat Browsing Tweaks For PC and Android 2016

Last but not least is Etisalat browsing (free) tweaks:

Activate Etisalat Social ME Plan. Dial *200*3*3*1#
choose monthly plan, #500 per month
Download PSIPHON Handler and use the settings below:

Tick Reverse Proxy box
Proxy type: Reverse Proxy
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port: 3128
Hit Save
Tick Tunnel Whole device and accept
Scroll to options and select United States as region
Now, Go to “more options”
When you see connect through an HTTP Proxy... TICK IT
Also Tick Use following settings…
Host Address:
Port: 3128
Now turn on your Data connection and Hit Connect on the Psiphon app.

Browsing Tweaks are quite valuable that people especially geeks can't do without, we will update more as the year goes, Enjoy these one while it lasts, any Questions or Contributions? Leave us your comments below.


6+1 Best Productivity Android Apps in 2020 You Really Need To Try Out

When you launch the Google PlayStore and check for "the best Productivity Apps" you will find a wide selection, in fact hundreds of them this 2020: Adobe, Google Drive, Dropbox, PDF viewers, etc, these apps are everywhere but there are still some unique ones you'll see and feel "If only I knew this app a long time before now".

We'll recommend such Apps for you today, the aim of the Apps remain to help everyone increase their productivity or carry out daily tasks in very easy unique ways.
I have personally tried most of them, they work great.
In descending order, here are 6 +1 Productivity Apps You may Not know but You Really Need To Try Out.

6. ColorNote

This app's layout should remind you of StickyNote or NotePad on your PC. ColorNote is a simple yet powerful app for drafting your daily write-ups and texts instantly.
Unlike Google Keep (which uses internet/cloud backup to Sync Notes), ColorNote is straight to the point.
With it, I quickly write random stuffs that pops out of my head so I don't forget later. You even can create a Checklist or Texts of unlimited words any time.

5. Sunrise Calendar

Honestly, I find most Pre-installed Calendar Apps boring, it takes me so much time to understand and figure out how to arrange my activities with them, till I found Sunrise calendar, see, I like things "simple" even if they can be sophisticated, and I bet you should too.
MicroSoft innovated the App, it's one of their most useful mobile Apps after Outlook. Sunrise calendar is far easiest and help you Schedule your activities and reminders in one place without tapping your phone's screen too much.

P.S: Microsoft might be killing this app soon. They're integrating it all into Outlook, so if you have the APK (current version) which is better, keep it.

4. Snowball - Smart Notifications

As long as Android is concerned, notifications are always hanging around, Snowball turns your notifications into much more than just an alert. With this app you'll be able to respond to many different types of notifications without having to launch the actual app they're coming from.  It's configured according to your own priorities with the most important notifications at the top. You should get this one if you receive too many notifications.

3. Chromer

Most popular Apps such as that of Facebook, Twitter amongst others usually come with in-built browsers also known as System Webview. Take for example when you click a link from Facebook app, it opens the link and views the page using the Facebook app's system webview right? Many other apps also do this, the big problem with system webviews is that they don't keep any records of your Logins or anything, this means frustration when you have to Log in to such websites over and over again, Chromer has come to change that. I use it to force open external links on Google Chrome from any App, at least I am sure viewing external links with Chrome Browser is way better, instead of System Webview.

2. Milanote

This Milanote review is definitely a needed one, I was impressed with the product and how it improved my work. Initially, for my note taking on PC, I had been using EverNote all these years until I recently discovered Milanote.

Milanote is an advanced coolest version of Notes App, it's a whiteboard app that helps me to gather notes and organise my work better, you can even invite and collaborate with other people or your team to work on a project remotely.
The User experience is so simple yet very useful and has lots of rich tools.

Milanote's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface lets you collect and organize every part of your creative project in one place—images, notes, links, files, videos and tasks, side-by-side on an infinite virtual canvas.

It's just like working on a wall in a creative studio. You can arrange your inspiration into a beautiful moodboard, add notes explaining your ideas, get feedback from a client or map out tasks on a project—all in one place.
The app is available for use on Mobile and Web or PC


Check out Milanote on Web or PC

Milanote review

1. Tiny Windows (MultiWindows)

Another simpler way to handle multi-tasking had been provided by this App, this app tiles your running apps in a way stickyNotes do on your Windows PC, with Tiny Windows you can resize, move your small apps, to use and work on them at the same time. It's most effective on devices that have large resolution screens.

 +1 - Your Turn...

Over to you, we are making your app our +1 to add on the list.
You can tell us the Productivity Apps you use or share with us which Apps from our list you'll try out, Comments are open.


Exclusive Photos of the Infinix #PlayHOT launching This March 2016

Although we are yet to confirm the Specs and Price of the Infinix Hot 3 which is launching this month of March 2016. The new smartphone from the Infinix Mobility will use the hash tag #PlayHOT and be a major upgrade for the HOT series.

Now, for the curious ones, we have some really nice Exclusive Photos of the Infinix Hot 3 here for you as seen below, the photos are few of the first pictures of the smartphone 'Not yet released'.
Like we used to do, this is only a sneak peak.
infinix hot 3

The previous HOT series (Infinix Hot X507 and Hot 2 X510) sported a 5 inches display, this might be different, maybe a 5.5 inches display, who knows?.

The photo also depicts that the upper left and right edges of the Hot 3 are very nicely curved and smooth, very catchy look there. Also, from what we had been hearing, the front camera of the Infinix Hot 3 is going to be tremendous, unique and away from its predecessors that sported the little 2MP front cam.
We are having increased number of people taking selfies daily, Hot 3 might be the perfect device for them.

In a week or two, we will share with us more information about the smartphone, including the specifications and precisely the Price too. Till then :)