Again, Glo Cuts Price - Check Out their latest Cheap Data plans [May/June 2016 Update]

Glo had made a second coming with a new bunch of data plans for all their subscribers, these latest Glo data plans look way cheaper than its previous plans. Although the previous plans attracted a lot of buzz, it looks like competitors were watching, which triggered the likes of MTN to release some cool Pulse data plans earlier this month.

Globacom isn't giving up any subscriber to other Telecom, hence they had made another new list of  way cheap data bundles (an update this May/June 2016) for your use on your Mobile and PC.

Most people are interested in the 30 days plans,
Use this Key to understand the list better as seen below: --

Plan Name  >>  Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 127    USSD Code

Always Micro1,0001.5GB30 Days53*127*53#
My Phone2,0003GB30 Days55*127*55#
So Special2,5005GB30 Days58*127*58#
Always Macro3,0006GB30 Days54*127*54#
N4,000 Data Plan4,0009GB30 Days59*127*59#
Always Min5,00012GB30 Days11*127*2#
Always Max8,00024GB30 Days12*127*1#

Gold15,00017GB30 Days16*127*12#
Platinum18,00021GB30 Days17*127*13#

Dial *777# to view Menu or browse their Official website to see all other data plans

How to Disable/Turn Off Live Photos on iPhone Camera App on iOS 9

This should work for those using iPhone 6S/6S Plus, or iPhone SE Apple smartphones. The new Live feature on the camera app is quite exciting, in fact numerous iPhone users now use the upgrade on the photo camera app to create and share short videos on Social Media such as Facebook Live and so on, but there will be certain times when you don’t want to utilize it.
There’s also a negative side to it because it uses up your device’s memory as you create Live photos/videos, so to avoid or manage all that trouble, the best thing to do is Switch off this feature.

Apple iOS offers an option to manage this feature, this will enable you turn your Live photos Off or On right from the camera application on iPhones as long as you’re on iOS 9.

Guide to Turn off or Disable live photos on iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus/ iPhone SE running iOS 9

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your iPhone/ iPad.

Step 2: Live photo is an online application on simple photo view type. Hence Live Photo option is not available for other Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Square, PANO type.

Step 3: From top camera view screen, Tap on the concentric shaped in circle. Next, enable it by selecting “ON” option. This normally enables Live Photo on iPhone.

Note: the yellow colored concentric shape circle indicates that Live photo is enabled and the White shows it's turned off Live photos on the iPhone, select the White.

Step 4: After selecting the white, you can now capture or take photos like you normally do (without Live feature).

Also note that once you enable/Turn on OR Disable/Turn off this feature, this setting is automatically saved for all time incase you re-open your camera app after closing it on iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus or iPhone SE, this doesn’t have effect on your previous setting on Live photos.

If you use other iPhone models (different from iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5) with latest iOS 9 or 10 version, with such devices you won't be eligible to take live photos using Live photos apps and Sharing Live Photos on Social Media.


iOS 10: Rumored Features to be Included | Apple Pay, Siri, HomeKit and more

Since it's confirmed that the Apple's developer conference will be held in June the 13-17th which is very close at hand.
More features are been rumored to arrive on the next Apple's operating system, iOS 10.
Some parts of the iOS update will ordinarily come to fix bugs and few others will roll in with entirely new features on iOS 10 for Apple devices.
To begin with, we will have a new look on Apple Music, a bunch of App Store improvements, Apple Pay updates and exciting new features for Siri, Apple News and HomeKit.

Below are few features or things to look out for in iOS 10 once it arrives on your various iPhones and iPads.

Hiding Apps on iOS 10

Most users were confirmed to be anticipating for a way to hide stock Apps from Home Screen. This will likely be possible on iOS 10. Although, not everyone may use this though, more beautiful apps are coming, which are not really worth hiding.
For HomeKit, Apple is reportedly planning on launching a standalone app for it, removing the need to access it from within Siri and other third-party applications that manage accessories using it.

App store

The App store is going through some improvements on its search visibility and discovery features. It's also rumored that there will be a revamp on browsing the App store and paid search may likely be rolled in too.

Apple Music

Revamp is also coming to Apple Music on iOS 10 despite it had only existed for only a year. The UI of the App had been said it will likely get a redesign, and stick to only mostly black and white, although many users seem to be complaining about the coming redesign, among these users are the 13-million paid subscribers. This was due to the fact that iTunes seems to be struggling with the market for a while now.


Apple is taking Siri to Mac. This feature will be one of the flagship features to the line of Mac laptops that are running OS X 10. 12.
More rumors say Apple will have a Siri SDK ready at next month’s WWDC. And it sounds like, very much needed improvements for Siri on iOS 10 and for the Mac could be the focus of the event.

Apple iCloud and Security

Sometime last month, it was quite embarrassing for Apple as FBI went ahead to use a third-party to break into an iPhone not so long ago, now it's been reported that Apple is working tirelessly to improve its security systems for its users and their Apple prodcucts and gadgets. The new security features for iOS 10 will be announced at the WWDC event 2016.

Apple Pay

This new innovation from Apple had proved successful after its release for a while, we even shared about their arriving Canada weeks ago. Apple is reportedly looking for ways to expand Apple Pay's potentials by bringing in new  features that could include ability to use the App for ATM withdrawals, and also further expansion into more countries.
More details about these new features and plans for iOS 10 will be announced by Appl at the WWDC 2016 event.


5 Incredible Upcoming Android Games To Expect from June 2016

If you go through our Game archive here, you'll see some nice games had been released this year which mobile gamers enjoyed but today I'll tell you about some of the most incredible upcoming Android games you should expect coming in by 3rd (third) Quarter of 2016, a time between June and September 2016, believe us, you don't want to miss at least one of these games below.

5. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 - editweaks

Moscow Based game company, Nekki, released an Official teaser for a new version of its fighting game known as "Shadow Fight 3" , its third version of the game.
The game has a captivating story and fascinating new 3D graphics. Fighting characters have skills but You can now add new unique moves by going into your shadow form to use these amazing set of your unique fighting moves and abilities.
For now there only screenshots of Shadow Fight 3 that had been released but the developers plan the Shadow Fight 3 to be released by fall of Autumn which is around September this 2016.

4. Stasis

Stasis - editweaks

Stasis android game had a huge success at start and turn out on PC and will be ported to Mobile to be really available by end of 2016.
The game follows a story where the Hero wakes up in Stasis to find his Wife missing. You have to solve puzzles, combined objects and interact with the environments in you are in. How long you want to survive is left to you as you can choose to commit suicide to end the nightmare you are in.

3. The Frostrune

The Frostrune - editweaks

The Hero's ship crashed in a Storm close to an island, now he's stranded near a mysterious village, something makes everyone in that village to run and disappear and you are about to find out why.
This is A mystical game based on skills and methodology. In the game you will have to go through dark forces, interact with quiet ghosts, and talking dead.

2. Labyrinth

Labyrinth - editweaks

When you choose your hero you get set of cards that you can use to do special attacks and cast spells, a unique churned game of collectible card games and dungeon crawlers.
You can Buy or Win the cards using gold won in battles. If you loose you get only experience.
Each player can create their own maze and have 5 battles with real Opponents in it or play against other players in other dungeons.

1. Contra Mobile

Contra mobile - Konami download

Great news! Konami and TenCent have posted a trailer for the prestigious good old game, Contra which had now been ported to mobile for Android to be titled CONTRA MOBILE.
The game promises to be very interesting to both its old-school players and new comers.
They already released a trailer on Youtube which shows that the new Contra Mobile will be coming with a new dynamic gameplay, new praphics, locations, additional Bosses, Bonuses, 4 playable characters and an extra hero.


Top 10 of the Best Legal & Law Apps for Android

When you visit the Google PlayStore for Law and legal Apps, you will surely find a wide variety of of them. There are also the very good apps for lawyers and students out there, the best ones you can use for your legal research, case management, trial preparation and billing, whether you're a professional or student in the faculty of law.
Best Legal & Law Apps for Android
Although PlayStore has a very good number of these Legal and Law Apps, we had to take some time to dig out some of the best you can try out.

Note however, some are free and others are paid or offer in-app purchases.

Sometimes, Google PlayStore just repackages freely available content such as codes and statutes and we tried to put them in the list probably because they somehow provide some sort of added value, like the ability to annotate.

Below are top 10 of the Best Android Applications for Lawyers, Law Faculty and Law Students you can try out:

Free, but requires an AgileLaw account. Install this app on your iPad, hand the iPad to the deponent, and navigate through the deposition without ever using a printed exhibit again.

Bloomberg Law
Free, but requires current paid Bloomberg subscription Follow news, litigation, and market information related to clients and prospects. Receive alerts for legal and news searches. Ability to share documents via email.

Free, but requires a subscription to CaseSync Pro desktop. Mobile version of case management software. Features calendar management, matter creation, and ability to search matters

Dike Trial 
Costs about $1.99. Much like a Calendar app designed for lawyers. Links case files to calendar pages. Search by case number, client name, or date. Ability export and import data.

Free, but offers in-app purchases.
Free version contains Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence, Appellate Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, U.S. Constitution. Option to purchase state codes, U.S. Code, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, CFR, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, 2010 & 2011 Federal Register. Ability to search by keyword, bookmark, and share content. DroidLaw also has several add-on programs available in the app store.

Lawyer ON GO
$19.99. A kind of a Case management app. Allows addition and updating of clients and events. Ability to add attachments to client records. Supports dictation and speech to text. Export and import via CSV files.

Time Master + Billing
$9.99, Time tracking software allows for multiple running timers. Time entries by client with subcategories of projects and tasks. Set billing rates, use time rounding, track expenses, and create reports. Optional modules for invoicing, Quickbooks exports, and wireless sync.

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Free, but requires paid TrialWorks Case Management Software     Provides access to notes, docket, contacts, and documents that are stored in TrialWorks Case Management Software. Ability to review matter chronology and court dates and add new matters.

Legal Newsance
Free, Covers current legal news, CLE program information, legal resources, forms, and employment opportunities.

Fed Courts
Costing about $2.99
Full text of federal rules of procedure and local rules for each federal court. Access to PACER and addresses of all federal courts.

That's that about Legal and Law apps for Lawyers or every other person interested in them. Good news here is some of these Legal Apps are also available on iOS, all you've to do is go to iTunes Store, search using their names and install.


WhatsApp is Truly Preparing Video Calling feature for users

Okay, a day before Christmas last December 2015, I published a post saying few Reasons WhatsApp Video Call Feature might be a Bad idea, but right now WhatsApp had gone ahead with preparation on new video call feature for the Chat or Instant Messenger App.

The innovation started 6 months back after screenshots of the feature leaked on iOS, this was the same period I published my opinion about it.
Around last week, users reported that a new BETA version 2.16.80 was released and they found the Option to tap a button to make Video Call although it was inactive.
Initially, Call button takes you directly place your call, but on this new update, you will find option to make either a Voice or Video Call.

The WhatsApp team is still testing things out, and from what we learnt, this update will be rolled out to Beta Testers and some Countries before eventually and gradually sending it out Globally since the team will have more amount of data to handle for billions of users after releasing the Video call feature.


Get Apple Music Student Membership as Apple slashes Price half for Students

There are heaps of streaming music services out now and it usually isn’t simply the amount and quality of the rear catalogue that dictates that we have a tendency to subscribe to them.

Apple Music is rolling out membership that will slash prices for students in the EU. This refers to Students enrolled in qualifying universities or colleges can join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate. To get started go here.

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Apple Music Student Membership

I recently discovered that in the EU (European Union) university graduates can pay a £12 Associate in a Nursingnual subscription to urge an NUS further card, which then entitles you to traditional student discounts in a form of places. One company that has utilised such a theme is Spotify, where the premium service will be signed to for £4.99 per month. Now Apple has declared a similar deal for college students, offering 0.5 value subscription.

That takes the prices right down to £4.99 a month and provides a similar service to Spotify, but there’s a difference: Apple uses a completely different system, not based on the NUS card, and instead checks that you’re an existing student. That means that the NUS further card isn’t applicable thus graduates cannot profit of the supply. Apple Music hasn’t had the best of starts, with criticisms about its style prompting rumours of a recent re-launch next month. Nonetheless, it already has a sizeable market share with 13 million subscribers, up from 11 million simply 3 months gone. Issues of the NUS card aside, would the students now be tempted to sign up for the Apple service over its rivals?


Download Chameleon Run for Android v1.0 - Free APK and Obb

You know how we roll here by bringing you some of the most exclusive games to enjoy on your smartphones, today we introduce to you another world class game, Chameleon Run.
Chameleon Run is a totally cool reflex-based mobile game developed by Noodlecake Games and Hyperbolic Magnetism, it was released late March 2016 for iOS and later arrived the Google Playstore for Android this May 2016.
Although the game is available for iOS and Android for less than 3USD, you can download the Chameleon Run with Full APK and OBB here for Free

Just like your prestigious Temple Run, the new Chameleon Run game requires your full attention. It consists of several levels which may look easy at start but prove very difficult as you progress to further levels, making you to repeat such stages often times.
What makes the game exceptionally awesome are colorful aspects where you change colors as you tap to jump over to fulfill objectives.

Similar to many arcade-focused mobile games, Chameleon Run is at its best when you’ve memorized the layout of a stage, creating a zen-like feeling of progression as you bound over colour-coded objects, vying to carve a few seconds off your last run.

The game had already garnered lots of success with huge numbers of downloads and players that are increasing daily.

Download Free Chameleon Run for Android v1.0 -APK

SUPPORT - Android 3.1 and higher
Official Google PlayStore - PAID DOWNLOAD
Chameleon Run v1.0 => FREE DOWNLOAD
Chameleon Run v1.0 MOD ==> DOWNLOAD
Only the Chameleon Run APK looks to be Available now, Download, install and Enjoy

How the New Instagram logo was Made

The logo of most popular Social media photo sharing app, Instagram had gotten new look, precisely the look was applied to its Icon, which is also a logo that had always been accustomed with its other alphabetically-written logo.
The official handle of the App went on today to disclose the new change on their account:

"We have New look! Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The Simpler design puts focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app"

Something else that seem to have gone viral is a GIF about How the New Instagram logo was Made.

How the New Instagram logo was Made

Is that GIF a diss saying the new logo was an immature idea or what? We don't quite get it but people had been laughing about that GIF and there are so many users who are not willing to Update their Instagram app because they do not like the new change.


How to Add Card and Use Apple Pay in Canada (For iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch)

Today, Apple Pay had finally announced that its services had expanded, hence can be used by Canadians with credit cards from CIBC, RBC, ATB Financial, and Canadian Tire Financial Services.

Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment solution. It works with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE and Apple Watch. Apple Pay will not work on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s because it lacks the necessary NFC chip but the small good news here is it will work if you connect your Apple Watch to it.
In addition, iOS users can make in-app Apple Pay purchases with Touch ID-equipped iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

In November 2015, their support for American Express credit cards was launched for Apple Pay debits and had already began issueing the service across Canadians. The good news seems to have come to fulfill that criteria.

How to Add Card to Apple Pay on the iPhone and Apple Watch:

Launch the Wallet App, known is Passbook from iOS 8. This launches the Apple Pay.
You will be asked to add a valid credit/debit cardd and also asked for your Apple ID password.

However, the method for adding a card to Apple pay through your Watch is different from that on the iPhone.
So, when you pick up your phone, open the Apple Watch app, scroll down to Wallet and Apply Pay, now tap "Add" where it displays the card.

Making Payments in-Store using Apple Pay

To do this especially at a point of sale, once you reach the where the merchant presents you with total amount due, Now  enter your Finger on Touch ID, then Hold your iPhone close to the terminal. The terminal may ask you to choose Credit or Debit card. To make it faster and easier, you can simply choose a card to use as default for all your transactions in case you added more than One card in your Apple Pay.

Making Payments with your Apple Watch

Open your Apple Pay in the  watch, unlock it with your passcode, then double-tap the bottom, this will bring up list of cards/ Now place your Apple Watch close to the terminal as you'd do with the iPhone. The Watch should vibrate once payment is completed.


Finally, Google's Visible PageRanks Totally Gets Eliminated

Around the first day in month of May 2016, Google decided to do a final termination of PageRanks, one of its most used tool used to determine the strength of websites across its Search Engine, and since then, all toolbars that display ranks have been showing a PageRank of Zero for all websites.

Going down memory lane, we know how important this tool had been but it never got anymore update since December 2013, then in November 2014, it was confirmed that there will be no more PageRank update for the Google Toolbar, meaning no externally visible update.

What does this Mean For Website Administrators and SEOs?

From what we've known so far, Pageranks were rarely updated and had not been updated over the past 3 years, Google no longer finds it relevant, hence this action was simply to correct and avoid confusion about the meaning of this key figure for the very complex evaluation of a website. Pageranks are not the only metrics you can use to measure how valuable or good a website is.

And as a follow up from experiments and observation after termination of ranks back to Zero, the ranks of websites were not totally eliminated, at least, NOT INTERNALLY, only the visible page ranks or numbers are now gone hence most sites seem to maintain their value and position on the Search Engine after the page rank termination was carried out.


New Cheapest MTN Data Plans Starting at #100 for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and PC

Africa's biggest Telecommunication network, MTN had recently released a new good list of latest Data bundles for their subscribers. This looks like a response towards other competitor networks especially the likes of Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo Always Micro that released some cheap data bundles  earlier this 2016.

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This is not an info that we want to keep you waiting to receive, these MTN data plans work on all your devices, i.e Android, iPhones, BlackBerry 10 phones and your PC.

Starting at 100 Naira for as much as 30MB, below are the latest and cheapest data plans on MTN with their activation USSD short codes:

It follows the pattern below:

30MB 100 24HRS 104 *131*104#

100MB 200 24HRS 113 *131*113#

750MB 500 7 Days 103 *131*103#

1.5GB 1000 30 Days 106 *131*106#

3.5GB 2000 30 Days 110 *131*110#

10GB 5,000 30 Days 116 *131*116#

22GB 10,000 30 Days 117 *131*117#

50GB 20,000 90 Days 118 *131*118#

85GB 50,000 90 Days 133 *131*133#

Most subscribers feel this new plans are fair enough than the previous ones, but we rather hope the plans are here to stay.


Why is It So Important To Install A Shopping Cart On Your Business Website?

Today we'll be sharing an important business technology tip you can use and hope it will take you a step further towards achieving the goals you set on your various businesses.
If you have recently uploaded your new official company website to the Internet, you may well have been advised never to do so without including e-commerce elements in its design. These elements include a full online web store complete with shopping cart which you can already see on many other popular eCommerce sites. Both of these, (web store with shopping cart) have quickly become elements of website design that visitors to your page will expect to see already in place when they punch in your URL.

Shopping cart

Customer Convenience Is The Key To Successful E-commerce

Customer convenience is the ultimate key to successful e-commerce. There's a reason why this should be so. If you're going to take the trouble of creating an official business website to represent your company on the Internet, you may as well go the extra step and enable yourself to sell your goods and services directly to the public. Why not give your customers an extra convenience that puts money very quickly into your pocket?

Good Website Design Sense Translates Quickly To Good Economic Sense

In the end, good website designing sense will translate very quickly to good economic sense. This means that the more precise and effective your website design, the more quickly customers will flock to it to buy your goods and services and put money into your account. You will need to adopt the goal of branding your company with an attractive and easily navigable website that enables your customers to do business directly with your company in a safe, secure, and convenient manner.

A Web Store And Shopping Cart Will Increase Your Business Credibility

In order to achieve this goal, you will need to give your customers a secure means of purchasing items directly from your website. The simplest, quickest, and most cost effective way to do so is to install an official e-commerce web store on your website. By enabling your customers to purchase goods directly from your web store with their credit card or PayPal account, you also give them the knowledge that you are a credible member of the international industry.

Install Your Shopping Cart And Online Web Store Today

It's important that you install your shopping cart ecommerce software as soon as possible. If you have already put up an official company website, it's crucial that you replace it or modify it in order to include a web store and shopping cart. Enabling your visitors to view all of your goods and then purchase them directly from you is the perfect way to increase the productivity and profitability of your business.

The sooner you do so, the sooner you can begin to experience the joy of being able to make money at any time of the day or night, even as you lie asleep in bed. There's no better security than guaranteed money, and no better guarantee of money than an online web store. Giving your customers an online web store and shopping cart is the easiest way to achieve this goal.


Fix: Sound Quality on Your Android 6 Marshmallow

So all of a sudden my phone's speaker started to sound weird any time I played Songs using the default Music Player, Google's "Play Music" app. And it's quite awkward that Google's Play Music App doesn't come with an equaliser, there's no way I could tweak things, then I tried with TTpod, another Music Player with more robust features, but no luck, my phone's speaker still sounded awkward.
In a case like this, anybody would conclude that the phone fell and something broke in the speaker right? Well, I'm on Android 6 Marshmallow, and like me, if you received any minor update, it can change a few things about your smartphone which you may not even be aware of.

Before you conclude your smartphone's speaker had mysteriously broken, Try Out this Fix:

NOTE Again: This Sound Quality repair or Fix was carried out on a smartphone running Android 6 Marshmallow.

1. Go to your Android Settings >> Scroll down to Sound & Notification
2. Beneath you'll find Sound enhancement, tap it
There, you have option to tweak the sound quality of your device speaker or the earphone you use with it.

3. Make Sure Audio enhancer for earphone is turn OFF. This is meant for only earphone so if it doesn't sound better when playing via your earphone you may switch it OFF.

4. Volume Booster for speaker - Switch this OFF

5. Tap BesSurround >> Music Mode >> Tick that

Now go back, play a song and listen, the Quality should now sound better.